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  • 10/23/12
  • Creating PowerPoint templates

    1. 1. Creating PowerPoint Templates10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 1
    2. 2. Agenda This session will introduce you to:  The PowerPoint workspace  Lines, Curves, and Shapes  Using Multimedia  Templates  Creating Presentation Template  Applying the template to the existing presentation  Tips and Tricks 10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 2
    3. 3. Basics of PowerPoint MS PowerPoint is a presentation program from Microsoft, which is a part of Microsoft Office. It runs on Microsoft Windows and Macintosh operating system. A PowerPoint presentation consist a number of individual pages known as "slides“. You can include the following elements in the slides:  Text  Graphics  Movies, and so on.10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 3
    4. 4. Who uses PowerPointPresentation?  Sales  Marketing  HR  Education and Training10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 4
    5. 5. PowerPoint Workspace Menu bar & Toolbar Slide Pane Task Pane Drawing Toolbar 10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 5
    6. 6. PowerPoint Workspace (contd.) A presentation consists of the following views:  Normal  Slide Sorter  Slide Show  Notes Page  Master 10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 6
    7. 7. Adding Lines, Curves, and Shapes inPowerPoint Templates  MS PowerPoint provides various drawing tools similar to the other MS Office applications such as MS Word and MS Excel.  The drawing tools are:  Line  Arrow  Rectangle  Oval  Autoshapes  MS PowerPoint includes various pre-created shapes in the AutoShapes menu, such as all kinds of block arrows, sunbursts, brackets, and flow- charting symbols, and so on. 10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 7
    8. 8. Getting started with a template  A template is a file that contains starter settings—and starter content—on which you can base new presentations.  Templates can include a variety of things such as:  sample slides,  a background graphic,  custom color and  font themes, and so on.  A template controls an overall look and feel of a presentation.  Templates are stored with a filename extension of .POT.  MS PowerPoint includes various templates to choose from, which are categorized as:  Design Templates  Presentation Templates10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 8
    9. 9. Creating a New Presentationtemplate Creating your own presentation templates can be an easy task to perform. Creating templates helps in “customizing” the look and feel to the presentation slides based on your requirements. It allows you to concentrate on preparing the content. It helps you to give a “consistent” and a “professional” look and feel to the presentation. It allows you to build the brand image. You can create the following types of templates:  Design templates  Presentation templates Creating a presentation template involves modifying the master slide. 10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 9
    10. 10. Master Slide A master slide is a formatting and layout template—a set of specifications that apply to all the slides in the presentation of a certain type. There are following types of master slides:  Slide  Title  Notes  Handouts 10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 10
    11. 11. Master Slide (contd.) Slide Master Title MasterThe Slide and Title masters together are edited within a single view calledSlide Master.10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 11
    12. 12. Master Slide (contd.) Slide Master10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 12
    13. 13. Master Slide (contd.) Title Master10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 13
    14. 14. Master Slide (contd.)  PowerPoint allows you to perform the following operations on the master slide  Insert a new slide  Slide master  Title master  Preserve master  Rename master  Delete master 10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 14
    15. 15. Creating PowerPoint TemplateTo create a PowerPoint template,1. Open PowerPoint and choose File  New. The New Presentation task pane appears. Click the Blank presentation option.2. Click the Blank Presentation option under New. 10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 15
    16. 16. Creating PowerPoint Template(contd.)3. Select View  Master  Slide Master to display the Slide Master.4. Select Insert  New Title Master. 10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 16
    17. 17. Creating PowerPoint Template(contd.)5. Select Format  Background to display the Background dialog box.6. Select the desired color, and click the Apply button. This changes the background color of the master slide as shown. 10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 17
    18. 18. Creating PowerPoint Template(contd.)7. Select File  Save As to save the presentation template for later use. This is displays the Save As dialog box.8. Enter the “File name” and from the “Save as type” drop-down list, select Design Template (*.pot).9. Click Save. 10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 18
    19. 19. Applying the PresentationtemplateOnce you have created the presentation template, you need to apply it inyour existing presentation. To do this,  Open any existing presentation and select Format  Slide Design to activate the Slide Design task pane.  Click the Browse... button on the bottom of the task pane and navigate to select your PowerPoint template file. 10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 19
    20. 20. Tips and Tricks Use Ctrl-Drag to quickly copy any object by holding down the CTRL key while you drag on the object. Embed True Type fonts in your presentation - If youre preparing a presentation that you plan to distribute to others, be sure that you check this option by clicking on the Tools button in the File/Save As dialog box. To enable the PowerPoint templates to be used by other users, ensure that you store them in a common location so that they can easily access it. You can clean up the AutoContent Wizard by removing any unwanted templates.10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 20
    21. 21. Questions!Visit me on my blog at or feel free to drop me a mail at 10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 21
    22. 22. Thank you!10/23/12 Technical Writing Capability 22