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  1. 1. HYDROSTATIC &REVERSIBLE Chassis Engine Type Laws regarding emissions N° Cylinders Displacement (CC) Power kW/HP (97/68/CE) Maximum engine revs Torque max (Nm/revs) Cooling Tank Capacity (litres/gal) Transmission PTO Shaft Transmission clutch Drive disengagement Hydraulic Lift Operating Pressure (bar) Steering Brakes Platform Tyres Front Rear Minimum external width (mm/in) Ground clearance (mm/in) Weight: With roll bar (Kg/lbs) With cab (Kg/lbs) Standard Features Optional extras 2265/89.2 3495/138 710/28 1595/62.8 1190/46.9 2205/86.8 1790/70.5* The dimensions are calculated in mm/in with 250/80-18 tyres *Height calculated with the operator of average height sitting (cm/in 175/68.9) TRH 9400 TRH 9400 F ACTIOTM – Full chassis with oscillation • Steering wheels • Reversibility RGSTM 4 equal wheel drive 4 unequal wheel drive Diesel indirect injection with counter rotating weight system Tier 3/Stage 3A Tier 3/Stage 3A 4 Turbo 4 Turbo 2970 2970 59,8/81 59,8/81 2600 2600 274/1800 274/1800 Water Water 60/16 60/16 Hydrostatic – Continual variation of forward speeds in both drive direction from 0>40 Km/h with a mechanical selector of the 4 speed variator – “Automotive Eco-Power” device and Speed Fix Rear, independent and synchronised at 540/540E rpm with progressive electrohydraulic engagement Profile 1” 3/8 with 6 splines with facilitated engagement Hydraulic controll Electro-hydraulic control on the front Position and draft control with 3 point hitch - Capacity (Kgf/lbs): 2300/5070 160 Hydrostatic with 2 cylinders Standard: Hydraulic front and rear disk brakes in oil bath - Independent rear steering brakes Emergency and parking: band type on transmission Suspended on Silent Block TRH: 250/80-18 320/70 R20 11.5/80-15.3 320/65 R18 300/70 R20 400/55-17.5 31x15.50-15 TRH F: 280/70-16 29x12.50-15 250/80-18 320/70 R20 11.5/80-15.3 320/65 R18 300/70 R20 400/55-17.5 31x15.50-15 320/70 R20 36x13.50-15 1380/54.3 1460/57.5 1430/56.3 1460/57.5 1410/55.5 1690/66.5 1690/66.5 1420/56.0 1660/65.4 275/10.8 335/13.2 275/10.8 275/10.8 310/12.2 26010.2 240/9.45 335/10.6 270/13.2 1990÷2090 - 4390÷4610 1940÷2040 - 4280÷4500 2140÷2240 - 4720÷4940 2090÷2190 - 4610÷4830 Reversible control tower • Front or front/rear differential locks with electrohydraulic control • Hydraulic system with 2 separate hydraulic pumps • Adjustable steering wheel • Lifting bar with quick release couplings • Adjustable, suspension seat • Safety Belts • Foldable safety frame • Adjustable wheel disks • 3 lever rear ancillary hydraulic system with oil return • Rear adjustable height tow hitch • Front tow hitch • Multifunctional dashboard with digital ground speed and PTO rpm indication “Star Light” cab with heating, soundproofing and air conditioning system • Power lift with hydraulic 3rd point and vertical adjusting links • Lifting and hydraulic outlets controlled by “ON/OFF” or “Proportional” Joystick • Front power lift • Front PTO 1000 rpm with electro-hydraulic engagement • Rear PTO 540/1000 rpm • Adjustable lifting bar with quick release couplings • Adjustable lifting bar with Cat. 1-2 sphere • Rear oscillating tow hitch • Slider trailer hook • Front ballast with hitch • Front and rear ballast weights • Cast iron wheel centre for 20” rear wheels The description and illustrations in this brochure are provided simply for information purposes; they are not binding and may be varied at any time without notice. Antonio Carraro spa Via Caltana, 24 35011 Campodarsego Padova Tel +39 049 9219921 Fax +39 049 9219944 E-mail Cod. 4 7318 114 - 02/2009
  2. 2. HYDROSTATIC &REVERSIBLE INNOVATION AND VERSATILITY ON ALL FRONTS From specialised agriculture to greenhouses, from sowing to harvest, from road to public green area maintenance. Wherever repeated, forward and reverse actions in quick succession are needed, even on steep or sloping ground using vastly differing equipment, now there is the TRH: an Antonio Carraro revolution. The TRH is in fact the only reversible tractor with a hydrostatic transmission, permitting the extraordinary availability of choice between an infinite speed range, in both drive directions thanks to the electrohydraulic inverter as well as both the “Automotive Eco-Power” device that handles the tractor’s forward speed and the “Speed-Fix” device that allows for the setting of the ideal speed in accordance with the application and for it to be automatically maintained. Furthermore the TRH is fitted with ACTIO™, a full chassis with oscillation that guarantees maximum stability, grip and safety on all types of ground: an exclusive Antonio Carraro technology, developed with twenty years of research and experience. Greater possibilities, greater productivity and less stress: The TRH is not just a new tractor but a new way of working.
