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Reflected in you download


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Reflected in you download

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Reflected in you download

  1. 1. Reflected in You downloadTo download now please click the link below. Cross. As beautiful and flawless on the outside as he was damaged andtormented on the inside. He was a bright, scorching flame that singed me with thedarkest of pleasures. I couldnt stay away. I didnt want to. He was my every desire... mine.
  2. 2. My past was as violent as his, and I was just as broken. We’d never work. It wastoo hard, too painful... except when it was perfect. Those moments when thedriving hunger and desperate love were the most exquisite insanity.We were bound by our need. And our passion would take us beyond our limits tothe sweetest, sharpest edge of obsession...ReviewsTHIS. BOOK. WAS. ABSOLUTELY. UTTERLY. PERFECT.I loved every, single moment of it!If I had custom ordered this book straight from the deepest book desires of myheart, it could not have been any better.Gideon Cross (oooo even his name gives me shivers) and Eva Tramell are one ofmy TOP favorite book couples ever. It was absolutely beautiful to watch a couplewho were just so messed up but who wanted, with every fiber of their beings andevery corner of their hearts, to do everything in their power to make theirrelationship work. Who were willing to sacrifice anything for each other. Who werewilling to apologize. To never give up. To try again. And again and again and againuntil they made it work. Together.Absolutely beautiful!!!!The strength of their attraction, desire and need for each other is palatable. Youcan feel it rolling off the page. It hits you every single time. Its scorching.Consuming. Riveting. Intoxicating. But lust isnt enough to make a relationshiptruly work. In order for their love to have the room to properly and healthilydevelop, they have to learn to trust each other. And that truly is what is at theheart of this book. Trust.
  3. 3. With a couple with as many issues, hang-ups, and fuck ups as Gideon and Eva,yes, I admit it was sometimes frustrating to read through their problems. But thething was, despite some of them being irrational and over-the-top, I sympathizedwith both of them about their insecurities and worries. Everything they felt, Iunderstood. Sometimes it was painful, but always understandable.They were not perfect people. They both had secrets. They both had a lot to learnabout how to trust each other, find safety in each other, heal each other, saveeach other... and in doing so, find a way to save themselves.But as messed up as they both were, they worked through EVERYTHING!! Acouple after my own heart. **SQUEEEE**“I didnt know I was looking for anything until I saw you.”Gideon is the epitome of a complex, tortured, flawed, and mysterious hero. Butmy dear God does he make my heart (and my panties) melt!!! I swear, flaws andall, that man is pure perfection to me. I absolutely adored everything about hischaracter. Everything.And we get a lot more insight into him- into his secrets, his nightmares, how hebecame so rich, what he felt when they first met. For a story told entirely fromEvas perspective, we do learn a lot about him in this book.Eva is one of my favorite heroines as well. Never once have I wanted to throttleher. She, just like Gideon, is seriously flawed and scarred by her past. She hasreal insecurities, jealousies, worries, but I sympathized with them all and lovedher spirit, her dedication and her decisions.As a couple, they were just so functional!! Watching them work so hard at theirrelationship, where no matter what went wrong, letting nothing tear them was inspiring, heart warming, and beautiful.
