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Queen of Galapagos itinerary


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Galapagos islands cruises and tours - last minute deals, promotions, yachts, itienraries, destinations, activities, animals and descriptions of each place you can visit in Galapagos. We update our promotions on a daily basis. We offer you the best CruiseFinder tool and live CHAT.

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Queen of Galapagos itinerary

  1. 1. Includes:Itinerary8Days/7Nights BAccommodationonboard-Allmeals-Purifieddrinkingwater/coffee/tea-Alcoholicandnon-alcoholicbeverages-CertifiedNationalParkGuideandassistant-AlltransferintheGalapagosIslandsALAPAGOSBEST PRICE
  2. 2. Itinerary8Days/7Nights BQUEEN OFGALAPAGOSQUEEN OF GALAPAGOS Is the most elegant and comfortable catamaran cruise ship in Galapagos Islands. This vessel ismark by wide-open spaces. This luxury yacht has been very well design for your comfort and pleasure. The cabins, livingrooms and bathrooms are, elegant and comfortable with a great balconies providing stunning views through your journey. Thepowerful engine (800 HP) makes this a quick trip while also providing high performance. Although the boat is rather large, itgenerously lends itself to an intimate environment, accommodating a small group of 16 passengersALAPAGOSBEST PRICE
  3. 3. Itinerary8Days/7Nights B ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEGalapagueraType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 1 - PMWith one of the longest hikes (4 miles), the trail goes up theslopes of San Cristobal’s well eroded shield volcano, takingguests through the arid zone. Along the way, one can spot someof the last individuals of the San Cristobal giant tortoisepopulation living in the wild – here they were hunted almost toextinction during the late 19th century. After the invigorating hike,enjoy a swim to cool off.Dry landingGuidewalksSan Cristobal giant tortoiseDarwin finchesChatham mockingbirds
  4. 4. Itinerary8Days/7Nights B ALAPAGOSBEST PRICESanta Fe IslandType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 2 - AMAlso called Barrington Island is located in the central part of theGalapagos archipelago. It is one of the oldest Galapagos Islands.The ascending trail takes the visitor to the peak of a precipice wherethe Santa Fe species of land iguana can be seen, after a long hike,there is nothing better than a swim in the calm waters of the bay orsnorkeling in the company of sea lions at the base of the rocks.Dry landingHikingLand IguanasGiant tunas
  5. 5. Itinerary8Days/7Nights B ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEBlack Turtle CoveType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 2 - PMWhat a fantastic site! Black Turtle Cove, a red mangrove lagoonon Santa Cruz , is a nursery for many sharks and rays. It is also agreat location to observe mating sea turtles, after all the site takesits name for the black sea turtles that mate in these calm waters.There are large groups of resting white-tip reef sharks, schools ofgolden rays and spotted eagle rays, and a few juvenile scallopedhammerhead sharks and black-tip sharks.No landingDinghyrideRaysSea turtlesSea birds
  6. 6. Itinerary8Days/7Nights B ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEEspumilla BeachType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 3 - AMLocated at the north end of Puerto Egas (James Bay). A wetlanding on the large coffee-colored sand beach is just north of theprized fresh water supply that once attracted pirates and whalers.Espumilla Beach is a popular place for marine iguanas and SallyLightfoot Crabs. The crabs attract the hunting herons, performingthe dance of predator and prey. With an abundance of marine lifeincluding octopi, moray eel, and shark, snorkeling is highlyrecommended.Wet landingSnorkelingSwimmingSea Turtles/Pink Flamingos/Common stiltsWhite cheeked pintails/FinchesVermilion Fly Catcher/TurtlesNice Underwater Formations
  7. 7. Itinerary8Days/7Nights B ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEEgas PortType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 3 - PMAlso known as James Bay, Egas Port is home to the curiousGalapagos Hawks and Quick-footed Galapagos Lava a colony of fur seals and marine iguanas, snorkeling from thebeach is a common activity at this site.Wet landingSnorkelingHiking (1.25 mi/2 km)Fur sea lions/Galapagos Sea LionsTidal pools and “grottos”/Galapagos HawkOyster catchers/Marine iguanas/Finchessnorkeling: Reef sharks/Turtles/RaysNice underwater formations
  8. 8. Itinerary8Days/7Nights B ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEDarwin Bay - GenovesaType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 4 - AMLocated on Genovesa Island its Initial highlights are the nesting coloniesof the common frigate, the Nazca booby and the swallow-tailed gulls.Further down the path are tidal pools where sea lions swim playfully. Atthe end is a spectacular view off a cliff.Wet landingHiking, SnorkelingNazca Boobies, Red- footed Boobies,Swallow-tailed Gulls, mangroves,Coral Pebbles BeachSnorkeling: Rays, Colorful Reef Fish andHammerhead Sharks