  3. 3. The TRH was designed to meet the most diverse usage demands by taking full advantage of its absolutely special technical characteristics. Its compact dimensions and extraordinary manageability allow it to operate in any space whatsoever: even in the most difficult or confined space. The draft position and control lift can be replaced, on request, by an on-off or proportional joystick integrated with the hydraulic system. This lifting-hydraulic system- PTO integrated system allows for the installation of a wide range of equipment: front and rear loader, snow blade and turbine, forklift, excavator, reach mower, plough, sprayer, mulcher, mower along with other implements that when used individually or in groups can change the tractor’s set up without any difficulty, thanks also to a vast range of tyres available. Its reversibility greatly increases its versatility of use and the PTO, independent from the hydrostatic transmission, allows the engines power to be fully exploited whilst driving the tractor at an ideal constant speed without stress. The TRH represents a truly unique solution in any operative situation. A multipurpose tractor with unique characteristics
  4. 4. Km/h Km/h Miles/hMiles/h 40 4035 3525 2515 155 530 3020 2010 100 24 18 12 6 0 621 15 9 3 3 129 1815 2421 40 km/h40 km/h 2 1 5 5 4 3 1 HYDROSTATIC &REVERSIBLE One of the TRH’s main innovations is the hydrostatic variator that allows it to operate with 4 different speed ranges [4]: 2 for work (0-10 and 0-20 Km/h) and 2 for transfer (0-30 and 0-40 Km/h) without using the clutch pedal and with total smoothness. A fundamental advantage in reducing both fatigue during use and wear and tear of the mechanical parts: the TRH improves the operator’s quality of life and the durability of the vehicle. It is sufficient to take the foot off the accelerator for the tractor to stop automatically, without pressing the clutch pedal down: this can be used as a further safety device. But that’s not all: it is sufficient to press a button to programme the forward speed with the “Speed-Fix” system [2]. In this way not only the driving of the tractor becomes more comfortable but productivity and accuracy are also increased, particularly during activities such as spraying, spreading fertilisers, planting and the spreading of other expensive and important materials. Also thanks to the hydrostatic transmission it is possible to rapidly change the drive direction with the greatest of ease by moving the direction inversion lever [1] backwards and forwards. In addition, by positioning the manual lever [3] of the accelerator in the zero position, the “Automotive Eco- Power” device is automatically activated and with a pedal [5] allows for the engine revolutions and the vehicle’s forward movement to be controlled: another Antonio Carraro patent. ADVANTAGES OF THE HYDROSTATIC TRANSMISSION: • Continual speed variation = optimal forward movement of the tractor in relation to all operative needs, with less fatigue and greater drive facility. • 4 Speed range selector = choice of different speed ranges • Direction inverter = immediate change of drive direction even when the tractor is in motion • Speed-Fix device = immediate programming of forward speed without pressing any pedals • Automotive Eco-Power device = easy and perfect control over engine revolutions during forward movement Hydrostatic transmission: automatic advantages
  5. 5. 50% 50% 15° ACTIO Full Chassis with Oscillation: Ideal set up in all situations The ACTIO™ system consists of a powerful, steel section which forms an integral part of the axle, which houses both a front and rear transmission and has an oscillating joint which allows for longitudinal oscillation of a good 15 degrees. Thanks to the ACTIO ™ system, the tractor acts as a single unit, made up of two parts with the same mass and dimension which oscillate independently of each other following the contours and different gradients of the terrain, thereby maintaining constant stability and perfect grip. Its overhanging engine is positioned in front of the forward axle: this allows the total weight of the tractor to be redistributed - 60% of its weight on the front axle and 40% on the rear one. Ideal balance that becomes almost perfect when rear equipment is fitted: 50% on the front and 50% on the rear. Furthermore, the ACTIO™ system provides for the use of four large or equal wheel drive. In this way there is better grip and the engine is able to apply all of it power to the ground with consequent advantages in terms of productivity and safety. The wheels are available in a vast range of diameters and with different tyre profiles in order to satisfy all