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  1. 1. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 1
  2. 2. Legal Notice: This eBook is copyright protected. This is only for personal use. You cannot amend, distribute, sell, use, quote or paraphrase any part or the content within this eBook without the consent of the author or copyright owner. Legal action will be pursued if this is breached. Disclaimer Notice: Please note the information contained within this document is for educational purposes only. Every attempt has been made to provide accurate, up to date and reliable complete information no warranties of any kind are expressed or implied. Readers acknowledge that the author is not engaging in rendering legal, financial or professional advice. By reading any document, the reader agrees that under no circumstances are we responsible for any losses, direct or indirect, that are incurred as a result of use of the information contained within this document, including - but not limited to errors, omissions, or inaccuracies. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 2
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS ➢ Why Do You Need Traffic To Your Website? .…...…...….................................................Pg 4 ➢ Introduction..........................................................................................................................Pg 5 ➢ Free Traffic Generation Strategies: ➢ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)...................................................................................Pg 7 ➢ Content: How Can it Help you Generate Traffic?.............................................................Pg 11 ➢ Press Releases....................................................................................................................Pg 13 ➢ Using Blogs to Generate Traffic........................................................................................Pg 15 ➢ Using Article Marketing to Generate Traffic.....................................................................Pg 17 ➢ Using Article Marketing to Generate Traffic.....................................................................Pg 17 ➢ Using Forums To Generate Traffic....................................................................................Pg 18 ➢ Social Bookmarkings........................................................................................................Pg 20 ➢ Paid Traffic Generation Techniques: ➢ Pay-Per- Click Programs ..................................................................................................Pg 23 ➢ Buying Ad Space...............................................................................................................Pg 26 © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 3
  4. 4. Why do you need Traffic to Your Website? The simplest answer is that because without traffic your website doesn’t exist! If you have no traffic then no one comes to your website, which means no one can buy your product, no one can click on your ads, and no one can read your articles. You just don’t exist. It’s as simple as that. The more traffic you can generate to your website the more you can do with it. If you sell a product or service, the more that people know about you the more you’re going to sell. If your goal is to generate revenue by placing ads on your website, the more traffic you have the more you can charge for your ads. If you have a blog that shows your expertise in a domain where you sell consulting services, the more people read your blog the more contracts you’ll get and the higher the rate you can charge. The one thing to remember is that traffic doesn’t automatically convert to revenues. It doesn’t mean you’ll sell more of your product, sell more ads, contracting gigs, etc. That’s another story. For that you’ll need to be able to convert your traffic to sales (or whatever your goal may be). Without traffic you have nothing to convert to revenue! A Common Myth Build it and they will come. If only that were true! The reality is that if you build it no one will come unless you let them you know built it. Having a website is no longer enough to succeed online. Maybe that was true in the mid-1990’s but that definitely not true today. The web is saturated with websites. There are millions and millions of active websites. You need to give people the ability to find you. Hoping that Google lists you in their search results is not enough. You need to pro-actively attract traffic. You need to help Google know you exist. You need to give people other ways to find you then just the search engines. You need to create paths to your website that people can easily find. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 4
  5. 5. Introduction Website traffic generation techniques can basically be broken down into two main categories. Those that cost money and those that don’t. Of course free traffic generation techniques aren’t really free, they cost you your time. Depending on how valuable your time is, some free traffic generation techniques may actually cost you more than paid services. Below is the list of the traffic generation techniques this book will cover. Although this list isn’t complete, it does include the most effective and efficient techniques. Free Traffic Generation Techniques • Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) • Content (creating valuable content) • Press Releases • Using Blogs to Generate Traffic • Using Article Marketing to Generate Traffic • Using Forums to Generate Traffic • Social Bookmarkings Paid Traffic Generation Techniques • Pay-Per-Click Advertising • Buying Ad Space © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 5
  6. 6. Free Traffic Generation Techniques © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 6
