Better Inflight entertainment System


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Flight passengers need better things to do while they're stuck in a long haul flight. Explore more information about their travel destination can help them passing the time, and get excited of their awaited vacation.

With a Trip Planning service integrated to the in-flight entertainment system, passengers can plan their journey while flying 33000 ft. above the ground.

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Better Inflight entertainment System

  1. 1. I N - F L I G H T E N T E R TA I N M E N T R E D E F I N I N G B E T T E R S E R V I C E F O R
  2. 2. – A N T O N R I F C O @ G M A I L . C O M “Airline passengers need better service to waste their time” *) I will use Emirates In-flight entertainment system in this presentation to better explain my points
  3. 3. W E L C O M E T O E M I R AT E S S TA R T …
  4. 4. P L E A S E S E L E C T W H I C H S E R V I C E Y O U ’ D L I K E T O E X P L O R E
  5. 5. E X I S T I N G S E R V I C E S • The music collection is awesome • Movies are up to date • Games are boring. But, okay • Information about destination is only for the airlines home country. In this case, Emirates tells a lot about Dubai and UAE • Complementary communication service, that people not actually use (it’s too damn expensive!)
  6. 6. W H AT PA S S E N G E R S R E A L LY N E E D • Sometimes, it’s a damn long-haul flight • Movies are all watched • Too bored to listen to the music • There’s a saying, “Never touch the in-flight game” ;) • People need to get excited of their travel • They need more information about the destination • They want to plan their journey
  7. 7. – A N T O N R I F C O @ G M A I L . C O M “Getourguide Trip Planning service can help flight passengers to get more excited of their journey”
  8. 8. G E T O U R G U I D E T R I P P L A N N I N G O N F L I G H T
  9. 9. O U R S E R V I C E • Information about destination • Itinerary Recommendation • Real-time Collaboration 
 (think of Google Docs for Trip Planning) • Trip Planning
  10. 10. – P R E T T Y S T E WA R D E S S “Have a safe flight!”