requirements and to create optimum configuration according to the type of ground and usage: from steep ground to grassed areas, from agriculture to road maintenance. ADVANTAGES OF THE ACTIO SYSTEM™: • Short wheel base and tight turning circle = maximum manoeuvrability on all types of terrain. • Better distribution of weight = maximum grip, less wear and tear on tyres. • Central, lower drive position = favours the adoption of RGS™ reversibility; the prolonged use of the tractor is less stressful with respect to more traditional tractors; greater protection for the operator. • Transmission inside the chassis = good ground clearance, lower centre of gravity; maximum stability even with transverse speeds on steep slopes and in the case of loss of grip, sliding of the tractor avoids a roll over. • Doubling of the total mass of the tractor and ample lateral oscillation = the TWO parts of the tractor counterbalance each other thereby maintaining maximum adherence of the tyres to the ground. • Possibility of being fitted with 4 large equal wheels = greater traction, even more balanced weight distribution. THE DISADVANTAGES OF A TRADITIONAL TRACTORTHE ADVANTAGES OF TRH
  6. 6. Changing the drive direction in a short time thus multiplying the operative possibilities whilst remaining perfectly ergonomic: this is another advantage of the TRH. With the RGS™ system it is sufficient to release a safety lock to rotate the entire drive console through 180°: a single monogroup consisting of a seat with optional joystick, steering wheel, instrument and pedal unit. In this way the same tractor can be used in a different way, in accordance with the need of the moment. A concept that coupled to the hydrostatic transmission and the oscillating chassis mirrors the philosophy of the TRH itself: maximum multifunctionality at work with maximum simplicity and comfort for the operator. Steering in tight spaces with great safety Another characteristic of the TRH, in harmony with the Antonio Carraro philosophy is the tighter turning circle compared with traditional tractors. This allows greater manoeuvrability and operative speed, such as when moving between rowed crops or when working in difficult or confined spaces. The turning circle can be further reduced by using the steering brakes without any problem regarding vehicle locking due to the special geometry of the steering angle. It manageability, easy and light driveability are guaranteed by the hydroguide steering: sensitive and quick to respond thereby eliminating operator fatigue and increasing the vehicle’s active safety and guaranteeing the vehicle’s rapid disengagement in the event of difficult or unexpected incidents. ADVANTAGES OF THE RGS™ SYSTEM • Drive position on integrated unit = reversal of the drive direction without disrupting any connections. • Centre of rotation coincides with the centre of the driver seat = constant visibility of equipment in both drive directions. • Suspended foldable pedals = no need for two sets of controls; more space available for the operator in both drive positions ADVANTAGES • Articulated homokinetic joints = tight steering without wheel locking; • Disengagement of front axle = less space is needed for manoeuvre without damaging the ground; • Steering brakes = the tractor can practically turn on itself. • Hydraulic system “Group 1”, completely independent = serves first of all the hydroguide system and then the control group, thereby guaranteeing that the steering is always power assisted. RGS, RevGuide SystemTM : Change your work perspectives
  7. 7. The TRH’s ergonomics finds expression in a perfect integration of the operator with the vehicle: from every point of view. Its compact, protective, streamlined design allows the driver to get on and off the tractor with greater agility and allows the tractor to penetrate narrow rowed crops without damaging them. Ergonomics and comfort Perfect in every way TRH TRACTOR A TRADITIONAL TRACTOR PLATFORM THAT REST ON 4 “SILENT BLOCK” The driver’s seat is positioned on Silent Block mountings which counteract against noise and vibrations, reduce stress and facilitate the control of the vehicle. In addition, being positioned at the chassis’s central point of oscillation shaking and transverse movements are also reduced to a minimum: reducing fatigue, especially on difficult terrain with much unevenness and slopes. All the controls are within easy reach. In addition, the complete instrument panel is easy to read, with its screen that by day is antireflective and back lit by night, contributes to the creation of an ideal working environment: in order to work better with less stress and greater safety in all situations.
