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The age of Augmented Humanity


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Technology has helped humanity improve our skills and extend our potential. As technology continues to evolve, so has a new path for human enhancement. We are now hacking our bodies. Google Glass and other forms of wearable technologies are just the first generation of consumer products that extend the self, while the development of systems like powered exoskeletons and bionic limbs and eyes are re-defining the future of medicine and human ability.

This talk will explore this future of wearable devices through the lens of User Experience design. As UX designers, how can we approach these new technologies that will require a wider cross-channel strategy for long-term interactions? Connecting the dots of a complex multi-touchpoint experience will require understanding of the new design paradigms of a wearable-first user experience. How can we use design to orchestrate this new level of integration between humans and technology to create the best experiences?

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The age of Augmented Humanity

  1. 1. SHOREDITCH 2015 Antonio De Pasquale AUGMENTED HUMANITY THE AGE OF @myinteraction • #augmented
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Antonio De Pasquale @myinteraction Senior Interaction Designer at frog Milan
  3. 3. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Let’s clarify
  4. 4. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction We will not be talking about this kind of augmentation.
  5. 5. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction WE WILL TALK ABOUT HUMANS VS TECHNOLOGY
  6. 6. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction WE WILL TALK ABOUT HUMANS & TECHNOLOGY
  7. 7. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction WE’LL TALK ABOUT HOW DESIGN IS SHAPINGHUMAN AUGMENTATION
  8. 8. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction AUGMENTED HUMANITY THE AGE OF Interacting with an extension Long lasting interactions The Human augmentation LIVING THE INVISIBLE WORLD
  10. 10. INTRODUCTION “In the coming decade, wearable technology will touch nearly every aspect of our lives. It will allow us to bring the power of the internet 
 to everything we do” Marcus Weller
  11. 11. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Cloud A WIDE PICTURE OF THE HUMAN AUGMENTATION SensorsDevices
  12. 12. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction SECURITY MEDICAL FITNESS FASHION COMMUNICATION LIFESTYLE Emergency services Identity recognitionSurveillanceRescue tracking Vital Sign monitoring Chronic disease management In Vivo / Implants Posture correction Weight / Energy check Sport performance Virtual coach Body cooling Outdoor navigation Decorative display Emotional response Surveillance Personal accessories Group communication Self Management Physical expression Responsive learning Interactive gaming Ubiquitousmedia access Shared experience Working support A WIDE PICTURE OF THE HUMAN AUGMENTATION
  13. 13. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Cloud Devices Sensors How can we interact with them? Enabling new interaction patterns to connect humans & devices
  14. 14. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Adaptive Spoken dialogue system From Interacting with voice recognitions systems to evolved smart conversational interfaces which can adapt to suit the user.
  15. 15. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Slippy interfaces The sloppiness principles: clear context understanding with contents developed for glancing. Enabling user to jump in/out quickly spending as little time as possibile to finalise a task
  16. 16. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Interactions in motion Or the art of simulating the Illusion of Life. 
 Transforming flat surfaces & virtual content into emotional and dynamic interactions.
  17. 17. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction DIGITAL WEARABLES ADAPTIVE SPOKEN DIALOGUE SYSTEM SLIPPY INTERFACES INTERACTIONS IN MOTION The UX Pillars A new set of interaction patterns to enable the augmented experience
  19. 19. INTRODUCTION“The internet will disappear to become part 
 of our presence all the time.” Eric Schmidt
  20. 20. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction What experience do we need? From analog to digital, object needs to find the right balance. ANALOG WEARABLES DIGITAL WEARABLES TV GAMING 
  21. 21. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Mimetic technologies Technology meets fashion. Hardware is fading out in our daily accessories.
  22. 22. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Supporting & guide A personal concierge, smart reliable and always available.
  23. 23. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Meaningful information From data mining to machine learning: how to make value of big data.
