The life of a sea turtle


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The life of a sea turtle

  1. 1. The Life of a Sea Turtle 4th Grade Anthony Messina
  2. 2. Rationale• The rationale behind this powerpoint is to teach students about the life cycle of animals. Traditionally, students would learn about the life cycle of a butterfly or a frog so I want to change it up by showing what it is like for a sea turtle and the difficulties sea turtles have growing to become a full grown adult sea turtle.• By including technology with this topic, students will be able to see the struggles a baby sea turtle has with growing old.
  3. 3. Blog• The Sea Turtle Restoration Project gives people the opportunity to help protect and restore the number of sea turtles in the world.• One of the trips this organization puts on is to clean beaches where sea turtles nest to promote the growth of this species.
  4. 4. Video• Here is a series of videos that show the life of a sea turtle.• The first video is of a mother sea turtle nesting.• The second shows what happens after the sea turtles hatch.
  5. 5. Podcast• This pocast talks about the dangers a sea turtle experiences throughout its lifetime.
  6. 6. Internet Organizations•• This organization is a general website that attempts to raise awareness of how closely sea turtles are to being extinct.• They offer students ways to gain information about the 7 species of sea turtles
  7. 7. Organization• Defenders of Wildlife• This organization has basic facts about sea turtles.
  8. 8. Organization• Sea Turtle Conservatory• This organization gives ideas on how to help sea turtles in your own way.• Students can also track sea turtles and follow migration patterns
  9. 9. Kidspiration
  10. 10. Teaching Materials
  11. 11. Teaching Materials• Turtles of the Word App• This app allows students to search all sea turtles and other species of turtles• They can learn about basic information on each species of turtles and can see pictures of them at the same time
  12. 12. Teaching Materials• TURTLES!• This app can also help enhance students views of turtles.• This is a quiz app• Questions about sea turtles will be shown and students need to choose which species is most cloesly related to the question
  13. 13. Teaching Materials
  14. 14. Subject-specific Internet Based Resource• Ask an Expert• This internet based resource allows students to ask any question about a sea turtle• They can learn about migration patterns, what they eat, how long they live, etc.
  15. 15. Uses of the Internet•• This website can allow students to search for turtles and learn more about other types of turtles.• They can also learn about different animals while learning about different stages of animals growth
  16. 16. Uses of the Internet•• Using this website students can search for the different migration patterns of each of the 7 types of sea turtles
  17. 17. Web 2.0• With this site, students can search videos on their own about turtles.• They can learn about different aspects of turtles with this resource
  18. 18. Slideshare• This can be viewed on slideshare