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Music to Dream English version


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Presentation for the Music to Dream Tour 2012

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Music to Dream English version

  1. 1. Music to Dream Giovanni D´Amore and the Italian
  2. 2. Giovanni D´Amore and the italian sextet
  3. 3. Contents Brief presentation 4 Show schedule 5 Predicted locations for the tour 6 Artistic cast: 7 1. Giovanni D´Amore 7 2. Stefano Nanni 8 3. Gianluca Nanni 9 4. Luciano Zadro 10 5. Paola Fabris 11 6. Luigi Faggi Grigioni 13 7. Giorgio Fabbri 14 8. Ana Paula Mota 15 Objectives 18 Technical Description 18 Communication Plan 19 Equipment needed per concert 19 Sponsoring Plan 20 1 Platinium Tour Sponsorship 20 10 Diamond Tour Sponsorship 21 5 Gold / Concert Sponsorship 22 10 Silver / Concert Sponsorship 233
  4. 4. Brief presentationG iovanni D’ Amore, an artist of Sicilian origin (Graniti), who later became a Portuguese citizen, presents a compilation of Portuguese and Italian classical music, among other international music that made the repertoire of famous tenors, singers from this and the past century, latelyreinterpreted by the great tenor, Luciano Pavarotti. NIn this project a modern sextet is exploited by some of the most popular Italian musicians withoriginal arrangements written by Stefano Nanni, special maestro of Pavarotti and Pavarotti & Friends,known for recording in our country the Bird of Fire of Igor Stravinsky, and also for having written andperformed the musical theme, “Europe”, for the centenary of the school 1º Jardim Escola Joao de Deus inCoimbra. Modern sounds, timbres, colors. We’ll hear the mandolin – a typical Italian Napolitano instrument -or the accordion. In the repertoire, there is still space for the Portuguese Fado, whose themes were anInternational success interpreted by Amalia Rodrigues and most recently by Dulce Pontes. Sole Mio, Geórgia on my Mind, Granada, Caruso, Canção do Mar, Lágrima, Nel blu dipinto di blu,Mambo italiano, Funiculí funiculá, Com te partiró, among other themes, are a part of the show «Músicapara Sonhar» (Music to Dream). With the Production of Dário Simãozinho and the prestigious artistic cast of: Giovanni D´Amore- Tenor; Paola Fabris – jazz singer; Luciano Zadro - guitar and mandolin ; Gigi Faggi - Trumpet andflicorno; Gianluca Nanni – drums and percussion; Giorgino Fabbri– electric bass; Stefano Nanni – piano,accordion and arrangements; Ana Paula Mota, children’s animator (Picolé from Praça da Alegria - RTP)Giovanni D’Amore & Italian Sextet 4
  5. 5. Show Schedule Data Local Hora2012 January 6 Júlia Pinheiro Show (morning show on SIC channel 3) 6 CCB (Lisbon) 22h 7 Trindade Theatre (Figueira da Foz) 22h February 10 Praça da Alegria Show (morning show on RTP channel 1) 10 Oporto Coliseum (OPorto) 22h 11 Circo Theatre (Braga) 22h March 9 Você na TV Show (morning show on TVI channel 4) 9 Cultural Centre Olga Cadaval (Sintra) 22h 10 Cultural Centre in Malaposta (Odivelas) 22h April 13 A Tarde é Sua Show (afternoon show on TVI channel 4) 13 Mirita Casimiro Municipal Theatre (Cascais) 22h 14 Gil Vicente Academic Theatre (Coimbra) 22h May 11 Boa Tarde Show (afternoon show on SIC channel 3) 11 Fernando Lopes Graça Auditorium (Tomar) 22h 12 Sá da Bandeira Theatre (Santarém) 22h June 8 Royal Theatre (Madrid) 22h 9 Barcelona (location yet to define) July 6 Italy – Verona (location yet to define) 7 Italy – Rome (location yet to define) 8 Italy – Sicily (location yet to define) August 10 Micaelense Coliseum (Ponta Delgada – Azores) 22h 11 Ramo Grande Auditorium (Ilha Terceira – Azores) 22h 12 Tecnopolo Auditorium (Madeira) 17h 12 FNAC Madeira 21h 5
  6. 6. Show schedule - continuation Data Local Hora 2012 Setember 21 Portugal no Coração Show (afternoon show on RTP ch 1) 21 Garcia de Resende Theatre (Evora) 22h 22 Arts & Entertainment Centre in Portalegre (Portalegre) 22h October 12 Bragança Municipal Theatre (Bragança) 22h 13 Guarda Municipal Auditorium (Guarda) 22h November 9 Multimeios Center of Espinho (Espinho) 22h 10 Alcobaça Municipal Auditorium (Alcobaça) 22h December 7 Lethes Theatre (Faro – Algarve) 22h 8 Portimao Municipal Auditorium (Portimao) 22h 14 Switzerland (location yet to define) 15 Switzerland (location yet to define) 28 Casa da Música do Porto (OPorto) 31 Proposal for casino (Lisbon, Estoril or Troia) Predicted locations for the tour Portugal: Lisbon, Figueira da Foz, OPorto, Braga, Sintra, Odivelas, Cascais, Coimbra, Tomar, Santarém, Ponta Delgada, Praia da Vitória (Azores), Funchal (Madeira), Évora, Portalegre, Bragança, Guarda, Espinho, Alcobaça, Faro, Portimão, Porto and Platinum Sponsoring Businesses located in PORTUGAL. Switzerland Rome, Verona e Sicily in ITALY. Madrid and Barcelona in SPAIN Duration from January thru December 2012Giovanni D’Amore & Italian Sextet 6
