Sysphera - Executive Presentation 15Fev2012


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Sysphera - Executive Presentation 15Fev2012

  1. 1. Executive Presentation Antonio Dutra Junior Board Member January, 2012
  2. 2. The Company
  3. 3. Our Company Sysphera is a Latin American company specializing in the development and maintenance of software solutions focused on planning and control of financial, operational and regulatory process of the company. These business processes are embedded within the concept of Comprehensive Performance Management. Headquartered in Florianópolis-SC/Brazil, Sysphera has a development team trained in the best universities in the country with proven experience in software development for high level management.
  4. 4. Vision and Mission Vision Be recognized by the market as a high quality software supplier in our space, overmatch similar solutions produced in the world and vanquish them in cost-benefit ratio. Mission Enable users of our solutions to achieve a substantial increase in productivity and quality into their daily work, reducing the workload and facilitate the access to right information for decisions.
  5. 5. Company Operations The products developed by Sysphera are delivered to market through the Master Reseller Omnilab and Soft6 using their extensive network of Value Added Resellers (VARs) that operate in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Portugal. Europe México Brazil Mercosul
  6. 6. Sysphera Solutions
  7. 7. Competitive Advantage OTHERS Business Oriented Technical Oriented
  8. 8. Platform Technology
  9. 9. Versions
  10. 10. Sysphera PFO
  11. 11. Sysphera PFO for MicroStrategy
  12. 12. Sysphera-Q PFO for QlikView
  13. 13. Sysphera-Q PFO for Mastersaf
  14. 14. Shared Features
  15. 15. Features
  16. 16. ServicesStep Budget Methodology
  17. 17. Step 1 – Start Budget The first step in the Step Budget Methodology performs the alignment between the customer model, usually created using Excel spreadsheets and the new planning model that will be constructed using Sysphera solution. In the modeling activities we shall propose some new structures or remount some of them in a different way. At this point, the customer is capable to use the product to drive its Financial Planning, loading or copying its data to the new centralized model, start and disseminate the culture over the entire organization. The Methodology will deploy a few reports with all the numbers aggregated and filtered by region, market, product, subsidiary, etc.
  18. 18. Step 2 – Real x Budget At the second stage, the Methodology will improve the data load from all transaction systems, legacy data, accounting systems, production, etc. All model structures now includes the planning scenarios and the actual scenario for comparisons. The data load is 100% automatized and releases the customer from hundred hours of extensive labor and manual inputs using Excel spreadsheets. The Methodology will deploy more detailed reports and comparisons Actual x Budget. At this step only we will need some IT support, to address the legacy systems for the creation of the ETL jobs.
  19. 19. Step 3 – Monitoring Budget Once the customer has the Financial Planning model fed by the budget numbers and the automatized actual numbers data load, the next step of the maturity scale proposes the dashboards creation for monitoring. The control panels will be created based on the customer needs, totally tailored according its business. We will create the alerts for the performance measurement and business rules for the managerial reports. The financial book is delivered too, according the customer standards and regulations, including the desired xx-GAAP. The financial book includes the Balance, P&L, Cash Flow statements and other additional reports.
  20. 20. Step 4 – Simulation Budget The last stage of the Step budget Methodology represents the use of the Sysphera Solution as a predictive tool for scenario creation and advanced simulations. The business user is able to use the advanced WHAT-IF analysis which are primordial for the fastest understanding of customer behavior, market changes, economy crisis, new regulations and how it will affect the company results. Through a graphical interface and using sliders, the business user may change all drivers and immediately see the results on the screen considering all the mathematical formulas, consolidation rules and the centralized model integrity.
  21. 21. Thanks! antonio.dutra@sysphera.comRua Lauro Linhares, 2055Torre Flora, Sala 505Florianópolis-SCFone (+55 48) 3206.3107