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How to bring innovation to your organization by streamlining the deployment process ?
IaaS, PaaS or Docker containers are all valid methods that can be tailored for your needs. They each come with advantages and drawbacks, and are opposed each day by vendors and providers along. Should we really impose a standard for every team ?

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1 App,

  1. 1. 1 App, Mutiple scenarios Powering The Cloud - Frankfurt October 29th, 2014
  2. 2. Short Bio Antoine Coetsier –CEO of exoscale since 2011 –Operations of datacenters and websites at scale –10+ years in service provider business
  3. 3. exoscale in a nutshell... The safe home for your cloud applications ... a IaaS provider and beyond Cloud hosting based on latest technology  Flexible server and storage infrastructure  Trimmed for performance, intuitive usability and tooling Market place for value added applications  One-stop-shop to reduce infrastructure complexity for developers and sysadmins ... with a solid background Trust relationship with the cloud provider  Started 2011 within Veltigroup  Access to know-how, resources and clients Swiss company  Proximity to EMEA clients  Swiss data privacy standards 3 99.95% Platform availabilty
  4. 4. exoscale: a Veltigroup company All over Switzerland 100% ICT needs covered 470+ ICT professionals Consulting ICT specialized companies Cloud Services
  5. 5. exoscale offering overview A one-stop-shop for developers/sysadmins and business IT 5 Open Cloud Market place / add-on services Open Cloud Compute Open Cloud Storage Managed Cloud Swiss Support Virtual data center Zones & Networking Vendor backed Transition product for business IT migrating to the cloud – Hybrid Cloud One-stop-shop for SaaS companies Pure-play cloud offering (web-based purchase) Worldwide market pricing
  6. 6. Security not an option Solid customers business reliability 6 Datacenters Security Framework Top of the art locations for safe housing – GV1: Internet peering point – GV2: Extreme density – DK2: Reconverted Swiss Army bunker +130 points dealing with the whole cloud service – Data Governance – Facility – HR – Information Security – Legal – Risk Management – Security Architecture Controls base lined and mapped to: – COBIT, HIPAA / HITECH Act, ISO/IEC 27001-2005 – NISTSP800-53, FedRAMP, PCI DSSv2.0 – BITS Shared Assessment, GAPP ...
  7. 7. Deployment scenario
  8. 8. Quote What the Business project manager says: “Can you take over my application developed by <some third party> in this <exotic> language and run it in production ? We are going live in 3 days, it is awesome !”
  9. 9. Quote What the IT manager says: “Your application is not standard, you did not use the official stack. We need 3 weeks for testing. Nobody knows how to run it, it is a nightmare!”
  10. 10. The deployment challenge Context Problem There is always a “preferred” language –Java –PHP –.NET … Some applications you can influence others you don’t Timeframe between cycles not usual Should you force your developers or suppliers to forge an application using the exact stack you use ? It is not always possible to get the specifications in time or sometimes not even possible at all (off the shelf software, …) How to best serve Business schedules –Now vs. SLA –Limited runtime vs. IT fit for long term production
  11. 11. Solution 1: virtual datacenter Allocate subnet Boot VM Install and configure OS Open firewall Deploy application (often manually) Do not forget monitoring, backup, … Deployment agility: Migration: Pricing: XXX XXX €€€ How it works Properties
  12. 12. Compute premium: your custom cloud architecture VPN access WAN Your site Developers/Us ers....
  13. 13. Virtual datacenter considerations Exoscale answer: Compute premium –Hourly billing with commitment discounts –Full VMware stack –Phone support and SLAs Pros As a customer there is a extensive offering on proposition: –Any telco provider, ICT integrator, has a cloud offering of some sort = hosting It is easy to migrate to –Import features Cons It is rarely “cloud” by definition –No pay per use, not always self-service, allocation model It does not help the application
  14. 14. Solution 2: elastic computing Prepare security groups Boot instance Automate deployment Deployment agility: Migration: Pricing: XXX XXX €€€ How it works Properties
  15. 15. All in one interface
  16. 16. Scalable Internet Your tenant public IP public IP Security group A public IP public IP Security group B Controlled Inbound and Outbound traffic
  17. 17. Elastic compute considerations Exoscale answer: Compute –Fast provisioning: less than 35 sec –Performance –Simple UI –Outstanding API integration –Minute billing Pros The cost is usually much lower Instances boot fast and OS images are optimized You get real APIs –Start configuration management, smart monitoring,…  Automation Cons Network and security architecture has to be compliant –Enforce encryption, use internet, distribute the load with Lbaas,… If some work of configuration management has not been done, migration to/from is more difficult
  18. 18. Solution 3: Platform as a service Commit your code – git commit –m –c ‘ready for prod’ Push your application to exoscale apps – exoapp default/myapp push Deploy application – exoapp default/myapp deploy Rollback, push new version, a branch ... –Without losing a single user connection Deployment agility: Migration: Pricing: XXX XXX €€€ How it works Properties
  19. 19. Application scaling Containers can scale horizontally and vertically 19 Features –Custom domain names –https or web sockets load balancer –SSH connection –Log viewing –Buildpacks support From development to testing to production right from developer tools
  20. 20. PaaS considerations Exoscale answer Apps platform –5 languages –Standard Buildpacks –Add-Ons: MySQL, Mongo DB,… Pros Auto updates of the OS Very easy migration Developers love it –They are free to choose their dependencies and libraries at will Cons Does not solve the State problem –How to store the data, database Very young technology, skills are not there yet
  21. 21. Solution 4: Containerization Prepare a container in development Image it Ship it to the running environment –It contains port definitions, clustering,… Deployment agility: Migration: Pricing: XXX XXX €€€ How it works Properties
  22. 22. Containerization considerations Exoscale answer: Compute + CoreOS + Docker –Fast provisioning: less than 35 sec –Cloud-Init /Userdata –Tags Pros Auto updates of the OS Very easy migration Developers love it –They are free to choose their dependencies and libraries at will Cons Does not solve the State problem –How to store the data, database Very young technology, skills are not there yet
  23. 23. 4 scenarios Custom OS Network Storage Firewall VLAN Profile … Optimized OS Compute Middleware and runtime Application containers containers Core OS
  24. 24. Today, the game is not to impose the universal application deployment context
  25. 25. But focus on more efficient factors
  26. 26. VISIBILITY Does it bring value to the business?
  27. 27. CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION Is my deployment stack adapted for the business cycle needs ?
  28. 28. CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT Am I able to maintain the environment over time ?
  29. 29. Wrapping up Mix and match: –Rapid deployments to PaaS or containers –Long term, non changing workloads are fine on IaaS –Adjust cost of service with cost of project Standardize mildly: –Impose the method –Free the stack Map your applications: –Core or side element to your IT –Migration needs –Release/deployment cycles
  30. 30. And now?
  31. 31. My recommendations Be ready ! 1.Test even if you do not have a business case 2.Make a proof of concept 3.Open an account PROACTIVE REACTIVE
  32. 32. Visit our stand to get a 50 CHF credit Start your instances now !
  33. 33. Thank you for your attention Contact us +41 58 668 56 00 Follow us @exoscale exoscale code Head Office Lausanne Avenue de Provence 4 CH - 1007 Lausanne Operations: Geneva Rue du Pré de la Fontaine 19 CH - 1217 Meyrin Bern Office Talstrasse 3 CH - 3053 Münchenbuchsee Zurich Office Glatt Tower CH - 8301 Glattzentrum