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  1. 1. D TTR 8400 TTR 9400 TTR 10400 E F A 750 ÷ 900 750 ÷ 900 750 ÷ 900 B 1530 1530 1530 C 1035 1220 1220 D 3315 ÷ 3465 3500 ÷ 3650 3500 ÷ 3650 E 2210 ÷ 2260 2210 ÷ 2260 2210 ÷ 2260 F 2080 ÷ 2130 2080 ÷ 2130 2080 ÷ 2130 A B C TTR 8400 TTR 9400 TTR 10400 Chassis Chassis “ACTIO” – Full chassis with oscillation • Steering wheels • 4 equal wheel drive • Reversibility RGS Engine Type Diesel direct injection with counter rotating weight system (not for 8400) Laws regarding emissions Tier 3/Stage 3A Tier 3/Stage 3A Tier 3/Stage 3A N° Cylinders 3 Turbo Intercooler 4 Turbo Intercooler 4 Turbo Intercooler Displacement (CC) 2082 2970 2970 Power kW/HP (97/68/CE) 48,6/66 64/87 70/95 Maximum engine revs 2600 2600 2600 Torque max (Nm/revs) 265/1200 380/1000 420/1000 Cooling Water Water Water Tank Capacity (litres) 60 60 60 Transmission Synchronised 32 speed gear box: 16 forward and 16 reverse with synchronised inverter PTO Rear, independent and synchronised at 540/540E rpm with progressive electrohydraulic engagement Shaft Profile 1” 3/8 with 6 splines with facilitated engagement Transmission clutch Hydraulic control Drive disengagement Electro-hydraulic control on the front Hydraulic Lift 3 point hitch with hydro-pneumatic suspension with joystick Operating Pressure (bar) 160 160 160 2200 2500 2500 Capacity (Kgf) Hydrolic with 2 pistons Steering Standard: Hydraulic front and rear disk brakes in oil bath. Independent rear steering brakes. Brakes Emergency and parking: band type on transmission. Suspended on Silent Block Platform 31x15.50-15 11.5/80-15.3 340/65 R18 400/55-17.5 425/55 R17 Tyres 1835 1595 1740 1830 1830 310 355 355 345 345 Weight in order of speed: 2000 2110 2130 With frame (Kg) 2120 2240 2260 With cab (Kg) Reversible control tower • Rear or front/rear differential locks with electrohydraulic control • Hydraulic system with 2 Standard Features separate hydraulic pumps • Adjustable steering wheel • Adjustable lifting bars with quick release couplings • Adjustable suspension seat with arm rests • Rear ancillary hydraulic system with electro-hydraulic control via joystick • Rear adjustable height tow hitch • Front tow hitch • Multifunctional digital instrument for Km/h and PTO • Battery • Electrical power point • Safety starting device on the inverter and PTO Optional extras HI-LO system which can be electro-hydraulically engaged when loaded thus reducing set speeds by 20% (64 speeds, 32 forward and 32 reverse) • Extra Comfort cab with heating and air conditioning system fitted on Silent Blocks • Front power lift • Front PTO 1000 rpm with electro-hydraulic engagement • Power lift with hydraulic 3rd point and vertical adjusting links with electro-hydraulic control • Pneumatic seat (adjustable via electric switch) • Up to five types of front hydraulic system with electro-hydraulic control with a maximum of ten quick release hydraulic tappets • Slider tow hitch • Support with six complete front ballast weights • Special non-blocking radiator (not compatible with the front PTO) The description and illustrations in this brochure are provided simply for information purposes; they are not binding and may be varied at any time without notice. KE Hydraulic Suspension Antonio Carraro spa Cod. 4 7318 088 Via Caltana, 24 35011 Campodarsego Padova Tel +39 049 9219921 THE SERIES Fax +39 049 9219933 E-mail
  2. 2. Superspecialist Whether in mountain pastures, on hillsides & slopes, plains and tundra in Northern Europe, road embankments, flood plains, in city parks and gardens, sports grounds ranging from football pitches, riding grounds and golf courses, or any other sector which requires grass cutting and maintenance, the Ergit TTR is the specialist of its category. in grass cutting and maintenance Its operational speed, precision of manoeuvrability and capacity for working on slopes is truly amazing: amongst Antonio Carraro’s “flagships” the TTR is a superspecialised, “made to measure”, multifunctional, modern concept tractor. Its compactness and unbeatable stability due to its width, low centre of gravity, four equal wheel drive with wide track combined with an exceptionally powerful motor, constant traction and its markedly reduced turning circle means that the TTR is capable of working on all types of terrain and can cope with all difficulties and unevenness in all conditions and climates throughout the whole year. Reversible drive, the multifunctional joystick with KE hydraulic suspension and the extraordinary visibility greatly enhance its ergonomics make the task at hand easier by noticeably reducing the operator’s fatigue while increasing average operational time with a consequent saving of time and energy. The TTR can quickly and easily change a large number of tools and pieces of equipment thereby enabling it to carry out a wide variety of tasks even beyond those for which it was originally designed. It is an environmentally friendly tractor that it is silent and clean.
