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Companion Plants - Sonoma

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Companion Plants - Sonoma

  1. 1. COMPANION PLANTS COMPANION PLANTSABELIA ACER species (continued) grandiflora ‘aurea’ macrophyllum Big-Leaf MapleGolden leaved form of grandiflora. A large, wide-spreading tree with the largest leaves of the maple family, turning a spectacular grandiflora ‘Confetti’ yellow in fall. A West Coast native. grandiflora “Edward Goucher’ maximowiczianumLess hardy, lacier, and more compact than grandiflora. Small lilac pink flowers with orange A rare, small-growing tree with trifoliate leaves that turn a rich red in the autumn. New growththroats. quite hairy, held on purplish stems. grandiflora ‘Sunrise’ mono Painted MapleDensely branched, with bronzy green leaves that turn red and purple in fall. A fast-growing, large tree which develops a rounded spreading canopy as it matures negundo ‘KELLY’S GOLD’ Golden Box-ElderABIES koreana Korean Fir A small-sized, upright tree with bright yellow, compound foliage. Moist soil in sun to part sun.Slow-growing, pyramidal conifer to 20’-30’. Showy red cones produced at a young age. negundo ‘VIOLACEUM’ A small, upright tree with young shoots black-purple with a blue bloom. Moist soil in sun toABUTILON part sun. megapotamicum palmatum Japanese MapleAn medium-sized, evergreen shrub with a lax, open growth habit and yellow and red, lantern- An upright and spreading tree with bright green leaves. Brilliant red, orange, and yellow inlike flowers in summer-fall. autumn. Seedling-grown trees have better sun and wind tolerance than grafted varieties. X suntense (vitifolium x ochsensii) var. ATROPURPUREUMA hybrid with sun-tolerant, grey-green foliage and mauve flowers in summer. A small, upright and spreading maple with dark-purple spring foliage, green-purple summer vitifolium (syn. CORYNABUTILON) foliage, and bright scarlet fall color. Seedling grown.Large, flat, lilac-blue flowers on an upright-grower to 8’-12’. Sun-tolerant, grey-green foliage. BENI MAIKO A dwarf to 6 with irregular, wrinkled foliage. Leaf color is fire-red in spring, turning reddish-ACER MAPLE No garden is complete without one… green with red veins in summer. ‘BENI SCHICHIHENGE’ buergerianum Trident Maple A twiggy shrub or small tree having small green leaves with creamy white edges speckledA medium-sized, wide-spreading, tree with glossy, sun-tolerant foliage, turning bright scarlet dark red, sometimes covering half the leaf or more.and yellow in fall. ‘BLOODGOOD’ campestre Hedge Maple An upright, narrow-spreading deciduous tree with very dark purple foliage, holding its colorA small to medium-sized, deciduous tree with bright yellow fall color. Takes heavy pruning. well thru the summer. carpinifolium Hornbeam Maple ‘BURGUNDY LACE’A deciduous, small tree with an upright, slender growth habit. Good yellow fall color. A wide-spreading, large shrub or small tree with deeply divided leaves colored reddish-Hornbeam-like foliage covered with silky hairs when young. purple, turning a bit green in the summer. circinatum Vine Maple ‘BUTTERFLY’A spreading shrub or tree to 15’, native to the Northwest coast from Mendocino to British A fast-growing, upright, densely-branched tree to 15’ with small, blue-green foliage with aColumbia. The wide, lobed foliage turns orange, red, and yellow in fall. Best with part shade, silvery-white edge, tinted magenta and scarlet in autumn.moist soils. CHISHIO davidii Snakebark Maple Twiggy habit, growing to 6’-8’ tall. Brilliant crimson foliage in spring, turning green in summerA medium-sized tree with attractive striped green and white bark. Oval, glossy dark green with orange-red fall color.leaves. Rich autumn color. ‘CRIMSON QUEEN’ (dissectum) X freemanii ‘Autumn Fantasy’ A low-growing form with weeping, wide-spreading branches holding deep purple, finelyA fast growing cultivar, to 50’. The foliage turns a brilliant orange in autumn. dissected foliage, keeping its color thru summer, turning scarlet-red in fall. ginnala Amur Maple EVER RED (syn: ‘DISSECTUM NIGRUM’) (dissectum)A shrub or small tree that leafs out quite early in late winter. Small but fragrant flower Reddish-purple foliage, deeply cut with a cascading habit. Spring growth is covered withclusters in spring. Red and yellow fall color. silver hairs. Holds its color well into mid-summer. ‘Bergiana Flame’ is a selection with excellent fall color tones. GARNET (dissectum) griseum Paperbark Maple A vigorous grower with reddish-purple foliage, deeply cut with a cascading habit. Retains itsA small tree with trifoliate leaves that turn a rich red in the autumn. The old bark on the trunk color well.and primary branches flakes off and curls back to reveal a cinnamon underbark. GOSHIKI KOTOHIME henryi A dwarf with variegated foliage speckled cream, yellow, pink, and red and taking on a greenA rare, small-growing maple with trifoliate leaves that have orange & yellow fall color. Bright tone in summer. Leaves are small with incised bark. ‘GOSHIKI SHIDARE’ (dissectum) japonicum ‘ACONITIFOLIUM’ Dancing Peacock Maple A dwarf, cascading form with finely-cut, green foliage, with variegations of cream, white, andA small-sized, stout, wide-spreading tree with long-lobed foliage, deeply cut towards the pink, tinted purple in fall.base; turning bright red in the fall. Showy clusters of red and white flowers in early spring. HOGYOKU laevigatum Peach-Leaf Maple A strong-growing cultivar, forming a small tree with green foliage turning glowing orange-Fast-growing tree, to 20’, with scarlet-red new growth and yellow fall color. Semi-evergreen yellow in mild winters. Very un-maple-like foliage. 89 90
  2. 2. COMPANION PLANTS COMPANION PLANTSACER palmatum (Japanese Maple continued…) ACER palmatum (Japanese Maple continued…) INABA SHIDARE (dissectum) TROMPENBURGLarge, reddish-purple foliage, deeply cut and hanging down on a somewhat upright plant. A strong-growing, upright shrubby tree. The edges of the dark purple leaves roll downward,Holds its color well thru summer. Similar to ‘GARNET’ but more open, less cascading with almost forming a tube. Scarlet fall color.age. ‘UKIGUMO’ ‘KATSURA’ Extremely variegated leaves with irregular patterns of white and pink. Dense, shrubbySmall deciduous tree to 8’. New foliage is light yellow-orange with deeper orange margins growth, suitable for bonsai.turning green in summer; then back to yellow-orange in autumn. VIRIDIS (dissectum) LINEARILOBUM Bright green, deeply cut leaves on a strongly weeping shrub, forming a wide mound withA vigorous, upright and spreading grower with green leaves having very narrow lobes cut to time. Golden yellow fall color.the base. Golden yellow fall color. paxii MOONFIRE) A somewhat tender small, semi-evergreen tree with three lobed leathery leaves, glaucousA strong-growing, upright tree with deep purple-red foliage that does not "bronze out" in beneath.summer. Similar to ‘BLOODGOOD’. platanoides COLUMNARIS Columnar Norway Maple NICHOLSONII A narrow-growing, upright, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub or tree with large foliage, turningA medium-sized, shrubby tree with handsome, olive-green foliage turning to brilliant colors of yellow in fall.yellow and scarlet in fall. pseudoplatanus ‘ATROPURPUREUM’ OMURAYAMA A medium-sized, broad-spreading, fast-growing tree. The dark green foliage has feltedA small, cascading tree with slender-lobed foliage, unfolding orange-green. Brilliant fall purple