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Investment opportunities in the digital media, mobile and tech sector


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The investment landscape in the digital media and mobile technology sector is at a tipping point. There are many new opportunities created due to improved technology, increasing number of consumers in emerging markets and the rise of the mobile web.

This presentation aims to give a brief overview of the size of the market and the enormous growth opportunities for private equity firms, venture capitalists, tech start ups and high net worth investors.

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Investment opportunities in the digital media, mobile and tech sector

  1. 1.   Investment opportunities in the Digital Media, Web and Telecommunications sector   Anuj Khanna, Wireless Expertise 2 8 t h A p r i l 2 0 1 4 , L o n d o n 1  
  2. 2. Investment  opportuni/es  in  digital  media  and  telecoms   in  2014  and  beyond?   The  investment  landscape  in  the  digital  media  and  mobile   technology  sector  is  at  a  /pping  point.  There  are  many  new   opportuni/es   created   due   to   improved   technology,   increasing  number  of  consumers  in  emerging  markets  and   the  rise  of  the  mobile  web.     This  presenta/on  aims  to  give  a  brief  overview  of  the  size   of  the  market  and  the  enormous  growth  opportuni/es  for   private  equity  firms,  venture  capitalists,  tech  start  ups  and   high  net  worth  investors.     Please  fee  free  to  contact  me  if  I  can  be  of  any  help  to  your   firm  at  anuj@wirelessexper/     2   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd  
  3. 3. Anuj  Khanna,  Director,  Wireless  Exper+se   Strategy  Consultant  /  Business  Coach  /  Virtual    CEO  /   Advisor  to  VC  &  PE  firms     MBA  Marke/ng,  University  of  Sheffield   BA  Economics,  University  of  Bombay       Working  in  the  Telcoms  &  Media  sector  since  1996   C  Level  business  experience  with  Hutchison  Telecom,   Netsize  Gemalto,  Dialogue  Communica/ons  and  Tanla   Solu/ons.       Worked  with  global  telecom  and  digital  media  brands   across  con/nents.  Global  business  development   exper/se  in  the  tech  sector.     3   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd  
  4. 4. Strategy  Consul+ng,  Client  references   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd   4  
  5. 5. 5   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd   Source:  Internet  World,  US  Census,  wearescocial  and  CNNIC      
  6. 6. 6   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd   Source:  Internet  World,  US  Census,  wearescocial  and  CNNIC      
  7. 7. 7   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd   Source:  Internet  World,  US  Census,  wearescocial  and  CNNIC      
  8. 8. 8   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd   Source:  Internet  World,  US  Census,  wearescocial  and  CNNIC      
  9. 9. 9   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd   Source:  Internet  World,  US  Census,  wearescocial  and  CNNIC      
  10. 10. Source:  idate  2013   World  Telecom  Services  Market  is  expected  to  grow  to  euro  1200  billion  by  2015       10   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd  
  11. 11. Global  Ecommerce  retail  sales  to  reach  1.5  trillion  in  2014       Source:  emarketer  2014   11   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd  
  12. 12. 12   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd  
  13. 13. Mobile  Payments  in  a  high  growth  phase   •  Mobile  payment  transac/on  value  of  more  than  $235   billion  processed  in  2013.  (Source  Gartner).   •  Alipay  China  is  the  largest  mobile  payment  processor  with   $150  bn  worth  of  transac/ons  and  300  million  registered   users,  followed  by  Paypal  with  $27  billion.  (Source  Alipay  &   Paypal)   •  25%  of  all  call  sales  on  Ebay  UK  are  through  the  mobile   channel.   •  MasterCard  and  Visa  building  own  products  with  the  help   of  specialist  value  chain.   •  Apple  and  Google  expected  to  also  move  in  this  space.   •  Specialist  digital  payment  brands  e.g.  Adyen,  Boku,  Global   Collect  and  Paymentwall,  etc.  benefi/ng  from  this  growth.   13   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd  
  14. 14. Mobile  Adver/sing  revenues  growing  due  to  smartphone  prolifera/on   14   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd  
  15. 15. 15   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd  
  16. 16. Shie  towards  the  Android  opera/ng  system  and  $50-­‐$100  smartphones       16   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd  
  17. 17. Source:  Coady  Diamar  Partners     17   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd  
  18. 18. Source:  Coady  Diamar  Partners     18   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd  
  19. 19. Source:  Coady  Diamar  Partners     19   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd  
  20. 20. 20   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd  
  21. 21. Digital  Media,  Web  and  Telecoms   Investment  opportuni/es     1.  Mobile  Telecoms  (voice,  messaging  and  data)   2.  Smartphone  Apps  &  Services   3.  Mobile  Commerce  and  Adver/sing   4.  E  commerce,  digital  retailers  and  web  apps   5.  Social  Media  and  messaging   6.  Digital  Agencies  and  vendors   7.  Internet  of  things,  devices  and  wearable's   8.  Equipment  vendors  and  plahorms   21   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd  
  22. 22. How  can  Anuj  Khanna  help  investors  &  entrepreneurs  ?   1.  Iden/fy  and  introduce  investment  opportuni/es  before  they  are   available  in  the  open  market.   2.  Cherry  pick  winners  and  safe  businesses.   3.  Maximize  returns  by  advising  on  high  growth  opportuni/es   4.  Product  Due  diligence  and  analysis   5.  Board  advisory  /  Non  Exec  represen/ng  investor  interests   6.  Build  and  expand  porholio  of  different  digital  businesses.   7.  Help  in  business  planning  and  developing  a  long  term  strategy  for  the   sector.     8.  Introducing  investors  to  tech  entrepreneurs  and  vice  versa.   22   Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd  
  23. 23. 23                         Thank  you  for  listening.  I  hope  you  found  this  presenta6on  useful  and  please  feel  free   to  contact  me  if  you  need  any  further  informa6on.     Anuj  Khanna   Director,  Wireless  Exper/se   Email:  anuj@wirelessexper/   Mobile:  +44  7916056916   Skype:  anujkhanna   www.wirelessexper/     Wireless  Exper+se  Ltd