  3. 3. Multifunctional: Designed to satisfy the needs of those involved in the cutting and maintenance of grass, from haying to sports grounds, the fact is that the TTR is also a multifunctional tractor capable of carrying out a range of activities: tidying up, foraging, barn maintenance, farm maintenance, summer and winter road maintenance, forestry and many tractors, one talent building site work to name but a few. Modifying it is simple: the integrated system which is made up of power lift-hydraulic system-PTO allows for the rapid exchange of the most useful tools and pieces of equipment on the front or rear or simultaneously on both. If necessary different tyres can be fitted, the drive direction can be chosen via RGS™ the reversible drive system and the TTR does the rest. It is amazing to see it working to an extremely high standard in any type of environment and on every type of terrain: the combination of exceptional agility and good engine power with equipment such as the fork lift, front loader, side arm, snow blade, mower, trailer, cutting machine just to mention the most commonly used tools, gives the operator, situation after situation, the sensation of having not one tractor but many.
  4. 4. ACTIO™ Full Chassis with Oscillation: one feature, many positive points The System known as ACTIO™ consists of a powerful, steel section which forms an integral part of the axle, which houses both a front and rear transmission and has an articulated joint which allows for longitudinal oscillation of a good 15 degrees. Essentially with ACTIO™ the TTR acts as a single unit made up of two completely independent tractors of the same mass and dimension which oscillate independently of each other following the contours and different gradients of the terrain, thereby maintaining constant stability and grip. With its overhanging engine the total weight of the tractor can be redistributed - 60% of its weight on the front axle 15° and 40% on the rear one. Ideal balance that becomes perfect when rear equipment is fitted: 50% on the front and 50% on the rear. A feature which is maintained throughout the task at hand thanks to the KE hydraulic suspension. The ACTIO™ system provides for the use of four large equal wheel drive; the TTR has, final drive reduction gears on both axles, fitted with wide, low pressure tyres that create minimum ground pressure at only 0.6 Kg/cmq, which is a great advantage for grassed areas, especially for those on slopes. The constant grip of the tyres with the ground due to the longitudinal oscillation allows the engine to ground all its power with consequent advantages in terms of productivity and safety. TTR TRACTOR ADVANTAGES • Short wheel base and tight turning circle = maximum manoeuvrability on all types of terrain. • Better distribution of weight = maximum grip, less wear and tear on tyres. • Central, lower drive position = favours the adoption of RGS™ reversibility; the prolonged use of the tractor is less stressful with respect to more traditional tractors; greater protection for the operator. • Transmission inside the chassis = good ground clearance, lower centre of gravity; maximum stability even with transverse speeds on steep slopes and in the case of loss of grip, sliding of the tractor avoids a roll over. • Doubling of the total mass of the tractor and ample lateral oscillation = the parts of the tractor counterbalance each other thereby maintaining maximum adherence of the tyres to the ground. A TRADITIONAL TRACTOR • Possibility of being fitted with 4 large equal wheel drive = greater traction, greater floatation.
