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Sustainable Development - Ghaziabad


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Response to Question G for IE Business School -
"Do you think that the lifestyle of the inhabitants of your town or city reflects behavior that is in line with the concept of sustainable development? In your opinion, what should be improved?"

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Sustainable Development - Ghaziabad

  1. 1. Presentation Title Subheading goes here GHAZIABAD CITY PERFIL Option G: Do you think that the lifestyle of the inhabitants of your town or city reflects behavior that is in line with the concept of sustainable development? In your opinion, what should be improved? By : Anubhuti Agarwal IE BUSINESS SCHOOL
  2. 2. INTRODUCING THE CITY… DESCRIPTION 2011 2001 ACTUAL POPULATION 4,681,645 3,290,586 MALE 2,488,834 1,769,042 FEMALE 2,192,811 1,521,544 POPULATION GROWTH 42.27% 46.89% POPULATION DENSITY/Km2 3,971 2,800 SEX RATIO 881 860 AVERAGE LITERACY 78.07% 69.74% Founded in 1740 Draws its name from its founder Ghazi-ud-din, who named it Ghaziuddin Nagar. One of the oldest major centers for trade and business in state Satellite city to Delhi – the national capital DEMOGRAPHICS
  4. 4. AREAS OF FOCUS Where improvement is needed (Not in line) SOCIAL - Crime Capital ENVIRONMENTAL - Radiation From Mobile Towers - Water Problems ERGONOMICAL - Inadequate Road Density Where efforts are visible (In line) ENVIRONMENTAL - Shift From LPG To PNG SOCIO-ECONOMIC - Schemes For Social Upliftment
  5. 5. CRIME CAPITAL  More than 550 crimes related to sexual abuse registered between 2010 and 2011.  These include heinous crimes such as abduction, rape, molestation and murder.  Acute shortage in police force : Only 3,700 policemen to protect a population of 4.6 Million. S O C I A L Back to Areas Of Focus
  6. 6. TWO-WAY ANGUISH Public To Public - (Issue of Law Abidingness and Morality) Rape of a 15 year old girl - filmed so that she could be threatened and blackmailed. Law keepers To Public – (Issue of Ethics) A police officer illegaly slapped a girl when she refused to co- operate in the police station. Back to Areas Of Focus
  7. 7. NATION WIDE PROTESTS CENTRAL GOVERNMENT ACTS Stringent laws formulated against atrocities towards women “Nirbhaya Fund” set-up – For US $ 170 Mn - as part of budget to support initiatives protecting women’s rights All women (Fast-Track) courts introduced in few cities Back to Areas Of Focus
  8. 8. SAFETY INITIATIVES BY WOMEN  Housewives training in use of guns  Martial Art Training  Police launched series of mock- drills and training-sessions  Women informed about the ways to handle chain-snatchers and armed robbers  Nationwide campaign against sale of harmful chemicals used for acid attacks, particularly against women in the past. “I have worshipped woman as the living embodiment of the spirit of service and sacrifice.” - Mahatma Gandhi Back to Areas Of Focus
  9. 9. ELECTRO MAGNETIC RADIATION EFFECTS DUE TO MOBILE TOWERS THERMAL EFFECTS NON-THERMAL EFFECTS Eye Cancer Cataract Irritability, Anxiety And Depression Attention Span Deficit Memory Loss Sleep Disturbance Chronic Fatigue Brain Tumors Abnormal cell growth promotion DNA damage Reduced Immune System Competence Childhood And Adult Leukemia Infertility And Miscarriage Cardiac Problems Telecom companies continue to install towers, which have a radiation power level of 7620 microwatt/m2. Standard level of 600 microwatt/m2 not being followed due to : high competition in the market and inadequate enforcement of statutes. E N V I R O N M E N T A L Back to Areas Of Focus
  10. 10. GREEN TELECOM - SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS Telecom operators need to reduce the transmitted signal power especially in the dense urban areas. Further steps needed:  Diesel generators to be replaced with solar power  Concept of Carbon credits can be linked to taxation Radiation measurements after reduction of the transmitted power; if still found to be high:  Tower Density to be optimized and standardized  Height of the towers to be standardized  Concept of Tower sharing to be enforced stringently. Back to Areas Of Focus
  11. 11. WATER-RELATED PROBLEMS Minimal to no government water supply in many areas. Boring water unfit for domestic use - complains of Gastro-enteritis, Goitre and Diarrhea common. Leaking pipelines – drinking water getting mixed with sewage water. Over 300 dyeing, printing, chemical, paper and meat-processing units discharge untreated effluents into the water sources. Due to over-exploitation through unrestricted boring, ground water table has sunk from 40 to 80 feet in most areas. Extensive concretization preventing natural water recharge. AREAS IN GHAZIABAD Ground Water Levels (2007) Now (2013) INDIRAPURAM 300ft 90ft MODEL TOWN EAST 250 ft 180ft RAJNAGAR 250ft 200ft E N V I R O N M E N T A L Back to Areas Of Focus