  8. 8. “Star Light” cab Visibly futuristic As standard it comes with a homologated ROPS capable of resisting strong impacts, but the TRH can be fitted with a new generation cab that unites a design studied to allow it to get between narrow rowed crops, a particularly resistant frame, automobile style comfort and perfect 360° visibility in both drive directions, at the side, above for high implements, thanks to its sunroof. The efficient cabin seals, and positive ventilation system produce an effect of internal pressurisation. The incoming air is purified by a large efficient filter that on request can be carbon activated. The heating system guarantees maximum comfort in all seasons: in summer the cab is air conditioned, whilst in winter a powerful heating system maintains an ideal temperature even when outside temperatures are very low.
  9. 9. Safety: attention to detail so you can work in peace Like all Antonio Carraro tractors, the TRH encompasses the highest levels of active and passive safety in all technical aspects and working situations. The ACTIO™ chassis keeps the centre of gravity particularly low even in very difficult circumstances. On extremely steep slopes, for example, the vehicle moves laterally in order to avoid rolling over. In addition to this the electohydraulically controlled differential lock, which can be on just the rear or on both axles, rules out the risk of dangerous sliding. The powerful, integral braking system with internal, hydraulically controlled oil bath disks that do not suffer from wear and tear and do not need to be adjusted guarantees braking in confined spaces. This solution allows homologation for speeds up to 40 Km/h. The front braking system disengages automatically when the steering brakes are in use. TRH TRACTOR A TRADITIONAL TRACTOR
  10. 10. A B C D E 1 2 Electrohydraulic Joystick All the functions are in your hand The power lift [A] is a vertical cylinder monogroup with a 3 point hitch with quick release catches, an autonomous pump and hydraulic system with a rear draft position control lift [B]. On request the system can be fitted with electrohydraulic movements [D] of the vertical tension rod and top link in order to make fast and easy adjustments from the driver’s position, and also the slider hook [E] with quick height adjustment of the attachment of the trailing equipment. The front power lift [C] (on request) optimises combined operations. Such as the front grass cutter with rear crop sprayer (orchard), front trimming machine and rear mulcher (vineyard), front snow blade with rear gritter (winter roadways). The front quick release catches can be removed easily in order to mount the equipment directly to the chassis. Tractor and equipment: Technology in harmony The TRH offers the possibility of using a large number of pieces of equipment: on the rear, trailing and frontal, on the front, frontal and top fitting, with the greatest of ease an perfect control thanks to the integrated system comprised of power lift-hydraulic system- front and rear PTO. But that is not all: in addition to the basic version controlled by traditional levers, the system can be fitted on request with an electrohydraulic joystick that comes in two versions: on/off and proportional taking it to even further towards the cutting edge in terms of ergonomics and multifunctionality. The on/off joystick [1] activates the power lift and the front and rear hydraulic outlets and is integrated with the standard controls of the draft position control lift: when the joystick is activated the lift has a simple effect with the possibility of floating action with a speed regulator of the lift. This combination of devices allows easy switching from lifting to draft control lift for operations needing maximum stability of the equipment, such as ploughing, loading activities in which the joystick guarantees maximum agility and accuracy of movement. The proportional joystick [2], apart from offering the same functions as the on/off version, allows the regulation of the flow of oil to the hydraulic outlets and the power lift via the movement of the joystick’s lever. This guarantees absolute control over the speed and movement of the equipment. In addition to this there is a flow regulator to the hydraulic outlet that allows the control of the functioning and speed of any hydraulic motor. There are many different functions, always controlled by the hand, thanks to the coloured switches on the ergonomically designed control stick. ON/OFF JOYSTICK PROPORTIONAL JOYSTICK
