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Turn fans into advocates through influencer engagement


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Your most active customers are often your biggest fans. These customers help you be a better business and reveal deep insights into how you should connect with all customers. But how do you motivate these super-fans to act and advocate on behalf of your brand?
In this session, you'll learn how to:

- Engage and activate brand enthusiasts
- Find out where they supply crucial value in your product and customer lifecycles
- Build deeper relationships with your most engaged, influential customers
- Connect these influencers tighter to your brand

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Turn fans into advocates through influencer engagement

  1. 1. Turning fans into advocatesAdvocate engagement
  2. 2. Ant’s Eye View: Who we are
  3. 3. Credentials and experience Quote about Citizen Marketers
  4. 4. Our clients, B2B and B2C B2C B2B
  5. 5. Influencers and advocates An influencer is someone who actively An advocate is someone who proactively shares their opinions, passions and defends, promotes and participates in expertise through their (large) personal the public conversation for a particular and professional networks. brand, product, service or cause.
  6. 6. Definition of advocacy
  7. 7. Advocates are defenders of the brand
  8. 8. There are five key drivers of advocacy source:
  9. 9. The three types of online communities 911 411 511
  10. 10. Finding them: The 90-9-1 conventional wisdom 1% 9% 90%
  11. 11. The 90-9-1 reality 1% 9% 15% 75%
  12. 12. The 90-9-1 reality 1% 9% 15% 75%
  13. 13. Background Business Objectives For more than 15 years, The Microsoft Most Valuable • Decrease support costs Professional (MVP) Award program has been recognizing • Increase customer satisfaction independent technical influencers for their contributions to • Gather high-quality, actionable product feedback community support, product improvement and brand • Deepen the relationship between the company and key advocacy. More than 4000 influencers are awarded annually customers WW, with MVPs in 90 countries representing nearly 100 Microsoft technologies.A case study Business Impact Criteria • Objective criteria include: number of questions answered in • Nearly 10M answers provided through support channels online forums, reach through blogs, Websites and social • Community provides more than 60% of solutions on MSDN, channels, bugs filed, offline presentations and training TechNet and Microsoft Answers sessions conducted, books sold, etc. • $1M+ in savings from reduction of content creation staffing • Subjective criteria include: quality of answers, customer • MVPs contribute 5x more bugs than the average Beta service skills, demonstration of technical expertise and participant community leadership. • MVPs contribute 10x more validated solutions on support forums than active participants • MVPs represent Microsoft technologies at more than 700 events WW each year
  14. 14. Who else is thriving through advocacy programs?
  15. 15. Why this matters - The social engagement journey
  16. 16. Companies on the social engagement journey
  17. 17. What next?Download this presentation from: what you are trying to accomplish:• Web self-service?• Product feedback?• Loyalty?• Recommendations and word-of-mouth?Determine what online behaviors are you trying to encourage:• Drive answers?• Drive connections?• Drive relationships?Build a Plan!