  7. 7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Optimization is a viable way to get more traffic to your website through natural searches on MSN, google, and yahoo. Your goal is to get your page listed on the first page of the search engines for the terms in your niche that people are searching for. You can find big, thick books written on this topic. We don’t have that kind of time or space here, but we’ll try to give you an overview without overwhelming you. How can SEO help you get traffic? The goal with any website is to get targeted traffic. The beauty of search engine traffic is that the people who come to your site are actually looking for what you have to offer. For instance, if you go to and type in “Dog Food for Poodles” – you’ll actually get results. So, if you were looking to buy “Dog Food for Poodles”, you’d likely have your credit card out and be hot, hot, hot to spend lots of money on dog food for - you guessed it – your poodle. THAT is the kind of visitor you want coming to your website. Not a poodle lover, but someone hot, hot, hot to find information or spend money on your niche. If you have an information website, the same rule applies. Assuming you want information about “Training Miniature Poodles” just go to google and type in that term and you’ll find websites that will help you teach your unruly poodle some manners. Stop and think about what your website is about. Actually, what each page of your website is about. You’ll want to set up each page of your website to be sure to let the search engines know exactly who to send you. Where to start? Since this is a very simple overview of Search Engine Optimization, we’ll just cover the basics. There are two factors that determine how much traffic the search engines will send you. First is the information you have on your own website. Second is how many other websites are linking to your website. Those are the two areas you’ll want to work on in order to crawl up higher on the search engines for your niche. On your website be sure to use the keywords for your niche. If your page is about “Marathon Walking” then be sure to use the term “Marathon Walking” as your title and in the body of your article. It’s quite simple. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 7
  8. 8. SEO on your Website (ON PAGE or ON SITE SEO) Keywords Be sure to include your keywords or key phrases on your page. You don’t want to go overboard, but you will want your page title to be very descriptive. Bad SEO Title: “Why I’m Having a Crummy Day” Better SEO Title: “The Effects of Acne on Self Esteem” Bad SEO Title: “Lessons I Learned on the Subway on a Trip to the Zoo” Better SEO Title: “Disciplining Your Child in Public” Assuming these articles are written with the same content, the search engines will understand the “Better SEO Title” more. There are tools you can use to find keywords that are being searched. • Overture – This free resource will give you ideas for keywords. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but is a good place to start • Wordtracker – Provides a tool that displays the number of people searching for a term, as well as the competition. Wordtracker offers a free trial so you can test their service Where to include your keywords Now that you have an idea of which keywords you’re using, you’ll want to stay consistent. HTML Header Tags: Here’s where we start to lose people. Hang in there. We promise to make this simple. If you peek into the html of a new page you’ve created, you’ll see something like this – <title>New Page 1</title> All you need to do is to replace the text between the two <title> words with YOUR title. For instance: <title>Dalmatian Training Tips for Firefighters</title> The other tag in the header section that you should really alter is the Description tag. It will look something like this and fall immediately after the <title> tag. <META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Add something here"> Simply add a short description of the page in there in plain English, and include the words you used in your title tag. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 8
  9. 9. For instance: <META NAME="Description" CONTENT="Firefighters, we have free tips for training your Dalmatian."> That’s it. Now, in your content, be sure to use <h1> tags around your title. It’ll look like this: <h1>Dalmatian Training Tips for Firefighters</h1> There is a ton of information we could get into, but those are the quick and essential tips you should know about making your pages search engine friendly. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 9
  10. 10. OFF SITE or OFF PAGE SEO Search engine optimization is a two-part process. You’ll want to optimize your web content (on-site) and work on getting many incoming links (off-site). Think about why the search engines consider incoming links to be important. When you find impressive information on a website, what do you do? You link to it. This is not only proven with articles, but it works with other types of websites. If you find a free piece of software or a really inspirational video, you may mention it on your blog or website and include a link to that website where your visitors can claim it. That’s what people naturally do. The search engines recognized this and realized that the most popular websites like or are linked to quite frequently and naturally. So, how can you “force” other sites to link to you? Of course, we don’t recommend any illegal or spammy methods so here are some tried and true ways to get other websites to link to your website: 1. Create a quality website with unique, informative content. Vistors will be more open to linking to your website if you have much to offer. Of course, if you have a product website (a storefront) then this can be a bit harder, so the next one is for you. 2. Start an affiliate program. You’ll be surprised how many people will link to you if they have the potential to make money doing so. 3. Do something newsworthy and write a press release. Not only will you have incoming links from the press releftributors, but you also stand chance to get your story picked up by TV, radio, and print newspapers. 4. Become a columnist for another website. Contact websites in you niche and offer to write a regular ongoing column for them – or even provide a weekly tip or idea. You’ll get plenty of links – and build a networking relationship by doing so. 5. Write and submit articles to article directories. Simply write an informative article and submit it to article directories where other website owners can publish it – with your Author Resource box at the end which includes your URL. These are just a few of the many ways you can increase the number of incoming links to your website. With a little creativity and some hard work, you’ll see more traffic coming through those links in the coming months. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 10