  4. 4. This book put my heart through a delicious ringer. It made it race, flutter, melt,burn, freeze, drop, pound, stop... It broke my heart and it healed my heart. Iloved every minute!!!Let me tell you though, in this book, Gideon will test your trust, patience and faithin him to the absolute limit. He asks for Evas trust, but as the reader, I felt for herSO strongly that it was MY trust I was putting out there. I realized before all thedrama started that I had a choice and a decision to make: Did I trust him? Ordidnt I?I realized that I loved his character enough to trust that he wouldnt ever betrayher... I was patient with him way past the point where Id have lost patience withany other character. But again, and again, and again I trusted, he tested, Iwaited, I trusted and he tested some more. Serious props to Ms. Day for puttingme RIGHT in the heroines mind. When you feel for what a character is goingthrough with all your heart, thats a sign of absolutely brilliant writing.Please please please... if you are going to read this and hit that point where youthink you are going to lose faith in Gideon, just hang on. Trust me, the ending isworth every moment of heart ache!!!He caught me to him, his arms banded tight around me. His face pressed into mythroat. "Where do we go from here?"I held him. "Wherever this takes us. Together.”I cant tell you how absolutely happy the ending made me!!!! Seriously, I felt like Icould fly!! *happy dance*"We were together because we were addicted to each other."If Sylvia Days Crossfire series were a drug it would be categorized under thesame shelf as some of the worlds most potent drugs. My Kindle was nearly glued
  5. 5. to my face while reading this book and I could not put it down from the moment Istarted. Like Gideon Cross, I went hard and fast with this book and needed to readit like I need air to breathe. REFLECTED IN YOU had me completely enthralled andSylvia Day left me transfixed on Eva Trammel and Gideon Cross turbulent andpassionate love story."Maybe there were people out there whose love could survive anything, but minewas fragile. It needed to be nurtured in order to thrive and grow."REFLECTED IN YOU picks up the day after the events of Bared to You. Eva andGideon are working on establishing the foundations of their relationship and inorder to do that they must tackle their individual histories plus deal with bouts ofjealousy, possessiveness, and insecurities. As if there wasn’t enough on theirplate, they also have to deal with friends, family and individuals from their pastwho are set on making their life a little more difficult.To say that REFLECTED IN YOU was high in drama would be an understatement.The emotional highs and lows in this book made me want to reach for that bottleof TUMS and start popping them like Tic-Tacs. Eva and Gideon’s relationship hasbeen one major train wreck that I have not been able to tear myself away from. Inessence, Eva and Gideon are two people who have no business in being in arelationship, especially with each other. But even when there are so many oddsagainst them, Eva and Gideon fight tooth and nail to hold on to a love andrelationship theyre addicted to and desperately need."I shouldve become used to the change that came over him when he looked atme, but it still hit me with a force strong enough to rock me on my feet. That lookconvereyed how hard and deep he wanted to f*ck me - which he did every chancehe got - and it also afforded me a glimpse of his raw, unrelenting for of will. A corestrength and command that masked everything Gideon did in life."Even with all the drama that unravels in this book, I still believe that Eva andGideon really do belong to each other. Some say that two wrongs dont make aright but in Eva and Gideons case, they absolutely do. Yes, their relationship isdysfunctional and stressful but their undying love for each other is undeniable. As
  6. 6. flawed as they are, their union only makes sense and honestly there arent manypeople in the world who would be able to put up with all of their issues. As per theusual, Eva played the jealous and feisty girlfriend which only made me like hermore. I give her props for wanting to claim her man and I really admired her forhaving balls of steel for confronting Gideons mother, Corinne and Dr. Lucas. Asfor Gideon...well yall already know how much I love this man but after readingReflected in You my love for him even went deeper. Hes protective, commanding,and over-bearing as ever and the depths he will go to for Eva will leave some ofyou quite shocked. Without giving away any spoilers, I was schoked to find outSylvia Day took the path that she did with Gideon. I had my feelings about it andwouldnt have doubted it but hot damn, Miss Day went there and left me with myjaw dropped."I couldnt imagine that Id ever fall in love again like I had with Gideon. For betteror worse, he was my soul mate. The other half of me. In many ways, he was myreflection."While REFLECTED IN YOU might leave you emotionally exhausted, the rollercoaster ride that is Eva and Gideons relationship is completely worth the pain andsuffering. For a popular series like Crossfire with fans who are so engrossed withthe characters, Sylvia Day definitely had her work cut out for her follow up toBared to You. With Reflected in You as one of my mostly anticipated reads for2012 I am more than happy to state that Sylvia Day more than delivered in thissequel. The emotional highs and lows, intense, passionate and explosive lovescenes, and that jaw dropping ending are just a few reasons why this book is oneof my favorites from this year (along with Bared to You, of course). If you were afan of Bared to You, Reflected in You is definitely one book youll want to get assoon as it hits shelves.I know that Entwined with You will be released in December but I am alreadydying to find out what the conclusion of Eva and Gideons relationship will be.Crossfire is definitely my drug of choice and after reading each book, Sylvia Dayleaves me on the most amazing book high that Ive ever experienced.4.5 Stars!! No shades of grey here…Sylvia Day writes in full blown TECHNICOLOR!She paints Eva and Gideon’s intense, passionate, tumultuous relationship, in richvivid detail. Just when you think their troubles are behind them, think again!