  7. 7. he moves to the so called city “cradle of music”Artistic Cast: referring to memorial names such as Verdi, Toscanini, Pizzetti, among other notables. He initiates his studies on the violin, piano,1. Giovanni D´Amore percussion, voice, becomes part of the choir, as a listener he attends classes in composition and reading scores. Becomes friends with Adolfo Tanzi’s, studying together Polyphony in the Choir Ildebrando Pizzetti in Parma´s University, and later in the Choir of Teatro Régio. Giovanni´s study refers to Classical and Operatic music, later in life being his future profession, although he is also involved in pop/rock music. With themes and timeless masterpieces which influenced the artist, Giovanni will, duringG iovanni Concolino D’Amore nasce, was his twelve years experience, side by side with his born 260km from Palermo, in the town of classical studies, his performances in luxurious Taormina. His parents are Carmela and hotels, private elite parties through Italy, PortugalFranco. and other countries survive as a pianist in “piano bars”. This is one of the most important stages of His first childhood years were spent in the his life. He sings throughout the world, Malta andvillage of Graniti, his mother’s natural town having Switzerland, in cruises till the United attend compulsory schooling. It´s in this prestigious context that Giovanni Intrinsically in Giovanni is music, at the age of recalls his encounter with the great ambassadortwo, already he used to utter chants, but only at of “Fado”, the Diva and Lady of Portugal Amáliathe age of eight did he start studying music at the Rodrigues. Being it a coincidence or not GiovanniOratory of San Roque, Sondrio. However, his life D’Amore performs in a tv show “Praça de Alegria”changed course and so returned to Sicily. on RTP1, and amazingly the Diva makes a call on air and salute the Sicilian tenor. A great esteem Maestro Luigi Scarpignato´s wisdom was surges between them both.shared with Giovanni. With him he learned hisfirst values. Piano was his prime concern and, as After the death of Amália, Giovanni is invited byhis private tutor, Scarpignato opened other doors her collaborators to honor the great Lady, in whichto this little boy full of charisma. Prepared as he he accepts without hesitation..was for the Conservatory in Parma - 1979/80, 7
  8. 8. Giovanni D’Amore appreciates Opera, sacred Orchestration” and finally in 1997 in Composition.oratorios, lounge novels, musicals, Napolitano andSicilian music, also Portuguese and Spanish music He participates in various traineeships,be them ethical or pop. developing a musical language of jazz with Gary Bartz, Bruce Forman and Cabo Jorge. Since Preferred literature: Elisir do Amor, La Traviata, December 1992 he manages the Big Band withRigolleto, El Trovatore, La Tosca, La Boeme, 20 elements, including the arrangements and theCavalleria e Pagliacci, Carmen, Misa de Requiem orchestrations of the CIN LUA JAZZ ORCHESTRA.of Verdi, Stabat Mater of Rossini. In February of 1996 he was awarded by the Rotary Club of Cittadella (PD) as a “promising scenario of youthful music as an alternative to classical2. Stefano Nanni music”. During winter of 96 he performs a series of concerts in theatres, always collaborated by Lua Jazz Orchestra, Italian maestro, Diego Dini Ciacci and Fabrizio Meloni, the first clarinet player of the Alla Scala Theatre in Milan, offering a variety of melodies, which includes ‘Ebony Concerto by Igor Stravinsky and, of course, his own composition, “Clarinet Concerto Grosso for Jazz Ensemble Clarinet Soloist”.Already in 1997 he writes “Modal Dimnes” for the symphony orchestra. A rhythmic section accompanied by two saxophone soloists Federico Mondelci and Massimo Mazzoni performing at the dell’Aquila Theatre “in Fermo (AP) together with the International Orchestra of Italy.P ianist, composer, Jazz maestro, arranger. He graduated in 1989 with distinction In 1998, he played together with the American playing the piano at “G.Nicolini” drummer, Steve Ellington in a series of shows andConservatory, in Piacenza. Also participated in started a fruitful collaboration with some of thevarious international courses and outstood in most popular Italian jazz musicians such as Paoloconcerts as a soloist. Fresu, Basso Gianni, Gianni Cazzola, Massimo Moriconi, Luciano Zadra, Gabriele Mirabassi, At the same time he continued his studies at Fabrizio Bosso, Carlo Atti. etc...the G.B.Martini Conservatory in Bologna, wherein 1994 he graduated in choral conducting He contributes as a pianist, composer andand polyphonic music in “Jazz Arranging and arranger, for the implementation of a recording Giovanni D’Amore & Italian Sextet 8
