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Completare C51

  1. 1. Xmas Initiative
  2. 2. The idea is to ensure that a continued stream of traffic and users come onto the website and sustain interaction. X’mas to New year week and the weeks before and after them, generally sees a big slump in the SlideShare traffic. The primary supposition for this yearly trend, being that a majority of our power users are in the field of education /business. The highest traffic contributors also hail from geographies, where X’mas and New Year Holidays are widely celebrated. The power users themselves are away from the access to the website due to holidays / other commitments. And with nothing new happening to sustain their interest on Slideshare, they give it a miss. The only way to maintain the traffic on the site thus can be divided into 3 chief action items: a) Increased activity amongst the second rung available audience. b) Heightened logins and generic info spread amongst the other actively online masses. C) By raising the interest of the power users and making them interested in the SlideShare events during this time-frame.
  3. 3. There are 3 activities that I suggest to get this started: 1> The Celebrations Contest : Similar to the WBPC and the TASC, it’s the best New Year / Christmas presentation contest 2> CEOs Speak & Zeitgeist 2009 : A year end analysis by the CEOs and listing of their favorite presentations. Alongside the stats and trends that was witnessed on the Slideshare website. 3> X’mas Spirit Gift Campaign : A simple celebratory event in sync with the celebrations where we perform give-aways to deserving people, as selected by the audience.
  4. 4. The Celebrations Contest Target Audience: 2 nd Level Power Users. New Users. Intended Reaction: New Signups, increased page views. Overall participation. Campaign time line: December 1 st to January 1 st . The Slideshow that captures the spirit of celebrations in the best possible way wins. It need not be restricted to X’mas or New Year and thus can cater to a wider spectrum of topics. This is the simplest and fastest way to get user engagement, and is similar to the campaigns we have done before. Flipside: This campaign has nothing entirely new that might hold the power users interest.
  5. 5. CEO Speak & Zeitgeist Target Audience: Power Users Intended Reaction: Sustained interest. Higher participation. Viral content. Campaign timeline: CEO Speak ( Dec 1 st to Dec25th) Zeitgeist (Dec 26 th to Jan 31 st ) The idea is to showcase what the top guys at Slideshare feel (not judge) about the presentations that showed up in 2009 . A general take on the trend. Never declaring us as the experts, but the idea is to list out a few presentation that you felt were simply too good and write down in short sentences what was it that endeared them to you. We could follow a weekly schedule for each listing: Week 1: Rashmi’s Favorites Week 2: Amit’s Favorites Week 3: Jon’s Favorites Week 4: Zeitgeist This should be put in as a separate page with links from the Homepage and Blogpage. Links to be tweeted on @Slideshare. The posts should have share link options as well. The page is intended to generate a build up to our main event ‘World Presentation Trends 2009’ (Zeitgeist). The page shall give out random stats which gets refreshed everyday. Eg: In 2009, the term ‘SEO’ was used in Slideshare presentations 1,23,657 times!!!! ? < tweet this> There will also be a countdown clock to the Z-day!
  6. 7. World Presentation Trends 2009 : Along with the weekly CEO Speak post, we ask the users to analyze and predict SlideShare stats. The person coming in with the closest stats will stand to win a prize. 1> What was the most favorited presentation in 2009? URL: 2> What was the most commented presentation in 2009? URL: 3> What was the most commonly used tag in 2009? 4> Who uploaded the most Slideshares in 2009? URL: 5> What is the average number of slideshows uploaded per day in 2009? 6> What was the most viewed presentation in 2009? URL: 7> Who got the most number of followers in 2009? Etc. The Prize could be something along the lines of being tagged the ‘SlideShare Guru 2009’ along with a certificate and cash prize. The hook needs to be something that would interest the Power Users. For them a certificate / a tag on the profile etc would mean much. < need to discuss>
  7. 8. The X’mas Spirit Target Audience: Power Users+ 2 nd level users Intended Reaction: Sustained interest. Participation. Campaign timeline: Dec 1 st to Dec25th The idea is to get into the Xmas mode and mimic the celebrations on Slideshare as well. We plan to do it through a virtual gifts option. The ‘most deserving’ person will get an actual gift from slidershare. Every SS user from Dec 1 st will get a ‘Send Gift’ Button on his/her profile. You can view your own gift list on your profile when logged in. A Leaderboard will keep tabs of the person receiving most gifts to create competition. Other Profiles Your Profile
  8. 9. Once clicked on the Send Gift Option, a form will open up. They can choose to specify, why that particular profile deserves the gift. Email that gets sent:
  9. 10. Apart from this there will also be a ‘Invite’ option, so that the users can Invite new users and get their friends to give them gifts. This option will be on the View Gifts page as well. (Tentative wireframe) Gifts Received From Gift Sent: Arun Amit Amit Rashmi John Sri Invite your friends and get them to send you gifts: When clicked on invite: