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The Drivin' project the project for a service that helps users to share car routes with their friends through the social networks.
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  1. 1. Drivin' Routes sharing & Neighbourhood social platform
  2. 2. What is Drivin' is a service that helps users to share car routes with their friends through the social networks. Dirvin' facilitates communication between people that have similar transportation needs. Drivin' creates a new trusted Car Pooling network and puts the basis for a Neighbourhood social platform. Drivin' | @antoniopatti
  3. 3. How it works Drivin' standardizes the users journeys to find sharing opportunities through their social networks friends. Drivin' finds routes interceptions simplifying the timetables and increasing the departure, the destination and the itinerary area. Drivin' notifies the sharing opportunities to the connected users. Drivin' suggests the use of the public transport and the bicycle to improve/complete the shared routes. Drivin' | @antoniopatti
  4. 4. Shared routes creation Traditional route P A P P Drivin' Shared routes | @antoniopatti
  5. 5. The transport habits The routes simplification is even based on the route timetable standardization. The most common transport habits are: 1) Daily routes (from work to office, from Monday to Friday during the 7am/7pm interval) ex: “I live in Milan and I work at the Malpensa airport” 2) Planned routes (free-time, shopping, tourism) ex: “Saturday 11th of May I'll go to the Capoeira party at 9,30 pm in Axé street” 3) Instant routes (unpredictable routes) ex: “”I'm going to the supermarket. Is here someone that want to come with me? Do you need something?” Drivin' | @antoniopatti
  6. 6. The Drivin' scheme Users routes Drivin' Secured routes archive Simplified routes processing Shared routes and suggestions Getting in touch users | @antoniopatti
  7. 7. Example of use 1) Visit the web site or install the smartphone app 2) Subscribe using Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin 3) Choose the journey category (daily, planned, instant) 4) Insert departure and destination 5) Discover who makes the same route through your friends network 6) Contact your friends Drivin' | @antoniopatti
  8. 8. Why does it work Because it makes car pooling simpler, securer and free. Because it gets in touch just social networks friends. Because it leaves free the users to plan their shared routes. Because it is privacy respectful and doesn't share the real routes until the users approval. Because it builds a neighbourhood social platform based on the real mutual help. Drivin' | @antoniopatti
  9. 9. Drivin's evolution Drivin' has three incremental evolution steps. 1) Simple site that uses the social networks APIs to show the names of the people that share transport needs. 2) Complete web site and mobile application that manages private messages between users, and that suggests routes alternatives using the sustainable transport. 3) Stand alone Social Network/application that manages “Instant Routes” using an effective notification system. This application could be the base of the neighbourhood social platform. Drivin' | @antoniopatti
  10. 10. Business models Drivin' could be integrated in all the social networks that manage events. Drivin' could be financed from the government to promote the sustainable transport. Drivin' could be modified for companies that work in logistic. Drivin' could show adv campaigns and local shops discounts. Drivin' | @antoniopatti
  11. 11. Contacts Drivin' is an Antonio Patti idea that is waiting to be realized. For any information or collaboration inquiries, use the following contacts. @antoniopatti Edited on 28/08/2013 Drivin' | @antoniopatti