Targeting the enterprise segment with relevant services


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Targeting the enterprise segment with relevant services

  1. 1. Anton Salov, 26.03.2013 Targeting the Enterprise Segment with Relevant Services
  2. 2. IT landscape changes For telcos making a strategic bet on the Corporate segment accounts that sit between SMB and the largest Enterprise Accounts they must adopt a strategy of providing relevant innovative services
  3. 3. IT landscape changes: recipes There are four basic recipes: • MDM and Mobility Solutions • Cloud Infrastructure • Big Data • Cloud Apps Whether you're part an established company or a brand new startup, innovative business tools are always in demand.
  4. 4. IT landscape changes: BYOD BYOD (Bring You Own Device) promises many benefits such as greater innovation, better work-life balance and improved productivity and it kept pace with IT consumerization trend. This plays into the hands of telecom operators and gives them a chance to become a one-stop service for the SMB and reliable partner for Enterprise’s CIOs
  5. 5. IT landscape changes: MDM Telecom operators expect enterprise demand for BYOD solutions to grow by up to 25% this year. But BYOD creates new complexities for both the enterprise and the service provider who must support features such as device care, bill split, security, shared loyalty and data plans and differentiated QoS. The vast majority of enterprises expect to encounter issues with excessive bandwidth use and increased IT support costs as they implement their BYOD strategies
  6. 6. IaaS Demand for IaaS continues to grow strongly in Eurasia. This presents an opportunity for both established cloud service providers like AWS and new entrants such as telcos to offer IaaS to enterprises in the region. Carrier-grade networks can deliver improved redundancy and security. Telcos’ clear advantage is that they can offer all levels of IaaS, from entry-level to higher-end and back up these solutions with existing infrastructure Telcos understand local regulations.
  7. 7. Be Innovative with Big Data Most telcos are seeing their business squeezed by new firms who offer services that utilise their network, but bring little or no revenue to them. But there is one thing up the Telecoms sleeve that new rivals don’t own – Big Data! Telecoms are sitting on a goldmine of traffic-related data, and with innovative applications could create actionable intelligence to deliver new, compelling, revenue- generating, customer-satisfying services.
  8. 8. Cloud Apps The primary focus of telcos has been on IaaS, even if many also provide significant SaaS applications. Telcos can offer business SaaS under a simple pricing structure that includes consumers to identify HD-voice-capable products and solutions, connectivity and devices, self-service provisioning, as well as front- and back-office applications. Great recipe is to build suite of office productivity, messaging, and business applications targeted at SMEs.
  9. 9. Cloud Apps For telecom operators offering enterprise cloud services, target segments can be based on enterprise size for horizontal applications, such as UC, CRM, Storage and BackUp or it can be vertical market-based for industry- specific applications. Partnership with technology players has been the foremost entry strategy of telcos in cloud computing. Partnerships help telcos significantly reduce their time-to-market and minimize the risks associated with developing complex technical capabilities in-house.
  10. 10. Conclusion The IaaS proposition would be most fruitful for operators, other opportunities across SaaS, service delivery innovation, and BPaaS will also offer significant potential. I also recommend that telcos differentiate themselves by offering niche services which require industry and region specific customization. Customized offerings for large Enterprises and standard business and communication suits for SMEs will further strengthen their position and enable them to become frontrunners in delivering Enterprise IT and communication services.
  11. 11. Q&A Questions?