undersides.colors of crimson and gold. → pseudosieboldianum ORIDO NISHIKI A stout, small-growing tree with broad, lobed foliage and bright red, orange, and yellow fallAn upright, strong-growing small tree with an abundancedof variegated pink and white color.foliage, with the occasional solid pink and/or white leaf. Shirasawanum ‘OSAKAZUKI’ ‘AUREUM’Supposed to be the most intensely fall red colored of the Japanese maples. Has rather large A slow-growing, small-sized, bushy tree or large shrub with bright golden-yellow foliage,leaves. To 10’. having a red edge in spring. Best with part sun. ‘PALMATIFIDIUM’ (dissectum) “AUTUMN MOON’Green leaf lobes have less double-dissected margins and not as deep marginal cuts. To 20’. Similar to ‘Aureum” in shape and growth habit but with pink to purple tones in the ‘RED DRAGON’ (dissectum) mature foliage.A strong-growing, shrubby tree with weeping branches and a mounding habit. Leaves dark sieboldianum SODE NO UCHIpurple, darker than ‘CRIMSON QUEEN’ holding color well thru summer. A dwarf shrub with tiny foliage; yellow-green with yellow to crimson fall color. RED PYGMY tegmentosumA densely-branched, dwarf shrub with narrow, dark red foliage in spring; turning to blue- A small, upright tree with green bark having bright white vertical stripes. Large foliage withgreen in summer, and yellow in fall. long, pointed lobes. Best in part shade, moist soil. RUBY LACE (syn: ’RED FILIGREE LACE’) (dissectum) triflorumA slow-growing dwarf with very lacy, dark red foliage that holds color well into summer. A maple with compound foliage similar to A. griseum but with smooth bark. Excellent fallCrimson fall color. color. ‘SANGO KAKU’ truncatumA fast-growing, upright, vase-shaped tree to 15’ or more with light green foliage. The twigs Small deciduous tree to 20’-30’ with handsome foliage that turns to red/orange/yellow in fall.and branches are colored bright coral in winter. Yellow fall color. tschonoskii ssp. koreanum ‘SEIRYU’ (dissectum) A small-sized, deciduous tree with dark green bark striped with white. Young shoots areA fast-growing, upright, vase-shaped tree to 15’ or more with deeply-cut, green foliage. Red colored red. Orange and yellow fall color.& yellow fall color. This is the only upright-growing dissected Japanese maple yet developed. SHAINA ACORUS calamus ‘VARIEGATUS’ Sweet FlagA sport of ‘BLOODGOOD’ with two-toned red foliage turning to maroon. Compact, upright A grass-like perennial with cream-edged leaves flushed with red in spring. Takes moist tohabit to 6’ tall. wet soils. SHERWOOD FLAMEDeep purple-red foliage, with deeply divided lobes, forming a large shrub or small tree. A AGAPETES serpenschance seedling of ‘BURGANDY LACE’, holding its color through the summer. Arching branched shrub with flowers shaped like red Japanese lanterns all along the SHINDESHOJO branches.A shrubby dwarf with spring growth flaming scarlet, turning to reddish green in mid-summer.Some leaves have light cream flecking. Scarlet fall color. To 12’. AKEBIA quinata Fiveleaf Akebia SHISHIGASHIRA Evergreen, twining vine to 20’, fast-growing when established. Clusters of small, purpleA compact, stubby, but upright shrub. The small, crinkled foliage is closely set on the short flowers in spring and occasional purplish, sausage-like fruits. Part sun with moist soil.and thick branches. Grows slowly to 6’ or more. trifoliata Threeleaf Akebia ‘TAMUKEYAMA’ (dissectum) Like A. quinata but with three leaflets instead of five.Has stiff red petioles and the pinnatifid cuts are not as deep as other forms and with a slightlymore width, makes the leaves look bolder. Holds its red coloring all season. To 5’. ALNUS glutinosa ‘IMPERIALIS’ Dissected Black Alder A medium-sized tree to 25. Medium-green, finely cut leaves. Slow growing. 91 92
  3. 3. COMPANION PLANTS COMPANION PLANTSALOYSIA triphylla Lemon VerbenaAn upright, spreading deciduous shrub with very aromatic, lemon-scented foliage. AUCUBA japonica ‘POLARIS’AMARYLLIS belladona Naked Lady Dense, evergreen shrub with glossy-green leaves. Good for deep shade.A hardy, naturalizing bulb with soft pink flowers on tall stems in August. Agapanthus-likefoliage from winter to late spring. AZARA Evergreen shrubs and trees, native to Chile. dentataAMPELOPSIS brevipedunculata Porcelain Vine A medium-sized, evergreen shrub or small tree with glossy, dark green leaves. Bright yellowA vigorous, twining, climber. Insignificant green flowers bloom in summer and are followed pompon flowers bloom in late clusters of pea-sized berries ranging in color from pink, turquoise, bright blue, and violet. integrifolia ‘VARIEGATA’ A slow-growing, evergreen shrub with chrome-yellow flowers and pink and yellow variegatedANDROMEDA polifolia Bog-Rosemary leaves.A low, evergreen shrub with rosemary-like leaves. Small, urn-shaped, pink-white flowers lanceolataappear in spring. A small, slender, evergreen tree with narrow, dark green leaves. Lightly fragrant clusters of golden yellow flowers bloom in spring.ANEMONE pulsatilla Pasque-Flower microphyllaA low, clumping perennial with ferny, silky-hairy leaves that appear after the bell-shaped, An upright, narrow, evergreen tree with large sprays of dainty foliage. Small flowers areblue to reddish purple flowers bloom in mid-spring. Part sun in moist, well-drained soil. yellow strongly chocolate scented, perfuming the air in late winter. microphylla ‘VARIEGATA’ANTHEMIS noblis (syn. CHAMAEMELUM nobile) Chamomile A slow-growing, strongly variegated form with creamy yellow-edged foliage.Evergreen perennial. Forms soft-textured, spreading mat of bright light-green, finely cut, serrataaromatic leaves. Small, yellow daisy-like flower heads. Works well between stepping stones. Probably the hardiest of the azaras, with yellow flowers and indented leaves.AQUILEGIA Columbine BEGONIA grandis sub. evansianaBlue or pink, spurred flowers rise above blue-green leaves in the spring. We carry several A tuberous subspecies with broad, fleshy leaves that are green on the top and red on thedifferent varieties propagated from plants in the garden. bottom. Fragrant pink flowers bloom throughout the summer. Hardy to cold.ARAUCARIA angustifolia Pirana Pine BERBERIS BarberryA tall, evergreen conifer; native to Brazil, with sharp, blue-green foliage. Quite similar to the darwini Darwin barberryMonkey-Puzzle tree and the Bunya-Bunya but faster growing. Very showy evergreen barberry from Chile. Dark green holly like leaves with profuse orange yellow flowers followed by dark blue berries that are attractive to birds.ASARINA procumbens Creeping Snapdragon thunbergii Japanese barberryA low, trailing perennial with fuzzy leaves and yellow flowers in late spring & summer. ‘AUREA’Dislikes winter moisture but will re-seed itself. Bright golden yellow foliage, deciduous, slow growing shrub. ‘ROSE GLOW’ Decidous shrub with marbled bronzy red new foliage with pinkish white tips that age to rose.ASARUM caudatum Wild Ginger Best color in full sun.An evergreen perennial with dark green, heart-shaped foliage and reddish-brown flowerswith long tails in spring. BETULA BIRCH Deciduous, fast-growing trees for moist soils. albo-sinensis Chinese Red Birch A medium-sized tree to 30 with glossy-green leaves and attractive, peeling bark that revealsASTILBE MEADOW SWEET A clumping, deciduous perennial with plume-like pale, coppery-orange underneath.flower clusters in late spring into summer, and attractive, ferny foliage. nigra River Birch WE CARRY: A broad crowned birch to 50. Dark green