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Anton Dabbs Photography Blog

  1. 1. 7/21/2014 Anton Dabbs' Photography Blog | Anton Dabbs | Photography 1/6 ANTON DABBS | PHOTOGRAPHY Kinetic vs. Static Photos – Anton Dabbs July 9,2014by Anton Dabbs ·Leavea Comment The truth is, any subject can be a good subject for photography. But what makes a really good picture? The type that people really want to look at, and don’t have to pretend to be interested in when you show it to them. I’ve included the picture above, which is a second unit photo from the film North by Northwest, because I think it is one such picture. I’ve specifically chosen it among pictures of the terrific plane sequence because as a second unit photo it is meant to stand alone. When I look at this picture, what element draws me to it? The answer is twofold – what happened before, and what is going to happen after. This is, I think, a key element of what I love about photographs. While a picture is only capable of capturing one single, solitary moment, it is also capable of implying both a past and a future. What happened to make a plane chase after this man, and what is it about to do to him? That being said, there is also something to be said for static photographs of a beautiful landscape, for instance. In such pictures, the thing that draws me is exactly the opposite of what draws me to the photo above. It is not the excitement of one moment plucked out of the sequence of ever-changing moments, but rather the serenity of that which is unchanging, or slow to change. It not the kinetic, but the static. Anyway, I appreciate both types of photos, but happened upon this one today and wanted to share it. Filed Under: Anton Dabbs ·Tagged With: Anton Dabbs,kinetic,North by Northwest,photography,static Photography Tips for The Night Sky – Anton Dabbs’ Photography Blog May 30,2014by Anton Dabbs ·Leavea Comment ANTONDABBSPHOTOGRAPHY.COM Search this website… SEARCH ANTON DABBS' LINKS Anton Dabbs – Additional Information Anton Dabbs – Dabbs Holding, LLC Anton Dabbs – Main Anton Dabbs – Motorcycles ANTON DABBS ON TWITTER AM Clouds/PM Sun today! – Anton Dabbs Anton Dabbs @AntonDabbs Show Summary Mostly Sunny tomorrow! Anton Dabbs @AntonDabbs Show Summary Partly Cloudy today! – Anton Dabbs Anton Dabbs @AntonDabbs Show Summary Partly Cloudy tomorrow! Anton Dabbs @AntonDabbs Show Summary Scattered Thunderstorms today! – Anton Dabbs Anton Dabbs @AntonDabbs Show Summary Scattered Thunderstorms tomorrow! Anton Dabbs @AntonDabbs 1h 13h 20 Jul 19 Jul 19 Jul 18 Jul Tweets Follow Tweet to @AntonDabbs ANTON DABBS – PHOTOGRAPHY RSS Obituary: Michael Schmidt, 68, Winner of Prix Pictet, Died May 24 Home Photographs More Information Anton’s Blog Contact Anton Dabbs
  2. 2. 7/21/2014 Anton Dabbs' Photography Blog | Anton Dabbs | Photography 2/6 Taking photographs of the night sky, or astrophotography, is easier than you may believe. There are some simple tips and tricks that will help you create beautiful photographs of up above. While a camera with manual controls, a fast wide lens, RAW capabilities and a big sensor does make a big difference, stunning night sky shots of meteors, the Milky Way and star trails can be captured using just about any camera these days. Stars can appear as stationary specks or points of light or appear as streaks. A convenient but difficult tool for figuring out how to avoid noticeable blur, or unwanted star trails, is the 500 Rule. Take the number 500 and divide it by the focal length of your lens (whether it’s a digital SLR or a point and shoot, this is typically displayed in millimetres). The result is the maximum time in seconds before trails will appear. To get a circular effect in the stars in your photo (taking advantage of the rotation of the Earth), look for the ‘B’ for bulb release on your shutter control dial (or in the manual control settings of many new digital point and shoot cameras). Use that setting with an old-fashioned bulb-release cable (or your interverlometre) to hold the shutter open as long as you want. For more information read on at night-skies-photography-tips-and-tricks-1.2652072 Filed Under: Anton Dabbs ·Tagged With: Anton Dabbs,Anton Dabbs Photography Photography for Beginners – Anton Dabbs’ Blog May 2,2014by Anton Dabbs ·Leavea Comment Digital photography has completely taken over the art. More people are taking photos Richard Mosse Wins $50K Deutsche Borse Prize for The Enclave Tyler Hicks Wins Robert Capa Gold Medal Award Josh Haner, Tyler Hicks Win 2014 Pulitzer Prizes for Photography Obituary: Per Folkver, Award-winning Photo Editor, 61 ANTON DABBS’ TAG CLOUD About Anton Dabbs Anton DabbsAnton Dabbs Blog Anton Dabbs Information Anton Dabbs Photographyanton dabbs website kinetic North by Northwest photography static ANTON DABBS’ ARCHIVES Select Month