  11. 11. Content: How Can it Help you Generate Traffic? The term “content” when used by Internet Marketers refers to written words, audios or videos. Incorporating content in your website can help you generate more traffic in a number of ways. How Does Content Help You Get More Traffic? Search engines love website that offer valuable content. No matter what type of site you have, you can leverage this to increase the traffic to your website. Whether you have an online store, a forum, or a blog, you can add content to generate traffic. Also, visitors just plain love sites that offer free content. Personally, if I go to a website that is just a storefront, I may be hesitant to buy. However, if I come in and click around a bit and get to know more about the owners and their products, I may just pull out my wallet. Plus, content makes websites “sticky”. This means that, if a visitor comes to a website and finds good information (in any format), they are more likely to return than if they just land on a sales page. How can you Add Content to your Website? 1. Add articles to your website. You can use a mix of your own unique content, free reprint articles and Private Label Rights (PLR) articles. 2. Add a blog If you don’t want to add articles directly to your site, then create a blog where you can talk about your products or services and list special offers. You can add articles to your blog, or simply chat and showcase specials and uses for your products and services. Establish yourself as an expert and people will come back for more. 3. Tweak your product descriptions. This is a simple way to increase the content on your website (and, possibly, increase sales). Just add more text to your product descriptions in your storefront – be more descriptive, and you’ll be providing more content. 4. Ask for comments and feedback. No matter what kind of website you have, incorporating comments from others can help make your website more valuable. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 11
  12. 12. 5. Add testimonials. Simple and effective, testimonials not only make your site appear more trustworthy, but they also add content for search engines. 6. Archive your newsletters. If you publish a weekly newsletter, archive your previous issues on your website. 7. Add audio. It’s simple and easy to record and publish audio online now, with services that do everything for you. Interview someone or have someone interview you. Include your interviews on your website for added credibility and information for your visitors. 8. Frequently Asked Questions. Keep track of the customer service questions you receive, and answer them on a FAQ page. You’ll add content and spend less time answering repeat questions from your potential clients. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 12
  13. 13. Press Releases What is a Press Release? Among all of the ways to get free and instant publicity for your site, product, or project, press releases have to be one of the most effective methods. Press releases have been used for decades by anyone hoping to gain attention for whatever they have done, or are planning to do. This method of advertising, and it really is an advertisement, gets your message out to the entire subscribed readership of whatever publisher decides to print your press release. Let's look at how you can submit a press release to reap the rewards of this great tool. First, and foremost, you must write the press release. It should be well-written and include the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your sale, opening, or whatever else you'd be announcing. The writing should be clear and to the point, effectively using proper grammar. All words should be checked for spelling. The last thing you want is to put out shoddy work that won't make it past the desk of it's recipient. The publisher has total choice in whether or not to publish your press release, so you're going to have to sell him or her on it. If you don't feel that you have the ability to write an effective press release, consider having someone else write it for you. Sure, you may have to pay a fee for the service, but the rewards of a good press release make it well worth whatever you might have to pay. Once you have the press release written, you will need to know where to send it. To do this you will have to compile the contact information of all the publishers you will want the release to go to. The most efficient way for you to do this is with an online search. Most everyone these days has a website for their business, and publishers of news and other writing are no exception. So get that list together, and send the release to each of them in the format they require. Bear in mind that you may have to alter the document several times to meet the requirements of individual publishers. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 13
  14. 14. You may be contacted about the press release. If you are, answer their questions politely and thoroughly. They may be looking for a little more than what you put in the release, so it is to your advantage to be available for their questions. Once they have everything they need, they will publish your press release and potentially millions of readers all over the world will know about what your company is doing. What better, more instant way can you think of to do all that? What are the other benefits of a press release? Not only does a press release give you the opportunity to have your business (and URL) mentioned in front of a large crowd, but, when it does work, it adds legitimacy to your business as well. You aren’t viewed by the readers as someone who paid to have their ad in the paper. You are considered valuable enough to be interviewed as a resource for their readers. That adds a lot of credibility. Recommended Resources (the top press release submission site) © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 14
