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Round It Off

  2. 2. THE INSIGHTEveryone wants to help, as long as it doesnt cost too much time, effort or money.The biggest deterrents to contributions are the effort involved in donating through theusual channels, and the perception that only large sums of money can make a difference.What most of us fail to realize, is that a million people donating a rupee each is better thanfive rich people donating a lakh each.
  3. 3. THE OPPORTUNITYMore and more people in India (and across the world) are spending money online.To travel, shop, play and even find life-partners. In India alone, E-Commerce sales areprojected to hit 4.1 billion dollars in 2010*. And most of these transactions are fractions.*Source: eMarketer, January 2008
  4. 4. THE IDEAGive users the choice to round off their bill amount during online transactions, and donatethe surplus to a cause of their choice.
  5. 5. THE IDEAInstead of creating campaigns that ask users to go out of their way to donate, well tie upwith online payment services like PayPal or banks’ online transaction portals. So whenevera user books a ticket online, or buys a barn for his virtual farm, or registers on shaadi.comto find his soulmate, he can choose to donate at the click of a button. And since hesalready spending money, he wont mind spending a little more for a good cause.
  6. 6. THE EXECUTIONWhenever a user purchases something online, hes directed to a secure payment gatewayto complete the transaction. A popup on these gateways will ask the user if hed like toround off his bill amount - so if a flight ticket costs Rs.4812, the user can round it off toRs.4820. He can also choose to round it off to Rs.4850 or Rs.4900. All he has to do isselect his new amount, and continue with the billing process.
  7. 7. It works while shopping…
  8. 8. while booking tickets…
  9. 9. while looking for love…
  10. 10. Or even substitutes for love.
  11. 11. THE WEBSITEwww.rounditoff.orgWhere the user can find out more about the causes he can donate to. He can also trackthe fractions he’s donated, and see how much he’s donated in will be a convergence of all information available on the various crises -including Wikipedia articles, YouTube videos and Tweets. Plus tell him how much moneyhas been collected so far, and details of the relief organizations it’ll go to.
  12. 12. THE SOCIAL CONNECTThe user can choose to connect Round it Off to his social networks, from the paymentgateway popups while donating, or from the website.
  13. 13. THE SOCIAL CONNECTOnce his social network is connected, every time he donates a fraction, updates like thesewill be posted to his profile, for all his friends to see.He’ll also get a permanent badge on his profile, thatshows the total amount he’s donated to charities sofar, what those charities are, and links to
  14. 14. THE IMPACT‘Round it Off for Haiti’ has the potential to become a global movement. All thats required isthe participation of online payment gateways like PayPal or Google Checkout, along withinternational banks. With just PayPal alone processing close to $71 billion dollars worth ofonline transactions in 2009*, the possibilities are enormous.*Source:
  15. 15. THE IMPACTIn January, Zynga raised $1.5 million for Haiti in just 5 days, by simply launching specialedition virtual goods for games like FarmVille and Zynga Poker*. Demonstrating theinternet’s power to build up tiny fractions into critical mass quickly, without any majorinvestments or new infrastructure. Which is why we believe ‘Round it Off’ is the right ideafor the right medium. A simple idea that can empower the world’s online community tocome together with their trivial fractions to make a huge difference.*Source:
  16. 16. THEAMBITIONOur vision for ‘Round it Off’ is a platform where any worthy cause can find sympatheticsupporters. It works equally well for long-term causes (Round it Off for our Planet, tocombat climate change), and emergency situations where help is needed immediately(Round it Off for Haiti).Besides online transactions, this idea can also be extended to include credit & debitcard transactions on the ground.