  3. 3. 7/21/2014 Anton Dabbs' Photography Blog | Anton Dabbs | Photography 3/6 than ever before and they are sharing them faster with family and friends. With more people having access to cameras, people naturally expect to have beautiful photos like the ones they see online. With five easy tricks, you can have your photograph quality improved without having to spend hundreds on expensive equipment. 1) Get basic composition down In order to frame the photo, remember the rule of thirds. Break your frame into nine squares roughly the same size. A dramatic show usually has the point of focus dead center. 2) Adjust Exposure Compensation Your camera automatically adjusts the lighting based on how much lighting is in the shot. The camera tries to determine the appropriate amount of light or dark that is in the shot. 3) Choose the Right Mode Your camera probably has different options for shooting modes ranging from automatic to specific situations. If you are taking a picture of a mountain top, put your camera on landscape mode. If you are taking a picture of your son kicking a soccer ball, put your camera on action mode. Your camera recognizes what you are looking for and helps with shutter speed and exposure. 4)Watch Your White Balance Your camera will try and set white balance automatically based on the type of light in which it sees. Different light can affect the overall color of the photo. Fluorescent light tends to make the picture green and sunlight is very blue. 5) Think About Lighting Make sure to pay attention to how much light you have and where you are taking your photos from. If you are outside, be careful not to take photos of someone with the sun to their back. If you are taking a quick shot of a landmark or landscape and do not have the time to adjust the light, use your camera’s flash to control the shadows. For more information, please visit the original article at,2817,2399400,00.asp. Filed Under: Anton Dabbs ·Tagged With: Anton Dabbs,Anton Dabbs Information,Anton Dabbs Photography,anton dabbs website Travel Photography – Anton Dabbs’ Blog April 8,2014by Anton Dabbs ·Leavea Comment
  4. 4. 7/21/2014 Anton Dabbs' Photography Blog | Anton Dabbs | Photography 4/6 Travel Photography If you love seeing new places and have a passion for taking photographs, consider looking into a career as a travel photographer. Travel photographers are needed for many different types of publications including magazines, books, and newspapers, among other forms of media. Imagine seeing your photographs made into a calendar, hanging in the kitchens and offices of the homes of travel aficionados around the world. Advertisers are also always looking for travel photographers to create eye-catching advertisements and engaging websites. If you’re looking to get started, or looking to get discovered, the right equipment and a portfolio are key. Some good news is that, unlike studio photography, travel photography does not always require gathering a ton of equipment. In fact, you should plan to pack light, only bringing the most essential equipment along, because extra equipment can make traveling, arguably the most important part of the job, a hassle. If you’re wondering what qualifies as “essentials,” that literally means the bare minimum— with some precautionary items. In addition to your camera, you should have a lens cap and cover, strap, hood, truck case, as well as extra lenses. You should also bring along an external hard drive with high capacity storage and preloaded with backup software. Keep all of these items in a water resistant camera bad with a strap, and you should be prepared for most things travel photography related. Once you have taken your photographs, you need to the world, or at least potential employers, to see them. Creating an online portfolio is a great, manageable way to market your brand. Unlike a physical portfolio, in which you should only tell one story through 40 – 60 of your photographs, you can add an unlimited number of images that show chase your talent to an online portfolio and categorize them your travels. For more information and tips regarding travel photography please visit Filed Under: Anton Dabbs ·Tagged With: About Anton Dabbs,Anton Dabbs,Anton Dabbs Information Wildlife Photography – Anton Dabbs’ Blog March 1,2014by Anton Dabbs ·Leavea Comment