  9. 9. Itinerary8Days/7Nights B ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEEl Barranco - GenovesaType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 4 - PMThe visitor site of El Barranco is located in the southern part of Darwin Bayon Genovesa Island. The trail is on volcanic rock that has a length of 1.5km, everywhere one looks, there are masked boobies on the ground andRed-Footed boobies in the trees. The water inside the bay is very rich innutrients, so one never knows what may be encountered.Dry, Difficult landingHikingRed-footed BoobiesShort-eared Lava OwlsStorm-petrelsGalapagos Doves
  10. 10. Itinerary8Days/7Nights B ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEBartolome IslandType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 5 - AMA small barren island, located in Sullivan Bay off James Island, Is one ofthe most emblematic visiting sites in The Galapagos due to its naturalbeauty and spectacular landscape.A trail of stairs leads to the summit ofthe volcano, boasting one o the best views of the islands. The beach isperfect for snorkeling and possible sightings of the Galapagos PenguinWet landingSnorkelingHikingPinnacle rock/Panoramic viewMoonlike landscape/PenguinsPioneer plants/Lava cactussnorkeling: Penguins/Reef sharks/RaysGreat colorful fish
  11. 11. Itinerary8Days/7Nights B ALAPAGOSBEST PRICESullivan BayType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 5 - PMThe Sullivan Bay lava field is a variety of interesting patterns. The shapes andtextures of trees, which once existed there and Hornitos caused when pocketsof gas or water trapped under the lava exploded. The Sullivan Bay Lava isknown a Panoehoe (Hawaiian for Rope). This thin-skinned lavas moltenmaterial cools down after an eruption causing the surface materials to bucklecreating a rope like appearance. Panoehoe Lava is rare to the rest of theworld, but is common to the volcanoes of Hawaii and the Galapagos Islands.The walk takes approximately an hour to an hour and a half.After exploring the lava flow, there is swimming and snorkeling activity withplayful sea lions off two small coralline beaches.Wet landingDinghy ride, snorkeling & hiking (1.25 mi/ 2km)Mollugo plants/Lava flow/Beachsnorkeling: Penguins/Reef sharksRays/Great colorful fish.
  12. 12. Itinerary8Days/7Nights B ALAPAGOSBEST PRICERabida IslandType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 6 - AMIs one of two small islands located to the south of Santiago.Though small, it contains a great variety of rock and lava types,including basalt, ferrobasalt, icelandite, and trachyte. Also to befound are a range of gabbroic xenoliths.Its famous maroon sandy beach and stunning lookouts providewonderful landscapes. The island is a birdwatcher’s delight. Someof the rarest species are in abundance, such as nine varieties offinches, Large-billed Flycatchers, Galapagos Hawks and BrownPelicans.Wet landingSnorkeling, dinghyride &short hike (0.6 mi /1 km)White-cheeked/Pintail ducks/Colorful fishSea lions/Brackish water lagoonPenguins/Galapagos Hawk
  13. 13. Itinerary8Days/7Nights B ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEDragon HillsType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 6 - PMLocated on the northern tip of Santa Cruz Island. Cerro Dragon(Dragon Hill) consists of a trail running through three differentenvironments at just 1600m long. Along the trail, you will seeland iguanas that were once part of the Darwin Station’sbreeding program to conserve iguanas. From top of the hill thereis a majestic view of the bay.Dry landingGuided walkLand iguana/Audubon shearwaterGreater flamingo/Darwin finchesGalapagos flycatcher/Yellow warbler
  14. 14. Itinerary8Days/7Nights B ALAPAGOSBEST PRICECharles Darwin StationType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 7 - AMAt The Charles Darwin Research Station youll learn first hand of theconservation and research efforts in the Galapagos islands. See thetortoise hatchlings and breeding programs which are saving several racesof tortoises from extinction. Tour the Van Straelen Exhibit Hall. For most,this will be your only opportunity to see the giant Galapago tortoises.The Charles Darwin Research Station conducts and facilitates researchin the Galapagos Islands and the Galapagos Marine Resources Reserveof Ecuador. The Darwin Station is part of the Charles Darwin Foundationfor the Galapagos Islands, an international non-profit organizationdedicated to scientific research in the Galapagos Islands since 1959.Dry landingGuided walkGiant TortoiseDarwin Finches (Ground and tree finches)
  15. 15. Itinerary8Days/7Nights B ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEHighlandsType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 7 - PMIs a 40 min drive to the highlands of Santa Cruz from Puerto Ayora,the visiting site is a private ranch where the tortoise are on the wild,there is some mud small lagoons where the giant tortoise gather.This is a great site to see the tortoise at their natural environment.Dry landingHike (1.5 mi/ 2 ½ km)Lava tunnelsWild tortoisesTortoise breeding center.
  16. 16. Itinerary8Days/7Nights B ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEJuncoType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 8 - AMThe Junco lagoon, located about 700m above sea level, is oneof the few permanent freshwater bodies in Galapagos. Frigatebirds are often seen here washing the salt from their feathers aswell as white-cheeked pintails and common gallinules. Its namecomes from a type of plant that is common in this area called“junco”Dry landingGuidewalksOne of the few permanent freshwater lakesFrigatesWhite-cheeked pintails
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