  9. 9. project of ethnic influence and experimentation, participates in concerts with other great artists,with the band “Arcana” with Fulvio Maras, Arcari such as Rao Kyao (flutist) Portuguese ethnicMario, Riccardo Luppi, Roberto Bartoli, Pisani composer, Amalia Rodrigues two guitarists, Luisalessio and Berti Sauro. Ribeiro and Lelo Nogueira, mainly in the Iberian Peninsula. With Massimo Moriconi, Gianluca NanniLuciano Zadra and Danilo Rossi he founded the He turns out to be important collaborator andMusic Train Quintet “a project that best expresses a great friend of Danilo Rossi, the main violisthis musical world, his point of view that the of the orchestra “ Scala of Milan” for whom hetrack of free music and that of contamination are wrote numerous arrangements for solo viola andunpredictable between classic jazz, word and orchestra, as well as two large-scale compositionsmusic”. (“Paisagens da Alma” for Orchestra. He also works as a composer, arranger and conductor, In recent years, his eclecticism led him to both in light music, jazz, cinema, contemporarycollaborate with various artists related to pop and classical music through the collaborationmusic . with national and foreign orchestras (small Italian orchestra, The International d ‘Italia, Bruno He made the arrangements of several songs Maderna Orchestra, Italian String Orchestra,of the album of Vinicio Capossela “Everywhere Reutlingen Württembergische Philharmonie ,Proteger”. Since 2001, he is able to achieve Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, the Magna Graecia),a happy artistic collaboration with the great a set of several (I Solisti della Scala, the Orchestramusician, arranger and producer Michele “Os ventos de Parma”, “quintet” at a breakneckCentonze, collaborating in the creation and speed, “the set of 12 saxophones” Hello Mr. Saxcomposition of the opening and closing ceremony “orchestra” mare nostrum of Coimbra, Portugal),of the Winter Olympic Games in Turin in 2006, Big Band and most prestigious classical soloistsand, with Maestro Luciano Pavarotti in “Pavarotti (Fabrizio Meloni, Federico Mondelci, Mario Marzi,& Friends” (Centonze artistic productions), also Massimo Mazzoni, Mario Brunello, Danilo Rossi,several other productions of pop music are related Gianluca Littera .........).to him. In 2010, he was nominated the pianist and Always with Centonze, with whom he arranger of the quintet whom accompanies Bobbycollaborates, he participates in the implementation McFerrin Italian tour with “The soloists of La Scalaof various artistic productions in pop musicals. in Milan. Since 2006 he collaborates with the Italian- He was also the arranger of Vinicio Capossela’sPortuguese tenor Giovanni D’Amore, writing a last album “Sailors, Prophets and Whales”variety of arrangements for the orchestra. He (premiering Spring 2011).continues to accompany him in all his shows,in duet, or quintet (Italian Quintet) and also Stefani Nanni is the pianist, arranger and 9
  10. 10. musical director of D’Amore & Italian Sextet the big band “CIN LUA JAZZ ORCHESTRA” (Bigproject.. Band of 20 subjects in which he also helped found the winter of 1992). He embraces the important Jazz Festival, he also participates in a series of concerts in Italian theatres with a repertoire ranging from traditional jazz to modern classical3. Gianluca Nanni music “Ebony Concerto” (I. Stravinsky) and “Clarinet Concerto Grosso” (S. Nanni), measured with an exceptional soloist , Fabrizio Meloni, clarinet 1, Teatro alla Scala in Milan and directed by Diego Dini Ciacci. In April 1997, he worked as a percussionist in symphonic orchestras, including the Internazionale d’Italia Orchestra and great classical soloists such as Frederick Mondelci and Massimo Mazzoni.Currently, he teaches drumming in the “Cesena Jazz School “and strongly continues his work as a drummer with some of the most popular musicians such as Roberto Rossi, Marco Tamburini, Guarnera Goofy Villotti Jimmy, Paolo Fresu, Rava Stefano, Carlo Atti, Mirabassi Gabriele, Alberto Borsari, Gianni Basso, Gianni Coscia, LucaD rummer, Born in Cesena on the 27th Velotte etc ... June of 1969, started playing the drums at an early age , studied with In 2007 he cooperates with the Italian SicilianJohn D’Angelo, and later, Julius Capiozzo. He and portuguese tenor Giovanni D’Amore in hisparticipates in a traineeship, carried out by projects and recordings and is the drummer andseveral American composers, including Steve percussionist in this project D’Amore & ItalianEllington, Bruce Forman, Gary Bartz, George Sextet’s “Musica para Sonhar” tour of 2011-2012Cables, Jimmy Owens, Elvin Jones, Wertico Paul,Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Michael Quinn, SkipHadden, Trilok Gurtu. He makes various musicalexperiments with the Italian musician of pop andjazz, he participates: On Tour - Renato Sellani,Massimo Moriconi trio “Umbria Jazz 2002” - Moby“Tour 99” with Luca Scarpa, Maurizio Fabrizio,Paolo Charter and M. Moriconi - Bruce Forman“trio” - Sherman Irby “quartet” - Dick Halligan“trio” - Luciano Zadra, M. Moriconi, Stefano Nanni“quartet” - Moon Jazz Orchestra Cin ...... etc ...Besides the live nights he especially likes to workas a drummer in the recording studio, in which heparticipated in several music albums of pop, danceand latin jazz (big band and string orchestra). WithGiovanni D’Amore & Italian Sextet 10
