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University of Cordoba ( Spain).Computational Instrumentation and Industrial Electronics R&D profile

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  • Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation R&D group

    1. 1. UNIVERSITY OF CORDOBA (UCO) IndustrialElectronicsand InstrumentationR&D group 2017
    2. 2. The past and present… The UCO is heir to a centuries-old historical and cultural legacy and a passion for knowledge, tolerance, and harmony among civilizations. This reflects in the three areas of UCO activities: Food and Agriculture, Science and Technology Humanities and Legal and Social Sciences Health Sciences This balance is also manifested in the quality of its teaching and research, ranking it among the top academic institutions in Spain. The UCO is one of the foremost research institutions in Spain, further consolidated with: ceiA3 (Agrifood Campus of International Excellence)  Rabanales 21 Science and Technology Park IMIBIC Maimonides Institute for Biomedical Research. Our university is an international leader in the agrifood field, one of the institution’s main strengths, and also enjoys an enviable reputation in the humanities, in a city that is known worldwide for its artistic and monumental heritage. A young, dynamic university, dedicated to research and in constant evolution, the UCO is firmly committed to the problems and needs of the community at large. As a public institution, it has close links with the society it serves, but is also dedicated to aiding other peoples and countries. The UCO also maintains strong ties with the business sector, while structuring much of its own activity around an entrepreneurial vision. Most importantly, it is an institution committed not only to training qualified professionals, but to supporting and encouraging its students to grow as people and as citizens.
    3. 3. Facts & Figures Founded • 1972 Management • National and public Number of faculties • 10 Number of Students • 15,626 undergraduate students • 1,269 in Master‘s Programmes: • Doctoral Programmes: 955 • 882 Foreign Students: 510 Erasmus y 372 Non-Erasmus foreign Students Administrative Staff • 731 permanent staff • 464 temporary staff Academic Staff • 1,392 permanent staff • 73 visiting and Erasmus STA/STT
    4. 4. Campuses and Degrees HUMANITIES AND LEGAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES CAMPUS FACULTY OF LABOUR SCIENCE •Labour Relations •Tourism FACULTY OF LAW AND BUSINESS AND ECONOMIC SCIENCES •Law •Business Administration and Management •Double Degree in Law and Business Administration and Management FACULTY OF PHILOSOPHY AND LETTERS •Translation and Interpretation •Spanish Language and Literature •English Studies •Art History •History FACULTY OF EDUCATION SCIENCE •Early Childhood Education (English bilingual) •Primary Education •Social Education HEALTH SCIENCES CAMPUS FACULTY OF MEDICINE AND NURSING •Medicine •Nursing
    5. 5. Campuses and Degrees AGRIFOOD, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CAMPUS (Rabanales and Belmez) FACULTY OF VETERINARY SCIENCE •Veterinary Medicine •Food Science and Technology SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOREST ENGINEERING (ETSIAM) •Rural and Agrifood Engineering •Forest Engineering •Enology FACULTY OF SCIENCE •Biology •Chemistry •Environmental Sciences •Physics •Biochemistry SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCES OF CORDOBA •Electrical Engineering •Industrial Electronic Engineering •Mechanical Engineering •Computer Engineering SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCES OF BELMEZ •Civil Engineering •Mining and Energy Resources Engineering •Dual degree in Civil Engineering and Mining and Energy Resources Engineering
    6. 6. Master’s Courses • Cinematography (60 ECTS) • English for Professional Qualification (60 ECTS) • Local Heritage Management (Dual degree. "Abdelmaleck Essaâdi" University, Tétouan), (60 ECTS) • Specialised Translation (English/French/German-Spanish) (60 ECTS) • Texts, Documents and Cultural Intervention (Dual degree. University of Ferrara) (60 ECTS) Arts & Humanities • Agrifood (60 ECTS) • Chemistry (60 ECTS) • Electrochemistry. Science and Technology (60 ECTS) • Ethology (60 ECTS) • Global Change: Natural Resources and Sustainability (60 ECTS) • Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage (Erasmus Mundus), (120 ECTS) • Molecular, Cellular and Genetic Biotechnology (60 ECTS) • Plasma, Laser and Surface Technology (pending verification, 60 ECTS) • Zootechnology and Sustainable Management: Organic and Integrated Stockbreeding (60 ECTS) Sciences
