Enabling e-commerce for India - Reasoning


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Enabling e-commerce for India - Reasoning

  1. 1. Digital media is influencing consumers & businesses everywhere Connected merchandize Driving Digital Commerce Connected consumers Reasoning Global eApplications Ltd Enabling businesses to get the full potential of digital commerce
  2. 2. Executive Summary “ With a team with over 14 years ofa experience innovative commerce,Reasoning is the digital commerce platform (MartJack) and number of in digital solutions, India’s leading digital commerce expert partner for many businesses across India ”Focus Enable retailers to leverage the immense scope of the Internet and mobile platforms as powerful customer acquisition, customer connection and marketing channelsCapability Enable retailers to establish & manage their digital presence across multiple channels efficiently & at a low cost without requiring an expensive IT infrastructure Enable retailers to effectively acquire customers from across Internet, mobile & social media channelsSolution End to end digital commerce platform, MartJack that enables retailers, manufacturers & retail chains to build & manage their complete digital commerce channel to promote, market & sell their products across Internet, mobile and social media. MartJack Exchange to connect consumers to businesses using marketplaces, mobile & social media.Status Among the leaders in digital commerce solution providers in India – powering over 1400 unique retailers & manufacturers across India. Reach to over 20 million consumers through MartJack ExchangePartners Strategic Partnerships with HDFC Bank (payments) and Aramex (logistics) to provide the complete solution for digital commerce. Other partners include POS/ERP system providers, System Integrators, web development companies and direct franchiseesProduct MartJack – multi-channel commerce platform MartJack Exchange – Connecting MartJack powered businesses & consumers across channels
  3. 3. Solution Eco-system Storefronts - Web, Google Adwords mobile, kiosks MartJack Marketplaces Exchange Consumer Rich product Mobile & Social acquisition experience Exchange Offers & Affiliate marketing Promotions Integrated Banks & PG– HDFC Bank Payment solutions Business Payments Offline payment I Pay Near (payment capability gateway) Design, catalog, Martjack franchisee & orders, inventory channel partners ERP/POS ERP/POS providers integration Leads Operations (Design, store CRM/Loyalty CRM/Loyalty solution management, integration providers ERP, POS, Web analytics – e.g. Orders etc.) Analytics Logistics Google Analytics (shipping) Integrated logistics Logistics companies – The Reasoning solutions Aramex, Bluedart Eco-system Martjack partners
  4. 4. MartJack Digital Commerce Platform A multi-channel retailing solution which enables any business to showcase their products in a rich way, influence consumers through a rich product experience, drive consumers to make purchases through promotions, provide flexible & convenient shopping options, enable online sales and also drive consumers to the physical stores of the business.Who uses MartJack?Retailers• For reaching & acquiring customers through Internet, mobile & social media channels• For creating & managing a complete online commerce presence• For selling their products online and increasing footfalls to their physical storesManufacturers• For providing a rich experience of their products across Internet, mobile & social media channels• For enabling their dealers & distributors to provide a rich & consistent product experience• For increasing sales through e-commerce & by driving footfalls to dealer stores Acquire Showcase Influence Sell Customers Your products Customers Online & Offline
  5. 5. MartJack - Multi-channel commerceEnable simplified commerce across digital channels Online retailing Core Web Storefront Management modules Storefront Product Catalog Repository Local web-stores for each outlet Promotions & Corporate sales POS/ERP (e.g. SAP) Consumers Stock ERP/Order management Ready to use In-store Kiosks Orders integration Loyalty systems or Integration by Customers Mobile platform partners PG (e.g. HDFC) Payment Logistics Service Other websites Shipping (e.g. Aramex) Servers and storage on cloud infrastructure
  6. 6. MartJack Eco-system Eco-system / Partners Exchange Publishers Channel partners Marketing Direct Payment Online & website reach toTechnology Logistics processing marketing mgmt. millions of services consumers
  7. 7. MartJack ExchangeMartJack Exchange enables merchants to easily reach millions of consumers through channels such asAmazon’s New site and many others. Merchants don’t have to worry about building & managingtechnology or integrations with New site, payment systems or logistics systems.MartJack Exchange is a complete solution that includes technology, e-commerce platform, integrations,payment processing, logistics & customer support as well! Sign up for Select Your products are promoted on Amazon’s new MartJack MartJack products portal, SBI Card Mega Mall, HDFC Bank SmartBuy Merchants Exchange to promote and many such portals XYZ Services XYZ.com M A R T J Deals from A Merchant 1 Products Consumers C from K Merchant 3 Products XYZ News XYZ Media E from X Merchant 2 Offers from C Merchant 4 H A N G E
  8. 8. MartJack Exchange – How it works?
