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ENCA 2016 - Genoa - Annelies Hoeskstra


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Transition in the Netherlands through patients eyes

Published in: Health & Medicine
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ENCA 2016 - Genoa - Annelies Hoeskstra

  1. 1. Transition in the Netherlands trough patients eyes ANNELIES HOEKSTRA
  2. 2. Index  My own transition experience  Transition in most university hospitals  Experience from others  Differences between child clinic and adult clinic
  3. 3. Me, myself and I  24 years old  Clinical Neuropsychologist  Board member of the JIA-association in the Netherlands  Polyarticular  Crohn’s disease
  4. 4. My own experience  University hospital of Groningen  Already seen my adult rheumatologist  Appointment with both rheumatologists  Arthritis consultant
  5. 5. University Hospital of Groningen  Already see an adult rheumatologist as a child  Multiple double appointments
  6. 6. Netherlands  One or more appointments with both rheumatologists  Confidence of patient  16-18 years old  Arthritis consultant
  7. 7. Quotes of other patients  “I’ve had two appointments with both rheumatologists and after this appointment I went to a special transition-nurse, who has contact with both rheumatologists.”  “There was one appointment with both doctors. If there were three of this appointments it would be better. One was nice, but it was not complete.”  “There should be a transition, but I’ve never had one. They just made an appointment at the adult clinic. I didn’t even like my adult doctor, so I went to another hospital.”
  8. 8. Differences between clinics Child Clinic  Less rheumatologists  More clinics at one location  Children  Time to talk about life  Parents are responsible Adult Clinic  More rheumatologists  More seperated clinics  Majority of old people  Shorter appointments  You are in charge
  9. 9. Conclusion  Transition gives confidence  Do not skip it because of the lack of time  Let patient and family adjust  Focus on the differences between clinics
  10. 10. Questions?