    7. 7. Master’s Degrees •Animal Medicine, Healthcare and Improvement (60 ECTS) •Forensic Sciences (Erasmus Mundus), (120 ECTS) •Nutrition and Metabolism (60 ECTS) •Research Methodology in the Health Sciences (60 ECTS) •Translational Biomedical Research (60 ECTS) Health Sciences • Agroecology: A Sustainable Approach to Organic Farming (60 ECTS) • Culture of Peace: Conflicts, Education and Human Rights (60 ECTS) • Environmental Educators (60 ECTS) • Foreign Trade and Business Internationalisation (Dual Degree, Universitè Paris-Est Créteil) (60 ECTS) • Inclusive Education (60 ECTS) • Law practice (90 ECTS) • Psychological Intervention and Research in Justice, Health and Social Welfare (60 ECTS) • Regional and Local Law (60 ECTS) • Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Language Teaching (60 ECTS) • Territorial Employment Policies (60 ECTS) Social and Legal Sciences
    8. 8. Master’s Degrees •Agro-industrial Plants: Projects and Management (60 ECTS) •Distributed Renewable Energies (60 ECTS) •Environmental Hydraulics (60 ECTS) •Forest Fires, Science and Integrated Management (90 ECTS) •Geomatics, Remote Sensing and Spacial Models applied to Forest Management (60 ECTS) •Industrial Process Control (60 ECTS) •Intelligent Systems (90/60 ECTS) •Olive Growing and Olive Oil Technology (International Program) (120 ECTS) •Occupational Health and Safety( 60 ECTS) •Plant Breeding, Protection and Improvement (60 ECTS) •Representation and Design in Engineering and Architecture (60 ECTS) •Territorial Rural Development (60 ECTS) •Water Technology in Civil Engineering (60 ECTS) Engineering and Architecture
    9. 9. Doctoral Programs UNIVERSITY OF CÓRDOBA DOCTORAL SCHOOL: Biomedicine (recipient of an Excellence Award from the Spanish Ministry of Education) Social and Legal Sciences Advanced Computing, Energies and Plasmas Electrochemistry, Science and Technology (recipient Excellence Award from the Spanish Ministry of Education) Languages and Cultures Heritage
    10. 10. Doctoral Programs INTERNATIONAL DOCTORAL SCHOOL IN AGRI-FOOD Biosciences and Agri-food Sciences (recipient of an Excellence Award from the Spanish Ministry of Education) Biogeochemical Flow Dynamics and its Application (recipient of an Excellence Award from the Spanish Ministry of Education) Agro-industrial, Food, Forestry and Sustainable Rural Development Engineering Fine Chemistry (recipient of an Excellence Award from the Spanish Ministry of Education) Natural Resources and Sustainable Management
    11. 11. Dual Degree Programs UNIVERSITY/INSTITUTION COUNTRY AREA University Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC) FRANCE Law & Business Administration Joint Master’s Programme University of Ferrara ITALY Arts & Humanities Joint Master’s Programme University of Messina - Virginia Commonwealth University ITALY - USA Arts & Humanities Joint Atlantis Master’s Programme Białystok University of Technology POLAND Civil Engineering Dual undergraduate degree Cranfield University UNITED KINGDOM Agricultural and Forest Engineering Degree’s final project and Master Keele University UNITED KINGDOM Law & Business Administration Dual undergraduate degree National University of Patagonia Austral ARGENTINA Mining and Energy Resources Engineering Dual undergraduate degree University of Concepción (UDEC) CHILE Agricultural Engineering Dual undergraduate degree University of Concepción (UDEC) CHILE Forest Engineering Dual undergraduate degree University of Concepción (UDEC) CHILE Veterinary Dual undergraduate degree, Master’s and Doctorate Programme University of Chile CHILE Forest Engineering Dual undergraduate degree University of Chile CHILE Veterinary Dual undergraduate degree Central University of Venezuela VENEZUELA Mining Engineering Dual undergraduate degree Chengdu Institute Sichuan International Studies University CHINA Business Administration Dual undergraduate degree Tetouan University “Abdelmalek Essaâdi” MOROCCO Arts & Humanities Joint Master’s Programme Chapingo Autonomous University MÉXICO Sciences Master’s
    12. 12. Rankings National Taiwan University Ranking (NTU) The UCO has ranked excellently in the “2012 Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities” released by the National Taiwan University Ranking (NTU Ranking). This ranking programme offers annual performance rankings for universities worldwide based on the production and impact of their scientific papers. Ranking 59 in “Agricultural Sciences”, the UCO appears as the most outstanding university in Spain for its scientific papers on this subject. • Agricultural Sciences: 59 Rank by subject
    13. 13. Rankings ISI (Institute for Scientific Information)  In the latest edition (2013) of the ISI rankings of “Spanish Universities according to Fields and Scientific Disciplines”, for theperiod 2008-2012, Cordoba ranked as follows: • Plant and Animal Biology: 6th • Computer Science: 6th • Medicine: 12th Scientific Disciplines Scientific Fields • Agricultural Sciences: 1st • Information and Communication Technology: 7th