  9. 9. Value proposition - Martjack Organized retailer or retail Single store and SME Manufacturers chain retailersRich experience across multiple Easily create a web-store within 3 Ensure that consumers get & perceivechannels days a consistent and rich brand/product experience across retailers &Increase footfalls to physical stores Easily create a product catalog using channels – by creating & managing awith Web2Store solutions the Product Repository with over central product repository 110,000 pre-populated productsEffectively manage their online Acquire customers online through a Syndicate rich product content acrossbusiness with integrated ERP, POS, web-store for local traffic & drive retailers & dealersCRM systems footfalls to physical storeEnable a dynamic online business No technology expertise required to Leverage their website as a consumerthrough direct management by create and manage their web-store acquisition & sales channel ratherbusiness teams – not IT teams than an information only channelAllow the online business to grow Affordable solution available on low Create an online dealer webstorewithout any technology infrastructure monthly subscription fee network for local traffic acquisition &limitations salesLeverage collaborative commerce to Allow their online business to grow, Dealers can be used as orderincrease reach, sales & revenue add e-commerce capabilities when fulfillment centers for online sales. ready
  10. 10. Competitive overview Competing Open source Service / web Domestic e- Global e- Online platforms / segments development marketplaces custom commerce commerce companies platforms Platforms developmentKey Competition pitchesCustom service deliveryDirect consumer reachLow entry costGlobally proven solutionReasoning’s counter value proposition Complete end to end solution Managed IT infrastructure Partner eco-system Agile always updated SaaS Platform Low lifetime cost Integrations with MJ Dev API Ease of use - No IT expertise needed India optimized feature set Consumer reach through marketplaces Training & support eco-system
  11. 11. Martjack technological advantagesFlexibility• The platform has been designed to allow complete customization to suit the needs of different segments of retailers dealing in different categories of productsExtensibility• The platform has a wide range of extension APIs and supports custom controls on store-fronts. This allows partners to extend the functionality & capability of the platform as required• The extension APIs also enable integration with business systems such as ERP, POS, CRM etc.• The extensible architecture makes it very easy to integrate new systems with the platform as has been proven with the quick integration of a variety of systems from SAP, Sage to RetailPro.Scalability• The entire platform is architected & hosted on a cloud infrastructure (Amazon AWS - EC2/S3). This makes the system very scalable both in terms of on-boarding new retailers as well as supporting increased traffic/activity on the web-store of individual retailers.Reliability• The platform operationally goes through ongoing backups, load balancing, capabilities of off-loading loads to new servers on the fly to ensure high availability & high reliabilitySecurity• The platform is hosted on an isolated firewalled network which is regularly scanned & maintained to alleviate any security threats.
  12. 12. Reasoning – Company Summary • Over 1400 unique merchants use MartJack to build & manage their online stores. • Over 20 million consumers are reachable to MartJack powered merchants through MartJack Exchange • Scalability of the Martjack platform proven with USD 5 million worth transactions monthly • Some of the biggest retailers in India use the Martjack platform eg. Videocon, Big C mobiles, Next Retail, Gitanjali group, Olive Telecom, HCL, HDFC Bank, State Bank of India etc. – for their online business • Hundreds of promotions running every month • Integrated with over 20 backend systems (Payment, shipping, ERP etc.) • 1,10,000+ products’ information being syndicated to retailers • 20+ partners and several strategic alliances to enrich the retailer’s selling experience • 400+ retail specific features to power online commerce
  13. 13. Some of our clients - MartJack
  14. 14. Some of our clients – MartJack Exchange
  15. 15. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and our products... Know more about us at: www.ereasoning.com Know more about our product Martjack at: www.martjack.com