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a presentation on Domino's

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  1. 1. A Presentation on DOMINO‟S PIZZA Prepared by:Surya Kant Jain -120 Raminder Kaur- 113 Naveena Biswas- 75 Sagarika Satapathy-130 Group:-2
  2. 2. About Domino's  Type: Public company (NYSE)  Industry: Restaurants  Area served: Worldwide  Founders: Ypsilani, Michigan United state (June 10, 1960)  Headquarter: Ann arbor, Michigan, United states  Key people: Tom Monaghan, Founder, J.Patrick Doyle, CEO
  3. 3. Cont…  Products : Pizza, Breadsticks, Pasta, Chicken wings, Desserts.  Revenue: $265 Million USD (2013)  Employees:145000  2nd largest Pizza chain in US.  Domino’s outlet in India opened in 1996  9000 corporate and franchised stores across 60 nations and 602 stores in INDIA.
  4. 4. Logo  From inception, Domino’s logo contained three dots which was Tom Monaghan’s original vision.  Their sights were firmly set on. a) Building a dynasty of three locations. b) Monopolizing pizza delivery. c) Develop a triangulation delivery strategy in a small concentrated area.
  5. 5. " Exceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world "
  6. 6. Mission Khushiyon ki home delivery
  7. 7. Logistics @ Domino‟s Logistics @ Domino‟s Wheat Proccessed @ Jalandhar RETAIL OUTLET SUPPLIERS (Toppings & Seasonings) DOUGH COMMISSARY REFRIGERATED TRUCK
  8. 8. DOMINOS SUPPLY CHAIN Procurement of raw materials  Raw materials like wheat, baby corn, tomatoes and spices are got, out of which wheat was bought in from jalandhar and then sent to the commissaries in refrigerated trucks.  4 commissaries (Regional Centralized Facilities) a) Delhi b) Bangalore c) Kolkata d) Mumbai
  9. 9. Ordering ways  Telephone  Order online  Mobile & Tablet App
  10. 10. 7P’S OF DOMINO’S
  11. 11. Products Pizzas Pastas Breadsticks Cheese Dips Beverages (tie-up with Coca Cola) Chocó Lava Cake Chicken Wings
  12. 12. Price
  13. 13. Promotion
  15. 15. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE  Logo  Simple Parking space  Good Infrastructure  Use of Modern Technology Equipments.  Clean and Friendly Services.
  16. 16. PROCESS  Self service system.  Hungry Hotline Facility.  Domino's believes strongly in the strategy of 'Think Local and Act Regional'.  Domino's constantly strives to develop products that suit the tastes of its customers.  Domino's Pizza India also boasts about its`` commitment to serve its customers on time by implementing the "30 MINUTES OR FREE" service commitment.
  17. 17. PEOPLE  Appropriately trained for delivering the service.  Personality development and grooming sessions.  Recruiting young, enthusiastic and dedicated employees.  Providing them with various facilities such as medical help, consultation, traveling facilities, perks and bonuses.  Team members are recognized and rewarded based on ability and merit for their contributions
  18. 18. INTERNAL MARKETING EXTERNAL MARKETING  Home delivery specialist.  Young and enthusiastic team.  Domino's vision.  Bonus scheme incorporating profit.  What's up Dominos session  Dominos bring out the 'WOW' effect.  Domino's serve its customers on time.  Every order is hand-made. INTERACTIVE MARKETING  E home delivery.  Domino's heat wave.  Delivers more than just hot pizzas  Dominos promises their customers safe and friendly services free of cost.
  20. 20. BCG Matrix BCG Matrix can help understand a frequently made strategy mistake: having a one-size-fits-all-approach to strategy,
  21. 21. Porter’s 5 forces BARGAINING POWER OF CUSTOMERS     Switching costs are low. THREAT OF NEW ENTERANTS   volume and not differentiated. Speedy and reliable channels are essential among all firms.  The products that they need are high The saturation in the industry is huge. Cost disadvantages are significant. Lot of substitutes. BARGAINING POWER OF SUPPLIERS THREAT Of SUBSITUTE PRODUCT  Switching costs are nearly zero. Thus finding  To many substitute exist in the industry. a second options is easy.  Customers bargaining power is likely to be  The threat of substitutes is very high. low COMPETITIVE RIVALRY WITHIN AN INDUSTRY  High rivalry among firms.  Huge number of companies offering the same product.
  22. 22. Four Cs vs. Four Ps of Marketing Mix Most companies concentrate on Domino’s Pizza has leveraged the four Cs or Consumer’s Viewpoint the four Ps that are the cornerstone of many marketing strategies in every new product and promotion.
  23. 23. Marketing Strategies  Market follower strategy (initially)  Product, one of the four Ps of the marketing mix, is an area where the market leader continues to influence Domino’s. “Competition forces change the Market Followers”  First change to the product offering after three decades  In 1989, introduced a deep-dish pizza.  New Product to the menu- An answer to a competing products  After that Continuous Marketing focus on PRODUCT UPGRADES
  25. 25. SEGMENTATION  Geographic  Region – dominos outlets in different countries is a way of segmenting their market  according to region and finding out potential markets.  City – they also segment the cities as class i, class ii, metros, small towns.  Demographic  age – under 13years, 13 to 21 years21 to 35 years, 35 to 50 years, 50+ years.  family income – lower middle class, middle class, upper middle class, high class
  26. 26. TARGETING Dominos pizza shave target the families who like to go out for dinner once in a week. They also target teenagers of school. Spending habits of college freshmen also indicates a high percentage of money being spent on non-essential items. Pizza Hut has made delivery services for those customers who like to have pizzas in their home with their families or friends.