leaves and beautiful peeling, creamy, flesh- ‘AMETHYST’ Lavender flowers colored bark. A good tree for a moist location. astilbiodies Large, dense plumes of white. ‘HERITAGE’ ‘BRIDAL VEIL’ White flowers, fading to cream. With its peeling bark revealing a combination of cream, salmon, and brown. chinensis ‘VISION’ Dark pink. papyrifera Paper Birch chinensis ‘PUMILA’ Dwarf. Lilac-pink flowers. A tall, narrow tree to 60’. The trunk turns creamy white with beautiful pastel-colored peeling ‘DEUTCHLAND’ Creamy-white flowers. bark. ‘DIAMOND’ White flowers. pendula European White Birch ‘EUROPA’ Light pink flowers. A graceful, medium-sized tree reaching a height of 40. As it matures, the bark turns a ‘FANAL’ Blood-red flowers with reddish foliage. beautiful greyish white. Yellow fall color. ‘MONTGOMERY’ Deep salmon-red flowers. We also carry these grafted varieties: ‘PEACH BLOSSOM’ Salmon-pink. ‘ATROPURPUREA’ Reddish-purple foliage in spring, turning purple-green in summer. ‘RED SENTINAL’ Scarlet red flowers. Bark is white with a purple tinge. ‘RHEINLAND’ Carmine-rose flowers. ‘BURGUNDY WINE’ Reddish-purple foliage in spring, turning purple-green in summer. ‘SPRITE’ Dwarf. Salmon-pink flowers. White bark with a purple tinge. 93 94
  4. 4. COMPANION PLANTS COMPANION PLANTSBETULA SPECIES (continued…) CALLUNA ((continued…) ‘DALECARLICA’ The Swedish Birch is a tall, slender, graceful tree with drooping ‘GOLDEN FEATHER’ Bright yellow new growth, orange in winter. Mauve-pinkbranches and deeply cut, lacy leaves. flowers. ‘TROST DWARF’ A small shrub with slender arching branches and small, finely cut ‘H.E. BEALE’ Silver foliage to 30” high. Double, soft pink flowers on long spikes.leaves, resembling a dissected Japanese maple. ‘KINLOCHRUEL’ Large, double, white flowers. Bronze foliage in winter. To 12” high. platyphylla ‘KAMCHATICA’ Japanese White Birch ‘LYNDON PROUDLY’ Lilac-pink flowers on short stems with small foliage. To 12”Borer resistant and fast growing with white bark. high. utilis var. JACQUEMONTII ‘MARTHA HERMANN’ Low-growing with white flowers and lime-green foliage.Tall, narrow tree with brilliant white bark. Grows about 2 a year to 40. ‘NANA COMPACTA’ A dwarf forming a small mound to 4” with lavender flowers. ‘ROBERT CHAPMAN’ A dwarf with spring foliage golden yellow; orange in fall; red inBILLARDIERA longiflora winter. Soft purple flowers.Arching climber with tubular yellow flowers and large blue berries. ‘SILVER QUEEN’ Low and spreading with woolly, silver foliage. Lavender flowers.→ ‘SIR JOHN CARRINGTON’ New growth golden-yellow, reddish in winter. Mauve-pinkBLETILLA striata Ground Orchid flowers. To 16”.An easy-to-grow terrestrial orchid, forming a small clump of broad, pleated foliage, ‘SISTER ANNE’ Dense, compact mound of grey foliage with pink flowers.sometimes edged with white. Magenta-pink flowers, edged with darker pink. ‘SPRING CREAM’ Compact grower with cream-colored new growth and white lowers.The form ‘ALBA’ has white flowers. ‘SPRING TORCH’ New growth scarlet. Lavender-pink flowers. To 16” high. ‘SPRINGFIELD’ Light lavender flowers on upright stems. To 12” high.BUDDLEIA Butterfly bush ‘WICKWAR FLAME’ Gold foliage, turning red in winter. Mauve flowers. To 18” tall. davidii Summer lilac ‘WINTER CHOCOLATE’ Fall and winter foliage colored orange, red, and gold. SoftSemievergreen to deciduous shrub with dark green tapering leaves that are white lavender flowers. To 20” high.underneath. Spikelike slender clusters of flowers fallowiana CALYCANTHUS occidentalis Western Spice BushLarge shrub with woolly white stems and leaves. Flowers in lavender clusters. Fragrant. A native, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub with magnolia-like foliage that is scented when crushed. Burgundy-red flowers in late spring into summer are scented like wine.BUXUS Boxwood Microphylla Japanese boxwood CAMELLIA Shade-tolerant, evergreen shrubs with flowers in late winter into spring. ‘MORRIS MIDGET’ ‘BABY BEAR’ (Rosaeflora x tsaii)Dense, rounded slow-growing into a small ball. A low, spreading dwarf with small, single, light pink flowers. Sempervirens English Boxwood ‘BOWBELLS’ (saluenensis x japonica) ‘AUREA MARGINATA’ Weeping Variegated Boxwood Fragrant, semi-double, funnel-shaped, rose-pink flowers, darker at the base.A dense-growing, evergreen shrub with leaves edged in yellow. ‘CAPTURE ENRICHES’ (from Steve Campbell) ‘AUREA PENDULA’ Variegated Boxwood Minature, single, blush pink flowers, darker at petal tips. Vigorous and upright with smallerAn upright form with weeping branches and leaves mottled and blotched creamy-yellow. foliage, suitable for espalier. ‘BLUE’ cuspidata (species)Blue-green foliage that does not bronze in winter. A medium-growing shrub with small, dark green leaves and single, white flowers. ‘VARDAR VALLEY’ edithae (species)Hardiest English Boxwood. Similar to reticulata but with yellowish hairs on the young branches. Red flowers. wallichiana Himalayan Boxwood fraterna (species)An open, upright, evergreen shrub with narrow, oblong foliage that takes on an coppery tone Small, single white flowers are slightly fragrant. Medium, upright, loose winter. glabsipetala (species) Single to semi-double, white flowers blushed pink. Medium, upright growth.CALLICARPA bodinieri var. giraldii ‘PROFUSION Beauty Berry granthamiana (species)A deciduous shrub to 6-8’ with bronze-purple new growth and small mauve flowers, Large, irregular semi-double flowers of creamy-white with golden stamens. Upright habitdeveloping into showy, dense clusters of shiny, violet fruits late summer into winter. with handsome dark green, ribbed foliage. We also carry a ‘PINK’ form. japonica grijsii (species)Deciduous shrub to 5’ with pink to white flowers ripening to clusters of shiny, violet fruits. Small, flat, single white with yellow stamens. Nice fragrance. Upright habit with small foliage.) ‘JACK KYMPTON’ (japonica x reticulata hybrid) Single white flowers streaked with pink and red. Dense, spreading habit.CALLUNA vulgaris HEATHER Evergreen shrubs, related to Rhododendron, with japonica (hybrid)clusters of bell-shaped flowers, usually blooming summer-fall. WE CARRY: ‘FUKURIN WABISUKE’ ‘CON BRIO’ An upright grower with lavender-pink flowers Fragrant, small single pink, tubular flowers bordered white. Medium upright growth. ‘DANTY BESS’ A dwarf form 4”-6” high with gray-green foliage. Mauve flowers. japonica (species) ‘DARK BEAUTY’ Deep red buds open to double, deep pink flowers. To 12” tall. ‘BLACK MAGIC’ ‘ELSIE FRYE’ Vigorous, upright grower to 20” tall. Double white flowers. Irregular semi-double form with very dark, glossy red flowers. Unusual holly-like foliage. ‘FINALE’ Dark pink flowers. To 20” high. Medium upright growth. ‘FOXII NANA’ Very tight-growing dwarf with purple-pink flowers. ‘ECCLEFIELD’ ‘GLEN MONANCIE’ Low and spreading grower with bluish-green foliage. A loose double form with very large white flowers that have wavy petals and a yellow center. 95 96