  15. 15. Using Blogs to Generate Traffic Blogging is a fairly new phenomenon in the Internet Marketing community, but it has proven itself as a reliable way to generate traffic to your website. How can creating a Blog Generate Traffic? A blog can bring traffic to your website a few different ways. 1. By creating your own blog You can create a place filled with information about you. If your blog is interesting, your visitors will sign up for your RSS feeds to receive your posts automatically each time you have something you want to say. This is similar to a newsletter, but you don’t have to worry about your messages disappearing due to spam filters. 2. Search engine fodder. Search engines love unique content. If your blog is a place where you share your thoughts and ideas about your niche, the search engines will naturally begin to send you traffic – and it’s free. 3. Links to your website. When writing your blog posts, link to pages on your main website when it seems natural to do so. This will increase the number of incoming links to your main site. Many search engines determine how important your website is by the number of links pointing to it. So, be sure to link plenty to your own website, when appropriate. Hot Tips for Successful Blogging: Keep it fresh. Blog at least once per week, hopefully more often. If you are using Word Press, then you can post a month’s worth of posts, and schedule them to publish on certain days so your blog looks busy – even when you’re on vacation. Keep it real. Don’t be afraid to show your personality. You’re a lot more likely to get a regular following if you say what you mean and discuss your opinions than if you stay on the surface. Try it. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 15
  16. 16. Other people’s blogs can send you traffic. No, that’s not a typo. Find some popular blogs in your niche and post comments on them. Most of the blogs will have a place to enter your name, email address, and your URL with your comment. The important thing here is to post valuable comments, not just ads in disguise. People who read your comments will click through to find out more about you – and you’ll generate traffic for months to come. Not only that, but you are increasing the number of incoming links to your website by posting comments on other blogs. This takes only a short bit of time and is much more valuable than chasing down people for link exchanges. Recommended Resources and both offer free blogging tools © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 16
  17. 17. Using Article Marketing to Generate Traffic Article Marketing is one of the most popular ways of getting traffic to your website and building backlinks. The main benefit of distributing articles is backlinks, but done properly you can also get traffic from your articles when people read your article and are interested enough to click through the link in your resource box and visit your website. First, writing an article on just any topic isn’t going to yield the results you’re looking for, if you haven’t first conducted keyword research to identify what your target audience is actively looking for, and the exact keywords and phrases they are using to be able to locate content on your topic. This is fundamentally one of most critical elements of a successful article marketing campaign. The closer you are able to target your prospective customer base with well written articles that incorporate primary keywords, the more traffic and exposure you will be able to generate. Think about the possibilities if you carefully evaluated a niche market, creating keyword swipe files of highly relevant terms and phrases and incorporated them into your content. Not only will this help you position yourself within the search engines, but your visitors and readers will be exceptionally targeted! When writing your articles, keep them slimmed down to only 400 words in length. We want to keep them short and on track, remembering our objective is to entice them to read the entire article and then click on the links featured within our author’s resource box leading either to a landing page, squeeze page or direct to the merchant’s website after being tagged with our affiliate link. You also want to incorporate a strong call to action, directing your reader to click your link and explore your website. Your overall article should always be direct, relevant and tie in with the website or product that is featured within your author's resource box. If you plan to promote multiple websites, always create a new authors’ resource box for each article campaign! Once you are done submit your article to the top article directories e.g. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 17
  18. 18. Using Forums To Generate Traffic Forum marketing can be a valuable traffic generation tool for affiliate marketers and website owners. It plays well with other traffic tools. With so many business owners and affiliates marketing so many websites and products, trying to get your affiliate website seen isn’t always easy. Implementing forum marketing strategies is one way to increase the odds of directing online traffic to where you wish to send it. While many people are familiar with article marketing, some aren’t yet familiar with forum marketing as a traffic generation method. This method does require a bit of effort but does get results. It is also a method that can easily be outsourced, leaving you free to focus on other tasks. For the purpose of this post, we’ll cover 4 things affiliate marketers and netpreneurs should keep in mind when seeking to utilize forum marketing to drive traffic and increase website visibility. #1.Choose the Right Forums. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is so obvious that some marketers miss it. Don’t rush out and start posting on every forum you can think of. The “spray and pray” method may get you less than stellar results. Popular forums with high view counts are an excellent place to post. They’re even more excellent when the topic relates to the product or service you are promoting. #2. Participate First Once you identify a few target forums and sign up to join, proceed carefully. Some of the top quality forums do not allow a signature link in your posts until you have made a minimum number of posts. Some forums apply the same rule when it comes to putting a link to your website inside your profile at the forum. Make the required number of posts – intelligent, helpful posts. Answer questions, offer suggestions. This is the time to put others first. Participation before promotion. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 18
