can a lack of circulation be the real cause of low sex dr & energy in men?


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lack of oxygen is the
underlying cause of fatigue, heart attack, lack of focus and trouble with having sex in men. this document is an study of the real reason for such problems in most men & the steps a man can follow to reverse said condition naturaly without drugs

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can a lack of circulation be the real cause of low sex dr & energy in men?

  1. 1. dr sears email on more energy & improvedsex drive As i have studied &researched health 4 the last 25+ i have been able 2 validate a lot of thehealth information i have researched that is not inline with main streammedicine. As one should be aware of by this point our doctors arenolonger in the busineees of helping people heal whateverdisease,ect..,that aflicts thier body, but now doctor only help a patientto aleave the resualts of the disease. This is because drug companies now"own" doctors & doctors are now in business of selling drugs for the drugcompanies or be put out the medical field!!!! but there are a few doctorsthat do not bend under to the drug companies & tell us the truth abouthealth issues & ways,without drugs,to cure one`s self & in most caseswithout sideffects as with most drugsBut even among the "patriot" doctors that uphold thier oath to helppeople get well thier are a few doctors that are for a lack of a betterword "heros" in the field of medicine & as such the existence of such aperson (doctor) must be shared with as many people as humanly possible!DOCTOR SEARS it just such a dortor, in my mind doctor saers is 30-40 "topnoch" in one!! REALLY THIS ONE MAN HAS UNCOVERED MORE WAYS TO HELP ONEHEAL AND/OR MANTAIN THE BEST HEALTH POSSIBLE THAN IS POSSIBLE IN A LIFETIME BY ONE PERSON! SO I HAVE DESIDED TO FORWORD ONE OF DOCTOR SEARS(WITHHIS WRITTEN PERMISSION)NEWS LETTER EMAILS TO ME-ANTHONY LOWREY as this isone of the ways i entend to help others benefit from the resaerch i`vedone in the natual cures health field! urresearchguy,please arm yourselfwith verified health remedies by visiting me at men come to my clinic feeling tired, worn out and unable to performin the bedroom, the first thing they ask me for is that “little bluepill.”But these men don’t need drugs.You dont need colorful pills ... you need oxygen.I discovered the REAL culprit behind these “male problems.”It’s a lack of circulation.As you age, your blood vessels start to harden and lose their elasticity.This causes restricted blood flow and poor oxygen delivery. When it getsbad enough, your cells starve for oxygen.Your doctor probably won’t tell you this, but lack of oxygen is theunderlying cause of fatigue, heart attack, lack of focus and troublegetting it up.But now you have a new option: I developed a way of getting fresh oxygento ALL of your cells FAST.It’s like sending a rush of new energy through your whole body. Not onlydoes it help with sexual performance, it sends your overall energy levelsthrough the roof.Let me explain...When men come to my clinic for help, I introduce them to my “12 Secretsto Virility,” a program I developed to help guys overcome the loss ofpower and potency that comes with age.But after years of research I discovered a new, more powerful way ofgiving men the lift they need to be more competitive, more dominant andmore in control of their own game.This “13th secret” is the key to stamina, strength and super potency.You Don’t Need Prescription Drugs to Feel Like a ManWhat you do need is more oxygen.
  2. 2. Oxygen is the power source that fuels your muscles, boosts yourperformance levels and gives you instant results in the bedroom.This power source is about more than just getting it up when you’re inthe mood. It gives you a combination of strength, desire, muscle mass andreadiness. It’s a feeling of extraordinary potential, available to youwhen you need it.But to get more oxygen, you need to “open up your pipes.”That means getting oxygen-rich blood to every part of your body at amoment’s notice. It’s easy for young people because their veins andarteries easily expand to handle the extra flow.But as you get older, your veins and arteries get narrow and stiff. Andthe resulting drop in oxygen makes you feel limp, weak and tired.But you can restore maximum oxygen flow at any age.You see, the “13th secret” is the chemical messenger that opens up yourblood vessels, allowing a rush of oxygen when you need it most.This is the same idea that makes the little blue pill work. But itslimited to a specific area.What I discovered is a way to give your whole body the same rush ofenergy and readiness.