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Sustainable Roofing Used on International Hospital


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International hospital develops sustainable building strategy by utilizing the Astec Re-Ply Roof Restoration System.

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Sustainable Roofing Used on International Hospital

  1. 1. International Hospital Develops Green StrategyThroughout 2010, Al-Salam Hospital in Kuwait made continual improvements to it’sfacilities without disrupting patient services. Normally when a facility finds itself in need ofroof work, that facility must shut down a particular section and reroute traffic in order tomaintain safety and allow for the work to be performed. With the fluid applied AstecRe-Ply Roofing system, the hospital staff and customers were not even aware that work was beingperformed.The original waterproofing properties ofmultiple roofing substrates, such asconcrete, foam, and metal were restored,and cool roof benefits added, by theapplication of the environmentally friendlyacrylic elastomeric roof system.When deciding on the best way to make the necessary repairs to the existing roofs many factors were takeninto consideration. One of the most important is sustainability. By utilizing a system such as the Astec Re-PlyRoof System, which is a renewable roofing system, the hospital can now lower maintenance costs, andincrease overall life cycle value for their facilities by renewing the Astec roof every ten years, usually at afraction of the cost of theoriginal installation.By choosing a cool roofsystem, the hospital was able todramatically reduce surfacetemperatures of the roofingwhich translates into a coolerenvironment within the facilities.This educes energy usage andhelps increase the ROI of the roofing projects. It also increases indoor air quality and provides for a morecomfortable environment for patients, visitors and staff. Reducing energy usage and maintenance costs,creating a more comfortable environment, helping to save the planet by utilizing reflective roofing whichhas been proven to reduce carbon dioxide within the atmosphere, are all reasons why Astec is the smart roofing choice. A 14 degree Celsius difference in temperatures between the coated roof and the uncoated. Insulating Coatings Corporation Burgan One General Trade & Contracting 103 Main St. Binghamton, NY 13905 USA 12th Floor Homoud Tower Ph: 1.607.723.1727 | Fax: +1.607.723.1700 Fahad AL-Salim Street-Kuwait City, Kuwait | Phone +965.2240.9686 | Fax +965.2240.9551
  2. 2. Al Salam Hospital in Kuwait is going "green" and helping to save theearth by restoring their roofs with the Astec Re-Ply Roof Systems, aproven way to reduce energy usage, increase occupant comfort, andcreate a sustainable facility.“Al Salam international Hospital aims into expansion and leadershipin healthcare sector in the region, while being considered as abenchmark in Healthcare Industry”. “Providing customers with highquality and safe comprehensive healthcare services in a caring andethical environment, through ensuring staff satisfaction and meeting shareholders expectations”.ICC develops and manufactures fluid-applied membrane systems for thesustainable restoration of roofs, walls, and other industrial surfaces.ASTEC elastomeric products and systems not only provide seamlesswaterproof and weather-tight barriers, they offer high reflectivity,emissivity, and dissipation of heat, while reducing UV light degradation.ASTEC coatings and membranes add advantages to any substrate that can lead to substantialmaintenance and energy cost reductions. All ASTEC systems qualify for Energy Star and many Cool Roofprograms and incentives . In addition, many ASTEC monolithic ceramic wall and roofing systems testwell beyond typical standards for durability, pliability, longevity, wind resistance, abrasion resistance,and salt, chemical, and corrosives resistance, while reducing thermal shock damageand the high cost of temperature control.Burgan One General Trade and Contracting is the exclusive distributor andauthorized applicator of the Astec systems in Kuwait.BG1 has been working with the Kuwait Government to develop sustainable buildingpractices utilizing the “Cool Roof” technology that has become wide spread in the USA. Above is a section of roofing that was restored by the Astec Re-Ply Roofing System Insulating Coatings Corporation Burgan One General Trade & Contracting 103 Main St. Binghamton, NY 13905 USA 12th Floor Homoud Tower Ph: 1.607.723.1727 | Fax: +1.607.723.1700 Fahad AL-Salim Street-Kuwait City, Kuwait | Phone +965.2240.9686 | Fax +965.2240.9551