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Investment sector in india


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Investment sector in india

  2. 2. CONTENTS         Introduction Key Private Investment In India Current Scenario Entry strategies for global investors in India Reforms initiated by the Indian Government Some of the important economic development India Gaps Conclusion
  4. 4. KEY INVESTMENT SECTORS Retail  Health Care  Food Processing  Real Estates  Infrastructure  Power  Pharmaceutical  Agriculture 
  5. 5. CURRENT SCENARIO Favoured investment destination in Asia  Inflows 11 billion USD $ in equities  4.7 billion USD $ in debt investments 
  6. 6. ENTRY STRATEGIES AND GOVERNMENT POLICIES FOR GLOBAL INVESTORS By setting up a new company according to the Companies Act 1956. The foreign direct investment of 100 per cent has been allowed by the Government of India in such companies.  Joint collaboration with an Indian company.  An international company can start its operations in India by setting up their branch office, representative office, and project office.  By establishing a wholly owned subsidiary in the sectors, where foreign direct investment up to 100 per cent is permitted under the FDI policy. 
  7. 7. REFORMS BY INDIA The Government has not allowed international & domestic companies to operate real estate funds through private equity funding.  RBI has also decreased its rate of interest in home loan division. 
  8. 8. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT    Key contributor in global research and of growth in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) The Indian cloud market estimated at US$ 535 million in 2011 is expected to grow more than 70 per cent in 2012 and almost 50 per cent in the next three years, according to International Data Corporation (IDC) The Government of India has approved 14 foreign direct investment (FDI) proposals worth Rs 1,584.11 crore (US$ 284.91 million), including that of Abhijeet Power Ltd to bring in FDI worth Rs 674 crore (US$ 121.22 million) and CLSA Singapore's proposal to invest Rs 225 crore (US$ 40.47 million)
  9. 9. GAPS Health sector is estimated to be worth US$ 65 billion and is expected to reach US$ 100 billion by 2015  Power sector ranked sixth among the leading sectors of the Indian economy and has attracted US$ 4.6 billion in foreign direct investment since 2000  India has the third largest education system globally, after China and the US, with one million schools and 20,000 institutes for higher education 
  10. 10. CONCLUSION  Emerging strong even during the scariest phase of global financial meltdown, India has become one of the favorite investment destinations for the foreign investors across the globe. The investment scenario in India is getting better and better with each passing day due to high confidence level of the investors. Today, India is considered the 4th biggest economy in the world. Its impressive GDP rate, especially in the field of purchasing power, has catapulted it to second position among all the developing nations.
  11. 11. PRESENTED BY: Anuj Malhotra Jaspreet singh Mba-1-b