  5. 5. RGS™, RevGuide System: Steering: 5 seconds changes your life sensitive and at the ready The TTR is a tractor with a short wheel base with accurate, ever ready steering and despite its width has an extremely narrow steering circle which guarantees it a great capacity for working on rocky terrain, terraces, basins and difficult situations. The steering wheel with hydroguide is sensitive and respond quickly in all situations: on slopes, with transverse speeds, on uneven ground and when zigzaging between trees and bushes. By disengaging the front axle and using the steering brakes the turning circle is reduced to a minimum, this is improved further by the “superbend effect”: the front wheel on the inside of the bend, due to the geometry of the steering arms, independently increases its own steering angle thus eliminating any problem regarding vehicle locking. The minimum internal turning circle is 1700 mm (67 in) while the external is 3000 mm (118 in). With the RGS™ system the Ergit TTR inverts the drive direction in 5 seconds. It is sufficient to release the block on the driver seat to make the monogroup, which consists of the seat-joystick-steering wheel- dashboard-pedal board, rotate through 180 degrees. ADVANTAGES The result is amazing: not only does it offer a different field of vision but • Articulated homokinetic joints = tight steering without wheel locking; also the tractor’s operational advantages increase, because with just • Disengagement of front axle = less space is needed for manoeuvre one tractor, the TTR, you can do many things well in very little time. without damaging the ground; The RGS™ system plays an integral part of the tractor’s • Steering brakes = the tractor can practically turn on itself. multifunctionality, it simplifies the task at hand, increases accuracy and • Hydraulic system “group1”, completely independent, receives its quality and dramatically reduces any stress to the operator. power directly from the engine = serves first of all the hydroguide We really can say: 5 seconds changes your life system and then the control solenoid valves thereby guaranteeing that the steering is always power assisted. ADVANTAGES • Rotating monogroup, which consists of the seat-joystick- steering wheel-dashboard-pedal board = inversion of the drive direction without disrupting any connection. • Centre of rotation of the monogroup coincides with the centre of the driver seat = constant visibility of equipment in both drive directions. • Clutch and brake pedals are suspended from the monogroup and can be turned over and folded away = no need for two sets of controls; more space available for the operator in both drive positions; rotation effected without interference from the gear stick. “GROUP ONE” HYDRAULIC SYSTEM
  6. 6. KE Hydraulic Suspension with Multifunctional Joystick G 5 F 2 C 1 4 D E H I L 3 M A B RAISE AND LOWER Just with the right hand it is possible to control all the ANCILARY HYDRAULIC SYSTEM KE SUSPENSION Pushing the lever forward causes the power lift group to lower, functions of the power lift and ancillary hydraulic system of The joystick allows all of the hydraulic couplings to be used The ACTIO chassis combined with the KE system allows for the and in pulling it back to rise; when it is released, the action in the TTR. without ever having to take the hand off the joystick and equal division of the tractor’s total weight with equipment over process is blocked. therefore the lifting of the implement is always under control. all four wheels along with full exploitation of the TTR’s stability Pulling the lever back gently, allows us to obtain movement of It is just like playing a video game, with the difference that The system provides for the use of two frequent use, double and grip in extremely steep conditions. small and slow implements; while pulling it right back, results the reality facing us is real not virtual –even if extreme- effect couplings which are usually in charge of the lateral in the rapid lifting of implements allowing optimal speed of where Antonio Carraro tractors operate on a daily basis. movement of the equipment. Both are activated by simply A selection lever [4] controls the engagement and manoeuvre. moving the lever of the joystick to the left or right. disengagement of the suspension effect on the implements, By pushing the lever forwards we can accurately control the Highly ergonomic, the joystick control is positioned to the Another two double effect couplings are controlled with the red removing the possibility of accidental disengagement that position and speed of the implements’ decent. right of the driver’s seat on a comfortable, reclining armrest buttons [A,B] positioned on the top of the handgrip; while with might prove to be dangerous. By pressing the red button [1] with the forefinger, positioned in that doesn’t obstruct the operator’s access to the driver seat switch [C], with safety device against accidental engagement, the front part of the joystick’s handgrip we select the floating and remains in the same position with reverse drive. it is possible to select the position for continual