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E Teaching

  1. 1. About the Class: e teaching and use of technology is an important paradigm change in teaching and learning environments around the world. A number of tools, platforms and technologies are enabling teachers and students to collaborate in a real time [synchronous] and asynchronous modes. WiZiQ brings all these tools, platforms and technologies under one umbrella. WiZiQ has all that you need to build your own eTeaching brand. Although an initial investment of time and effort is needed, the results are incremental and exponential. A number of teachers have extended or built their brands using WiZiQ. In this session, I will tell you how you can use WiZiQ for building your own teacher brand. If you have any questions, please do post in the comments area. I will make sure to incorporate the same during the presentation. 1. eTeaching GEM (Global Economic Meltdown) Is an Opportunity for YOU Presenter: Sebastian Panakal Principal, eSchool, ERICA Group, Kerala, India 2. Makes sense, whichever way you look at it 3. eLearning is a success in USA 4. Teach one-to-many, make more money 5. Teach One-to-One, more fulfillment & money 6. eLearning is a success in Europe 7. eLearning is a success in Africa 8. 9. THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS eTeachers and eLearners are successful in Kerala. Thanks to Kerla Govt.’s (IT Mission) Akshaya Project 10. I used to teach Vedic Maths online while at Dubai – S.P. Gulf News 11. I used to teach Vedic Maths online while at Dubai – Sebastian Panakal Khaleej Times 12. I teach teachers to go online and eTeach – Sebastian Panakal 13. YOU - an eTeacher Traditional Teaching is moving over 14. To make place for ICT based teaching 15. Age or Stage do not matter 16. eLearn to eTeach through ERICA 17. Experienced world Class faculties 18. Fly through CyberSpace & HyperSpace 19. eTeach is easyTeach o Search for animations & slideshows Or Create your own animations/slides o Invite students to go through those o Ask students to create their version o Evaluate and improve upon their work 20. Master Internet 21. Master Tools.. 22. … the trade. 23. Collaborate online to learn foreign syllabi 24. Learn social networking 25. Use social bookmarking 26. Use Indian resources.. 27. … or Global … 28. … .be glocal (global + local) 29. Search effectively 30. Work productively 31. Network effectively 32. Make money beyond expectations 33. How YOU Make Money o Learn tools of the trade o Register with eTeaching websites o Search for students at your level o Teach them o Get paid online Support online and offline 34. How YOU Make Money: Is right here..
  2. 2. 35.How YOU make money At ERICA 36.How YOU make money Local support through 37.How YOU make money Franchisees.. 38.HOW much Money YOU Make o In Proportion to: o How good a teacher are you o How tech-savvy are you o How many hours can you eTeach o How many students can you eTeach o In which country you eTeach Associates.. 39.Akshaya Network, Kerala State IT Missions 40.Get early bird advantage 41.KERALA KAUMUDI 28 MAY 09 Students are waiting for you 91-9946664605 42.MATHRUBHOOMI 30 MAY 09 eTeaching is limited only by your imagination for eReach 43.Opportunities Unlimited o Use your contacts to canvass Students / Business / Tourists o Register with websites to get students o Register with cochincarnival.com o Train local students: use Akshaya network, work from home! Unlimited Opportunities 44. Netizens eTeach, eLearn, eReach, eGovern, eBiz or eCommerce Your World has no boundaries. You are success in Whatever, Wherever, Whenever W W W world Get rich experience, get rich. How? contact Sebastian Panakal, visit:www.cochincarnival.com The Now Generation is waiting for YOU CommYOUnicate with those tech savvy students 45. WWW.COCHINCARNIVAL.COM CANVASS ONLINE STUDENTS, eTEACHERS, eTRAINERS 46. 47. Advantage ERICA o Overseas Associates to collect fees o Local arrangements to pay into your account o Online payment collection arrangements o Franchisees to help you upgrade skills o Continued lifelong support