  12. 12. SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS Quality of effluent discharge to be strictly monitored by PCB. Units engaged in contaminating ground water to be summarily shut down. Restrict water usage for horticulture / car washing – use of sprinkler systems to be promoted. Rain Water Harvesting in industrial plants and townships to be made mandatory. Educating the masses, particularly in the slums, about water use optimization, common symptoms of water - borne diseases, sensitization towards rationing of water. Back to Areas Of Focus
  13. 13. JAM- TRACKED! Over Congestion on all Major Roads Reduced carriage width due to illegal encroachments on roads Poor condition of link roads Insufficient and poor public transportation systems The city currently has only 2.57 km City Metro network for a population of 4.60 Mn Lack of organized parking leading to on-street parking and congestion of traffic. E R G O N O M I C A L Back to Areas Of Focus
  14. 14. SOLUTIONS  Develop metro routes, flyovers and new bye-pass roads.  Emphasis on improving the condition of link roads.  Improved linkage between neighboring cities through the Metro Rail – shall reduce vehicular traffic in major cities.  Encourage pooling of personnel vehicles - introducing concepts such as Car - Sharing.  Relocating all roadside vendors to strategically located Convenient Shopping Centers (CSCs). Back to Areas Of Focus
  15. 15. CONVENTIONAL FUELS TO CLEANER FUELS Actions Taken Natural Gas pipeline laid over nearly 5000 Inch-Kms in many colonies and industrial areas. Consumers have shifted from use of LPG Cylinders to PNG for domestic use and substituting LDO, FO, Fossil Fuels by CNG in industry. Budget allocations according to expansion plans of Indraprastha Gas Ltd. – the city gas distribution utility are continuously reviewed by the Govt. E N V I R O N M E N T A L Back to Areas Of Focus LPG use in my own home. Other eco-initiatives by IGL- Setting up CNG Stations
  16. 16. CONVENTIONAL TO CLEANER FUELS Social and Environmental Benefits Natural Gas (CH4) is one of the most clean and safe fuels. Combustion results in virtually no atmospheric emissions of Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), and far lower emissions of Carbon Monoxide (CO), Reactive Hydrocarbons and Carbon Dioxide (CO2)- all GHGs. Reduced load on transport of cylinders from source to end user results in reduced pollution at every stage. Low chances of spillage and pilferage. Robust piped gas system leads to zero hoarding. Back to Areas Of Focus
  17. 17. SOCIO-ECONOMIC EQUITY THROUGH EXAMPLES SASHAKT: An initiative towards self-reliance for women inmates of “Dasna” prison by Urja Unlimited Mission of the program : - Promote the use of renewable energy for creating a sustainable future - At the same time, providing need-based solutions Training program to develop the skill to assemble, repair and maintain solar lanterns. Selected trainees to be outsourced work on a regular basis for at least one year. Remuneration as per industry standards. Leads to rehabilitation of criminals through a dignified livelihood after release from the prison. S O C I O E C O N O M I C Back to Areas Of Focus
  18. 18. EFFORTS MADE BY THE STATE GOVERNMENT Affordable housing scheme introduced by Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) : Builders will allot 10% of the total flats constructed to Low Income Group (LIG) and Economically Weaker Section (EWS) families. Laptops distributed to 8000 students in Gautam Buddha Nagar and Ghaziabad districts by UP CM Akhilesh Yadav to help them in their studies. Back to Areas Of Focus
  19. 19. CONTRIBUTION TO THE ENVIRONMENT (Within my locality)  Free juice distribution camps for rickshaw pullers and laborers.  Generating awareness amongst children through painting and essay competitions on World Environment Day. Back to Areas Of Focus Blood Donation Camp organized with the support of Rotary Blood Bank, Noida on 08.04.2012. Housewives within the society train young children in English language, Computers, dance and art for free. Tree plantation campaigns on a regular basis.
  20. 20. WHAT MORE CAN BE DONE?  Technological upliftment of small scale industries in towns such as Pilakhuwa known for dyeing industry, glass bead making and embroidery work.  Encouraging organic farming for fruits and vegetables supply  Increased allocation of funds for the above Back to Areas Of Focus Promoting business and ensuring higher hygiene in dairy / poultry and butcheries industry. Explore potential artisanal heritage in villages to improve self dependency.
  21. 21. Resources/Generic%20Environmental%20Management%20Plan%20Ghaziabad.pdf Google Images- DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION Resources/Generic%20Environmental%20Management%20Plan%20Ghaziabad.pdf LPG TO CNG WATER RELATED PROBLEMS: TRAFFIC Article on Sustainable Mobility- GDA SOCIO-ECONOMIC EQUITY building-bylaws-affordable-housing REFERENCES GRACIAS!