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A short and precise description of what SEO is, what are the different types of SEO, techniques used, Benefits, Tools useful for an SEO.

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  1. 1. SEO as Digital Marketing Tool- By Anubhav Bulani
  2. 2. Background Info
  3. 3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. 4. Digital marketingGoogle
  5. 5. Things to Consider while setting up a page
  6. 6. On Page Optimization
  7. 7. Off Page OptimizationIt is basically what can be done ‘off pages’ so as to maximizeits performance in search engines for target keywords relatedto the on-page content and also the keywords in Off-pagedirect links.
  8. 8. Google PenguinIt is basically analgorithm whichruns across all theweb sites and webpages to detectBlack Hat SEOtechniques.
  9. 9. Google PandaGoogle panda is considered to be a change togoogle’s search engine ranking algorithm.This change came into exsistence because ofhigher ranking of ‘ low-quality sites’ or ‘ thin-sites’ in their search engines.It is basically an algorithm which runs acrossall the web sites and web pages.And hence increasing the chances of gettinghigher quality sites on top of the searchresults.
  10. 10. How to effectively optimize the page ?Google Adwords*Using ‘Google’ as an example to explain the above.*
  11. 11. Google AnalyticsGoogle analytics is a service offered by google which helpsyou to track the traffic generated on your website.It has been originated for the marketers and is a very usefulservice for SEO when it comes to keep track record of thewebsite or webpage they are working on.It provides you with detailed reports of the performance ofyour website.*For details about the same kindly visit:
  12. 12. Google AdwordsGoogle Adwords is google’s advertising product which helpsthe merchant to highlight its website or products inspecific or any event that needs to be promoted relatedto his industry.This tool is highly used by an SEO when it comes toPPC(Pay per click) technique.The merchant has the freedom to decide upon the targetaudience be it local, national or international audience.Google adwords is a short and precise way of conveyingone’s message to its audience.*For details about the same kindly visit:
  13. 13. Google WebmastersGoogle webmasters is basically a no-charge web service forwebmasters. It was formed in order to promote Googleservices for webmasters.It is a much précised tool when compared to googleanalytics as it digs deep into the reports and lets you knowwhere the traffic to your website is coming from. Whichkeyword is ranked higher in user search query.There are many webmaster tools available in market withdifferent features like Bing has its own webmaster tool,and web tools as well which can be referred from the belowmentioned web address.*For details about the same kindly visit:
  14. 14. Techniques of SEO
  15. 15. Techniques of SEO
  16. 16. Benefits of SEO
  17. 17. Be it the SEO or the TOOLS we use.CONTENT is the KING !!!!