  7. 7. “You’re the greatest risk I’ve ever taken.” His pressed his lips gently to mine. “Andthe greatest reward.”I was on the fence in the beginning about the plot. I found myself wonderingwhere this was going, and willing the story to move forward, but Sylvia Day wasweaving a tale that was very unexpected; a delightful intriguing surprise! My initialannoyance at the story’s pace, the character’s inablitly to commit, namely Gideon,left me grinning in after thought. How it was revealed; painstakingly slow… madefor some intense heart-pounding moments. I knew something was coming, but Iwas never quite sure what it was. The author has the reader suffering along withthe characters…and she does a damn good job of it! I feel compelled to read thelast half of the book again, to appreciate the way Sylvia Day manipulted thecharacters and played with the reader’s mind.“No one’s ever seen before, Eva. You’re the only one.”A huge part of this story is the need-based, extremely sexual relationship betweenEva and Gideon. It borders on desperation and obsession…correction they ARE aredesperately obsessed with one another! Only they can understand, give to eachother, what is necessary to heal the pain of the past, but yet I have to wonder ifthey are only hurting each other more. At times they are sweet and loving, but ata moments notice, that love, insane desire, lust, becomes gritty and raw. You arebrought to the edge…each and every time! There is some down and dirty “goings-on”!! WOW! Warning…do not read this in public!!“It’s what you see in me, angel,” he said quietly, his features softening. “That youcan know what I have in me and still want me as much as I want you.”Eva’s strength and determination to do find out what haunts Gideon, made meappreciate her even more. She’s been somewhat of a strong character, exceptwhen it comes to him. Her insane jealousy clouds her thinking and has her actionsbordering on stupid. However, she defies him in her quest to find out the truth,takes no prisoners, when she rolls over everyone to get answers. Little more isexposed about Gideon’s past, although there is a heartbreaking moment where we
  8. 8. get confirmation of what we already know. He is a contradiction; a powerfulconfident entrepreneur, yet when it comes to Eva, he is easily shattered. She isthe only one who he reveals his vulnerability too. Their relationship is one that isnot easily remedied; it makes for a compelling, but somewhat frustrating read.My only complaint would be the constant reference to the blessedly endowedGideon. I have no doubt that he has the goods, you don’t need to tell me multipletimes, once, twice…is enough. I get the picture…as a matter-of-fact, it’s a vision Ican’t seem to get out of my head, not that I want too!While I wouldnt deem the ending a cliff-hanger, so many questions remainedunanswered and new ones have come to the forefront (view spoiler) However, Iwas satisfied when I turned the last page; for all intents and purposes it had aconclusive ending, with a little imagination on the reader’s part needing to bethrown in.Once again, Sylvia Day has earned the right to hold the title “Best-Selling Author.”I have no doubt this book is going to be a hit, it certainly was with me. She haswritten a sensual, captivating, powerful second installment in her Crossfire series.It is sure to please readers, leave them breathless, and have them eagerly waitingfor more!!Holy sh*t! What an amazing book! Ive had nervous knots in my stomach andhave bitten down all my nails over the last three hours. What a fabulous secondbook! Cant wait for the final book.Reflected in You is the second book in the Crossfire Series, the first being Bared toYou. These books have been compared to Fifty Shades, but they are one thousandtimes better than those books. You still get the sexy screwed-up billionaire alphamale who comes off as so controlling it borders on stalking. However, the heroineis no meek child. Eva is just as screwed-up as Gideon and shes also wealthy.These books are about two damaged people who enter a dysfunctional relationshipand work as hard as they can to make it a functional one. The first book set uptheir story and this book was more about Evas past history. The story wasbeautiful as sacrifices are made and they love each other unconditionally. I haventstopped thinking about the book since I read it a few days ago and Im eventhinking of re-reading it. For those fans of Fifty Shades, this is a do not miss. It
  9. 9. doesnt have the BDSM, but still contains plenty of hot sex which Sylvia Day writesto perfection. Once you read the first two in this series, the author has severalhistorical romances and paranormal romances with spice to hold you over until thefinal book in this trilogy.Well, this one will teach me not to doubt you, Sylvia Day!! Those slow andannoying bits in the first half are completely forgotten and forgiven, and I bow toyour authorial splendor! Hold onto your hats, kids, cause this one is a bumpy,angsty, lusty, desperate ride. Sylvia Day broke out the magical writing pen for thisone. Damn, woman, did you ever!And, a personal plea from me to the Author Goddess: please, PLEASE write BrettKlines story!! You pushed my hot rocker button, now you must deliver;-)To download now please click the link below.