  5. 5. COMPANION PLANTS COMPANION PLANTSCAMELLIA (continued…) CAMELLIA (continued…) ‘GRANDIFLORA PLENA’ saluensis (hybrid)Late blooming, large flowered older variety. ‘TULIP TIME’ ‘KINSEKAI’ syn. ‘GOLDEN WORLD’ (japonica) Medium-sized, single, tulip-shaped flowers of light pink. A vigorous open grower.Small, single, orange-red flowers. Variegated foliage with irregular yellow marks in the center sinensis ‘BLUSHING MAIDEN’ (species)of each leaf. Upright, bushy growth. Small, single, blush pink flowers open from rounded buds. Dense, upright grower. Leaves ‘KUJAKI TSUBAKI’ Peacock camellia and flower buds used for tea.Cascading growth habit with tubular cherry red flowers, mottled with white. sinensis ‘TEA BREEZE’ (species) ‘KURO TSUBAKI’ syn.: PURPUREA Small, single, white flowers opening from popcorn-like buds. Dense, upright growth habit.Semi-double cupped flowers of very dark red. Can be used to make tea. ‘MOONLIGHT BAY’ transarisanensis (species)Very large, semi-double flowers of pale orchid pinik. Long blooming season. Tiny, single white. Very small leaf. Bushy, upright growth. ‘OLD JUDY MATTHEW’ transnokoensis (species) ‘QUERICIFOLIA PINK MERMAID’ syn. ‘KINGYO-TSUBAKI’ Very small, single white with buds tinted red. Medium, upright growth. ‘TAMA ELECTRA’ X williamsii (japonica x saluensis)Single, brilliant dark red flowers bordered with white. Vigorous, upright and compact. ‘E. G. WATERHOUSE’ ‘TINSIE’ syn. BOKUHAN) Medium-sized, formal double, pink flowers. Dense, upright growth. Fast growing and sunMiniature, anemone form with red outer petals and a white center. Vigorous, upright habit. tolerant. ‘TSUSHIMA NO MUSUME’Small, single, tubular-shaped, brilliant red flowers. Medium upright growth. CARAGANA brevispina ‘UNRYU’ “Pea Tree’. A small deciduous tree. Very showy yellow, pea-like flowers. Plant in a sunnySingle, deep pink, tubular flowers on a contorted shrub with a zig zag growth habit. location. ‘WHITE MERMAID’Large, single white flowers with yellow centers. Interesting, fish-tail shaped foliage. CARDIOCRINUM giganteum Giant Lily kissi (species) Very tall, sturdy stems bears up to 20 heavily scented, creamy-white, trumpet-shapedFragrant, small, single creamy-white flowers. Upright, dense habit. flowers, each about 10” long. ‘LORETTA FEATHERS’ (reticulata hybrid)Large, semi-double, soft pink flowers. Large, upright grower. CARPODETUS serratus lutchuensis (species) A graceul, tall New Zealand evergreen tree with small dark green leaves. Panicles of smallVery fragrant, small white flowers. Small, pointed foliage with an upright, spreading habit. white flowers in summer. Needs a sheltered site. X ‘MINATO-NO-HARU’Miniature, fragrant, single, deep pink flowers. Medium, upright, slightly loose growth habit. CELASTUS orbiculatus Oriental Bittersweet maliflora (species) A deciduous vine that puts on a wonderful fall display of orange and red fruit capsules.Small, semi-double to full double flowers of soft pink tinted and margined in rose-red. oleifera CERCIDIPHYLLUM japonicum Katsura TreeMedium-sized shrub with small, fragrant, single white flowers in early spring. December- A fast growing, deciduous tree to 30’-40’. Rounded, light green leaves tinged pink-red inMarch. spring. The leaves smell like cotton candy before falling. Requires part shade and moisture. pitardii (species) japonicum ‘PENDULUM’Single, small to medium, pinkish-white with red anthers. Medium, upright growth. A strongly weeping form with the same foliage habits as above. pitardii x fraterna (hybrid) ‘SNOW DROP’ CESTRUMMiniature form with single white flowers, edged in pink. Open, upright growth. aurianticum reticulata x saluensis (hybrid) 6-8’ shrub with long tubular flowers; deep orange-yellow in large panicles. ‘FRANCIE L.’ fasciculatumVery large, semi-double, rose-pink flowers with wavy petals. Vigorous, tall grower. 6-8’ shrub. Similar to C. elegans but larger in all its parts; purple-red flowers. sasanqua (species) ‘Newellii’ ‘BRIAR ROSE’ A seedling resembling C. elegans in habit. Large orange-red flowers.Soft clear pink; single. ‘CHANSONETTE’ (hiemalis)Large bright pink formal double flowers with frilled petals. CERCIS REDBUD Deciduous trees and shrubs with small but showy flowers. ‘HANA JIMAN’ Syn. ‘Hua Jiman’ canadensisLarge white semidouble flowers with pink edges. Fast open growth; good espalier. A round-headed, small-sized tree with horizontally-tiered branches. Heart-shaped, rich green ‘KANJIRO’ Syn. ‘Hiryu’. leaves. Rosy-pink flowers bloom along bare branches in spring. Seedling grown.Large semidouble flowers of rose pink shading to rose red at petal edges. Erect growth We also carry these grafted varieties:habit. ‘FLAME’ A form with a narrow, upright habit and large, pink flowers that are double (up salicifolia (species) to 20 petals per flower).A low, arching shrub with narrow, dark green foliage. Small, white, single flowers. ‘FOREST PANSY’ A distinctive form with deep purple foliage in spring, turning bronzy- green in summer. Magenta flowers. 97 98
  6. 6. COMPANION PLANTS COMPANION PLANTSCERCIS (continued…) CLEMATIS (continued…) ‘OKLAHOMA’ A small tree to 15’, with glossy, leathery leaves and wine red flowers. Group A – Early spring flowering from last years growth. Prune immediately after flowering Sun and heat resistant. to insure the new growth ripens as long as possible. ‘RUBYE ATKINSON’ A form with shell-pink flowers. Group B – Mid-spring flowering on new growth. Prune in late February-March to produce a chinensis strong framework of branches with follow-up pinching & pruning done after flowering.A small tree to 15’-20’ with rosy-purple flowers on bare branches in spring. Thick-textured, Group C – Late flowering from new growth. Prune hard in late winter to just above last yearssun-tolerant foliage. The form ‘AVONDALE’ has deep, rosy-pink flowers. growth. mexicanaA small tree with leathery, glossy leaves and pink flowers in spring. Very heat resistant. ‘ALLANAH’ occidentalis 4”, vibrant red flowers with striking black-red anthers, blooming June-September. To 6’-7’. (B)A multi-stemmed shrub or small tree native to California. Brilliant magenta flowers in spring. alpina ‘BLUE’ reniformis ‘ALBA’ Small, 1 ½”, nodding, clear light blue flowers with white centers in May-June. Grows 6-8.Native to the Southwest. Medium-sized tree with white flowers in early spring. Heat tolerant. (A) ‘ANNA LOUISE’CHAENOMELES speciosa Flowering Quince ‘Evithree’. 5-6” violet flowers with a contrasting red red/purple bar and anthers. Blooms in ‘CAMEO’ late May-June and August-September. To 8-10’.A deciduous shrub with double peach-pink flowers in spring. Round, compact habit. ‘ARCTIC QUEEN’ ‘NIVALIS’ Fully double, 4”-6”, creamy white flowers with yellow anthers. Vigorous & free flowering,Tall. Large, pure white flowers. May-August. To 8’. Blooms on old & new growth. (A or B) ‘TOYO NISHIKI’ armandiiA deciduous shrub with flowers that are colored with varying shades of white, pink and red. Evergreen clematis. Fast-growing to 20-35 ‘. Glistening white 21/2” fragrant flowers in very early spring.CHIMONANTHUS nitens ‘BBG’ Evergreen Wintersweet ‘ASAO’Medium-sized, evergreen shrub with narrow, dark green foliage and small, bright yellow 4”-5” deep rosy-pink flowers with white center bar on each petal. Free flowering in springflowers in winter. Erect, arching growth to 8’. with attractive seed heads. To 8’-9’. (B) praecox Wintersweet ‘BARBARA JACKMAN’Upright, spreading, deciduous shrub with dark green leaves. Sweetly scented, waxy yellow 6”-8”, pale blue flowers with a deep red bar in the center of each petal. May, June, &flowers with a purple stain in the center, blooming late fall into winter. September. To 10’-12’. (B) praecox ‘LUTEUS’ ‘BEES JUBILEE’A form with pure buttercup-yellow flowers that bloom a bit later in winter. 