  19. 19. #3. Professionalism Counts. Put your best foot forward. Speak in the same way that others are. If the forum is casual, be casual. If it is serious, be serious. Forum marketing can be a great traffic generator and you don’t want to ruin the opportunity – especially when every viewer is a potential customer. #4. Be Approachable. Encourage viewers to seek you out should they need assistance. Provide as much contact information as forum rules allow. Some will let you display social links (like Facebook or LinkedIn), others allow instant message icons (IM, Skype, etc.), or email links. Provide as many contact forms as possible. Forum marketing can be an inexpensive and easy way to generate traffic to an affiliate offer or to your own website. You’ll have to be patient and build your forum presence to the point where you can openly provide links and information but the wait will be time well spent. Increased traffic is one of the keys to increased sales. Sales are usually the goal of affiliate promotions. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 19
  20. 20. Social Bookmarkings What is Social Bookmarking? On a Social Bookmarking system or network, users store lists of Internet resources that they find useful. These lists can be accessible to the public by users of a specific network or website. Other users with similar interests can view the links by topic, category, tags, or even randomly. Other than web page bookmarks, services specialized to a specific subject or format - feeds, books, videos, music, shopping items, map locations, wineries, etc. - can be found In a social bookmarking system, users store lists of Internet resources that they find useful. These lists are both accessible to the public or a specific network, and other people with similar interests can view the links by category, tags, or even randomly. Some allow for privacy on a per-bookmark basis. They also categorize their resources by the use of informally assigned, userdefined keywords or tags. Most social bookmarking services allow users to search for bookmarks which are associated with given "tags", and rank the resources by the number of users which have bookmarked them. Many social bookmarking services also have implemented algorithms to draw inferences from the tag keywords that are assigned to resources by examining the clustering of particular keywords, and the relation of keywords to one another. Its increasing popularity and competition have extended the services to offer more than just sharing bookmarks, such as rating, commenting, the ability to import and export, add notes, reviews, email links, automatic notification, feed subscription, web annotation, create groups and social networks. Benefits of Social Bookmarking Social Bookmarking can bring immediate traffic to your website, as web 2.0 community websites such as Technorati, Digg, Reddit and Tailrank provide almost immediate information on various topics. These type of Bookmarking sites index and categorize content usually faster than the major search engines. People looking for the latest information on certain topics usually refer to these types of services. The benefit is two fold. They provide immediate traffic from like-minded targeted viewers but also powerful backlinks to your sites that bring positive SEO and Search Engine results. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 20
  21. 21. Bookmarking Accounts You Should Utilize – Social Bookmarking Site Digg Reddit Mister Wong URL © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 21 PR 8 8 8 8 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 5 5 Link Type Dofollow Dofollow Dofollow Nofollow Dofollow Dofollow Nofollow Dofollow Nofollow Nofollow Dofollow Dofollow Nofollow Dofollow Dofollow Nofollow Dofollow Dofollow Dofollow Nofollow
  22. 22. Paid Traffic Generation Techniques © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 22
  23. 23. Paid Traffic Generation Techniques There are numerous paid traffic techniques that you can explore. Marketing is something is a necessity for online businesses, as you can see, so you will need to plan on making a few investments when marketing your website and generating traffic. Here are a few paid techniques that you can utilize. Pay-Per- Click Programs Pay-per-click programs have been around for awhile now, but they have also changed quite a bit as well. When they were first started, people found them relatively easy to utilize. Basically, all you had to do was set-up a list of keywords and offer low bids. Eventually, you would earn some type of return. They really weren’t concerned with how much of a return it was as long as the program was working. Today, pay-per-click has advanced quite a bit. You are now able to segment your advertising and run multiple campaigns. You are also able to make your campaigns more effective because of this. You can segment your campaigns by using key phrases. This means that you simply find a list of keywords that are at least two words that are similar and then place them in groups. By doing this, you can create campaigns that are based on that string of words instead of just one word. Those two words are bolded in your advertisements to increase the likelihood of your advertisements receiving clicks. The other new technique that can be used is to use longer keywords. In the past, most advertisers were using highly competitive keywordsor phrases, but now this is not necessary. 50% of searches that occur on search engines are completely unique. The more unique your keywords are the better you will do. The idea is that if you use longer and more developed lists, you will be able to generate more traffic than short lists with highly competitive keywords. If you have been using a pay-per-click program with just a few keywords or key phrases, it is a good idea to revamp your campaign to incorporate more similar and related keywords. To set-up your PPC campaign, all you have to do is find a provider. Pay Per Click Advertising Is Carried Out In The Following Providers: • Google AdWords • Yahoo Advertiser Network • MSN • • Overture © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 23
