Astec Various Roof Projects


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Other types of roofing projects that have used the Astec Re-Ply Roofing Systems.

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Astec Various Roof Projects

  1. 1. SECTION II Other Roofs Insulating Coatings Corporation 956 South Highway 41 Inverness, Florida 34450 (800) 345-5306
  2. 2. Client: Southland Hatchery Enterprise, AL 22,000 sq. ft. Built Up Roof Posi ti ve slope ASTEC WPM #8 ASTEC#100 ASTEC WPM #8 waterproof membrane was applied at a thickness I!I)I;~~~~_~=~-...... of 20 mils. Polyester cloth reinforcement was placed on all over-lap seams. --- _ ASTEC # 100 ceramic finish coat 15 mils dft was applied on top. Page ll-I
  3. 3. Built Up Roof Client: Heritage Lincoln-Mercury Charleston, SC Dealer: Industrial Maintenance Solutions, Inc. This project had three layers of re- roofing; a complete tear down to the original roof substrate was required. The ASTEC WPM #8 with polyester cloth reinforcement was applied over all seams. Two coats of ASTEC WPM #8 were applied over the entire surface. Two coats of ASTEC # I00 ceramic finish coat were applied on top. Project completed: June 1988 Page 11-2
  4. 4. Client: Wendy's Hamburgers ASTEC WPM #8 Waterproof Membrane Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, AZ ASTEC #100 Ceramic Finish Coat Page 11-3
  5. 5. Client: Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim, CA Dealer: P.D, Inc. Project: 80,000 sq. f1. Metal Roof Heavy gauge deep "V" R-Panel. 25 year old Dome Roof Due to the curvature of the roof panels. daylight was visible from the underside of the roof through the horizontal end lap seams. Additional self tapping screws were installed as well a butyl- backed peel & stick tape with ASTEC WPM #9 waterproof membrane. ASTEC # 900 Ceramic Acrylic Coating was used as the protective finish coat. This project is supported with a Ten year Material and Labor Warranty Project completed: August 1997 Page ll-4
  6. 6. Client: University Cyclery Bicycle Shop, Austin, TX Dealer: Protective Coatings of Texas Project: Built Up Roof, slightly pitched, positive water flow This project had all gravel spudded off the roof to provide a smooth surface for the ASTEC Coating System. One-way roof vents were installed approximately every 500 sq. ft. to allow the pre-existing roof substrate to breathe. A coating of ASTEC WPM #9 waterproof membrane (20 mils dft) was embedded with polyester cloth reinforcement over the entire surface. Finish coated with ASTEC #900 Ceramic Acrylic Coating. Page ll-5
  7. 7. Client: Digital Corporation Phoenix, AZ Project: 280,000 sq. ft. Built Up Roof ASTEC WPM #8 Waterproof Membrane ASTEC #100 Ceramic Finish Coat I / I ~ -' Project completed: 1985 I Page 1l-6