7”, delicate pink with a carmine-red bar down the middle of each overlapping petal. Yellow anthers. May-June and August. Does not fade in sun. To 10’-14’. (B)CHIONANTHUS retusus Chinese Fringe Tree ‘BELLE OF WOKING’Deciduous large shrub or small tree with magnolia-like foliage and strap-like white flowers in Fully double, 4”-6” light blue pompon flowers. May-September. To 5’-6’. (B)the late spring into summer. ‘CARNABY’ Virginicus American Fringe Tree 6” white flowers with a rich red bar down the middle of each petal and dark anthers. June-Forms a larger shrub or tree than C. retusus with larger flower clusters that bloom earlier in September. To 8’-12’. (B)May. chrysocoma 2” white shaded pink flowers on old wood in spring; later flowers follow from new wood.CHRYSANTHEMUM maximum Shasta Daisy Grows to 6-8 ‘ or more. Can take shade. (A)A perennial producing white daisies with a yellow eye on 3’ stems. ‘COMTESSE DE BOUCHARD’ parthenium ‘AUREUM’ Golden Feverfew 6”, velvety rose-pink flowers in great numbers, July-September. Compact grower to 6’-8’. (C)Fern-like foliage, bright golden-yellow with small white flowers. Mounding habit to 2’. ‘DANIEL DERONDA’ 7”-8”, deep purple with lighter markings down the middle of each petal, June-September. ACHRYSOGONUM virginianum ‘GREEN & GOLD’ robust grower to 8’. (B)An evergreen, mat-forming perennial with bright yellow, daisy-like flowers spring to summer. ‘DAWN’Best in moist soil in part sun. Pearly-pink white, 4”-5” open flower on a compact, free-flowering plant in May, June & August. To 6’. (B)CLADRASTUS lutea ‘Rosea’ ‘Yellow Wood’ ‘DR. RUPPEL’A very handsome, medium-sized, deciduous tree that produces in June long, drooping, 6”-7”, pink, ruffled-edge petals with a deep red center bar in May, June and September. Towisteria-like panicales of fragrant flowers. Yellow fall color. 10’-12’. (B) ‘DUCHESS OF EDINBURGH’ Fully double, 4", white flowers with yellow anthers and a slight fragrance. Blooms May-June.CLEMATIS Deciduous climbers with showy flowers composed of 4-8 petals (or Height 6-8’. (B) x durandiisepals/tepals). They prefer their “tops” in mostly sun, with shaded roots in cool, moist, well- 4”-5”, rich indigo-blue, open bell-shaped flowers with white anthers, July-October. Non-drained soil. Many have attractive, silken seed-heads. Pruning time is based on flowering clinging habit to 4’-5’. Flowers from old wood as well. (A or C)time & growth habit, and applies only to more established vines. Newly planted clematis ‘EDWARD DESFOSSE’should be pruned to 2 or 3 buds in late February-March to promote vigorous new growth. A free flowering clematis of pale blue, 4” open flowers. Blooms May-June. To 6’. (B) 99 100
  7. 7. COMPANION PLANTS COMPANION PLANTS CLEMATIS (continued)CLEMATIS (continued) ‘LIBERATION’ ‘ERNEST MARKHAM’ ‘Evifive’. Large, 5-6 “ deep pink flowers with a broad cerise central bar and contrastingLarge, 6”, magenta-red flowers with gold anthers, June-September. Vigorous grower to 12’. yellow anthers. Blooms My-June and August-September. To 8’.Best with some sun. (B or C) ‘LILACINA FLORIBUNDA’ flammula Deep, 5”-6”, rich purple flowers. June, July & September. To 8’-10’. (B or C)Billowy, fragrant masses of small, white flowers with narrow petals in August-October. ‘LINCOLN STAR’Glossy-green foliage, evergreen in mild winters. To 15’-20’. (C) Brilliant raspberry pink 6-8” flowers with dark red anthers. Blooms May-June and August- florida ‘ALBA PLENA’ September. To 8-12’. (B)4”pure white sepals with white petal-like anthers. To 8’. June-September bloom. (B) macropetala ‘BLUE’ florida ‘SIEBOLDII’ 1”, semi-double, nodding, mauve-blue flowers in April-May. To 6-8. Free flowering. (A)3” creamy-white overlapping petals with deep pure boss of anthers. Anthers remain a week macropetala ‘MARKHAM’S PINK’or so after the petals drop. Blooms June-August. To 7’. (B) Semi-double, nodding, 1” pink flowers in April-May. To 6’-8’. Free flowering. (A) ‘GENERAL SIKORSKY’ ‘MADAME BARON VEILLARD’8”-10”, dark lavender flowers with tint of red on the petals and cream-colored anthers in June Very large, 7-8” bluish pink flowers. Vigorous grower, to 8-10’ Blooms June and September.& September. To 8’-12’. (B) (C) ‘GILLIAN BLADES’ ‘MADONNA’Flowers white with a faint mauve edge with pale stamens. 8-12’. (B) Large, 6”, blush white flowers with a clear white band in the middle of the petals. Yellow ‘GUERNSEY CREAM’ anthers with lavender tips. May-August. To 8’. (B)6”-7” creamy-white flowers with cream anthers, late April-June & August. Large, golden seed ‘MARIE BOISSELOT’heads. Compact habit to 8’. (B) Very large, 7”-8” pure white flowers with wide, overlapping petals, May – October. A strong ‘GYPSY QUEEN’ grower to 8’-12’. (B)6”, velvety plum-purple flowers with rounded petals, tapering at the base, July-September. A maximowicziana (see terniflora)vigorous grower to 12-15’. (C) montana Himalayan Clematis ‘HAGLEY HYBRID’ A vigorous, fast growing vine to 15’-25’ with a heavy bloom of fragrant, 2”-3” flowers in April-5”-6”, rich pink flowers with ruffled edges. Showy stamens of white & purple-red. Prolific May. Some scattered re-bloom in summer. (A) WE CARRY THESE VARIETIES:bloomer, June-September. To 8’. (B or C) ‘ALBA’ 3”, pure white flowers. Slightly fragrant. ‘HAKU OOKAN’ ‘ELIZABETH’ Lightly scented, 3”, soft pink flowers.7” starfish-shaped flowers of deep violet-purple with a large boss of white stamens, May, ‘GRANDIFLORA’ 3”, pure white flowers with wide petals. Lightly scented.June, & September. Early flowers tend to be semi-double. To 10’-12’. (B) ‘MARJORIE’ 2”, semi-double. Creamy pink petals with a darker bar in the middle. ‘HENRYI’ ‘MAYLEEN’ 2”, satin pink flowers with a strong fragrance. Bronze foliage.7”-8”, creamy-white flowers with overlapping, pointed petals and dark chocolate anthers. ‘RUBENS’ Fragrant, 3”, rosy-pink flowers. New growth purple.Blooms in May and September. Vigorous grower 12’-15’. (B) ‘TETRAROSE’ 3”, lilac-pink flowers with thicker petals. Fragrant. Bronze foliage. ‘H.F.YOUNG’ ‘WILSONII’ Masses of 2”, creamy-white, chocolate-scented flowers blooming in June.7”-8” true mid-blue flowers with overlapping petals and cream anthers. Very free flowering - ‘MRS. CHOLMONDELEY’May, June and September. To 8’-10’. (B) 7”-9”, light lavender-blue flowers with rounded, widely spaced petals having a network of hookeriana darker veins. Blooms May-October. Vigorous habit to 12’-16’. (B or C)2 ½”, star-like, fragrant, yellowish-green flowers with silky petals, May-June. To 9’. (B) ‘MRS. N. THOMPSON’ ‘HULDINE’ 5”-6”, violet-blue with a bright scarlet bar down the center of each petal. May-June, &4”, translucent pearl-white flowers that face upward with recurved petals, mauve-purple September. To 5’-7’. (B)underneath, darker in the middle. July-September. A free-flowering, vigorous grower to 10’- ‘MRS. P. B. TRUAX’15’. (C) 5”, light blue with cream anthers. The petals are spoon-shaped with a silky texture, blooming integrifolia May-June & September. To 6’-8’. (B)Herbaceous perennial to 3’ x 2’. Urn-shaped, 1 ½’ blue flowers in summer. Needs support. ‘MRS. ROBERT BRYDON’ X jackmanii Either a cultivar of heracleifolia or clone of x jouiniana. Sub-shrubby to 6’, needing good5-6” velvety dark purple flowers. Very profuse blooming in June-July, & September. To 8’-10’. support. Off-white flowers with a bluish tinge with prominent white stamens. Good cut(B or C) flower. (C) X jackmanii ‘SUPERBA’ ‘MULTIBLUE’Larger, rich velvet purple flowers with broader petals in June-July, & September. To 8’-10’. (B 4”, very double flowers with deep blue outer petals, and a large tuft of narrow inner petalsor C) shaded lighter, sometimes with white tips. Free flowering, May & September. Compact habit ‘JOSEPHINE’ to 8’. (B)Unique, 5”-6” flowers composed of large, outer petals pink with a darker bar; and numerous ‘NELLY MOSER’inner petals colored lilac with a pink bar. Blooms June-August. To 8’. (B) 5”-7”, rosy-pink flowers, shaded carmine-red in the center of each overlapping petal. Dark lanuginosa ‘CANDIDA’ maroon anthers Blooms May-June & September. Fades in too much sun. To 8-10. (B)7-9”, pure white flowers with yellow anthers. Numerous, layered petals give the look of a ‘NIOBE’semi-double flower. One of the best large whites. June, July & September. To 10’-12’. (B or 5”-6”, nearly black-red, opening to ruby-red; cupped and star-shaped, with contrasting creamC) stamens. Blooms June-September. To 8-12’. (B or C) ‘LASURSTERN’Large, 6”-8”, rich lavender-blue with white anthers and wavy petals, May-June & September. A prolific bloomer & a strong grower to 8’-12’. (B) 101 102