  11. 11. South American Fusion and Blues. He collaborates with Italian and American jazz leaders working in major jazz clubs throughout Italy and abroad (England, Spain, Portugal), alongside4. Luciano Zadro names like De Tullio Piscopo, Massimo Moriconi, Stefano Bagnoli, Laura Fedele, Tony Arco, Bandini Hellas, Danilo Rea, Fabio Concato, collaborates with various artists, always present at major jazz clubs. In Northern Italy he participates in “Umbria Jazz 2000” with Alex Acuna. He does a significant performance with Gianni Basso in some jazz clubs throughout Milan. He played with percussionist Luis Agudo, a quartet in which he participated at the Varese Jazz Festival in September 2002. He recorded an album with Eric Marienthal and Alex Acuna. He achieved an important collaboration with Massimo Moriconi in the album “Suddenly” with other artists suchJ azz guitarist. In 1978, he obtained a license as Mina, Phil Wood, Eric Marienthal, Danilo Rea, of musical theory at the Conservatoire Bandini Hellas. Giuseppe Verdi in Milan. After graduating“Jazz Master” with Professor Philip Grant, in the He collaborated in the production of theMusical Centre in Milan, he attended academic following CDscourses with the most international skilledmusicians such as Mike Diorio, Joe Stern, Mick - Over And Out Alessandro Carabelli StefanoGoodrick, John Scofield, Pat Martino, Pat Metheny, Bagnoli, Marco Conti, Diego MascherpaJim Hall, Scott Henderson, from 1987 to 1994. - The spirit of things with Max De Aloe For fifteen years he was the holder of didactic Massimo Moriconi, Stefano Bagnoli, Gianni Cosciamodern guitar lessons in the Musical Centre - Aphrodite Franco Ambrosetti, Stefano Bagnoli,of Milan, the most renown centre of guitar of Marco Conti, Alessandro Carabellimodern jazz, alongside master Philip Dacco. Healso collaborated with Massimo Moriconi on the In 2007 he participated in the project ofimplementation of a teaching method for the bass Neapolitan music, playing with Stefano Nanniguitar. In 2005, he participated as a teaching mandolin and guitar.conductor in seminars at the Music Conservatoryin Lugano , Switzerland. He played with the group Music Quintet with Danilo Rossi, Massimo Moriconi, and Gianluca Through these and other learning experiences, Nanni, recording in Portugal opera themes suchhe then gave special attention to jazz, rock, Funky, as “The Firebird” by Stravinsky. 11
  12. 12. For several years he participated in master In the early 90s she took jazz lessons withclasses as a lecturer in Bertinoro with the teachers such as Luisa Martina and Grossiparticipation of numerous international jazz artists. Cottifogli. Worked, for over 10 years with qualified In 1994, with the quartet, she is asked to singteachers in various schools of music, especially at traditional latin music and bossa nova with JOBIM,the Center of Expressions “Civica Scuola Musicale on the guitar Cico Cicognani, on bass Bombardinidi Gallarate” and “Villa Lobos” by Paderno Gabriele and Lele Barbieri on drums.Dugnano. On March 22/23 of /97 she takes part in the Professor at the Conservatory of Catania for seminar “CANTO E JAZZ Improvisation,” performedthree years, lecturing Jazz guitar/ 2007, and as by Norma Winstone in Modena.of this year he is one of the collaborators of theproject of the Italian, Sicilian and Portuguese tenor On August of 97 she participates in the festivalGiovanni D’Amore and will also integrate the tour “Summer ‘97 Pavaglione Lugo” together with“Musica Para Sonhar”. “Three for Duo”: Gabriele Bombardini, Franco Ranieri, Tarroni Fabrizio (guitar), John De Leo (Quintorigo), Paola Fabris (vocalist) and later with5. Paola Fabris AMR B.B. In Bristol, during the Summer of 1998, she participates in the festival “Jazz in Black and White” together with pianist Michele Francesconi. Paula West, Michael Garrison Hendricks and Joy also participated in this festival, with whom she duets. On the following edition of the quartet she opened the night for Steve Lacy. Since January 1999, she becomes lead singer for “CIN LUA Jazz Orchestra” in Cesena, conducted by maestro Stefano Nanni in which he includes her in his classical jazz quintet. She tributes Fabrizio de André and MassimoJ azz singer. Born on July, 14th 1970, in Bubola at the Masini Theatre of Faenza on the Faenza (RA), became a lead singer at the age 16th April 1999. Since Spring she becomes lead of 17. During summer of 89, she qualifies singer of “Aldeia BIG BAND” Budrio, conducted byfirst in various promising band contests in the M ° S. Comini.province of Ravenna “hidden harmony”. As a trio with guitarist Gabriel Bombardini andGiovanni D’Amore & Italian Sextet 12