  25. 25. INTRODUCTION “The coupling of art and science in The Renaissance gave birth to Da Vinci, its archetypal man. 
 Our time may even see the human race reborn” Imagine Athena
  26. 26. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Amplified senses SIGHT Improving our “input” devices with external accessories SOUND TOUCH TASTE SMELL
  27. 27. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Emphatic relationship Adam Pruden, Wearable drone
  28. 28. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Video full screen (sound / mask) Eidos Augmented Senses
  29. 29. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Power & strengths Improving our “output” devices to maximise our performances Exoskeleton - / Intel Wearable
  30. 30. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Remote device controll (arm muscle controller) (sound / mask) Pro Glove
  31. 31. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Brain extension Improving our “processor” power to increase connectivity and knowledge
  32. 32. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Display adaptive context information (bmw mask) Mini Augmented
  34. 34. INTRODUCTION“Ideas are a dime a dozen. They're not really worth anything unless they're embodied somehow.” Steve Mann
  35. 35. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Eniac IBM TrueNorth WE ARE LIVING THE THIRD WAVE OF COMPUTING
  36. 36. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Neural Architecture Synaptic Chips Devices Sensors Intelligent Wearables Glasses Smartwatches Bands Bracelet THINGS ARE GETTING CONNECTED WEARABLES ARE GETTING SMARTER
  37. 37. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Intelligent Wearables Humans Real World WORLD IS FILTERED BY INTELLIGENT WEARABLES
  38. 38. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Intelligent Wearables Humans Real World Intelligent Wearables Intelligent Wearables
  39. 39. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Intelligent Wearables Humans Real World Intelligent Wearables Intelligent Wearables Invisible World THAT CREATES AN INVISIBLE WORLD
  40. 40. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Humans Invisible World A NEW SPACE OF SMART EXPERIENCES Real World
  41. 41. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction HOW CAN WE DESIGN 
  42. 42. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Augmentation Design principles DISTRIBUTED ACTIONS MICRO INTERACTION COMPLEMENTARY DESIGN LITTLE DATA
  43. 43. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction The right function on the right device. DISTRIBUTED ACTIONS
  44. 44. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction A NEW WORLD OF MICRO-INTERACTIONS Design for fast micro interaction, cropping experiences in short and quick interactions moments
  45. 45. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Hololens COMPLEMENTARY DESIGN
  46. 46. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction LITTLE DATA MATTERS Every data matters. 
 From the world of big data will design behaviour change starting from little, daily patterns that make our experience unique.
  47. 47. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction The Augmentation Service map DISTRIBUTED ACTIONS MICRO INTERACTION COMPLEMENTARY DESIGN LITTLE DATA DEVICE CONTEXT TRIGGER Mobile & Wearable Wearable All platforms Cloud Aware Focused Adaptive Adaptive Mobile / Smart touch Smart touch Voice & Gesture Automatic / Push
  48. 48. INTRODUCTION From a traditional Customer Journey J O G G I N G 6 A M B R E A K FA S T 7 A M TRAIN 8 A M WORK 9 A M LUNCH 1 P M WORK 2 P M TRAIN 7 P M D I N N E R 8 P M C O U C H 9 P M TOUCHPOINTS A C T I V I T I E S
  49. 49. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction TOUCHPOINTSEXTENSIONS The extended journey A space for distributed interactions
  50. 50. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction TOUCHPOINTSEXTENSIONS The extended journey A space for distributed interactions
  51. 51. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Design Challenges How can we use this technologies to improve people’s life? How can we prevent the risks 
 of a deep user experience? The next questions we should ask ourselves when we think of future UX &
  52. 52. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Opportunities & Risk Design experiences to improve human life in a positive way.
  53. 53. INTRODUCTION “Design is about demonstrating how beautiful something can be. It is a way of changing life and influencing the future” Sir Ernest Hall
  54. 54. SHOREDITCH 2015 THANKS! @myinteraction | #augmented
  56. 56. Shoreditch 2015 | #augmented @myinteraction Books Shaping things Bruce Sterling 2005 Microinteractions Dan Saffer 2013 This is Service design thinking Jacob Schneider 2012
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