  8. 8. COMPANION PLANTS COMPANION PLANTSCLEMATIS (continued) CLEMATIS (continued) orientalis viticella European ClematisThick-textured, 3”, lantern shaped, greenish-yellow flowers in late summer-fall. Grey-green, A vigorous grower with a heavy bloom of (usually) open bell-shaped, nodding flowers in July-ferny foliage is quite sun tolerant. To 10-15’. (C) September. To 10’-12’. Resistant to wilt. (C) paniculata (see terniflora) We carry these varieties: PERLE D’ AZUR ‘BETTY CORNING’ 2” light blue flowers with recurving tips. Some fragrance.5”, true-blue flower, semi-nodding with pale yellow anthers and reflexed petals. Free ‘ETOILE VIOLETTE’ A mass of 3"-4”, deep purple flowers with creamy yellow stamens.flowering, June-September. (B or C) ‘KERMESINA’ 2” bright red, open flowers. ‘PINK CHAMPAGNE’ ‘LITTLE NELL’ 2” white with broad, pale pink bands and green stamens.5”-6” rose-pink blooms. Free flowering, May-September. Compact habit to 6-8. (B) ‘POLISH SPIRIT’ 3” rich purple-blue, open flowers. ‘PINK FANTASY’ ‘PURPUREA PLENA ELEGANS’ 2 ½”, double, rose-purple flowers. Showy & long-lasting.4”-5” pale pink flowers with a darker pink bar and very attractive dark anthers. A good repeat ‘RUBRA’ Syn. Kermesina.bloomer, June-September. To 8’. (B) ‘VENOSA VIOLACEA’ 4”, open flowers, white with purple-red veins, shading to dark ‘PROTEUS’ purple around the petal. Green & purple anthers. Blooms earlier, and not as vigorous.Semi-double, 6”-8” deep mauve-pink blooms. Free flowering., May-September. Grows 8-12. ‘VYVYAN PENNELL’(B) 6”-7”, fully double, lavender-blue flowers in late spring and single, silver-violet flowers in ‘RAMONA’ summer. Strong, bushy growth to 8’. (B)6”-8” lavender-blue flowers with dark anthers in July, August, & September. Vigorous grower ‘WADA’S PRIMROSE’to 10-16. (B) 6” flowers are creamy-yellow to white with yellow anthers. Blooms May-July. To 8’. Thrives recta in warmer climates. (B)A herbaceous clematis with fragrant, tubular, 1” white flowers in mid-summer. To 3’-5’. (C) ‘WILL GOODWIN’ ‘ROYAL VELVET’ 6”-8” true blue flowers with large, overlapping petals and gold anthers, June-September. To4-5”, rich velvet purple flowers with red anthers in May-June and August-September. To 8’. 8’-12’. (B)(B) ‘ROYALTY’ CLERODENDROM5”-6”, double to semi-double, dark purple with striking yellow anthers, June-September. To bungeii Syn.: foetidum. Cashmere Bouquet8’. (B) A suckering , medium height shrub with rosy-red, fragrant flowers in August and September. ‘SNOW QUEEN’ trichotomum Harlequin Glory BowerLarge, 6”, white flowers May-August. To 8’-10’. Free flowering. (B) Deciduous, spreading, tree-like shrub. Very fragrant white flowers enclosed in maroon spooneri calyces. Blooms in late summer.Similar to C. montana but larger flowers, white with yellow centers. No scent. To 15’-20’. (A) stans CLETHRA alnifolia ‘PANICULATA’ SummersweetThis herbaceous, clump-forming clematis has small, narrow tubular flowers of pale blue with Deciduous, bushy shrub with oval, toothed, green leaves. Sweetly-scented spires of whitea white powdery coating in late summer. Delicately scented. To 2’-3’. (C) flowers. tangutica barbinervis Japanese SummersweetSmall, 1 ½”, thick-textured, lantern-shaped flowers of rich yellow, July-October. To 10-15’. Bushy, deciduous shrub with long racemes of fragrant, white flowers. Red and yellow fall(C) color and showy, peeling bark. terniflora (syn. maximowicziana or paniculata)Masses of sweetly fragrant, star-shaped, 1” white flowers in late summer into fall. Nearly COCCULUS laurifoliusevergreen with a silver stripe down the center of each leaf. Vigorous growth to 20’-30’. (C) Evergreen shrub or tree with shiny, leathery, oblong leaves up to 6 inches. Useful as a texensis ‘DUCHESS OF ALBANY’ background plant.2”-3”, clear pink, tulip-shaped flowers with heavy-textured petals, darker in the center. July-October. To 10’-15’. (C) CONRADINA verticillata texensis ‘GRAVETYE BEAUTY’ Low growing, evergreen creeping shrub with blue-purple flowers in spring. Part sun.2”-3”, bright red, tulip-shaped flowers with heavy-textured petals in July-October. To 8’-12’.(C) CORIARIA ruscifolia ‘THE PRESIDENT’ Shrub or small tree with attractive flower petals that become thick and fleshy, enclosing the7”, deep purple flowers, silver underneath, with purple anthers. Holds color well in the sun. seeds. Not very hardy.Continuous bloomer; May to September. To 8’-12’. (B) thibetana1 ½”, greenish-yellow, lantern-shaped flowers, July-September. Ferny, blue-green foliage is CORNUS DOGWOOD Shade-loving trees, shrubs, and one groundcover...quite sun-tolerant. To 10’. (C) alba ‘SIBIRICA’ ‘VERONICA’S CHOICE’ Deciduous, stoloniferous shrub to 6’-8’ with coral-red branches in winter. White flowers.Double, 5”-6”, pale lavender, streaked rosy-lilac with frilly petals. May, June, and September. alba ‘ELEGANTISSIMA’To 8’. (B) Deciduous, upright shrub, to 8’, with showy green and white leaves on red stems. Small, ‘VILLE DE LYON’ creamy-white, fragrant flowers in April-May.Large, carmine-red, darker at margins, with golden stamens. June-September. Vigorous alternifolia ‘ARGENTEA’growth to 10’-15’. (B or C) A slow-growing, deciduous bush with small, silver-variegated foliage on horizontally spreading branches. 103 104
  9. 9. COMPANION PLANTS COMPANION PLANTSCORNUS DOGWOOD (continued…) CORNUS DOGWOOD (continued…) angustata nuttallii Pacific DogwoodEvergreen dogwood with glossy leaves and creamy-white bracts in late spring. A slow-growing, small to medium-sized, deciduous tree with large, white bracts in mid spring X ‘AURORA’ (kousa X florida) and sometimes again in fall. This California native also has excellent fall color.From Rutgers University, bloom time in between parents. White flowers. officinalisCORNUS DOGWOOD (continued) A small, deciduous tree with attractive peeling bark and clusters of fragrant, yellow flowers in canadensis late winter. Rich autumn coloring.A low-growing, deciduous groundcover. Leaves are a deep green that turn yellow in fall. X ‘STELLAR PINK’ (kousa x florida)White bracts May to June. Bright red fruit. From Rutgers University, bloom time in between parents. White flowers. capitata Evergreen DogwoodSemi-evergreen, spreading tree. Chartreuse-yellow bracts surrounding small white flowers CORREA backhousianaappear in early summer, followed by large, strawberry-like red fruits. Upright, medium-sized, evergreen shrub with hanging, greenish-yellow flowers in late ‘MOUNTAIN MOON’ Himalayan dogwood summer. Best in full sun.Vigorous evergreen dogwood tree with rich grey-green foliage and large sulfur yellow flowerbracts in early summer followed by red strawberry fruit