  13. 13. violoncellist Francesco Cellini, she plays tribute to On July 30th of 2002 she participates withLucio Battisti, on April 10th of ´99 at Mama´s Club Michele Pavaglione Francesconi on a new project,in Ravena. She also sings on the opening night the Berlin cabaret music, showing the multi-of “Marinara” at the Marina di Ravenna, in the faceted image of the singer and actress Marlenepresence of Maestro Riccardo Muti. Dietrich, including songs and texts by Paul Celan. On August 27th to 29th of 99, she won the first On August 30th of 2002 she is once moreedition of the festival “Music in Piano Bar, which invited to open the concert “Bordighera Jazz &offered Duke Ellington standard jazz. Blues” with the new constitution group of Amii Stewart: bossa nova, fusion and characterization of On September of 1999 she began working the new formation of the quartet. The concert waswith the harmonic Alberto Borsari, with whom also broadcasted by RAI Radio 3 STEREO.she performed at the Artists’ Club “of Faenza intrio with pianist Michele Francesconi with a new She performed at Christmas concerts inproject dedicated to various Italian composers of 2000 and 2002 as vocalist with “Bruno Madernathe 90´s. Symphony Orchestra,” directed by Maestro Stefano Nanni at “Diego Fabbri” Theatre. Since 2000, she has been teaching vocaltechnique at Mikrokosmos School in Ravenna. As a soloist, on December 15th 2003, she performs at Comunale Theatre in Teramo and on On September 23rd of 2000 she performed for the 17th of the same year at Rossini Theatre inthe exhibition “Music Game 2000”, Europe Jazz Pesaro with the di Pesaro Symphony Orchestra,Network, led by the director and percussionist of conducted by David Crescenzi.the American orchestra Marilyn Mazur with AmritaAmerican Big Band at the Alighieri Theatre in She also collaborates in the project of theRavenna. Originals of Marilyn Mazur. Italian Sicilian Portuguese lyric tenor, Giovanni D’Amore and was invited to record a duet in his On November 10th of 2001 for the review of last album “Intimo”. A special guest star in his“Music Game” of the Europe Jazz Network, she latest project, tour of 2011-2011 “Musica parasings throughout the exhibition of the silent movie Sonhar”of 1911 by Thomas H.Ince accompanied by pianistMichele Francesconi, playing parts from therepertoire of Edit Piaf and Marlene Dietrich. During many years she worked with recordingstudios in Emilia-Romagna as a soloist andconductor. 13
  14. 14. Kenny Wheeler. As for his musical education, besides the enormous effort he has for himself, at the age of6. Luigi Faggi Grigioni 20 he entered the Pesaro Conservatory, graduating in Trumpet in 1996, under the guidance of Maestro Lamberto Spadari, in 1997 he graduated in “Theory of experimental Music”, with Maestro Carmelo and in the year 2000 in “Electronic Music” with Maestro Eugenio Giordani. Since 2008 he has collaborated with the Italian Sicilian Portuguese tenor Giovanni D’Amore in his musical projects and disco graphics.T rumpeter. Artistic Qualifications As a musician his work is distinguished by a remarkable eclecticismwhich led him to face various musical genres.A notorious Professor of Orchestra (in Italy andabroad), recorded a wide repertoire ranging fromthe 80’s till our contemporary days, with mainorchestras, symphonies and Public House.He is a member of the Board of numerousensembles dedicating primarily to authors of the90’s (I. Stawinskij, P. Hindemith) including baroquemusic, using mostly the small natural trumpet.He has an extensive repertoire for trumpet andorgan (with which he performs several concertseach year) and in training he approaches both,600-700 and contemporary authors. He presents himself regularly playing jazz butdoes not hide his true and first passion for AfroAmerican music. He is a permanent member of theJazz Colors Orchestra where he collaborates withmusicians such as Xavier Girotto, John Taylor andGiovanni D’Amore & Italian Sextet 14
  15. 15. variety shows and programs on RAI TV(Italian Radio and television). In the beginning of the 80’s, he is committed to international tours with Albano and7. Giorgio Fabbri Romina Power, with whom he collaborated during a decade, however yet followed by other tours in South America, Australia and Europe with great Italian artists of the time, such as Rita Pavone Marcella Bella and Franco Simone. In some of these tours besides the viola, he also played electric bass. In the same period of time he records many albums of great success with artists from RCA, such as Patti Bravo, Gianni Morandi, Domenico Modugno, Paul Anka and many others. Contemporaneously, he began playing jazzE in several groups of experimental music, including lectric bass guitar. Artistic Qualifications the historic group of Italian music “progressive jazz” starting at this stage working as arranger At an early age the child starts studying and composer. From the years of 90 he works with music like a child of art, being strongly various musical groups and trends, from traditionalinfluenced by his parents who played banjo and folk music, jazz fusion and Latin music, playingmandolin. After finishing secondary school he guitar and electric bass, to further