    14. 14. Rankings BBVA – IVIE Foundatation  Rankings ISSUE (Synthetic Indicators of the Spanish University System) 2013 presents the results of universities in terms of their teaching activities, research and innovation and technological development, providing a ranking of the institutions in every field and the ensemble of university activities. Córdoba is ranked first among the Andalusian universities. Teaching Innovation and Technological Development
    15. 15. Rankings Academic Ranking of Worl Universities  Córdoba is situated between positions 151 and 200 in the World Ranking in the field of computing.  Source:
    16. 16. International Partnerships ASIA • Sichuan International Studies University , Shandong University, (China), Seoul National University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Korea), Nihon University (Japan)... EUROPE •More than 250 Erasmus bilateral agreements King´s College London; University of Rome, La Sapienza; Queen´s University of Belfast, University of Helsinki, Universität Dortmund, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, University of Maastricht, Universitá di Bologna, Birmingham City University... NORTH AMERICA •University of California Davis, University of Montreal, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Montana, Seton Hill University, William Jewell College... SOUTH AMERICA •More than 150 bilateral agreememts Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Chile), Universidad Estadual de Campinas (Unicamp) (Brazil), Universidad de Chile (Chile), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) (México), Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM) (Mexico), Universidad de Concepción (Chile)...
    17. 17. Research The Agrifood Campus of International Excellence (ceiA3) is a joint initiative between the Universities of Almería (UAL), Cádiz (UCA), Huelva (UHU), Jaén (UJA) and Córdoba (UCO). Headed by the UCO, the objectives of the ceiA3 are ambitious and involve a firm social commitment, given that the agrifood sector of Andalusia provides a promising future for our students as well as other young people in our community. The project seeks to modernise and internationalise our universities so that they become a driver of towards a sustainable productive model based on knowledge and innovation. The ceiA3 promotes this change by bringing together knowledge- generating institutions in the same geographical area including, among them universities, research centres, and technology parks. It aims to encourage the transfer of this knowledge to society and strengthen the university’s role as an innovative institution that generates new knowledge for the benefit of society at large. The Agrifood Campus of International Excellence (ceiA3) More information at
    18. 18. Research This is a Health Research Institute accredited at national level by the Carlos III Health Institute . It was founded on April 24th, 2008, following the agreement signed on June 29th, 2007, between the University of Cordoba and the Andalusian Regional Government’s Departments of Health and Innovation, Science and Business. The IMIBIC is the result of an intense and fruitful collaboration between the University of Córdoba and Reina Sofia University Hospital, the regional centre of the Andalusian Public Health System, which is characterised by its high standards of health care and its solid commitment to the training of health professionals. Its management body is the Foundation for Biomedical Research in Cordoba (FIBICO, in Spanish), which was founded on December 27th, 2007 The Maimonides Institute for Biomedical Research of Córdoba (IMIBIC) More information at http://www.imibic.or g/index/index/lng/en
    19. 19. Research The IUIQFN is a University Research Institute whose main objective is to contribute, in an effective and efficient manner, to the creation of knowledge (basic research), development, and knowledge transfer (innovation) in the fields related to Fine Chemistry and Nanotechnology. The lines of research of the institute address topics of unquestionable interest related to health, agrifood, energy, environment and civil engineering among others. University Institue of Research in Fine Chemistry and Nanotechnology (IUIQFN) More information at: os/investigacion/iuiqfn/
    20. 20. Research UCO Research Centers Maimonides Institute of Biomedical Research (IMIBIC) University Research Institute of Fine Chemistry and Nanochemistry (IQFN) Interuniversity Earth System Research Institute of in Andalusia (IISTA) Interuniversity Research Institute for Bio-energy University Research Institute for Animal Health
