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How to Sell your Business


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This presentation talked about the ways/means of a sta

How to Sell your Business

  1. 1. How to Sell Your CompanyBy Antonny Liem, CEO, MerahPutih Inc.Twitter: @antonnyliem MindTalk: @smutz
  2. 2. IPO The Capital Working Bank Ladder Loans Corporate VCs Classic VCs Angels & Small Venture Capital incubators Friends & Families Personal Savings/ Credit Card NoCash, Sweat
  3. 3. Why Sell? Expansion Competition Survival Bankruptcy Environment Exit
  4. 4. Find Buyer• Where: • Who: –Communities – Investor –Events – VC –Competition – Corporation• How: • What – Vision –Casual – Objectives –Reference – Personality –Don’t Sell, Tell – Values
  5. 5. Steps & Documents1. Initial Introduction2. Non Disclosure Agreement3. Business Profile & Planning Presentation4. Letter of Intent5. Due Diligence: Finance, Legal, Tax, Operations audit6. Terms Sheet7. Share Purchase Agreement8. Share Holder’s Agreement9. Notary
  6. 6. Business Profile & Planning• Who’s the Founder(s)• What is your value?• How does your business run?• SWOT Analysis• Current Financials: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Report• Business Forecast: Future planning, Financial Planning, Expansion
  7. 7. Pricing and Negotiation• Cash vs Bonds• Common stocks• Preferred stocks• Convertible Loan• First Right of Refusal• Tag Along• Voting• Minority Protection• Board Membership• Employment Contract
  8. 8. Closing the Deal
  9. 9. Investors: What We See? Execution Product Founder
  11. 11. “A million dollar is not cool. You know what’s cool? One billion dollar.” Sean Parker’s dialogueto Mark Zuckerberg on “The Social Network” movie
  12. 12. THANK YOU! @antonnyliem