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If You Want to Hire the Right Candidate Then Always Follow these Methods


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If You Want to Hire the Right Candidate Then Always Follow these Methods

  1. 1. If You Want to Hire the Right Candidate Then Always Follow these Methods Hiring the right candidate is one of the biggest challenges faced by managers and executive, today. This is because of the lack of a proper system that can help exploring the candidates with skills your business requires. This is why all leading companies have their own distinct hiring process designed in a way that assesses only the skills needed for the position you are looking an employee for. The most important aspect of the hiring process is its predictive value. This means an employer has the ability to predict the capability of a candidate to perform the job in future. Thus, the chance of whether you are going hire the right person or not very much depends on employee selection methods used in selection process. Decades of research on selection processes has resulted in extremely valuable knowledge about the utility of various selection methods and the superiority of specific selection assessments for making the best hiring decisions. There are different methods and each method is used for hiring a particular job. So, it is very important to know the nature of job and then apply the method accordingly. Or you are more likely to come out with the wrong candidate, which may result in loss to the business. According to several researches, testing the general mental ability of a candidate is one of
  2. 2. the most widely used ways to predict the future job performance of the person you are to hire. Among the various assessment procedures used across all types and levels of occupations, this is the most effective to hire candidates at lowest application cost. Though assessment method has higher predictive validity than GMA, the former is a little bit more costly than the former. For managerial jobs, this technique is able to predict about 35% of performance success in that particular job. While in case of lower level administrative jobs, this is effective in predicting 26%. In this regard, employee search forest service offered a number of recruitment consultants, is also of immense help for the companies that have limited resources and not much time to spend on lengthy process of recruitment. Apart from general mental ability test and assessment method, interview plays crucial role in finding the right candidate. For this reason, structured interviews typically are used in place of work samples for candidates at the manager level or above. Because, the structured interviews are designed in a way that they offer a fixed format and help analyze the suitability of the candidate for a job. This is why the art of interviewing for a job is vital in recruiting the right person for a job. Interviews are conducted to read the mental ability and confidence of a person. This also helps recruiters decide whether the person they want to hire is interested in the job and ready to take challenges or not. Reference URL :