Queen Of Galapagos Itinerary A


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Galapagos islands cruises and tours - last minute deals, promotions, yachts, itienraries, destinations, activities, animals and descriptions of each place you can visit in Galapagos. We update our promotions on a daily basis. We offer you the best CruiseFinder tool and live CHAT.

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Queen Of Galapagos Itinerary A

  1. 1. Includes:Itinerary8Days/7Nights AAccommodationonboard-Allmeals-Purifieddrinkingwater/coffee/tea-Alcoholicandnon-alcoholicbeverages-CertifiedNationalParkGuideandassistant-AlltransferintheGalapagosIslandsALAPAGOSBEST PRICE
  2. 2. Itinerary8Days/7Nights AQUEEN OFGALAPAGOSQUEEN OF GALAPAGOS Is the most elegant and comfortable catamaran cruise ship in Galapagos Islands. This vessel ismark by wide-open spaces. This luxury yacht has been very well design for your comfort and pleasure. The cabins, livingrooms and bathrooms are, elegant and comfortable with a great balconies providing stunning views through your journey. Thepowerful engine (800 HP) makes this a quick trip while also providing high performance. Although the boat is rather large, itgenerously lends itself to an intimate environment, accommodating a small group of 16 passengersALAPAGOSBEST PRICE
  3. 3. Itinerary8Days/7Nights A ALAPAGOSBEST PRICELobo IslandType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 1This small island is separated from the main island by a narrowstretch of calm waters. The atmosphere is one of tranquility andscenic primitive beauty.The site offers an excellent landscape, a long powder-like sandybeach where one can swim and snorkel with an excellent view ofKicker Rock on the horizon.Wet landingShort hike (less than 0.6miles/1km) dinghrydeand/or snorkelingBlue footed boobiesEndemic lava lizardsSea lionsPalo Santo
  4. 4. Itinerary8Days/7Nights A ALAPAGOSBEST PRICESouth PlazasType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 2 - AMThere is a lot of animal and plant life on the entire island. Here,youll be welcomed by hoards of sea lions.It is also home to oneof the largest sea lion colonies as well as colorful yellow and redland iguanas. The most characteristic plant is the Sesuvium.During the rainy season its color is a greenish to yellowish toneand in the dry season (end of June through January) a brightred.Dry landingHikeLand iguanas/sea lion colonyAudubon´s shearwatersSwallow-tailed GullsNazca Boobiesamazing landscape with cliffs
  5. 5. Itinerary8Days/7Nights A ALAPAGOSBEST PRICENorth SeymourType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 2 - PMLocated slightly to the north of Baltra, North Seymour is a low flatisland, formed as a result of an uplift of a submarine lava flow.It is covered with low, bushy vegetation which contains the largestcolony of magnificent frigate birds.There is also a large colony of blue-footed boobies when nestingconditions are night.Snorkeling a long the cliff is a common activity on this visiting site.Dry landingSnorkeling, dinghyride and hiking (1.5 mi/2.5 km)Swallow-tailed gulls/fur sea lionsblue-footed boobies/yellow warblers lava (Dusky)gulls redbilled/tropic birds/Galapagos snakesland iguanas/frigate birds/Palo Santo treesvaried vegetation
  6. 6. Itinerary8Days/7Nights A ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEChinese HatType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 3 - AMChinese Hat is a crazy little island looking just like a Chinese hat.Its right off the southeastern tip of Santiago. Here, the snorkelingis fantastic, and if youre lucky, you might just see a few penguins.We also got a chance to see some mating eagle rays flopping inthe water.The best view of the cone-shaped volcano is from the north, andtheres quite a large sea lion community as well.Wet landingDinghyrideSnorkelingGalapagos PenguinsGalapagos HawksMarine IguanasSea Lions
  7. 7. Itinerary8Days/7Nights A ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEBachas BeachType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 3 - PMIs located in the northern part of Santa Cruz Island, it consists oftwo beaches that have a combined length of about 1 km long.The sand at Las Bachas is made of decomposed coral, whichmakes it white and soft, and a favorite site for nestingsea turtles.Las Bachas beach represents one of the main nesting sites of seaturtles (Cheloniamydas) on Isla Santa Cruz.The Sally Lightfoot crabs are abundant on the lava rocks along thewaters edge. These crabs will eat anything they can get theirclaws on.Wet landingSwimmingSnorkelingPelicansFregatebirdsBoobiesFlamingosTurtle nesting on Beach (from December to March)
  8. 8. Itinerary8Days/7Nights A ALAPAGOSBEST PRICECharles Darwin StationType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 4 - AMAt The Charles Darwin Research Station youll learn first hand of theconservation and research efforts in the Galapagos islands. See thetortoise hatchlings and breeding programs which are saving several racesof tortoises from extinction. Tour the Van Straelen Exhibit Hall. For most,this will be your only opportunity to see the giant Galapago tortoises.The Charles Darwin Research Station conducts and facilitates researchin the Galapagos Islands and the Galapagos Marine Resources Reserveof Ecuador. The Darwin Station is part of the Charles Darwin Foundationfor the Galapagos Islands, an international non-profit organizationdedicated to scientific research in the Galapagos Islands since 1959.Dry landingGuided walkGiant TortoiseDarwin Finches (Ground and tree finches)
  9. 9. Itinerary8Days/7Nights A ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEHighlandsType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 4 - PMIs a 40 min drive to the highlands of Santa Cruz from Puerto Ayora,the visiting site is a private ranch where the tortoise are on the wild,there is some mud small lagoons where the giant tortoise gather.This is a great site to see the tortoise at their natural environment.Dry landingHike (1.5 mi/ 2 ½ km)Lava tunnelsWild tortoisesTortoise breeding center.