    21. 21. Research Research Services and Centres associated with the UCO “Rabanales 21” Science and Technology Park Reina Sofia University Hospital University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Andalusian Germplasm Bank Botanical Garden of Córdoba Central Research Support Services Centralised Experimental Animal Service Spanish Aerobiology Network Center for Early Childhood Care European Documentation Centre
    22. 22. Research UCO and Knowledge Transfer Knowledge transfer projects: 7 million €/ annual average European projects under the seventh EC Framework Programme: 6.8 million € Technology-based enterprises: 27 Patent applications: 102 Research groups: 193
    23. 23. Corporate Videos Video presentation of UCO: alogo-videos_en.html ceiA3 Corporate video:
    24. 24. Teaching Areas Objectives Department of Computer Architecture, Electronics and Electronic Technology Computer Architecture and Technology Electronics Electronic Technology  To educate students to the highest possible academic standards, leading to the award of both taught higher degrees and degrees by research.  To prepare graduate students for a career in Engineering.  To provide students with transferable skills in communications, teamwork and ethics.  To support students in attending technical conferences and other organized scientific events. Our Department
    25. 25. Research groups Department of Computer Architecture, Electronics and Electronic Technology Advanced Architectures of Computers TIC-139 Engineering Projects, Informatics and Automatic TEP-226 Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation (IEI) TIC-240
    26. 26. Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation  The Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation (IEI) group located at the School of Engineering Science, University of Cordoba, is one of the leading R&D groups in Spain in the field of Smart Grids.  The Smart Grid refers to the application of ICT to the electric power sector to improve reliability, reduce cost, increase efficiency, and enable new components and applications. The emergence of Smart Grids together with smart meters, sensors, devices and appliances promises new financial and environmental advantages in the energy market and the overall economy.
    27. 27. Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation • Power quality troubleshooting. • Disturbance and susceptibility testing of loads. • Power system design to better serve ICT loads, "Custom Power". • Electromagnetic Interferences (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Compliance. • Design of fault tolerant industrial systems. • Lighting control (streetlighting and in-building). • Stochastic modelling of energy consumption. R&D capabilities: Quality and efficient use of electricity.
    28. 28. Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation • Advanced electrical distribution automation. • Smart Grids. Micro Grids. • Advanced Instrumentation, sensors and signal conditioning. • Large scale grid integration of renewable energy sources. • Communication infraestructures and wireless technologies. • System on Chip. • Smart Metering. Smart Appliances. Smart Lighting. • Demand Response (DR) • Smart Cities and Communities. • Internet of Energy. R&D capabilities: Distributed Energy Resources
    29. 29. Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation group activities  Our researchers are actively involved in several standardization committees: IEC, CENELEC, AENOR, CIGRE, CIRED; and  In different IEEE technical Societies:  IEEE Industrial Electronics Society or  IEEE Consumer Electronics Society,  e.g. organising both the IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics - Berlin (IEEE ICCE-Berlin 2015) and the IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics- Las Vegas 2016 (ICCE-Las Vegas 2016)
    30. 30. Field and laboratory equipment Power Quality Monitors Fluke 43B Dranetz PowerGuide 4400 Fluke 434 Instruments, waveform generators Agilent 34405A digital multimeter Agilent Infiniium Oscilloscope 500 MHz Agilent DSO3062A digital oscilloscope Tektronix TPS 2012 digital storage oscilloscope Agilent E4403B ESA-L spectrum analyzers Agilent 33120A function and arbitrary waveform generator Programmable Power sources Agilent E3631A Programmable DC Power Supplies California Instruments 9003IX 9kVA 3PH AC Programmable Power Supply Deneb DNB GVD 01 dip generator Electronic loads Zentro Elektrik EL3000 electronic DC load California Instruments 3091LD 3kVA Programmable AC Load Real Time Rapid Prototyping Development Platform National Instrument Compact RIO real-time embedded industrial controller LabVIEW Graphical Development Platform Analysis Software MatLab/Simulink PSPICE PSIM
