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The path to cdi 2.0


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With less than five years and three releases under its belt, CDI has proven itself to be a great asset for Java. The many features it provides (dependency injection, contextual lifecycle, configuration, interception, event notification, and more) and the innovative way it provides them (through the use of meta-annotations) explain its rapid adoption. This session reviews the features introduced in CDI 1.1 and 1.2 and discusses improvements planned for CDI 2, such as standard support for Java SE and a light CDI version useful for embedded environments, showing how it will benefit Java.

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The path to cdi 2.0

  1. 1. The path to CDI 2.0 @antoine_sd
  2. 2. Antoine Sabot-Durand Senior Software Engineer @Red Hat Java & OSS : CDI co-spec lead CDI community development Tech Lead on Agorava @antoine_sd
  3. 3. Agenda Flashback on CDI 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 Gathering feedback for CDI 2.0 CDI 2.0 new features CDI 2.0 needs you
  4. 4. CDI 2.0 started one month ago JSR 365 was the first Java EE 8 JSR proposed and voted Expert Group is still in formation We have a lot of community momentum All contribution are accepted
  5. 5. Previously on CDI
  6. 6. CDI Timeline CDI 1.0 (Java EE 6) CDI 1.1 (Java EE 7) CDI 1.2 (1.1 MR) CDI 2.0 Starts Dec 2009 June 2013 Apr 2014 Sep 2014 CDI 2.0 released 2016
  7. 7. CDI 1.0 - December 2009 A well-defined lifecycle for stateful objects bound to lifecycle contexts, where the set of contexts is extensible A sophisticated, typesafe dependency injection mechanism, including the ability to select dependencies at either development or deployment time, without verbose configuration The ability to decorate or to associate interceptors to objects with a typlsafve approach An event notification model An SPI allowing portable extensions to integrate cleanly with the container
  8. 8. CDI 1.1 - April 2013 Add automatic enablement of CDI for beans with a scope annotation, and EJBs, in Java EE Add more introspection with event, bean, Decorator and interceptor meta data Ease access to bean manager from outside CDI with CDI class Moved interceptor binding to interceptors spec, allowing for reuse by other specifications Add global enablement of interceptors (see the Java Interceptors Specification 1.2), global enablement of decorators and alternatives, using the @Priority annotation Add scope activation and destruction callback events Add AlterableContext allowing bean instances to be explicitly destroyed Add Unmanaged allowing easy access to non-contexutal instances of beans
  9. 9. CDI 1.2 - April 2014 Clarification in the spec regarding: CDI Lifecycle Events Reworking Bean defining annotation to avoid conflict with other JSR 330 frameworks Clarification on conversation resolution OSGi official support in the API
  10. 10. Gathering feedback for CDI 2.0
  11. 11. Different sources Survey Jira requests For mer EG Feedback Other specs feedback
  12. 12. CDI 2.0 survey
  13. 13. About this survey… There was a survey before the survey Between May 28th and June 30th 260 participants 3 « demography » question 20 new features to rate (from 1 to 5)
  14. 14. Who answered? I'm a developer using CDI on my projects I'm an advanced developer extending CDI on my projects I'm developing a framework based on CDI
  15. 15. CDI version they’re using CDI 1.0 CDI 1.1 CDI 1.2
  16. 16. What are their usage? Plain Java EE Servlet container Java SE
  17. 17. Results 1/2 Features from most to less wanted av. rating Asynchronous method invocation 4,04 Add asynchronous event support * 4,00 @Startup for CDI 3,92 Bootstrapping the container outside Java EE * 3,90 AOP for produced or custom beans * 3,65 Mutable container at runtime * 3,62 Security support 3,61 Observers ordering * 3,53 Better event control 3,50 Enhance SPI to give better access to all metadata 3,41
  18. 18. Results 2/2 Feature from most to less wanted av. rating Better EAR support 3,32 Helpers to manipulate and build CDI metadata 3,32 An easier way to create AnnotationLiteral (and TypeLiteral) 3,27 Context SPI easily pluggable by the container 3,24 Configuration file 3,17 CDI parts * 3,12 Enhance SPI to retrieve Bean from its instances 3,1 JMX support 3,07 Introduce CDI Lite. * 2,78 Aligment with portlet 3.0 2,02
  19. 19. CDI 2.0 new features
  20. 20. Modularity Provide sub specs in CDI (called parts) that can be used independently Each part should have an implementation
  21. 21. Modularity - Why ? We want to add new features to CDI without making it a bloated spec Having parts will help CDI adoption. Third party won’t have to get the whole spec if they don’t want to
  22. 22. Modularity - What parts ? Right now we are thinking of 3 parts : CDI Light : DI without events, contexts, AOP and SPI Providing CDI for mobile / constrained platform Events : bring the event bus out of DI Full CDI
  23. 23. Modularity - challenges Be sure of the parts - too much or not enough granularity Having an RI and TCK for each part can become huge work
  24. 24. Java SE support using CDI outside Java EE
  25. 25. Java SE support - Why? To provide a mean of building new stacks out of Java EE To boost CDI adoption for Spec working already on Java SE
  26. 26. Java SE support - challenges Extract “Java EE” features across the spec to create a chapter dedicated to it Decide what existing SE support we standardise Add SPI for CDI integration with other framework / spec
  27. 27. Enhancing events Asynchronous events Event ordering Event Range (war, ear, server, cluster)
  28. 28. AOP enhancement Support AOP on custom or produced bean Improve interceptor chaining Support AOP on inner calls
  29. 29. SPI and contexts enhancement Better access to all meta data created by CDI Provide a way to add bean at runtime Contexts enhancement for third party Spec Contexts not only based on thread approach
  30. 30. CDI 2.0 needs you CDI 2.0 specification is open to everyone Come on join us on the mailing list and IRC channel All infos on or by following to @cdispec on twitter The more we are the more we’ll deliver
  31. 31. Questions ?