delivery of oil The two green buttons [L,M] positioned on the top part of the position that allows us to carefully put down the equipment on used by the hydraulic motors. joystick’s handgrip vary the quantity of weight on the rear axle. the ground. The yellow buttons [D,E] control the simple effect hydraulic Basically, the transferred weight can be continually increased With the disengagement of the hydropneumatic suspension coupling; while with the commutator [F] it is possible to choose or decreased according to the slope’s gradient, the ground’s system, the speed of decent of the equipment can be to have the oil reflow positional or floating. unevenness and the forward speed. MULTIFUNCTIONAL JOYSTICK controlled via a unidirectional flow regulator [2] that doesn’t Button [G] electrohydraulically controls the front power lift interfere with lifting speed. (optional) thanks to which it is possible to use two pieces of The pressure imposed on the hydropneumatic accumulator is The implement mounting phase is aided by the system of equipment at the same time. shown on the manometer [5] along with its reset time due to adjustable arms with quick release catches and the existence The system of hydraulic couplings is the intelligent “push-pull” uneven movement by the equipment occurs automatically: of the possibility of being able to move the arms via a button sort and thanks to its internal decompression chamber permits and so the operator is free to concentrate on the tractor’s [3] on the outside of the cab. connection of equipment by the operator, even when the speed in safety. The buttons [H,I] control the right vertical hydraulic rod and circuit is under pressure and allows their automatic, antishock the third point hydraulic rod respectively. disconnection should the unhooking equipment have been The new concept of the KE system is extremely sensitive to the The maximum lifting capacity is 2600 Kg, the highest for overlooked. Basically the use of equipment such as the rear variations in working conditions and allows it to operate with all vehicles of this type. shovel, loader, fork-lift, baler, self-loading trailer and all the types of implements, even the heaviest ones, with maximum others that require hydraulic movement is carried out without safety. ever having to let go of the joystick.
  7. 7. Ergonomics and Comfort: guaranteed advantages TTR TRACTOR A TRADITIONAL TRACTOR PLATFORM THAT REST ON 4 “SILENT BLOCK” All the elecrohydraulic controls are on the joystick positioned The TTR’s ergonomics focuses on achieving tangible results in on the right arm rest of the seat support, which means that it terms of less operator fatigue-greater productivity. turns around with the RGS™ system; the HI-LO control is on First and foremost its efficient, streamlined design guarantees the gear lever; the steering wheel is adjustable; the levers and easy access, provides more space for the foot board, protects pedals are sensitive. and surrounds the operator, and allows for rapid inspection. The instrument panel is amongst the best and is easy to read: The driver’s seat and the four post protection frame or cab* there is a screen which by day is antireflective and back lit by are positioned on a sealed platform which is “suspended” night, an “on-off” information system (only the functions in use on Silent Block bearings which counteract against noise and appear on the display), a digital speedometer and rev-counter vibrations and which reduce shocks while the tractor is for the PTO. moving. The adjustable suspension driver’s seat with lateral support for transverse operation, is positioned at the tractor’s central point of oscillation therefore shaking and transverse movements are reduced to a minimum and even after many hours of work there is no sensation of tiredness. * optional
  8. 8. The “Extra Comfort” cab Safety: active and passive TTR TRACTOR A TRADITIONAL TRACTOR “EXTRA COMFORT” CABIN The conditioned air which is produced can cool the The braking system is integral and while braking the tractor With its attractive, light and transparent design, which is Its low centre of gravity, maximum external width (1968 mm), environment even when the engine is running at extremely low remains perfectly stable even with the front axle disengaged. streamlined and devoid of sharp edges, the “Extra Comfort” cab grip, power, execution speed, solidity, even its design all rpm, whilst the the central heating comes from a system which This allows, amongst other things, homologation for speeds up was specifically designed for the Ergit TTR to be able to work contribute to the TTR being an extremely safe tractor. is capable of counterbalancing very severe temperatures. to 40 Km/h (25 mph). The front braking system disengages comfortably and safely in hot, dusty environments such as when The benefit of the ACTIO™ chassis keeping the centre of gravity Aboard the “Extra Comfort”, which is fitted on a suspended automatically when the steering brakes are in use, thereby carrying out grass cutting, roadway maintenance or when low gives the tractor maximum stability even on very steep platform, noise