  5. 5. 7/21/2014 Anton Dabbs' Photography Blog | Anton Dabbs | Photography 5/6 Advice From a Wildlife Photographer Suzi Eszterhas, a wildlife photographer based in Marin County California, has written and photographed a series of wildlife books for children that chronicle animals’ journeys from infancy to adulthood. These books have earned her a featured cover on Time magazine and a spot as the jury chair of the California Academy of Science’s first Big Picture: Natural World Photography Competition. However, in her lectures, Eszterhas talks more about wildlife behavior than photography. Eszterhas emphasizes that photography is the second most important part of being a wildlife photographer; knowing the behavior of the animals you are photographing comes first. She says that getting to know your subject is an extremely important part of photography. The best way to convey a message about something you care about is to, first and foremost, understand it, and this understanding is attained through observation. Eszterhas says, “Finding one subject, I think, is a really great way to create more powerful imagery than to just photograph anything you see, and also a way to really potentially provide some very unique imagery as well.” In the past Eszterhas has spent months getting to know animals and their habits before beginning to take photographs. This being said, Eszterhas also makes it exceptionally clear that the ultimate goal should still be to obtain an interesting, visually appealing photograph. She said that for an image to grab her attention, it has to be visually flawless. She described the way she looks at entries in the Academy’s contest by saying, “When you’re looking at contest imagery, you’re looking at things you haven’t seen before, or looking at something you see all the time, like a mallard duck, in a way you haven’t seen it before. It doesn’t have to be cutting edge; it could be just a stunning, beautiful, classical portrait. But it has to be a real eye-opening image.” Eszterhas spends most of the year abroad, but still lives in Marin. She believes the best piece of advice for aspiring photographers is to travel. Travel allows photographers to draw inspiration from new places while simultaneously gaining an appreciation for the place one calls home. A new-found way of looking at the world will help photographers find and understand interesting subjects, hopefully allowing them to create and capture stunning photos. For more information on Suzi Eszterhas and her views on photography please visit advice-set-camera-aside/. Filed Under: Anton Dabbs ·Tagged With: Anton Dabbs,Anton Dabbs Blog,Anton Dabbs Photography
  6. 6. 7/21/2014 Anton Dabbs' Photography Blog | Anton Dabbs | Photography 6/6 About Anton Dabbs’ Official Website February 12,2014by Anton Dabbs ·Leavea Comment Welcome to Anton Dabbs Photography Blog where information about photography will be posted in the coming months. For the time being, be sure to check out Anton Dabbs’ Official Website at which can be accessed in the link section of this site. On Anton Dabbs main website you will find a lot of great information. On the home page of the website, there is a biography on Anton. This biography contains basic statistics on Anton such as the current city he resides, places he has lives, his dogs, animal rights activism, and so forth. The biography also discusses his professional background and his successful business history. His current projects are also discussed as well his personal interests. In addition to his interest in photography, Anton Dabbs is very interested in motorcycles. His he as website dedicated to this interest in the link section of the website. His official website also includes a blog page which will include new posts on typically a monthly basis. If you would like to reach Anton Dabbs, please access the contact page on the website. The contact page on his main website includes information about Anton’s other website and also provides a neat, interactive Google Map of Minneapolis, MN where Dabbs resides. For more information on Anton Dabbs please before to visit the website and explore around. Below is a screen capture of Anton Dabbs’ Official Website. Thank you for your continued interest. Anton Dabbs’ Official Website Screen Capture Filed Under: Anton Dabbs ·Tagged With: Anton Dabbs,Anton Dabbs Blog,Anton Dabbs Photography return to top of page Copyright © Anton Dabbs ∙ 2014