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Airport Qatar NDIA Network Monitoring


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Network Monitoring implementation in Qatar

Published in: Technology
  • If you're looking to give the NetCrunch network monitoring system that Qatar airport is using a try, you can find it at
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Airport Qatar NDIA Network Monitoring

  1. 1. Case History CASE HISTORY ✈ Monitoring Time Server in Qatar ✈ Monitoring Time Server in Qatar About this case history With the target of widening Air traffic in their country, Qatar assigned Selex Sistemi Integrati (to day Selex ES) the implementation of the new and modern airport named NDIA (New Doha International Airport). In the main tower a Meinberg LANTIME NTP Server is responsible of distributing accurate time while the server is constantly monitored by NetCrunch. Acknowledgements About the Author I wish to express my sincerest thanks to all people who have taken part in this experience. Particullary Mr. Furio Baroncini with Sincron Srl who believed in my abilities for this important project. Antonio Di Maio, 2012 Antonio Di Maio is a registered Certified Engineer. He is interested in hardware, networking, software, embedded system and how to combine them in order to create new integrated solutions. About my Services » IT PreSales Support » Online Support » Web Application » Software Assistance » Engineering » Custom Application » Technology Consulting » Data Collection » Website & SEO » SNMP Configuration » Embedded System » Networking Website | Email | Skype dimaio_antonio
  2. 2. © Copyright 2012 - Antonio Di Maio All Rights Reserved Antonio Di Maio This document is property of Antonio Di Maio. Any partial or total reproduction is forbidden without the written consent of Antonio Di Maio.For more information please contact the author at More about the Author My name is Antonio Di Maio and I am a Professional Engineer with over eight years of IT technical support and networking experience. My job career started in 2005 just after my master’s degree in Engineering (Dissertation title, Telemedicine ), when EU awarded me with the Leonardo Da Vinci Grant to work abroad (Poland). I am passionate about a new technology and the IT industry as a whole; particularly, I am interested in hardware, networks, software, embedded system and how to combine them to create new completely integrated systems. The areas of my expertise are : technical localization. network analysis, configuration of network monitoring station, design of data collection systems, problem solving, application development, engineering, software, IT support, embedded system, PV consulting. For more information please visit » IT PreSales Support » Online Support » Web Application » Software Assistance » Engineering » Custom Application » Technology Consulting » Data Collection » Website & SEO » SNMP Configuration » Embedded System » Networking Website | Email | Skype dimaio_antonio
  3. 3. Index » Doha International Airport » Air Traffic Monitoring » About Doha » Security Systems at New Airport » The Global Positioning System » Syncronization between Receiver & Satellite » How to determine the Satellite’s position? » Time Server and NTP Protocol » Stratum » NTP Timestamps » The Time Server » Security » LANTIME Network Management Support » The Monitoring Software » Network Infrastructure and Applications » DAY 1 Setting up the NMS » DAY 2 Visualize Network and Data » DAY 3 Services Monitoring » Threshold considerations » DAY 4 SNMP Real time Monitoring » DAY 5 Syslog Monitoring » IT PreSales Support » Online Support » Web Application » Software Assistance » Engineering » Custom Application » Technology Consulting » Data Collection » Website & SEO » SNMP Configuration » Embedded System » Networking Website | Email | Skype dimaio_antonio
  4. 4. Doha International Airport After its ultimate development in 2015, the airport will handle 50 million passengers, two million tons of cargo and 320,000 aircraft landings and take-offs each year. The airport is being constructed near the city of Doha and, when finished, will be approximately two-thirds the size of the city. The baggage system will be monitored through an automated baggage handling system (BHS) by the use of radio frequency identification devices (RFID). It will also augment the in-line security system, which incorporates CTX level three for explosive detection. NDIA will be the central maintenance hub; located in the midfield area, it will be capable of handling up to eight wide-body aircraft, including A380s, and 11 aircraft. The base will feature a single large hangar containing heavy maintenance and light maintenance bays. The workshop building at the back of the aircraft hangar bays will provide specialised maintenance and automated spare parts storage. Air Traffic Monitoring About Doha The airport system will be connected by a fibre-optic backbone system, and the airport operational database to enable further need of additional cabling. The tower, topped by a glazed control room, will allow central control, between the two parallel runways and airside facilities. Air traffic controllers will monitor activities using highresolution LCD monitors. There will also be a training room that can double as a control room in case of emergencies. Security Systems at New Airport Doha is the capital city of the state of Qatar. Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, it had a population of 998,651 in 2008, and is also one of the municipalities of Qatar. Doha is Qatar’s largest city, with over 60% of the nation’s population residing in Doha or its surrounding suburbs, and is also the economic centre of the country. E-gates installed at the terminal will identify the passenger of a particular trip a day before boarding so that suspicious passengers can be tracked before entering or leaving the country. Main Activities in Qatar » Requirement Analysis » SNMP Configuration » Trap Configuration » Server Configuration » MIB Analysis » Cable Troubleshoting » Syslog Configuration » Network Protocols » Remote Assistance » Performance Monitor » Windows Monitoring » Documentation » IT Training » Network Analysis Website | Email | Skype dimaio_antonio
  5. 5. DAY 1 Setting up the NMS The Gate to the NDIA I arrived at the airport around 9 am, and after attending one hour of security course, in a very warm room, the taxi picked me up and took me to the control tower. Here I started working with the server, installing NetCrunch and verifying the requirements of the machine. As second step I imported and compiled the lantime mib files creating a new device definition for the LANTIME Server so that NetCrunch could correctly recognize the device type and perform a proper discovery. Unfortunately after several attemps I found that NetCrunch was not able to ping the time server from the management station even if the lan was very small, consisting of just three nodes. NetCrunch was showing me the switch and the lan ethernet interfaces in UP state, only for a short interval of time, becoming red after a while. I spent several hours with troubleshooting the same things when I started suspecting that the configuration of the switch could be the actual source of the problem. The main office was located far from the site (the new airport is spread over an area of 8,640 acres) and try to reach the IT Manager was really difficult. Time Server Rack The Server Room So in order to clean my doubts I asked for a small external switch (actually there were many just near the desk where I was working). After recreating the network I was finally able to ping all the nodes therefore creating my custom maps. The day after the IT staff confirmed the issue with their cabinet. The configuration was changed and I could continue my job setting up the monitors as requested by the specifications. Main Tasks Summary of Day 1 » Problem Solving » Troubleshooting » TCP/IP Analysis » Requirements Analysis » Cabinet Configuration » Data Managment » Hardware Analysis » Device Definition » NetCrunch Installation » Server Configuration » Network Discovery » Map Customization » Monitor Configuration » Network Visualization Website | Email | Skype dimaio_antonio
  6. 6. If you want to read the full article please contact the author at providing the following information: Name: Surname: Company: Company Email: You request: Website | Email | Skype dimaio_antonio