  27. 27. POSITIONING India’s Pizza Delivery expert and market leader in the organized pizza home delivery segment announced the launch of their new brand positioning campaign “Yeh Hai Rishton Ka Time”. After spending four years with the emotional proposition of Happiness Home „Khushiyon ki Home Delivery‟. Domino’s Pizza endeavours to deepen the engagement with consumers, through its new brand positioning that focuses on relationships and bonding.
  28. 28. Market Share in India Domino’s Others 50% 50% Overall organized Pizza Market Domino’s Others 35% 65% Home delivery segment
  29. 29. The customer-value hierarchy
  30. 30. Need & Brand Relationship  Need family:- Satisfying Hunger  Product family:- Food  Products class:- Italian  Product type:- Pizza, Pasta and Beverages  Item:- Cheese Burst Pizza
  31. 31. Product Mix Product Width Veg Food Veg pizza 1 • Margarita • Cheese tomato Product line length Veg pizza 1 >double cheese margherita >fresh veggie >country special >farm house Veg pizza 2 >peppy paneer >mexican green wave >deluxe veggie >gourmet Feast Pizza >Veg Extravaganza Non Veg Food Side order Beverages Simply non veg • Cheese and barbeque chicken Pasta Coke Non Veg 1 • Barbeque chicken • Spicy chicken Garlic bread Fanta Choco lava cake Pepsi Non veg 2 • Chicken mexicana • Keema do pyaaza • Chicken golden delight Cheese dip Feast Pizza • Meatzaa • Non veg extravaganza • Cheese and pepperoni Chicken wings Chicken kickers
  32. 32. Product Life Cycle Introduction Stage High Cost of delivery System • Whole new infrastructure had to be set up as the model was new to India • Supply chain had to be created Slow sales volumes to start • Eating exotic food home delivered against the trend • Heavy advertising and promotion Almost no competition • Pizza hut was the only competitors offering similar product Demand had to be created • Customers have to be prompted to try the product with campaigns like “Hungry Kya?” Makes no money at this stage
  33. 33. Product Life Cycle: Growth Stage Costs reduced due to economies of scale • Same store sales growth increased 37% in 2010 Sales volume increases significantly • 56% growth in year 2010 Profitability begins to rise • 72 new stores added in FY year 2010-11 totaling 378 Public awareness increases • Total number of cities covered increased from 69 to 90 • Entry in tier 2 and tier 3 cities • New marketing campaign with “Khusiyon ki Home Delivery” to reflect changing environment Increased Competition with new entrants • Latest entry of Pap John Pizza • Pizza Hut increasing its delivery network and opening only "take-away" stores Increased competition leads to price decreases • Rs 35 Pizza introduced to attract new customers • Value pricing
  34. 34. Packaging We offer Domino'S Pizza Boxes, Pizza is not merely a loaf of bread but has radically changed the eating habits across the world. Similarly Pizza Boxes are not simply card board or paper boxes! Pizza Boxes offer carry-home convenience for today fast-paced urban consumers and greatly enhance your company bottom line by adding incremental volume to the business.
  35. 35. Labeling Khushiyon Ki Home Delivery
  36. 36. Guarantee 30 Minutes Delivery Guarantee
  37. 37. Product differentiation  Form:- Small, Medium & Large.  Feature:- Veg And Non-Veg.  Customization:- possible with customers ordering their own toppings for the pizza  Performance Features:-Superior  Durability:- 4 hours  Reliability:- hygienic and reliable  Style:- round in shape
  38. 38. Service Differentiation  Ordering ease:-Telephone, Online, Mobile & Tablet App.  Delivery:- Within 30 minutes.  Installation:- Domino’s Apps.  Customer Training:- Given on grooming and communication.  Maintenance:-The restaurants are clean.  Returns:- Satisfied stomach.
  39. 39. Product mix pricing  Product line pricing:- Rs.39, 150, 255, 355, 620.  Captive-product pricing:- If pizza base is not there then coating is not possible and vice versa .  By-product pricing:- Electricity, Without bike & petrol it can’t be home delivered to the customer .  Product-bundling pricing:1) Pure bundling:- Two pack of pizza. 2) Mixed bundling:-pizza,coke&chocolawa.
  40. 40. Conclusion Since Domino’s conception in 1960, they have proved to be a successful company. The decline in the economy posed a threat for them along with people becoming more health conscious, forcing Domino’s to lean towards healthier options. But Domino’s has shown they are remaining competitive by expanding internationally. Their international sales have been a large asset to their profitability. Like any business, they have challenges of becoming internationalized in ways such as different preferences and menu items. With Domino’s working hard to expand more into India and other countries, it is becoming much harder for other companies to follow in their footsteps. Domino’s is trying to stay in front of their competitors, Pizza Hut, McDonalds & Papa John’s. Domino’s continues to look promising in the future with the pizza industry becoming more popular. And with the strong brand image that Domino’s has built over the years, the company is pushing to remain strong in the pizza industry.