enhance hisstarted studying trombone, accordion and guitar versatility, talent and music the Conservatory G. Rossini in Pesaro. Soon theguitar becomes the instrument that accompanies Since 2008 he is a permanent member of thehim throughout his career. Arrives in his hometown Italian Quintet, which he helped found and, in the(Cesena) in 1961 when the great Italian singer same year, he too monitors the projects of theFred Bongusto, looking for a guitarist offered him a tenor Giovanni D’Amore and as such is part ofjob and therefore, still in his early youth, he began this project D’Amore & Italian Sextet «Musica parahis career. He was also involved as a member in sonhar» or so to say Music to Dreamseveral Italian ball bands for some years in Rome,working as a musician in the best traineeship andorchestras, including the RAI Symphony Orchestraand Cinecittà, whom he played with the mostpopular singers of that time. During the period that he recorded many trackswith the RAI Symphony Orchestra, some of thembecome famous throughout the world, such asEnnio Morricone (films of Sergio Leone), Nicolai,among others. He becomes part of the orchestra of28 Italian Song Festivals held in Sanremo (1978,first runner up Matia Bazar) and also of severalGiovanni D’Amore & Italian Sextet 15
  16. 16. • Drama and Psycho Drama according to Stanislavsky (2nd phase). 1997 (Ditirambus) • Creative Writing for Theatre. 1996 - Theatre8. Ana Paula Mota workshops in Lisbon • Teatro: Comédia de acordo com Karl Valentin. 1996 (Ditirambus) • Drama and Psycho Drama according to Stanislavsky (2nd phase). 1995 / 6 • Frequency at IFICT 1989/90 • Figure Skating at Siderurgia Nacional • Flute bevel in the choir of Grammar School Paulo da Gama. Amora • Classical Ballet in various schools. (Seixal) (Angola and Portugal) • Various dance workshops, (from Folklore to salsa, merengue, waltz, Kizomba, etc.). Artistic Activity: • Secondary Teacher - Esc. Sec. D. JoséC I. Dramatic expression and Circus Arts. hild Animator. Artistic Qualifications 2009/2010; 2010/2011 • Iberian Theatre Company. “Assim que passem 5 anos” by Federico Garcia Lorca. Her character as a mask. • RTP Madeira: Presentation of the program “Palhaço Companhia” for Children´s Day in• Workshop “In Pursuit of Shakespeare” Casa 2009 and 2010. do Artista, July - 2008 • As teacher on extracurricular activity, during• Voice techniques (opera and sight reading 2009/2010, 2010/2011 at E. B. Bairro (solfejo)). 2001/2003 - Prof. Isabel Maya Padre Cruz.• Comedy dell’Arte at the School of Mask • Teacher for EFA Courses - socio-cultural Philip Crawford. 1999 animation course at Escola Profissional• Professional make-up and characterization. Monte da Caparica-ECED. Voice and Sound Make Up Forever. 1998 Modules.Giovanni D’Amore & Italian Sextet 16
  17. 17. • Presenter and Co-Presenter, STV - Televisão 2002 do Sul (Cable Channel). “Gente Boa é outra • Soap opera on TVI – “Até ao Fim do Mundo” Coisa”; Suão (Co-Presentation). 2009/2010 special guest star on episode 151/2/3• Iberia Theatre Company - participates in • English Classes for Kids Club-region of a children´s play “Pluft, o Fantasminha” Lisbon and Cascais. (english for fun) characterizing the villain, wooden leg pirate • Loja do Camilo. Special guest star on from June/July - September/December episode 5 in 1999 2009. • “No Natal a gente vem-te buscar” by Naum• Special Program presentation on Children’s Alves de Sousa. Teatro Maria Matos 1998. Day “Ser Criança”-RTP Madeira, on May 29, Main character. Company Ditirambus 2009. • “Letter to an unborn Child” by Oriana Fallaci.• SIC - Father’s Day Special program – 2009 Teatro Maria Matos 1996. Main Character• The Theatre Company she participates in the • “The Police” by Moita Flores. Special guest play “À procura de Shakespeare” - “Viveiro star, episode 12-1 grade; episode 1-2 grade. de Loucos”. 2008, her character as an 1996. elderly Transmontana. • As an adolescence she became part of a• Adult and children animator, on CIC - Classic musical group “As Primas”, singing mostly International Cruises from 2008/2009 (as in party parishes and in various municipality well as a national guide). places in the district of Lisbon.• World Circus. (Mariani Family) 2007/2008 as • Besides all of the above, during four years an invited guest. she presented with Mr. Camilo de Oliveira.• From 2001/2007 she participated in a show She participated in several theatres of Gil on RTP “Praça da Alegria” as Picolé Vicente and also of contemporary authors.• Cinema: “Stories of Alice”. Director For many years she does voiceovers for Oswaldo Caldeira (Brazilian director of “The cartoons and radio commercials. Maias.”) Characterization as Alice´s mother. International market in 2007.• Jota triangle. Guest actress, character as Iris. Episode 12 Rosa Egypt. RTP1. 2005 Animation:• Cinema : “River” Director Jose Carlos Oliveira. 2005. • She was the queen guest star of the• Sarilhos e Cadilhos. Comedy theatre as a Carnival of Sines in 2008. maid in 2003 • At the Summer Carnival of Loulé, there too,• Taught several workshops of dramatic she was queen expression and makeup at Jovem da Maia • As children´s queen for the Carnival of Forum, and Isabel Maya School .. 2002 /3 Estarreja in 2007• Camilo & Sarilhos invited actress on Ep. 3 in • She elaborated and launched the project17
