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Kleenexpod - A new way to keep you clean


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Kleenexpod - A new way to keep you clean

  1. 1. A NEW WAY TO KEEP YOU CLEANBased on the principles of Chindogu
  2. 2. There are things that nobody likes:• Sweat• Coryza• Dirt• A lot of disgusting stuffs
  3. 3. For years, these problems wererelivied in not pratical ways:• Towels that acumulatemore sweat• Tissues carriedinto bags
  4. 4. HEALTH and PRACTICALITY?So, how can we join
  5. 5. UNUSUAL OBJECTSJoining two
  6. 6. KLEENEXPOD!In one wonderfull
  7. 7. Use it WHEREVER you want!Clip it on your armand be ready forADVENTURE!
  8. 8. KEEP KLEENEXPOD!Keep clean.
  9. 9. THANK YOU.The Boldies