levels are well below the legal limits even when reducing the steering circle to a minimum in narrow spaces. working on building sites. slopes: in fact in critical situations such as when the vehicle the engine is under load. Again, the short wheel base and tight steering allow rapid Its internal comfort is complete, thanks to its spaciousness, loses grip the vehicle mov es laterally in order to avoid rolling disengagement in all situations; many available speeds and perfect field of vision in both drive directions, low noise and over. Furthermore, the ample central oscillation guarantees the therefore a minimum gap between one and another ensure vibration levels and to its excellent heating and air wheels perfect grip on all types of rough or sinking ground and operational continuity in all situations; the electohydraulically conditioning systems. consequently constant traction and optimisation of the power controlled differential lock, which can be on just the rear or on The efficiency profile of the “Extra Comfort” is rendered even going to the ground. both axles according to the situation, rules out dangerous lighter by the curvature of the front and rear windscreens which The TTR’s stability on slopes is markedly improved by the KE sliding and gives the tractor superb traction and provides the along with the totally glass door maximise the operator’s visibility hydraulic suspension system and the electronically controlled vehicle with maximum grip. and the light inside the cab. All the glass surfaces can be rear implements with automatic charging of the pressure The protection frame and the cab which are homologated opened, whilst the excellently distributed, forced ventilation accumulator, which allows part of the weight of the equipment to (EEC homologation) for elevated impact loads, the central creates the effect of internal pressurisation. The incoming air is be loaded on to the rear axle. In this way it can get up slopes driver’s position which protects and surrounds the operator and purified by large filters. The elegant roof of the cab is positioned which are inaccessible to other tractors. is devoid of sharp edges complete the picture of the TTR’s on four strong posts and houses the four working head lights The TTR has a powerful, integral braking system with internal, active and passive safety systems. and inside there is the powerful heating and air conditioning unit hydraulically controlled oil bath disks that do not suffer from which runs on the ecological fluid R134A. wear and tear and do not need to be adjusted.
  9. 9. “GROUP TWO” HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Machine/equipment: harmonious technology system A B E G F C D H The front power lift [B] allows two tasks to be carried out The front ancillary hydraulic system* [F] with its electronic The total system made up of the power lift- hydraulic system- The hydraulic system from “group two” is independent of the simultaneously. For example: rear grass conditioner with front control is made up of one simple effect distributor with capacity -PTO [A] means that the TTR can use a vast number of different “group1” which operates the hydroguide system and the side-delivery rake (haying), front snow blade with rear gritter regulator, an outlet for returning oil and two double effect pieces of equipment that can also be very large in size. electrohydraulic controls. (roadways in winter). The front quick release catches can be distributors. The power lift is a vertical cylinder monogroup with a 3 point The basic system is made up of 3 double effect distributors easily removed in order to allow the equipment to be directly This system is used with equipment such as side-delivery hitch with quick release catches; its pump and hydraulic system with electrohydraulic controls controlled by the joystick on stirruped to the chassis. rakes, snow blades and gritters are autonomous. the right armrest of seat support [E]. The control for the Numerous configurations can be achieved, up to 10 quick The rear position control lifter with an automatically controlled power lift is also located in this position and does not alter with The electrohydraulically controlled, front PTO* [B] (1000 rpm) engagement [H], front, hydraulic outlets. 3 point KE hydraulic suspension hitch allows part of the weight the varying drive position that is achieved by activating the with its progressive engagement and safety switch does not of the equipment to be loaded on to the rear axle thereby RGS™. The basic standard configuration is made up of 6 need any maintenance. The TTR’s completely independent PTO [I] is available in two considerably increasing the vehicle’s grip and stability and also quick couplings on the rear [G]. The hydraulic connections can All the tractors from the Ergit Series have the possibility to be speeds: 540 rpm and 540E (750 rpm). allowing it to be able to work on extremely steep slopes safely. be engaged and disengaged even under pressure due to the fitted with the power lift and front PTO even after purchase. As standard, the PTO is synchronised with the speeds of the The