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  1. 1. By:-Shah Deep International Business Solutions Ltd.
  2. 2. Introduction Shah Deep International is a leading company offering higher quality development services based on ASP.Net MVC Framework.What is MVC Framework? A new Web Application Project type Simply an option ○ Not a replacement for WebForms ○ Builds on top ASP.NET ○ Manual vs Automatic Transmission
  3. 3. What Is MVC? Model View Controller
  4. 4. Contd….. MVC Design Pattern Model – maintain state View – present the user interface Controller – serves as the “glue” between Model and View. REST – Representational State Transfer No Post-Back Model
  5. 5. Advantages MaintainClean Separation of Concerns Extensible and Pluggable Enable clean URLs and HTML Great integration within ASP.NET Tooling Support
  6. 6. MVC Flow ControllerRequestStep 1Incoming request directed to Controller
  7. 7. MVC Flow Controller ModelStep 2Controller processes request and forms a data Model
  8. 8. MVC Flow Controller ViewStep 3Model is passed to View
  9. 9. MVC Flow Controller ViewStep 4View transforms Model into appropriate output format
  10. 10. MVC Flow Controller View ResponseStep 5Response is rendered
  11. 11. Request Flow In DetailRequest HTTP HttpRouting Controller Response Handler Route ViewRoute View Handler Engine
  12. 12. Routing Engine URLs -> application -> Controller Action Construct outgoing URLs  Constructed URLs can be used to call back to Controllers/Actions
  13. 13. Forms & Action Filters Inject code interceptors into the request of a MVC controller Package-up and re-use functionality in a clean declarative way Predefined Action Filters Custom Filters
  14. 14. Ajax Support Ajax is not just “Update Panel”  You can use  Page methods  Web Services They all require you to write a lot of JavaScript MVC Ajax helps with Forms and Action Links !!
  15. 15. Security Support Built in Controller for Logging Using ASP.NET Security Providers Having the ability to control the security level of each controller method
  16. 16. Why Shah Deep International High quality ASP.Net MVC development services Experienced team of .Net developers Project delivery on time
  17. 17. Contact Us:Shah Deep International thanks for your attention:Call Us at : : + 91-120 473-9000Fax (India) : + 91-120- 4564561Email Us at :