  24. 24. Google AdWords is one of the most popular and most people will use it because it generates a huge amount of traffic. You can also use the other services to supplement your campaigns. The next thing you need to do is use the keyword tool in AdWords to generate your keywords. This tool is great because it shows you how often certain keywords are searched and how competitive they are. You want to develop a large list that will allow you to use every similar word or permutation that is offered. After you have your list, you will want to break it down into several lists. Use two to three keyword bases for each list and add similar keywords on to those lists. Many experts recommend having a minimum of 40 advertising groups. Now you can create campaigns for each of your keyword groups. In each campaign, you will want to optimize your ads to display a root keyword or key phrase. These will be bolded so that they are noticeable in your advertisements and will attract clicks. When you set up your campaign you will need to keep in mind your profit margin. For example, if you have a conversion rate of 1% and your product is $50, then you cannot afford to pay more than 50 cents per click. If you pay more, you will no longer make a profit. Benefits Of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising : • • • • • • • • • • • • Better visibility for your website on Google, Yahoo! and MSN search engines Flexibility in PPC campaign monitoring and budgeting Highly targeted and quality traffic to your website You only pay when your PPC advertising is clicked. PPC advertising results can be seen instantly Ability to test and fine-tune PPC advertising campaigns In most cases the website does not need to be changed at all. You can pick which keywords to bid on. Continuous improvements can be carried out on PPC campaigns upon tracking. Traffic redirection is possible. Country and Demographic specific targeting is possible in PPC advertising campaigns. You can rank highly for any keyword if your budget is large enough. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 24
  25. 25. Who Can Benefit From PPC Advertising Campaigns?: • • • • Newly designed websites, which needs immediate traffic and cannot wait for longer period of time to get quality traffic from search engines. Products or Service Provider websites. E-commerce websites Lead generation websites © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 25
  26. 26. Buying Ad Space Many experts will tell you that ad space doesn't work anymore, but this is not necessarily true. It is possible to purchase ad space and receive traffic through them; you just have to do it. One way to purchase ad space is to by ad space for skyscraper banners. If possible, you will also want to purchase click throughs, rather than ad impressions. You can purchase impressions, but if there are no click throughs then you will not really receive any traffic. If do go with banner advertisements that are sold by impressions, then you will want to discuss where the banner will be positioned and what the average click through rate is. The next way to generate traffic with ad space is to purchase space on authority sites that sell text links. This is very common, but AdSense has taken over a lot of the text links that are located on authority sites. However, you can request to advertise through AdWords on specific sites. All you have to do is go to the site and click on their "advertise on this site" link in their Google text ads. The last way you can buy ad space is by exchanging banners or links with other websites. People often see this as a lose-lose situation, but if you are looking to generate traffic then this can be a useful way to advertise. You just have to be sure that you pick the right place to advertise. There are two things that you need to consider when you are looking to purchase ad space. The first is page rank. You can download the Google toolbar and it will provide you with the page rank of sites as you surf the Internet looking for potential websites to buy ad space from. Before you purchase the space, be sure to use This site will tell you the actual page rank value, as some site owners are able to make their site appear to be ranked higher than it really is. Once you have the page rank and the Alexa rating, you will want to consider the price that you will have to pay as well as where the ad will be positioned. The ad needs to be in a place that will generate revenue. It will be great if you can figure out how well the site that had the space before you did as well. You will also want to know what the approximate click through rate was as well. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 26
  27. 27. The last thing you need to consider is price. If the site has a low Alexa rating, high page rank, good positioning, but too high of a price tag then you will want to go somewhere else. However, you need to keep in mind that you are going to be paying for high page rank and direct traffic. It is up to you to weigh it out and determine what you are willing to spend. This is important when you are considering both banner ads and text ads. Both types of ads need to be in places that are going to get clicks. The ad itself also needs to be written or designed properly. If you are creating text link advertisements, use the guidelines that Google AdWords outlines. You will want a powerful headline, a pitch and a call to action. If you're creating a banner you will need to follow the guidelines of the site. Not all sites will allow flash, while others will. You may also need several different versions of your banners as well. You will want some movement with a banner, whether it is something moving around on it or one that is interactive. If you are creating a small image ad or button, be sure that it sums up your site well so that it will tell what your site is about, but is also very concise. © Best Traffic Generation Strategies 27