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Anton kolotaev. cv eng

  1. 1. Anton Kolotaev E-mail : Address : 34 avenue de la République, 78330 Fontenay-le-Fleury Phone : +33(0) Nationality : Russian GitHub: Goal A position of a software engineer in a project demanding to solve algorithmic and architectural problems of high complexity as part of a team that would appreciate a high programming culture. Summary Expert in C++ programming (>15 years), especially in template metaprogramming and generic programming. Deep knowledge of .NET platform languages: C#, F#, IronPython, C++/CLI (3 years) and Python (3 years). Skilled in library and DSL development. Generic, generative and functional programming styles follower. Work experience Nov 2012 – Oct 2013. Ecole Centrale de Paris (Châtenay-Malabry , France), Applied Mathematics Laboratory, Chair of Quantitative Finance, software engineer Developing a market microstructure simulation library(slides). Technologies: Python, knockoutjs Oct 2010 – Oct 2012. National Institute for Informatics and Automatics (Rocquencourt , France), MATHRISK project, software engineer Developed a framework to easily implement language bindings (bindings to Python and F# are implemented so far) for a library of option pricing Premia. Developed a Web-interface to the library. Developed a C++/Python framework for market microstructure simulation in collaboration with Ecole Centrale de Paris. Technologies : C++, F#, Python, knockoutjs, Excel API, boost Jan 2008 – Oct 2010. Transas (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), senior software engineer Design and implementation of a GIS and data preparation tools for a virtual reality system used for military and emergency trainings. Technologies : C#, F#, C++, C++/CLI, IronPython, Stackless python, Alienbrain API, boost, DirectX Sep 2008 – Jan 2010. Saint-Petersburg University for Informatics, Mechancs and Optics, lecturer Read a course on CLR and .NET languages: C#, F#
  2. 2. Oct 2007 –Jan 2008. Tbricks (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), software engineer Worked to develop a system for algorithmic trading. Technologies : C++. Jul 2006 - Oct 2007. National Institute for Informatics and Automatics (Rocquencourt , France), MATHFI project, software engineer Developed an add-in for MS Excel allowing to price options using Premia library. Technologies : C++, Excel API, XLW, VBA Aug 2005– Mar 2006. FORCE Technologies (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), lead software engineer Design and development of a virtual reality system for used navigator training. Technologies : C#, C++/CLI Aug 2002 – Aug 2005. Transas (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), senior software engineer Design and development of virtual reality system used as entertainment and education complex. Implemented number of artificial intelligence and computational geometry algorithms. Technologies : C++, boost, OpenGL, CGAL Feb 2002 – Aug 2002. MADia Entertainment (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), software engineer Was involved in developing first-person shooter Operation: Matriarchy which is similar to the "Half- life" game. Developed a part of the game logic (weapon behavior, damage model, bots' behavior & navigation). Technologies : C++, OpenGL Oct 2000 –Feb 2002. Emeris Technologies (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), software engineer Development of extension modules for MS InternetExplorer, MS Word, MS Excel allowing to annotate documents and Web pages. Technologies : C++, ActiveX, MS Word API, MS Excel API Oct 1997 –Oct 2000. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), software engineer Developed a translator from macro-assembly language for a new CPU. Implemented CPU instructions set in microcode. Technologies: C++, AWK Education 2002-2005. Saint-Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automatics of Russian Academy of Sciences, PhD student The degree work was dedicated to software library design using generic and generative programming techniques. Took part in a project on simulation network routing algorithms. Selected papers: Kolotaev A.V. Implementing Simulation Modules As Generic Components. - Proceedings of XI-th &International Conference "Knowledge-Dialogue-Solution (KDS-2005)", June 20-30, Varna, Bulgaria, pp. 165-171. Timofeev A.V., Syrtsev A.V., Kolotaev A.V. Network Analysis, Adaptive Control and Imitation Simulation for Multi-Agent Telecommunication Systems. – Proceedings of International Conference Phys Con’ 2005 (August 24-26, 2005, Saint-Petersburg, Russia). Timofeev A.V., Syrtsev A.V., Kolotaev A.V. Network Simulation Library TkSym - Proceedings of 2nd Conference IMMOD-2005 -- pp. 274-277 (in Russian)
  3. 3. Kolotaev A.V. Implementing a Network Simulation Library using Generic Programming Techniques. - Information Control Systems Journal Issue 18, Vol. 5. — St. Petersburg: GUAP, 2005. (in Russian) 1996-2002. St. Peterburg State University, the mathematical-mechanical faculty, M. Sc. in computer science Foreign languages knowledge English, French