Companions Planting and Pest Management - United Kingdom


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Companions Planting and Pest Management - United Kingdom

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Companions Planting and Pest Management - United Kingdom

  1. 1. Plant Good Bad Eggplant Beans Apricot Clover Grass Peas Marigold Potato Tarragon Chive Carrot Thyme Onion Nasturtium Beetroot Bean Mustard Garlic Apple Bean Cabbage Runner Beetroot CabbageCompanions Lettuce beans Lettuce Pea Garlic Peach Strawberry Onion RosePlanting & Beans Carrot Chive Tomato Cauliflower Fennel Cabbage Garlic Leek Grape Apricot RadishPest Management Broccoli Beet Borage Brassica sp Marigold Climbing Basil Clover Chives Grass Beetroot bean Mulberry Dill Carrot Mustard Marigold, Leek PeachROOT LEAF Mint Strawberry Onion Tomato Potato Leek Cabbage Broad Rosemary Carrot beans Herbs Brocolli Cabbage Beans Grape Lettuce Nasturtium Strawberry Onion REST Oregano Tomato Spinach Celery Rue LEGUME Soil needs to Dill be dormant to Lettuce Beetroot Carrot Peas Dill Carrot be productive Onion Anise Cabbage Leek Garlic Rosemary Onion Sage Radish Maize BeanSome plants grow well together and benefit each other. MustardOther plants do not thrive together. Here is a short list of Sesameplants that are companions and antagonists. Sunflower Cowpea Maize PotatoThis companion planting list will help you to get the Pumpkin Pumpkinmaximum benefit from intercropping in your garden. Sunflower Illustrations by: earthworm productions
  2. 2. Mulberry Cherry When you start gardening, the soil may not be so strong Plants to use as a spray: Animals Repelled Strawberry and the plants may be prone to attack. As your soil is Grape enriched, and more diversity is in your garden, the Mint - Potato beetle, Ants Parsley, Asparagus - Beetle healthier it will be. (Also see list of insect repellent plants) Pepper - General Rhubarb - Black spot, general Sage - Cabbage worm Southernwood - Cabbage worm Onion Apple Bean Beetroot Pea Thyme - Cabbage worm Cabbage Tomato - Asparagus beetle Wormwood - Flea beetle Carrot Leek Spinach TomatoCrop rotationIt is important to rotate crops in the garden. Certainnutrients are taken up by plants. Rotating your crops willensure that no deficiencies occur.ROOT LEAF Insect Attractants / Pollinators REST Bees: Buckwheat, Catnip, Dill, Melissa, Bee Balm, Thyme LEGUME Soil needs to Earthworms: Celery, Dandelion Recipe for home-made insect repellent be dormant to be productive General : Cornflower, Coriander, Lavender, Marigold, This solution will provide a safe & non-toxic way to protect Yarrow your plants against attack. To make a litre of solution: Insect Repellent Plants : 4-5 chillies,Natural Pest Management Anise, Asparagus, Aster, Basil, Bay, Borage, Catnip, Celery, 4-5 cloves garlic, Coriander, Citrus, Datura, Derris, Elder, Fennel, Feverfew,The world is such a diverse place. The more different life Flax, Hazel, Horseradish, Lavender, Lemon Verbena, 5 sprig of rosemaryforms there are in the garden, the less chance there is of Marigold, Mint, Mustard, Nasturtium, Nettle, Oak, Parsley,attack by fungus, bacteria and pests. Work with Nature to Parsnip, Penny Royal Mint, Rosemary, Rue. Sage, Salsify, Hand-full of pure, grated soap(Sunlight)guarantee your garden’s health. Each creature has a vital Santolina, Sesame, Southernwood., Tansy, Thyme,role to perform. At times an infestation of a certain Wormwood, Geranium - Repels cabbage white fly. Trap Instructions: Steep in water for twenty minutes, then boil, crop for Japanese beetles. cool and strain. When using, dilute 1 part insect repellentcreature will appear threatening, but a balance will soon to 10 parts water.become apparent.