    31. 31. Funded by the Spanish Government Participants Computational Techniques in Electronic Equipment for frequency Stability electronic sources characterization in environment of confluence with different types of noises. •MCYT DPI2003-00878 •Universidad de Cádiz •Universidad de Córdoba AVANDIS. Advanced infrastructures DA/DSM for efficient management of distribution networks. •PROFIT- 330100-2005-179 •TELVENT •Green Power •AICIA •Medina Garvey •Cia. Eléctrica del Condado •Universidad de Córdoba Research Projects
    32. 32. Funded by Regional Governments Participants PROTECSOL, Automatic System to Protect of Radiation Excess in Thermal Solar Panels • This project was awarded in the “Transfer” Program • Solar del Valle • Universidad de Córdoba M2M System with GPRS/GPS Modules for Remote Monitoring of Solar Panels • This project was awarded in the “Transfer” Program • Solar del Valle • Universidad de Córdoba Analysis of performance patterns in PV systems for improving energy efficiency and reliability. • This project was awarded in the “Transfer” Program • Solar del Valle • Universidad de Córdoba Research Projects
    33. 33. Funded by the Spanish Government Participants Malaga SmartCity. Implementation of a Technology workbench for smart grids. •Program INSIGNIA, CDTI-CICE. •TELVENT Energy •Universidad de Córdoba SEPIC, Embedded Systems for Critical Infrastructure. •TSI-020100-2008-258 Avanza I+D. •TELVENT Energy •Universidad de Granada •Universidad de Sevilla •Universidad de Córdoba Research Projects
    34. 34. Funded by Regional Governments Participants GIAP, Intelligent Management of Public Lighting • Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía. • Valdemar Ingenieros S.L. • Universidad de Córdoba Higher order statistics to characterize power quality events • TEC2009-08988 • Universidad de Cádiz • Universidad de Córdoba Study of the energy situation in the province of Cordoba • Provincial Energy Agency Research Projects
    35. 35. Funded by the Spanish Government Participants TASA, Advanced Techniques for Active Systems • TSI-020100-2010-484. MITYC: Acción Estratégica de Telecomunicaciones y Sociedad de la Información (PN2008- 2011). • TELVENT Energy • Universidad de Granada • Universidad de Córdoba SIDER, Smart Inverter for Distributed Energy Resources: Security, protection and communications • TEC2010-19242-C03-02. • Universidad de Extremadura • Universidad de Cádiz • Universidad de Córdoba Research Projects
    36. 36. Funded by the Spanish Government Participants PV-ONTIME, Intelligent system for production, storage and management of PV on-time • ITC-20131005. Feder-Innterconecta, Co-funded by CDTI, IDEA & CICE Junta de Andalucía. • MAGTEL, Irradia Energía, GreenPower Tech • Universidad de Sevilla • Universidad de Córdoba TIGRIS, Total Integrated GRid Intelligent System • ITC-20131002. Feder-Innterconecta, Co-funded by CDTI, IDEA & CICE Junta de Andalucía. • Telvent, Adevice Sol.,GreenPower Tech,Wellness Tel. Senen, Light Environment Control, Sodinur Cons. • Universidad de Sevilla • Universidad de Córdoba Research Projects
    37. 37. Funded by the Spanish Government Participants Smart Community Energy Management System (SCEMS). • TEC-2013-47316-C3 Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica y Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2016 (Proyectos I+D Excelencia)MINECO • Universidad de Cádiz • Universidad de Córdoba • Universidad de Extremadura Project about Energy Efficiency in Lighting "IT2SIP" • attributed by the Public Work Agency of the Andalusian Government (AOPJA), supported by FEDER grants. • Universidad de Córdoba • HABITEC • Valdemar Ing. SL. Research Projects
    38. 38. PhD work in progress! • Manuel A. López RodríguezEnergy demand model for domestic sector • Emilio José Palacios GarcíaStochastic Modeling and Distributed Energy Resources Integration in the Smart Grid • Manuel Alonso RosaAugmented Reality to enhance the end-use energy efficiency within Smart Grids framework
    39. 39. Relevant technology solutions developed This research leverages a number of relevant technology solutions developed, including:  Smart wireless street lighting system  A new system for sensing, monitoring and treatment of the information in real time for a pioneer MW grid-connected PV park pilot with storage capability  Stochastic modelling for electricity consumption in the residential sector for Demand Response Application
    40. 40. Contact UCO · UNIVERSITY OF CORDOBA A d d r e s s L e o n a rd o d a V i n c i B u i l d i n g C ó rd o b a ( S p a i n ) P h o n e & Fa x P h o n e : + 3 4 9 5 7 2 1 8 3 7 3 E m a i l a m o r e n o @ u c o . e s We b s i te h t t p : / / w w w. u c o . e s / i c e i /e n /