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AntTail: Best Cloud Product NL Eurocloud Awards 2015


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AntTail won "Best Cloud Product" award for its solution ensuring product quality covering the pharmaceutical supply chain

Published in: Health & Medicine
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AntTail: Best Cloud Product NL Eurocloud Awards 2015

  1. 1. June 18th event -> AntTail winner of the “Best Cloud Product Award” Cloud Awards 2015
  2. 2. AntTail’s solution for ensuring product quality covering the pharmaceutical supply chain » Enhances compliance » Reduces risk in the logistic chain » Monitors the products quality » Prevents counterfeiting » Saves money in the process, by elimination of waste
  3. 3. » Pharmaceuticals supply chains are typically long and fragmented – thus vulnerable to temperature variation and counterfeiting. » AntTail helps Pharmaceutical companies to stay ahead of the game with the advanced Cloud-based services and state-of-the-art sensors.
  4. 4. » The Pharmaceutical supply chain consists of an average of 30 hand-overs, 15 warehouses and 15 trucks, reefers or planes. » The total lead-time from manufacturing to patient varies from days to months
  5. 5. Current temperature monitoring systems only deliver part of the puzzle. The full view from manufacturing to patient is not available. AntTail integrates upstream and downstream in your logistical chain. Companies can start at any point without changing the QA-manuals. Open: Interfaces for barcode scan applications are available as web-services. Other web-services or interfaces are made available on request.
  6. 6. Cloud Awards 2015 » Cost of non-compliance is hard to estimate but can ruin a corporate image in minutes » New GDP in Europe and USA requires 15-25 °C full monitoring in stead of only 2-8 °C . An increase to almost 100% in volume of shipments. » This GDP is an increase of handling cost for low price products because of high human involvement in current monitoring solutions. » Next GDP change is foreseen in 2016 for anti-counterfeiting measures. ˃ AntTail is already prepared for this change.
  7. 7. » All parties in the Pharmaceutical supply chain only have local temperature records, making it impossible to review and analyse data on an aggregated level. » Incomplete and untimely information equals to non-compliance » Data is often incomplete and not timely available to the Responsible Person in case of an excursion. ˃ AntTails solution is hosted securely in the cloud, providing total transparency in the pharmaceutical supply chain.
  8. 8. » Most commonly used sensors are not reusable. This produces an enormous pile of chemical waste. » AntTail’s sensors are good for 2 to 10 years. They store all data for as long as they have battery-life. At 1 shipment per month for 2 years, cost per shipment gets below €2 for the hardware use.
  9. 9. • Totally transparent pharmaceutical supply chain. • Data is hosted securely in the cloud. Due to the unique architecture of AntTail hacking relevant data is impossible. • Keeps data safe • Encrypted and secure wireless network protocol, keeps data safe. • Prevents human mistakes • Data collection is wireless, automatic (no humans) and complete • Reduces false alarms by 60-80% • Most advanced temperature alarm algorithm to adhere to stability data. Reduce false alarms by 60 – 80% • Durable solution • All sensors have a internal storage equal to the battery life (2 years: 210.000 samples, 5 years: 525.000 samples or 10 years: 1.050.000 samples)
  10. 10. » Step 1: AntTail’s Sensor network to the 3G-Gateway ˃ Secure and encrypted sample messages ˃ No message replication possible, protected against local DOS attack » Step 2: Vodafone Machine-to-Machine (M2M) ˃ Sims on a chip, no Sim change possible ˃ Vodafone security » Step 3: Gateway server ˃ Hosted with Amazon in Elastic cloud, scalable and High-Available ˃ All Sims are white-listed before they can “drop” messages, opt-in » Step 4: Data storage separates logic and BigData ˃ Hosted with Amazon in Elastic cloud, scalable and High-Available ˃ Logic DB: holds information about what sensor is where and monitors what, with which alarm profile ˃ BigData Sample database is meaningless without the logic.
  11. 11. Common features: • Cloud based and secure database for all samples and events generated by the AntTail sensors and Gateways. • On arrival of each sample, a complex event processing process evaluates if an alarm needs to be raised. • Customer specific portals securely hosted in the AntTail customer cloud. For Warehouse, Logistics and Last Mile separate modules are available. • Integration with customer systems are available through web services. Customer 1 Customer 2
  12. 12. » USB-size sensors are added to product packaging, monitoring temperature throughout shipment » Warehouse sensors are fixed in a location with longer (5 to 10 years) battery life and with a very rugged case » Mobile sensors with a display are wrapped together with a pallet or attached to volume packaging material. (On the roadmap, due Q4-2015) » Product temperature modules for monitoring warehouses and trucks.
  13. 13. • Used in the Last-Mile Monitoring • Goal-1: Quality of Life improvement for patient • Goal-2: Because medication temperature records are complete, returned goods can be prescribed to new patients. Potential cost savings are enormous. • Goal-3: Patient therapy adherence is now visible for pharmacists and doctors • Goal-4: Empower the connected patient
  14. 14. Pieter Six  Bachelor degree in Finance & Accounting  12 years of experience as CFO with Royal Philips Electronics (in NL and Czech Republic)  7 years of Wireless Software development for medical devices with Silicon Software Systems in Ireland  7 years of cold chain expertise in Pharma with Cold Chain Consultants The Netherlands Mark Roemers  University of Amsterdam: IT & Business  Founded software company and worked from 1989 until 2000 as Director  Founded an E-procurement SAAS platform as early as 1996, sold to GEIS in 2000.  Founded Dyzle in 2003, first worked as CTO later as CEO until 2011  Actively involved in PCB-design and firmware design since 2003  Markets involved in include: Pharma and Life science, Logistics, Energy