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PES company profile


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Published in: Education, Business
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PES company profile

  1. 1. With the domestic economy finally coming into its own, it is clear that any businessthat provides value to the Indian consumer -- provided, of course, it is managed well-- will make a lot of benefits for its promoters and within this vast area ofopportunity, the most exciting is education. Talk to any rickshaw puller and hewill proudly tell you the grade level of each of his kids.We know of at least half a dozen domestic workers (including at our house) whohave, either on their own steam or with support from enlightened employers, takencomputer classes, started working as teachers assistants, and so on.“Investment in education leads to the creation of human capital, which is animportant input into socioeconomic development of a nation.” Realizing this fact PES evolved.
  2. 2. We are a International Education Service Provider was launched in 2010 by agroup of highly educated and experienced professionals.Brand name PES (Premium educational services)Mission PES aims to provide learning solutions across the spectrum – to students,parents, schools/colleges/institutions, individuals & organizations.Our Vision is to become a dynamic, vibrant and value-based organisation comprisinghighly skilled, passionate and committed professionals who facilitate innovativesolutions in the field of Learning and Development to provide Quality Education.We specialize in Education business plan consulting for startup companies, strategicbusiness development, marketing.
  3. 3. Our company has provided marketing strategies and business plans on behalf of itsearly stage clients, especially small to medium enterprises.Its team comprises of professionals and experts from diverse fields with all of themhaving a experience in the field of education.Two state-of-the-art functional facilities at: 1). Delhi/NCR 2). Jaipur Contact details - Head office of the company is located in New Delhi. CB 386/5 Nariana Ring road Contact no. - +91-9873984558 Website –
  4. 4. Market Research is one of the most important sections of any corporate business plan. Every founder of a company needs to demonstrate to investors the size ofMarket Research the market, an understanding of the competitors and what analysts are projecting for market growth. PES works with both startups and established companies to write and develop business plans to both document business Business plan strategy, detail market research and competitive analysisconsulting/Brand which help them to understand the market well and enable building them to build a brand in the field of education.
  5. 5. PES partners with companies at all stages of development, to aggressively execute businessMarketing strategy development, sales and marketing, and distribution agreements. Our education team with the help of its knowledge partners conducts various workshops like - education and academic trainings, corporate trainings, character and confidence training, sales training and team building trainings etc. The workshops are conducted sector specific Workshops (construction and real estate, hospitality, handicrafts, gems and jewelry, retail merchandising, institutes and educational outfits and housewives & general public and many more………………
  6. 6. PES team of experts provide directions to prospective students by providing them with a very comprehensive umbrella of services right from the choice of college/ university/Counseling school/institution. At PES, we revel in our ability to provide accurate information, make the right decisions, be time and cost- efficient while building strong relationships with students and institutions alike . We make sure that all the institutions are running smooth and take the responsibility to fulfill all the essentials required by them we provide all services like furnitures & fixtures,Fulfilling the stationery, administrative work force and unskilled labour etc. essentials On the request of the institution and looking at the nature of the institute we also provide the best possible faculty through our sources. And many more…………………..
  7. 7. Our experienced leadership team consists of enthusiastic professionals with MNC background.They are alumni of some of the leading educational and management institutions of the world,including the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs)..Premium educational services has been set up by Anubhav Rakheja with extensive experiencein education with his support and vision PES aims to provide learning solutions across thespectrum – to students, parents, schools/colleges/institutions, individuals & organizations.
  8. 8. The director has worked with leading institutes of the country and has counseledthousands of students and parents all across the country here are few listed with thetestimonials of parents and students …….. Career launcher (leading test prep Institute on INDIA who provide services for post graduate level) Smart careers (test prep institute for a undergraduate level) Laid the foundation of the institute REVOLUTION ( Currently working with IIFM(International institute of financial management) – responsible for business promotion and marketing for pratham, mytrade, CFA and core-GMAT etc.( Also working for (it is a unit which is founded by the youth of the country realizing that population as the biggest strength of the country).
  9. 9. TEACHING -After giving my 12th class boards, I had joined coaching on advice of Mr. Anubhav rakheja for the variousentrance exams. Though my aim was to get admission in any traditional course of DU (B.Com hons, Ecohons), one teacher changed my perception. Mr. Anubhav Rakheja, who taught quantitative aptitude andlogical reasoning, explained to me what really the value of professional courses was, specially from theprestigious Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies.His professional and very interesting way of teaching made the difficult quant problems very easy. Hisidea of relating every question to simple real life situations made the task half done. His approachtowards the entire subject was encouraging. His concepts, once taught, sort of found a place in the headthemselves. There was no requirement to see the solutions again and again. He gave us quick ways to dolengthy calculations which saved us a lot of time and proved to be instrumental in my clearing the CBSentrance exam.He taught me how not to be afraid of doing something that was relatively new and less known by people.I owe my success completely to him and can never thank him enough.DISHA GUPTA, AGE: 19, SCHOOL: BAL BHARATI PUBLIC SCHOOL, COLLEGE:SSCBS(Delhiuniversity), COURSE: BFIA
  10. 10. MARKETING APPRECIATION –This is to certify that Anubhav Rakheja was a bonafide employee of Smart Careers (A division ofCareer launcher (I) Ltd.). He was responsible for Business development & Network managementat Smart careers from June 2008- May 2010.Anubhav Rakheja was a highly motivated, sincere and versatile team worker. During his tenure atSmart Careers, Anubhav donned many hats and slipped into the roles of faculty & BusinessDevelopment executive with equal ease. His performance in the BD role was especiallycommendable. His innovative thinking created many unique and profitable partnerships for SmartCareers. He has an astute understanding of the undergraduate test- prep market and is adept atidentifying viable business opportunities. Anubhav works with exceptional zeal and warmth andwill prove to be an asset to any organization he is associated with.BY – MR. VIRENDER KHANNA(EX HOD OF SHAHEED SUKHDEV COLLEGE OFBUSINESS STUDIES AND FOUNDER OF UNDERGRADUATE TEST PREP SMARTCAREERS)
  11. 11. We as a team are seeking a professional opportunity to prove our managerialskills to benefit you, your company and your clients. We have the talent and theexperience to provide the best services in your organization. We have theknowledge of various aspects of education which will definitely have a positiveimpact.An opportunity to discuss our abilities and skills would be more welcomeAppreciating your consideration, looking forward for your meeting. Address- CB 386/5 Nariana Ring road New Delhi – 110028. Website- Ph no. - +91-9873984558 +911125776919