electrohydraulic movements of the vertical tension rod and fact that they have and internal compression chamber. They gearbox which can be set while the vehicle is in motion and top link* [C] make adjustment of the driver position fast and are of the this manoeuvre is indispensable when in critical situations with easy, while the slider hook* [D], which is a trailer hook with push-pull quick release type. This allows them to be tractor and trailer. quick vertical adjustment, allows the height of attachment of the disengaged without damaging the hydraulic tubes that are The PTO’s shaft is type ASAE 1 3/8 and is the same for all trailing equipment to be optimised. connected to them. speeds. ADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES • No interference with “group one” hydraulic • PTO shaft comes fitted with special chamfers system = easy engagement of cardan shaft. • Less heating of the oil • Speed 540E (750 rpm) = notable fuel saving. • Constant speed of hydraulic motors • PTO is synchronised with the speeds of the gearbox which can be set while the vehicle is in motion = ideal for using tractor-trailers and other equipment. * optional
  10. 10. The Engine: Transmission and Gear Box: power, ecology many speeds in logical sequence I L M N O The electohydraulically controlled The TTR has a large, sensitive clutch which doesn’t require The TTR has a direct injection, diesel engine that incorporates The PTO clutch has electrohydraulic controls and progressive HI-LO system* which can be engaged any adjustment due to the fact that the hydraulic activation the most advanced combustion and injection systems. engagement [M] with a safety switch which prevents the while the vehicle is loaded and at makes up the slack which comes about through usage. The range of engine capacities stands at 66 (TTR 8400), 87 accidental activation of the engine when the PTO is on. It is almost any revolution, allows for a (TTR 9400) and 95 (TTR 10400) which produces extremely made up of 9 synthesised oil bath disks and doesn’t need any 20% reduction of set speeds and to The TTR’s gear box with its helical shaped gears has high quality four wheel drive right from very low revolutions. maintenance whatsoever. therefore have 32+32 speeds. 32 speeds, 16 forward and 16 reverse. In addition it has a The TTR has a safe and durable engine with low fuel It is made up of two multiple clutches synchronised inverter which allows the drive direction to be consumption; its maintenance is cheap and easy [L] with its ADVANTAGES each with nine synthesised oil bath inverted even when the tractor is in motion. parts always being repairable. It is an environmentally friendly • Less engine load effect during engagement disks. The electrohydraulic engine equipped with intercooler and EGR which was • Less stress to the PTO shaft engagement of one clutch automatically disengages the designed in full accordance with the CEE “PHASE 3A” law • No effort required by the operator other one that is carried out by a series of mechanical ADVANTAGES and is also compliant with European and the American EPA • Reduction in running costs springs. • Synchronised gear box with helical shaped and CARB laws regarding exhaust emissions. gears = longer life span of the transmission Noise levels have been reduced to the bare minimum. even with frequent speed changes; The electrohydraulically controlled differential locks [N] can ADVANTAGES no locking during gear changes; low noise be on just the rear or alternatively on both axles: by using the • Many speeds available = better use of levels, wide speed range in logical sequence. ADVANTAGES rear lock the possibility of dangerous slip is prevented whilst power; reduction in the speed intervals of • Special design, large dimensions of internal parts, the steering remains free therefore enabling the path to be one gear and another; constant operation in high quality of components = reliable engine. corrected; by using both locks simultaneously maximum all situations; lower fuel consumption; • Tunnel crankcase in a single cast iron structure, traction is obtained. reduction in running costs. high thermodynamic efficiency = compact engine • Two multiple clutches = a clutch is always and a reduction in tractor size. The electrohydraulically controlled disengagement of the engaged which ensures that the transmission • Large dimensions of reciprocating parts, robust front axle [O] is useful for reducing the turning circle without is always connected to the engine, even tunnel crankcase, repairable engine shaft, damaging the soil and when running at road speeds. when turned off; no need for adjustment at extractable liners = long engine life with repair It provides for less wear and tear on the tyres, lower fuel any point of the clutch’s life span. costs reduced to the minimum. consumption and less stress on the steering system. • Lower fuel consumption, doubling of interval Even with the disengagement of the front axle the breaking between oil changes, hydraulic tappets, high quality system remains integral on all four wheels. components and accessories = economical engine. * optional