  10. 10. Itinerary8Days/7Nights A ALAPAGOSBEST PRICECormorant PointType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 5 - AMThis site hosts a large flamingo lagoon where other birds such ascommon stilts, White-cheeked Pintails can also be seen. The beaches onthis island are distinct: The “Green Beach” named so due to its greencolor, which comes from a high percentage of olivine crystals in the sand,and the “Four Sand Beach” composed of white coral.The trail has an approximate distance of 720 meters; the trail leads thevisitor to viewing site above a lagoon where one can observe a largecolony of Flamingos, the same path will end in a white sand beach whichis a nesting area for sea turtles, large amount of rays and sea turtles canbe seen on the shore as well.Dry landingDinghyrideHike (1.25 mi /2 km)FlamingoesGreen-colored beach
  11. 11. Itinerary8Days/7Nights A ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEPost OfficeType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 5 - PMNot the most scenic of the visitor sites, but probably one of the mostfamous sites in Galapagos. Here is where a post barrel was placedand put into use in the late 18th century by English whaling vessels.You are invited to leave a post card and to pick up any mail from yourhome area.Take a short visit to the remains of a Norwegian commercial fishdrying and canning operation and a lava tube that extends to the sea.Dry landingShort hike (lessthan 0.6 mi/1 km)Old Post Office
  12. 12. Itinerary8Days/7Nights A ALAPAGOSBEST PRICESuarez PointType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 6 - AMIs located west of the Española Island. Española is known as oneof the older islands, with an estimated age of 3.3 million years.Basaltic lava rocks cover much of the island. Albatrosses arepresent in Española from April to November or December, marineiguanas, the Galapagos hawk, a variety of mockingbird, lavalizards, Darwins finches are considered endemic to this island.Besides the wildlife on this island a major attraction is El Soplador(a blowhole) located on a cliff, the water rises up 20 to 25 feet,depending on the intensity of the waves.Wet landingHike (1.9 mi/3 km)Waved Albatross (April to December)Blue-footed boobies/Masked boobiesMarine iguanas/Lava lizards/MockingbirdsRed-billed tropic birds/Swallow-tailed gullsSea lions/Galapagos doves/Blow hole
  13. 13. Itinerary8Days/7Nights A ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEGardner BayType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 6 - PMGardner Bay offers a great possibility for the visitor to enjoysome beach time in the Galapagos. Here, the extrovertedmockingbirds sit on top of visitor’s hats, peck at their feet andinvestigate their belongings.There is a wet landing onto a long white beach, said to be thelongest in the Galapagos. There is no inland trail and the beachhas sea lions and possibly turtles. It is possible to see the threeDarwin finch species at this site.Wet landingSnorkeling/dinghyrideShort hike of (0.6 mi/1 km)Sea lionsGalapagos Hawks,Finches
  14. 14. Itinerary8Days/7Nights A ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEWitch HillType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 7 - AMLocated on the northern coast, this eroded hill and itssurroundings present one of the most picturesque beaches inthe Galapagos with its white powdery sand and the abundanceof animals. Wildlife includes sea turtles, rays, and various typesof Booby Birds. The clear water provides an excellentopportunity for enjoying swimming and snorkeling.Wet landingHike, dinghy ride, snorkeling & kayakingBeautiful rock formationssea lions/shore birds/finches/mockingbirdsnice tropical fish/anemones/sponge coral
  15. 15. Itinerary8Days/7Nights A ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEKicker RockType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 7 - PMKicker Rock (Leon Dormido) also known as the Sleeping Lionbecause of its resemblence, is located of the coast of San Cristobal.The remains of a lava cone eroded by the sea, the two vertical rocksrising 500 feet from the ocean form a small channel that is navigableby small boats. This Galapagos Islands natural monument hasbecome a favorite sight for cruises due to the many Tropicbirds,Frigates and boobies that fill the surrounding air.Beneath the sea the nearly crystal waters offer a brilliant show ofcolorful tropical fish and invertebrates.No landingDinghyrideSnorkelingSharks/Tropical fish/Turtles/Manta raysHammerhead sharks/Spectacular rock formationsSea birds: Blue-footed Boobies/Nazca BoobiesFrigatebirds
  16. 16. Itinerary8Days/7Nights A ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEJuncoType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 8 - AMThe Junco lagoon, located about 700m above sea level, is oneof the few permanent freshwater bodies in Galapagos. Frigatebirds are often seen here washing the salt from their feathers aswell as white-cheeked pintails and common gallinules. Its namecomes from a type of plant that is common in this area called“junco”Dry landingGuidewalksOne of the few permanent freshwater lakesFrigatesWhite-cheeked pintails
  17. 17. Itinerary8Days/7Nights A ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEGalapagueraType of Landing:Activities:What to see:Day 8 - AMWith one of the longest hikes (4 miles), the trail goes up theslopes of San Cristobal’s well eroded shield volcano, takingguests through the arid zone. Along the way, one can spot someof the last individuals of the San Cristobal giant tortoisepopulation living in the wild – here they were hunted almost toextinction during the late 19th century. After the invigorating hike,enjoy a swim to cool off.Dry landingGuidewalksSan Cristobal giant tortoiseDarwin finchesChatham mockingbirds
  18. 18. ALAPAGOSBEST PRICEwww.GalapagosBestPrice.comsales@galapagosbestprice.comFor more information e-mail us at:Or visit our website:Ecuador