that is edible. CORYLOPSIS pauciflora Buttercup Winter Hazel controversa ‘VARIEGATA’ A deciduous, bushy shrub with fragrant, nodding, primrose-yellow flowers in late winter onA slow-growing, small to medium-sized tree with creamy-white variegated foliage on layered bare branches. Lower growing with smaller foliage that C. spicata.branches. spicata Spike Winter Hazel X ‘EDDIES WHITE WONDER’ (florida X nuttallii) A medium-sized, layered, deciduous shrub with fragrant, bright yellow, drooping flowerA small tree of compact, upright habit. Large, white bracts in spring. Brilliant autumn color. clusters in late winter on bare branches. Blooms after C. pauciflora. florida Eastern DogwoodA medium-sized, spreading, deciduous tree. The rounded, pink or white flower bracts open in CORYLUS Filbertmid-spring. Rich, red and purple fall color. Seedling grown trees from our garden. avellana contorta Harry Lauder’s walking stick Deciduous shrub to 10’ with wonderfully twisted and gnarled branches and twigs. We also carry these grafted varieties: maxima ‘ROTE ZELLER’ Red-leafed Filbert ‘AUTUMN GOLD’ Yellowish-orange stems and white flowers. Beautiful gold fall color. An upright, clump-forming, deciduous shrub with dark purple-red leaves in spring, turning ‘CHEROKEE BRAVE’ Rosy-red bracts and good fall color. bronzy-green in summer. Best with a little shade in hot areas. ‘CHEROKEE CHIEF’ A compact grower with dark, rosy-red flower bracts in spring. ‘CHEROKEE DAYBREAK’ Compact habit with variegated foliage, having a broad COTINUS coggygria Green-leaf Smoke Tree creamy-white margin shading to tones of salmon-pink and rosy-purple in fall. Large, Deciduous bushy shrub with oval, light green leaves that become yellow or red in autumn. white blooms. Fawn-colored, plume-like inflorescence floats above the plant like smoke. Best in full sun ‘CHEROKEE SUNSET’ A bushy tree with green leaves with lemon-yellow margins. coggygria ‘PURPUREA’ Purple-Leaf Smoke Tree Striking purplish-red blooms. Brilliant rose-pink, red and purple fall colors. A form with purple-red foliage and purple, plume-like flowers in summer. ‘CLOUD NINE’ Large, showy, white bracts. Free flowering even when young. A tough and adaptable tree that is sun and heat tolerant. CRINODENDRON patagua Lily-of-the-Valley Tree ‘PENDULA’ A small, upright tree with weeping branches. Large, white flower bracts A medium-sized, evergreen tree with nodding white flowers in June-July and sometimes in ‘PURPLE GLORY’ Small upright tree, to 12’, with dark purplish bronze foliage. October, followed by orange seed pods. Full sun and moist soil is best. ‘RUBRA’ A small, bushy, deciduous tree with rosy-red bracts and good fall color. ‘SPRING SONG’ A bushy form with rosy-pink bracts and new foliage colored red. CYCLAMEN hederifolium (SYN: neapolitanum) ‘STOKES PINK’ Vigorous grower with clear pink flowers. Deep red & purple fall color. A very hardy cyclamen of rose-pink or white flowers on 3-4” stems, late summer-early fall. kousa Asian Dogwood Large, light green foliage, marbled with silver-white above and colored purple underneath.A medium-sized, vase-shaped, deciduous tree. The large, creamy-white flower bracts usuallyopen 2-3 weeks later than C. florida. Rich, scarlet-red fall color. Large, red, strawberry-like DABOECIA cantabrica Irish Heathfruits. The Chinese form - var. chinensis has larger, white bracts and is also seedling grown. Delightful fuchsia-red, bell-shaped flowers hang from the branches of this evergreen groundcover over a long summer period.We also carry these grafted varieties: ‘GOLD CUP’ Slow-growing, shrubby tree to 15’. Foliage is green with distinct yellow centers. DACRIDIUM cupressinum Rimu ‘MILKY WAY’ A profuse bloomer with large, pure white bracts. Semi-tender conifer that can reach 100 feet. Pendulous drooping branchlets; juvenile foliage ‘MOONBEAM’ Large, 6” creamy-white bracts. is awl-shaped and overlapping. ‘NATIONAL’ Early bloom of large, creamy-white flowers. Scarlet-red fall color. ‘RADIANT ROSE’ Pink bracts. Red pigment in the leaves and branches. Red fall color. ‘SATOMI’ Bright rose-red bracts with a lighter center. Excellent fall color. DAPHNE ‘SILVER SPLASH’ White with light pink at the tips of the bracts. acutiloba ‘Longiflolia’ ‘SPECIOSA’ Large, white flower bracts. Evergeen shrub, 3-6 feet high. Summer blooming white flowers, followed by large red fruit. ‘SUMMER MAJESTY’ A fast-growing, vigorous, upright form with white blooms. No fragrance. ‘SUMMER STARS’ Large green foliage that changes to maroon in autumn. Very late, arbuscula small, creamy-white bracts bloom in summer. A dwarf, rounded evergreen shrublet with narrow, crowded foliage. Fragrant, rose-pink ‘WEAVERS WEEPING’ A small, erect tree with cascading branches and white flower flowers in spring. bracts. A heavy bloomer. 105 106
  10. 10. COMPANION PLANTS COMPANION PLANTSDAPHNE (continued…) DICHROA febrifuga bholua Semi-evergreen hydrangea relative growing to 3’-6’ with blue-white flowers.Semi-evergreen shrub to 6 with fragrant clusters of white and pink flowers, DIGITALIS purpurea Common Foxgloveopening from reddish buds in late winter. Biennial. 3’-4’ tall flower spikes ranging from white to pink tones. Will naturalize in disturbed X burkwoodii (caucasica x cneorum) areas.An evergreen to semi-evergreen shrub to 4’ with a dense, compact habit. The fragrant flower lutea Yellow Foxgloveclusters appear throughout the year with the heaviest bloom in late spring. Quite sun tolerant Clumping perennial with 2’-3’ tall spikes of narrowly tubular, creamy yellow flowers inin well-drained, moist soil. WE CARRY: summer. ‘CAROL MACKIE’ Yellow-edged foliage and fragrant, blush pink flowers. ‘LANARTH’ A form with fragrant white flowers DISANTHUS cercidifolius ‘SOMERSET’ Dense clusters of very fragrant white flowers blushed pink. A medium-sized, rounded, deciduous, shrub. Redbud-like foliage turns a rich burgundy in the ‘VARIEGATA’ Leaves edged in creamy-yellow. Fragrant white flowers. autumn. Small, dark red flowers that look like pairs of back to back spiders bloom in autumn. cneorum ‘RUBY GLOW’A low-growing, mounded, evergreen shrub with dark pink, fragrant flowers in late April-May. DISTYLIUM racemosum ‘10833.BBG’ cneorum ‘VARIEGATA’ Slow-growing evergreen shrub, that can reach tree size in the wild. Has petal-less flowersDark pink, fragrant flowers in late April-May and cream margined leaves. with red stamens in the spring. collinaA small, compact, evergreen shrub with dark green, rounded leaves and fragrant, rose- DODECATHEON meadia Shooting Starpurple flowers in spring. Deciduous, clump-forming perennial with pale pink flowers in early spring. Dormant by genkwa summer.An small, upright, deciduous shrub with jewel-like, lilac-blue flowers on bare branches inearly spring. No fragrance. DRIMYS lanceolata Mountain Pepper odora Evergreen, upright shrub with deep red shoots and oblong dark green leaves. Clusters ofA dense, evergreen shrub to 4’ x 6’ with very fragrant flower clusters in late winter into early star-shaped white flowers bloom mid to late spring.spring. Do not overwater in the summer months as this can lead to root-rot. WE CARRY: winteri Winter Bark ‘ALBA’ Pure white flower clusters. A tall, evergreen shrub with large, leathery leaves with white undersides. The fragrant ‘LEUCANTHE’ A vigorous form with flowers of white blushed pink outside. flowers of ivory white open in May. ‘MARGINATA Foliage edged in creamy yellow. White flowers, blushed pink outside. ‘RUBRA’ Deep pink flower