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01 2013 ascend-plus service guide ppt

  1. 1. Service GuideCommunications Audit Overview Our Communications Audit is designed to benchmark exactly what’s working – and what’s not – in your existing communications programme, identifying how your communications strategy needs to change to meet current and future challenges. Our recommendations give you a blueprint for communications excellence that drives better results. What you’ll get We’ll talk to a sample group of stakeholders – customers, employees, media and analysts – to gather feedback on how effective your communications are in reality. We’ll also analyze press coverage to assess just how effective your spokespeople and media materials are at delivering the right messages to the right people. At the end of the process you’ll: • Understand the overall strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s current communications strategy • Know if your resources are hard at work – and not being wasted on ineffective communication vehicles • Receive real-life executable recommendations to improve your organization’s communications strategy. Our 8-step process 1. Determining the key audit areas 2. Choosing the appropriate research method 3. Collecting and Evaluating past communications 4. Query the customer and stakeholder community 5. Query the internal audience (your people) 6. Analyze media coverage 7. Conducta SWOT 8. Present a structured communications plan based on the audit finding With an AscendPlus Communications Audit, you’ll gain all the information you need to take your communications program to the next level. AscendPlus C/O Ascendant Parkshot House 5 Kew Road Richmond, Surrey TW9 2PR United Kingdom 1 www.ascendplus.eu Making Your Voice Heard
  2. 2. Service GuideCorporate Positioningand Messaging for start-up companies Overview You can’t communicate with the outside world until your message is crystal clear and everyone is agreed it represents exactly what your business is all about. Your corporate positioning will clearly define your brand for all stakeholders, setting out your strategy and vision for the marketplace. This will be reflected in all your written, spoken and online communications to external and internal audiences. Meanwhile, your messaging sits at the heart of all marketing communications, providing specific guidance on what your company should say to most effectively communicate your corporate positioning to different audiences. To gain everyone’s input and make it a collaborative process, we recommend a corporate positioning and message development workshop attended by as many of your senior people as possible. Our workshop structure Whats present position? (45 minutes) Individuals brainstorm alone for 5 minutes writing down Strengths; 5 minutes on Weaknesses; 5 minutes on Opportunities and 5 minutes on Threats. Where do we want to get to? (45 minutes) We ask the group to imagine were in the same room next year, looking at the best media headlines there have been about the company. We visualise what these are, and ask what kind of company achieves these headlines? What does that company stand for? Experts in European Communications What stands in our wav? (45 minutes) We work in pairs to look at the common themes we identified in the last section and the vision and values we said we wanted the company to have. We ask each other how realistic these are right now? What makes you different? (45 minutes) We make notes individually then share as a group what we think makes our organisation special and better than the competition. The moderator groups this input into themes — we start to look at what these differentiators have in common. Is it technical excellence? Is it strong community involvement? Is it our motivated sales team and their leads? What does your corporate positioning look like? First we’ll review your different audiences are what we want their perceptions of you to be. In smaller groups we work on an ‘elevator pitch’ that sums up what we all want to say about the organization to different audiences (investor, potential employees, an FT journalist, a Gartner analyst, for example). After the workshop AscendPlus will formulate a brief corporate positioning statement (1 paragraph), a ‘vision and values’ document (1 page) and a messaging ladder with 3‐4 key messages and supporting proof points and sound-bites. AscendPlus C/O Ascendant Parkshot House 5 Kew Road Richmond, Surrey TW9 2PR www.ascendplus.eu United Kingdom 2 Making Your Voice Heard
  3. 3. Service GuideMarketing Content Overview Sharing content can help your organisation achieve a variety of goals – thought leadership, lead generation, increasing sales and improving customer retention. Marketing content means sharing the right information about your organisation with the audiences you want to reach, and measuring the impact so that content can be shared effectively again and again. Marketing content planning 1. Market research We gather as much information as we can on your current sales and marketing strategy and assess the content you’ve shared in the past year, asking how it was received. We’ll also review marketing content available from key competitors and peers and benchmark against these to identify the ‘gold standard’ we want to aim for and the industry information gaps we can try to close. 2. Staff survey We conduct an online survey of your key staff – marketing, sales and product development – asking them what kind of educational and informational gaps they believe exist in the marketplace. We’ll ask them about misconceptions about their products and the industry in general, and get their feedback on your organization’s marketing content and how they’d recommend improving it. 3. Audience profiling We identify your key audiences, segmented by industry, job level and geography. We look at any market research you’ve conducted (including surveys, polls or focus groups), assess the educational needs of these audiences and draw up marketing content profiles for all key audience types. 4. Audience survey We work with your sales team to identify customers or prospects that might participate in a quick online survey to test the accuracy of our audience profiling. 5. Asset audit We’ll help you identify your key information assets (product and technology ‘gurus’, subject- matter experts, R&D centres or NOCs, participation in industry initiatives), spotting those that offer something different to information already shared in the public domain or available from competitors. 6. Marketing content plan We match the needs of the audiences we profiled with assets identified in the survey, reflecting the overall business plan and complementing the existing activities of all departments. Marketing content development Afterwards we can take on the development and copywriting of some of the marketing content in collaboration with your subject-matter experts, ensuring we reflect your corporate positioning and messaging but with interesting and original content. AscendPlus C/O Ascendant Parkshot House 5 Kew Road Richmond, Surrey TW9 2PR www.ascendplus.eu United Kingdom 3 Making Your Voice Heard
