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Europeana DSI - LT-Accelerate 14


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Presentation of the Europeana DSI at the LT-Accelerate conference, Dec 4-5 2-14, Brussels

Published in: Technology
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Europeana DSI - LT-Accelerate 14

  1. 1. Europeana DSI Antoine Isaac LT-Accelerate Conference 2014 Brussels, December 5
  2. 2. Europe’s platform to access cultural heritage Currently 36M objects
  3. 3. Built on descriptive metadata from a broad, heterogeneous network 2,300 galleries, museums, archives and libraries The European Library Audiovisual collections National Aggregators Regional Aggregators Archives Thematic collections Libraries Musées Lausannois APEX European Film Gateway Europeana Fashion
  4. 4. More than this
  5. 5. We believe Culture transforms lives
  6. 6. We are a community of > 2500 members who contribute data, technology, knowledge and business opportunities A network of cultural innovators
  7. 7. Multi-sided platform
  8. 8. Facilitating re-use on the legal side Content (digital objects on the site of the provider) Public Domain, Creative Commons Licenses, Rights reserved, Orphan work…. Metadata (descriptive object information) CC
  9. 9. Some ideas of the work ahead
  10. 10. Enumerate report
  11. 11. Language technology challenges
  12. 12. Trans-European services come with Europe-scale challenges top 16 Items from 36 countries Metadata in 33 languages Portal in 31 languages
  13. 13. Availability of language technology for re-use Tools to serve end users and data re-users
  14. 14. Thank you! Antoine Isaac @EuropeanaEU Some images by Elco van Staveren, Denkschets