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  1. 1. IGN • NE W DES 3A ENGINES GE • NE W STA R • NE W GEA 00 HP O1 • PT O UP T ANTY! !! ARR • 2 YE ARS W The new Ergit Series 100, born from the “Kakushin” philosophy, expresses a revolutionary new concept in terms of the bodywork by offering an exclusive and highly recognisable style, that is attentive to the functioning and detail of each component: from the bonnet, to the supports, to the mudguards along with the bullbar, a magnificent accomplishment, synthesising a new idea of a tractor. Thanks to the new front in terms of material research, the bodywork of the “Ergit 100”, completely suspended on “Silent Blocks”, is produced in a new shockproof composite. The “shark-nosed” line improves front visibility and has been studied specifically in order to facilitate maintenance operations. The engine compartment is surrounded by a large meshed grill that guarantees cooling for powers above 100 hp. The front bumpers in cast iron, fine in shape yet strong, have also become an element that protects the engine and allows easy cleaning of the radiator, and houses within its structure the trailer hook and the hydraulic outlets ensuring its durability over time. The Ergit 100 uses revolutionary lighting equipment that guarantees visibility and longer life allowing for safe working and travelling in all conditions. Other extraordinary choices, the world famous engines guarantee superb performance and absolute reliability with a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours. The power ranges, from 60 to 100 hp, use a new extremely quiet transmission, super reliable and perfect for carrying equipment that requires more than 100 hp. For each operator, riding a new Antonio Carraro Ergit 100 is a sign of distinction: an enthusiastic, regenerating experience of agricultural work in the 3rd Millenium.
  2. 2. MODELS TGF TRX TRG TTR SRX 9800 10400 7800 8400 9800 10400 9800 10400 7800 9800 10400 8400 9800 10400 ACTIO chassis TM Steering wheels Steering wheels Steering wheels Steering wheels Articulated STARLIGHT CAB HEADLIGHT GRILLES 4 wheel drive 4 equal wheel drive 4 wheel drive 4 equal wheel drive 4 equal wheel drive High visibility and practical, the new Starlight cab is The grilles protecting the headlights make the RGSTM Reversibility RGSTM Rev. RGSTM Reversibility RGSTM Reversibility even more comfortable and compact thanks to its shockproof bodywork even more attractive. ENGINE Type Diesel direct injection with counter rotating weight system (not for 8400) Laws regarding emissions: STAGE 3A spherical profile. POWER kW/HP 64/87 70/95 52/71 51/70 64/87 70/95 64/87 70/95 52/71 64/87 70/95 51/70 64/87 70/95 SLIDER TOW HOOK Cylinders 4 Turbo 4 Turbo 4 3 Turbo 4 Turbo 4 Turbo 4 Turbo 4 Turbo 4 4 Turbo 4 Turbo 3 Turbo 4 Turbo 4 Turbo PROTECTOR 100 CAB The new slider tow hook is integrated into the rear TRANSMISSION Synchronised 32 speed gear box: 16 forward and 16 reverse with synchronised reverser - Maximum speed 40 Km/h Super compact cab with digitally-controlled linkage and features various positions for optimising POWER TAKE-OFF Independent with progressive hydraulic engagement 540/540E rpm and synchronised PTO pressurisation. The AIR CONTROL display on the tractor set-up. TRANSMISSION CLUTCH Hydraulic control dashboard provides information on the pressurisation. DRIVE DISENGAGEMENT Electrohydraulic control on the front (hydraulic for TGF) The air in the Protector 100 cab remains clean and pure. JOYSTICK DIFFERENTIAL LOCKS Rear or front/rear differential locks with electrohydraulic control (hydraulic for TGF) The “Protector 100” cab is approved to Safety Directive Located on the arm rest of the operator’s seat, it is BRAKES Service brakes: on 4 wheels disk brakes in oil bath with hydraulic engagement 86/298/EEC. useful and handy for simply and precisely controlling Emergency and parking: band type on transmission the equipment in both directions of operation. POWER LIFT 3 point hitch, position and draft control Hydropneumatic 3 point hitch BULLBAR with mixed control (Opt.) Lifting and hydraulic outlets controlled suspension with joystick control (Opt.) with joystick This structured tubular steel element protects the ENGINE by Joystick (Not for TGF) hood and radiator. It integrates the slider tow hook, the Ecological engine equipped with “intercooler”, EGR Capacity (Kgf) 2300 2100 2300 2110 2100 hydraulic outlets and the weights. and compliant with the “Stage 3A” standard. WEIGHT with roll-bar (Kg) 2280 2120 2300 2070 2190 2140 CABINS: STAR LIGHT Soundproof Star Light cab with heating and air conditioning system, window on the roof FRONT WEIGHTS MAINTENANCE PROTECTOR 100 (Only for TGF) Soundproof Protector 100 cab with heating and air conditioning system The new weights are perfectly integrated into the Easy opening of the hood for regular and extraordinary Digital Air Control: Digital control of cab pressurization bodywork of the tractor and has been especially maintenance. COMFORT Drive platform suspended on Silent block designed so as not to alter the length of the vehicle. The descriptions and illustrations published herein are of a merely informative nature and are not binding and may be changed or modified without prior notice. Cod. 4 7318 125