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What was I thinking?


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In TRUTH we trust!

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

What was I thinking?

  1. 1. What was I thinking?
  2. 2. Destroying my own habitat...
  3. 3. Killing, raping and enslaving people
  4. 4. Depriving every single living Creature of their right to exist
  5. 5. Because I was afraid...
  6. 6. I got obsessed with money and power
  7. 7. My thirst for power claimed many victims
  8. 8. nobody has the right to monopolise resources!
  9. 9. Sharing is the Answer and Love is the Medicine
  10. 10. We were born to be happy together
  11. 11. Can you love me again??
  12. 12. Join me! 12