clusters. EDGEWORTHIA chrysantha GOLD RUSH retusa Deciduous, tropical-looking shrub to 6. Fragrant clusters of yellow flowers open in lateA low, mounding dwarf evergreen shrub related closely to D. tangutica with fragrant deep winter before foliage appears. Used for making paper in China.rose-purple flowers in late spring. Part sun with good drainage. tangutica EMBOTHRIUM coccineum Chilean Fire BushA small, compact, evergreen shrub with fragrant, white flowers tinged purple in early spring A tall, slender, evergreen shrub with brilliant orange-scarlet flowers that bloom from May toand summer. early June.DAVIDIA involucrata Dove Tree EMMENOPTERYS henryiA large, upright, deciduous tree with a rounded crown. In spring, the large white flower Medium-sized, deciduous tree with attractive bronze-red new growth that matures to darkbracts look like white doves resting among the green leaves. Seedling grown. green. The summer blooming flower heads are quite large, surrounded by even larger white involucrata SONOMA (Syn S.H.N.) petals.These are grafts, taken from our 70 year old tree (SONOMA COUNTY HERITAGE TREE #20).These will bloom at a much younger age than the seedlings. E NKIANTHUS Deciduous, bushy shrubs with an upright and spreading habit. ClustersDEUTZIA of bell-shaped flowers in late spring into summer with excellent fall color of red, orange, and crenata yellow. Best in part sun with moist, acidic soil. WE CARRY:Deciduous shrub to 10 feet with white flowers in late spring. Deep purple-red fall foliage. campanulatus X ‘NIKKO’ Creamy-yellow flowers with red veins.A deciduous, low-growing shrub with narrow, pointed leaves and white flowers in early campanulatus ‘RED BELLS’spring. Red flowers with darker red veins. x ‘PINK-A-BOO’ campanulatus ‘RUBRUM’Deciduous, arching shrub to 6’. Its profuse, five-petaled, pink flowers with a lighter center Red, bell-shaped flowers.bloom in June. deflexus Deciduous, spreading shrub with small creamy-yellow, bell-shaped flowers with darker redDICENTRA formosa Western Bleeding Heart veins.Native to moist woods along Pacific Coast. 10” stalks with pendulous, deep rose, heart-shaped flowers in spring-early summer. 107 108
  11. 11. COMPANION PLANTS COMPANION PLANTSEPIMEDIUM rubrum EURYADense clumps of green, spiny-edged foliage, veined with red. Dainty, 1” red and yellow emarginataflowers in late spring. Slow growing evergreen shrub to 6’. Elegant dark green foliage. versicolor ‘SULPHUREUM’ japonica ‘WINTER WINE’A low-growing form with spurred, yellow flowers in late spring and red fall color. A medium-sized, evergreen shrub with dark green foliage, tinted purple-red in winter months. youngianum Small, wine-colored flowers develop in early spring.A profuse bloomer with pure white flowers in late spring. EXOCHORDA giraldii Pearl bush Large deciduous shrub that can be pruned into a small tree. Loose spikelike clusters ofERICA HEATH Low-growing, evergreen shrubs; related to rhododendron, with clusters white flowers, u p to 2” in size. Spring blooming.of bell or urn-shaped flowers. Moist, well-draining soil in part sun.We carry these varieties: FAGUS sylvatica European Beech carnea ‘KING GEORGE’ ‘TRICOLOR’Rose-red flowers cover the plant in early spring. Dark orange foliage in winter. Green leaves marked white and edged pink. Slow growth. Needs protection from hot sun carnea ‘PINK GLOW’ and dry wind.A vigorous grower with shell pink flowers in early spring. carnea ‘PINK SPANGLES’Larger, bicolor flowers with lilac sepals surrounding deep pink bells in early spring. To 8”high. FERNS carnea ‘SPRINGWOOD PINK’ ADIANTUM capilus-veneris Southern Maidenhair FernVery heavy blooming with clear pink flowers in early spring. To 8” high. Deciduous. To 1 1/2’ tall. Needs shade, organic soil and steady moisture. cinerea ‘PURPLE BEAUTY’ ADIANTUM hispidulum Rosy Maidenhair FernA vigorous, low and spreading heath with large, purple flowers in summer-fall. Deciduous. To 14”. Shiny-green fronds flushed bronzy-red. cinerea ‘VELVET KNIGHT’ ADIANTUM pedatum Five-Finger FernVery dark purple flowers, almost black in bud, blooming in summer-fall. Semi-evergreen. To 2’ with a stout, creeping rootstock. Its dainty, divided fronds are lusitanica Portuguese Heath produced on glossy black stems.A tall, tree-like heath to 8’-10’ with pink flower buds opening to white in late winter. ARACHNIODES simplicior ‘VARIEGATED’ East Indian Holly Fern X stuartii ‘IRISH LEMON’ Evergreen. To 1’-2’ tall. Glossy-green fronds with a yellow band up the middle.New foliage has lemon-colored tips. Bright pink flowers in early spring. To 6” high. ATHYRIUM filix-femina Lady Fern tetralix ‘PINK STAR’ Deciduous. To 3’. Succulent, fast-growing, lime-green fronds with reddish stems.A low and spreading heath with blue-green foliage and pink flowers in June-September. ATHYRIUM nipponicum ‘PICTUM’ Painted Fern Deciduous. To 10”. Purple-tinged, grayish-green fronds arise from a reddish rootstock.ESCALLONIA x exoniensis ‘Fradesi’ BLECHNUM pennemarina ‘CRISTATA’Evergreen shrub to 5-6 ‘ high and wide. Glossy green leaves and pink to rose flowers. A low-growing, evergreen fern with very narrow foliage. Needs good drainage and moist soil. BLECHNUM spicant Deer FernEUCRYPHIA Small-sized, evergreen, columnar trees with showy blooms in mid-summer. Native, evergreen fern with narrow, spreading, sterile fronds to 1’-2’ tall and upright, fertile cordifolia Ulmo fronds to 3’. Prefers a shady situation in acidic soil.Wavy-edged foliage with white flowers. Native to Chile. DRYOPTERIS carthusiana Narrow Buckler Fern glutinosa Deciduous. To 1’-2’. Yellowish-green fronds.A Chilean species with white flowers. Sometimes deciduous with showy autumn color tones. DRYOPTERIS erythrosora Autumn Fern ‘FLORE PLENA’ Evergreen. To 12-18”. Fronds are a coppery color when young, turning red in cold climates.Double-flowered form. Easy to grow. Deep shade to partial sun. lucida ‘PINK CLOUD’ MATTEUCCIA struthiopteris Ostrich FernFragrant, pendulous, pale pink flowers, shading to white and red. Native to NW Tasmania. Deciduous. To 3’. Vigorous fern with large fronds. Requires acidic, loamy soil. X nymansensis ‘MT. USHER’ (cordifolia x glutinosa) ONOCLEA sensibilis Sensitive FernLeathery, glossy, dark green leaves and clusters of large, fragrant, white flowers; both single Deciduous. To 18” tall. Takes sun if kept moist.and double. A hybrid from Ireland. OSMUNDA cinnamomea Cinnamon Fern Deciduous. To 3’ tall. Cinnamon brown fronds age to bluish-green. Needs shade, rich,EUONYMUS alatus ‘MONSTROSUS’ Giant-Winged Burning Bush organic soil and steady moisture.Slow-growing deciduous shrub with very large corky ridges along the branches. Very bright OSMUNDA regalis Royal Fernred and orange fall color. Deciduous fern to 3’-5’ with orange-brown fronds that unfold like flowers. Adaptable to wet fortunei ‘KEWENSIS’ soils.Dainty, tiny-leafed groundcover forming a spreading, evergreen mat. POLYSTICHUM munitum Western Sword Fern fortunei ‘VARIEGATA’ Native, semi-evergreen fern to 3’-4’. Leathery, lance-shaped, dark green fronds. Hardy.A trailing, semi-evergreen shrub with creamy-yellow variegations, blushed red in winter. POLYSTICHUM polyblepharum Japanese Tassel Fern japonicus ‘ROKUJO’ An attractive evergreen fern, to 2’-3’ with glossy, lime-green fronds; aging to dark green.Dwarf, mounded, evergreen shrub with tiny leaves colored reddish-green. Slow-growing. Hardy to cold. POLYSTICHUM profusium An evergreen fern to 2’ with finely-cut, soft-textured fronds. Hardy to cold. 109 110