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I phone application development


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Published in: Technology, Business
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I phone application development

  1. 1. iPhone Application DevelopmentBy :-Shah Deep International BusinessSolutions Ltd.
  2. 2. iPhone Application Development & Its Advantages iPhone application development is very much useful for businesses as well as for individuals. It helps businesses by offering following advantages:• Enhance customer experience and service• Increasing revenue• Attracting new customers• Ease of use• Instant gratification
  3. 3. Features of iPhone• Liquid crystal display HVGA Touchscreen• Display responds to 3 sensor Proximity Sensor Light Sensor Accelerometer Sensor• Allows conferencing, call handling, call merging, caller ID, and integration with other mobile network features• Built-in Megapixel Camera of High Resolution• Multimedia features enables users to play video, watch TV shows and films• Built-in Wi-Fi• An HTML e-mail Program• Number of other applications for users
  4. 4. Use of SDK IN iPhone App Development• The world is experiencing the advantages of SDK for iPhone applications development. SDK is the software development kit used for developing various applications.• The SDK also has Media support, which handles all kinds of audio mixing, visual, OpenGL, several image file formats, etc.• The first core component of SDK is Cocoa Touch with multi-touch control. Cocoa Touch is the name given to user interface library, and it is meant to provide support to multi-touch support, accelerometer, camera, and more such things.• SDK includes the core services which are part of iOS universe, which includes networking, manage threading, and much more things.
  5. 5. Advantages of SDK• The developers find SDK extremely handy, and it enables developers to write exceptional codes for iPhone applications.• The ease of using SDK has boosted the iPhone applications development, as even the freshly educated young people are showing their interest in learning iPhone applications development.• The iPhone SDK is useful for developing iPhone applications, in fast and easy manner.
  6. 6. SDK Includes: • Xcode • IPhone simulator • Monitoring instruments • Interface builder
  7. 7. iPhone Applications Developed By UsWe have developed iPhone applications of thefollowing categories:• Social Networking software• GPS Tracking software• Utility software• Productivity software• Voip Services• Chatting Services• Entertainment industry related software
  8. 8. Why to Choose iPhone ApplicationDevelopment From Us? Some of our unique features are: • Working in close-cooperation with the customers from the concept stage to final implementation of app development. • Provide guidance for the configuration application development and approval process. • Offer different applications like business, games, media, entertainment and many more.
  9. 9. Contact UsShah Deep International thanks for your attention:Call Us at : : + 91-120 473-9000Fax (India) : + 91-120- 4564561Email Us at :