  18. 18. Objectives Zuki, for Compal • Spread the magic of the Lyric tenor Giovanni • For Concentra she also elaborated and D’Amore and his guests in a partnership; launched Pokémon • To reward his audience with his beautiful • For the Medieval Castle Fair of St. Jorge music (Sagres beer), she participates in the • Encourage the presentation of classical drafting and costume designing and staging music and different styles through the texts for the Medieval pageant, participates suggested places; for 3 years with the character of a witch. • Assist in the democratization of Musical • At the Expo 98, she was an animator at the Culture; Inflatable Park • Foster the market for classical music • Alfa pendular. Christmas Train (3 years) together with other different styles, mainly in • These are some of the animations done in Portugal. the past 15 years, including hosting various • Allow collaborators to have access and competitions and festivals and so on. As practice on the field in various areas of art in an example of this is the 1st International this show; Competition held in Albufeira in 2003 • Unite and merge different cultures; (Portuguese, English and French). • Instruct a younger audience; • Create a more open, direct and alive Remarks: connection with the sponsors; • Allow members in social institutions, schools Released two children´s music CD’s in which and prisons, access to dress rehearsals freeshe composed the letters of the albums titled, of charge with the aim of providing a cultural“O Disco da Picolé” and “Picolé e os Piratas”, and musical environment.presents her own musical and comedy show asPicolé. Also entertains adults with drama andcomedy shows.Giovanni D’Amore & Italian Sextet 18
  19. 19. Technical CommunicationDescription: Plan: D’AMORE & ITALIAN MUSIC FOR DREAMING The idea of a communication plan is toSEXTET pretends to be an artistic show (with organize activities related to means of socialmime, dance, drama, images, and multimedia communication, such as television, radio,technologies) that fuses classical music with newspaper or social networks, management andmusical. Nevertheless, it will be Giovanni D’Amore marketing. In return, this Communication Planhistory, a journey of 30 years, told musically within has a special emphasis to the sponsors, beinga range of songs, duets and solos. A repertoire either for distinction or the reward of the financialworthy of prestige with some of the following investment.themes such as Sole Mio, Georgia on my mind,Granada, Caruso, Canção do Mar, Lágrima,Nel blu di blu DiPinto, Mambo Italiano, Funiculífunicula, with Te Partiró, Intervalo, Smile, Tu vo FaL’Americano, Coimbra, Parla piu piano (soundtrackof the film Godfather), Marina, Quando Quando,Canto all’amore, Teneremente, among others. A repertoire that takes us back to the earlytwentieth century till nowadays (XXI century). Including special guests such as Paola Fabris,Ana Paula Mota, among others. Different styles of sounds will be heard;rhythms and atmospheric divergences will be feltand shared between artists and audience. 19
  20. 20. Equipment Sponsor Plan:needed per • Project value per concert: € 15,000.00 • Value of the Normal pack ticket: € 15 including Giovanni D’Amore’s albumconcert: “INTIMO”, backpack containing promotional materials of sponsors and book room. • VIP Ticket pack value: 25 € including• 50 Moopies for municipal outdoor furniture Giovanni D’Amore’s album “INTIMO”,• 250 A3 format posters to be distributed at backpack containing promotional the concert location materials of sponsors, book room lanyard• 2500 Flyers to be handed out in the identification, offering sponsor goods. shopping and dining locale of the concert • Visit to the dressing room of Giovanni d• 600 to 1800 Pamphlets to be distributed ‘Amore to autograph the CD. with the purchase of the entrance ticket• 600-1800 Entrance tickets; Invitations• Press conferences, in local media outlets, with the representation of the sponsors• Triptych with list of sponsors• The offer of Giovanni D’Amore CD along with the entrance ticket to the show• 500-1500 The offer of a backpack along with the Regular pack ticket• 100 to 300 Lanyard tape and backpack with identification with purchase of VIP ticket pack• Advertisements in local press• A Radio Spot;• A TV Spot;• A Virtual Spot (channel streaming);• Web site domain www.giovannidamoretour. com• Facebook• Advertising on ATM machines;• Banners• Other means will be studied according to the capacity and type of sponsorship• DVD image production of the Tour• Placing video on YoutubeGiovanni D’Amore & Italian Sextet 20