  11. 11. F G H N P Q OI L M Hydraulic system: Maximum versatility The hydraulic system from “group two” [F] is independent of the “group one” system which operates the hydroguide system and the electrohydraulic controls. The base system has 3 levers [G] and guarantees the correct functioning of the equipment with hydraulic motors and valve movements used at the same time. It is made up of 3 distributors: one double effect connected to the rear, a double effect with floating position and lever block connected to the rear and replicated at the front, one simple effect connected to the rear and an oil reflow. The basic standard configuration is made up of 6 quick couplings on the rear and two on the front [L]. ADVANTAGES • No interference with “group one” hydraulic system • Less heating of the oil • Constant speed of hydraulic motors The PTO [N] is completely independent and available in two speeds: 540 rpm and 540E (750 rpm) and synchronised (on request 540/1000 rpm). The PTO’s shaft is type ASAE 1 3/8 and is the same for all speeds. As standard, the PTO is synchronised with the speeds of the gearbox that can be set while the vehicle is in motion and this manoeuvre is indispensable when in critical situations with tractor and trailer. ADVANTAGES • PTO shaft comes fitted with special chamfers = easy engagement of cardan shaft. • Speed 540E (750 rpm) = notable fuel saving • PTO is synchronised with the speeds of the gearbox which can be set while the vehicle is in motion = ideal for using tractor- trailers and other equipment. The front PTO [H] (on request) (1000 rpm) has electrohydraulic controls and progressive engagement with a safety switch [I], and doesn’t need any maintenance whatsoever. The PTO clutch has electrohydraulic controls [P] and progressive engagement with a safety switch which prevents the accidental activation of the engine when the PTO is on. It is made up of 9 sintered disks in oil bath and doesn’t need any maintenance whatsoever. ADVANTAGES • Less engine load effect during engagement • Less stress to the PTO shaft • No effort required by the operator • Reduction in running costs The electrohydraulically controlled differential locks [M] can be on just the rear or alternatively on both axles. By using the rear lock the possibility of dangerous slipping is prevented whilst the steering remains free therefore enabling the direction to be corrected. By using both locks simultaneously maximum traction is obtained. The electrohydraulically controlled disengagement of the front axle [Q] is used when running at road speeds, it provides for less wear and tear on the tyres, lower fuel consumption and less stress on the steering system. The “heart” of the TRH is an evolved direct injection diesel engine, with an power output of 81 HP enabling it to cope with any situation it has high torque even at low engine revolutions. In addition this engine is characterised by low fuel consumption, low noise levels, easy low cost maintenance [O]. It is an environmentally friendly engine equipped with intercooler and EGR which was designed in full accordance with the CEE “PHASE 3A” law and is also compliant with European and the American EPA and CARB laws regarding exhaust emissions. Noise levels have been reduced to the bare minimum. ADVANTAGES • Large dimensions of fundamental parts, high quality of components = reliable engine. • Special manufacturing architecture = compact engine and a reduction in tractor size. • Unique cast iron structure with tunnel crankcase = high thermal efficiency • Robust components, repairable engine shaft, extractable liners = repair costs reduced to the minimum. • Lower fuel and oil consumption = economical and lower emissions. The Engine: Powerful and ecological