  4. 4. Service GuideCommunications Strategy & Planning Overview Your Communications Strategy and Planning process is an essential first step for creating a unified ‘voice’ that links all your diverse activities and goals in a way that appeals to the partners or stakeholders involved. It gives any PR or AR campaign a clear and integrated direction. We can help you find the best path to success in this area in a variety of ways: 1. Annual PR planning We can host or facilitate an annual PR planning meeting where the focus is on reviewing the current communications strategy, assessing its performance against communication objectives, and resetting these if required. Using input from different areas of the business we’ll explore all the potential options. We’ll then compile a communications strategy plan document, setting out your objectives and the target audiences that need to be on side. The plan will explore all available channels to reach your target audiences (including media relations, blogger relations, marketing content, events) and identify how the communications strategy can help you achieve your business goals. We’ll also address what tools need to be in place to measure performance and ensure steps are in place to handle crisis communications. 2. Corporate positioning and message development (see service guide) Ideally a ‘workshop’, this takes place with senior people from as many management functions as possible. Lasting three to four hours, we’ll help you brainstorm your corporate positioning and what you want your brand to mean to all stakeholders. We’ll then help you develop your company messaging. 3. Creative brainstorms If you’re planning a new campaign or facing a business challenge, we can host a brainstorming meeting to identify the right way forward. 4. Marketing content development (see service guide) A strong marketing content programme unlocks the expertise and know-how within your organization and makes this to a wide range of stakeholders, educating them and changing behaviours. We’ll advise you on your marketing content programme and strategy and structure – we can also generate marketing content on your behalf such as white papers, case studies and blogs. AscendPlus C/O Ascendant Parkshot House 5 Kew Road Richmond, Surrey TW9 2PR www.ascendplus.eu United Kingdom 4 Making Your Voice Heard
  5. 5. Service GuideProgram Evaluation Overview Measurable results are key for all organizations today. However, when it comes to communications, there’s no magic formula for evaluating the success of a program. But it can be done if you identify and agree clear-cut communications objectives which will then form the driving force behind your communications strategy and program. Our services 1. Media coverage impact reporting Taking place as a one‐off analysis or conducted on a rolling basis, we’ll analyze your media coverage and its impact on various audiences as well as its role in helping your organization achieve its business objectives. 2. Brand ranking and competitor benchmarking report We‘ll analyze your media coverage and that of your key competitors, and then we’ll give you a detailed report that evaluates your standing in the industry compared to the competition. You’ll get a detailed assessment of the media presence of well-established industry players; as well as that of challengers, visionaries and niche players. Finally, we’ll recommend some potential new approaches – such as thought leadership surveys or research – that can help you challenge the competition and better communicate your industry vision. 3. Stakeholder surveys We survey a cross‐section of your stakeholders to evaluate the impact of the communications program, either as a one-off process or on a regular basis. Working closely with you we will set-up the process and determine the best approach for the program evaluation at hand. After each evaluation we’ll give you a comprehensive report that lets you evaluate the success of your communications program, and how you can improve this for the future. AscendPlus C/O Ascendant Parkshot House 5 Kew Road Richmond, Surrey TW9 2PR www.ascendplus.eu United Kingdom 5 Making Your Voice Heard
  6. 6. Service GuideSocial Media & Digital Marketing Overview To be seen as a thought leader, an organization needs to play an active role in its community, shaping and building it and contributing its ideas and expertise. Social media campaigns give you an opportunity to shape and participate in the dialogue its community members take part in online, and even to form new communities that address the needs of its industry. Effective digital marketing allows you to share marketing content and communicate its messages to audiences online as well as offline – and that’s where we can help. Our services 1. Social audit The Social Audit is the essential first step to identifying all the established and emerging channels and influencers that will be important in reaching the organization’s audiences. As part of the process we’ll uncover the existing conversations surrounding their topics of expertise and their organization. 2. Search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns We review your current SEM campaign and its performance, giving you recommendations on enhancements that may include analytics research, campaign optimization, budget recommendations and maintenance. 3. Online Editorial Outreach (OEO) OEO is similar to media relations but is conducted exclusively with the digital environment. Digital media targets include website editors, bloggers and online communities. These digital media targets differ from ‘offline’ or traditional media contacts because most digital influencers are not trained journalists. As a result, their needs, expectations and content are different. 4. Website content audit We’ll undertake an in-depth review of your website and prepare an audit document that lists every page found trawling the site. Giving you the title corresponding to each URL together with a suggested title from us and a suggested action. 5. Online community building - Twitter Companies are increasingly turning to Twitter to raise their profile and communicate their key messages, as well as keeping track of industry developments and staying in tune with customer demand. We’ll explore the potential for your business – it may be to raise the profile of your CEO, or demonstrate how in touch with customers you really are. We’ll also make recommendations on how you could use Twitter to undertake permission-based marketing. 6. Online community building - LinkedIn Your stakeholders – employees, customers, partners, prospects – use LinkedIn to network, secure deals and extend their professional spheres. We’ll look at how you can harness LinkedIn to build better relations with your stakeholders, the messages you should be looking to communicate – and how. AscendPlus C/O Ascendant Parkshot House 5 Kew Road Richmond, Surrey TW9 2PR www.ascendplus.eu United Kingdom 6 Making Your Voice Heard