  21. 21. • The offer of 20,000 backpacks with the1 Platinum Regular ticket pack (500-1500) • 4000 Lanyard tapes and backpack with identification with the VIP Ticket Pack (100Sponsor Tour to 300) • Advertisements in local press;T • A Radio Spot; he Platinum Sponsorship is the highest • A TV Spot; degree of participation in the event and • A Virtual Spot (channel streaming); just one brand can be used. • Facebook • Banners Platinum Sponsor has the following benefits: • DVD image production of the Tour • Entering sponsor’s name on the tour, to be• Entering his name of the tour, to be called called “Tour NAME OF SPONSOR - D’AMORE “Tour NAME OF SPONSOR - & ITALIAN MUSIC FOR DREAMING SEXTET”• D’AMORE & ITALIAN MUSIC FOR DREAMING • Placing video on Youtube SEXTET” • Web site domain www.giovannidamoretour.• - 200 CDs of Giovanni D’Amore album com “INTIMO” so they may be offered to • Report the advertisement by measuring the customers or employees in the amount of € visibility of the brand, via the tour. 2,000 • Value of Investment: € 75,000 to € 100,000• 2 Concerts by Giovanni D’Amore in places and times as set by the sponsor whose cachet would be € 2,000• Placement of advertising and sales booth at the concert venue.• 2000 Normal ticket pack worth € 30,000• 500 VIP ticket pack worth € 12,500 Insert Logo in:• 2.000 Moopies by municipal street furniture• 10,000 A3 posters to be distributed at the concert location• 20,000 pamphlets to be distributed with the entrance ticket• 20,000 Entrance tickets• Invitations• Press conferences, in local media outlets, with the representation of the sponsors• Triptych with list of sponsors• The offer of Giovanni D’Amore CD along with the entry ticket to the show21
  22. 22. • Report the advertisement by measuring the10 Diamond visibility of the brand, via the tour. • Value of Investment: € 10,000Sponsor TourT he Diamond Sponsor is the second highest level of participation. The Diamond Sponsor has the followingbenefits: • 200 CDs of Giovanni D’Amore album “INTIMO” so they may be offered to customers or employees in the amount of € 2,000 • 1 Concert by Giovanni D’Amore in places and times as set by the sponsor whose cachet would be € 1,000 • 500 Normal ticket pack worth € 7,500 Insert Logo in: • 2000 Moopies for municipal outdoor furniture • 10,000 A3 format posters to be distributed at the concert location • 100,000 Flyers to be placed in the shopping and dining locale of the concert • 20,000 lounge books to be distributed with the ticket • Press conferences, in local media outlets, with the representation of sponsors • Triptych with list of sponsors • 20,000 backpacks offered with the Regular ticket (500-1500) • Advertisements in local press • A Virtual Spot (channel streaming); • Web site domain www.giovannidamoretour. com • Facebook • Banners • Videos put on YoutubeGiovanni D’Amore & Italian Sextet 22
  23. 23. 5 Gold • Videos put on Youtube • Report the advertisement by measuring the visibility of the brand, via the tour.Sponsorship / • Investment value: 1000 €.ConcertG old Sponsor has the following benefits:• 50 CDs of Giovanni D’Amore album “INTIMO” so they may be offered to customers or employees in the amount of € 2,000• 50 Normal ticket pack worth € 750 Insert Logo in:• 50 Moopies for municipal outdoor furniture• 250 A3 format posters to be distributed at the concert location• 2500 Flyers to put in shopping and dining locale of the concert• 500 to 1500 lounge books to be distributed with the ticket• The offer of Giovanni D’Amore CD “INTIMO” along with the entrance ticket to the show• 500-1500 backpacks offered with the Regular ticket (500-1500)• Advertisements in local press• A Virtual Spot (channel streaming);• Web site domain www.giovannidamoretour. com• Facebook• Banners23
  24. 24. • Report the advertisement by measuring the10 Silver visibility of the brand, via the tour. • Investment value: 500 €Sponsorship /ConcertS ilver Sponsor has the following benefits:• 25 CDs CDs of Giovanni D’Amore album “INTIMO” so they may be offered to customers or employees in the amount of €250.• 25 Normal ticket pack worth € 375 Insert Logo in:• 50 Moopies for municipal street furniture• 250 A3 format posters to be distributed at the concert location• 2500 Flyers to put in shopping and dining locale of the concert• 500 to 1500 lounge books to be distributed with the ticket• 500-1500 backpacks offered with the Regular ticket (500-1500)• Advertisements in local press• A Virtual Spot (channel streaming);• Web site domain www.giovannidamoretour. com• Facebook• Banners• Videos put on YoutubeGiovanni D’Amore & Italian Sextet 24
  25. 25. 25
  26. 26. Music to Dream Giovanni D´Amore and the italian sextet Espelhos Musicais Lda. Rua Carlos Seixas 169, 4º Dto 3030-177 Coimbra Comercial contact: Álvaro Quatorze - Telemóvel + 351 919 381 500 Mail: Management: João Pedro Baião - Telemóvel + 351 916906965 Mail: producoesjpb@gmail.comGiovanni D’Amore & Italian Sextet 26