“Open up the pipes” and you get a body-wide surge that includes:Bigger, harder and more frequent erectionsFatigue-busting energy and a feeling of clarity and alertnessPumping, well-defined musclesA stronger heart and bigger lung capacityThis kind of power is not a fantasy. It’s a reality you make your own.The magic behind the "13th secret" is something doctors in-the-know arecalling the “miracle molecule.”Get More of What Makes You Feel Like a ManWhen researchers discovered a signaling system that sends a rush ofenergy through your body, they won a Nobel Prize for their efforts.This “miracle molecule” is a gas produced by a single layer of cells thatline your blood vessels. When it’s released, it causes your blood vesselsto relax and expand, sending a rush of oxygen through your body.This expansion of your blood vessels, and the increased flow of oxygenthat follows, is essential for life. You couldn’t live without it.And here’s the best part: You can trigger the release and give yourself ablast of energy whenever you want.This flow of energy gives you more potency... that’s what I call a man’sability to be a man: strong, confident, potent and ready for action.And it goes to work by boosting your heart strength, muscle strength,brainpower and libido. It’s fast-acting, too.In a matter of minutes, it gives you the kind of “get-up-and-go” thateven a young man would envy.Proven effective by numerous studies and awarded a Nobel Prize, the powerbehind the "13th secret" is one of my top recommendations for men whowant more power and potency without relying on help from stimulants, gymmemberships or prescription-happy doctors.In my brand new report called The 13th Secret, I’ll show you how to get:Use the "13th secret" for stronger, leaner muscles.Stronger Muscles... and Less Body Fat: Muscle loss that comes from agingis something I measure every day. When I show people they’ve lost musclemass, no one is happy about it. And for good reason: Healthy muscles
  3. 3. boost your resting metabolism, make you more vigorous and make it easierfor you to stay trim.With the "13th secret," you can prevent muscle loss and restore lostmuscle. One study found just five grams of this “miracle molecule”dramatically boosted muscle mass and strength in just 12 weeks. It alsoreduced body fat.1In the muscle, it also works as a building block for creatine. Your bodyneeds creatine to build and maintain healthy, strong muscles. By helpingyour body to make more creatine, you keep your muscles healthy, strong,and lean.A Strong, Flexible Heart: In your arteries, the “miracle molecule” keepsyour endothelial cells healthy. Without it, your vessels becomeconstricted and tight. Healthy endothelial cells allow your vessels todilate so your heart can move blood easier.In one study, vessel dilation increased from 2.2% to 8.8%.2 Another studyfound it helped arteries dilate better for people with high bloodpressure.3Boost Your Bedroom Performance: In order to perform sexually, you needblood and oxygen flow. As you’ve seen, the "13th secret" works byrelaxing your endothelial cells allowing vessels to dilate.And unlike the little blue pill, its a safer long-term solution to theproblem men fear most. In one study, men taking 2.8 grams a day showed an80% improvement in erectile function over the course of two weeks.4 It’simportant to female sexual arousal, too, so the "13th secret" issomething that both men and women can benefit from.By supporting your heart strength, muscle strength, brainpower... ANDyour libido, the "13th secret" gives you a surge of “can do” energy.It gives you more of what makes you feel like a man:MORE energy to take action at a moment’s noticeMORE confidence and better performance in the bedroomMORE strength, drive and authorityMORE stamina to perform at peak levels longerAt my clinic, I’ve already helped thousands of men reclaim theirmasculinity. I’ve turned guys who feel tired, worn out and useless backinto strong, focused men with a sense of purpose.I can help you, too.When you order The 13th Secret, I’ll send you a FREE copy of 12 Secretsto Virility.In my 198-page best seller, you’ll find the man-building strategies I usewith my male patients to help them reclaim the energy, drive and muscleof their younger days.RECLAIM the Strength and Ambition You Had When You Were 21 with YourFREE Copy of 12 Secrets to Virility12 Secrets to Virility gives you the techniques that work. It revealsexactly what I use in my own practice to restore the physical and sexualvitality of my male patients.These are powerful strategies that re-ignite your sex life, boost yourenergy and vitality, and turn you back into a man with purpose. They alsohelp you prevent disease, build functional strength you can use and showyou how to enjoy real food again.
  4. 4. With 12 Secrets to Virility, you’ll discover how to:Ride with the King: Unlock your strength and power by boosting thehormone that defines manhood. Learn the quick and easy tips forprotecting this magic bullet of youth.Don’t Let Them Turn You into a Woman: Discover why dangerous chemicalsthat look and act like estrogen are getting into your body and what youcan do to save your manhood.Eat Food Fit for a Man: Sit back and enjoy that Porterhouse. Cholesteroldoesn’t cause heart disease, and eating fat doesn’t make you fat.Make More Manly Muscle: By following a few simple steps, you can reversemuscle loss and recapture the strength, vitality and mobility of youryouth.Beat This Man’s Disease: Prostate problems affect 90% of men by the timethey reach 80. Use these proven strategies to defuse your ticking timebomb before it explodes.Get Your Rocks: Most men today suffer from a mineral deficiency. Here arethe 3 minerals every man should know about. Used together, you can beatdiabetes, joint pain, even prostate cancer.Repair Your Aging Brain: Your brain actually shrinks as you get older,robbing you of your memory and your ability to think clearly. Discoverthe nutrients your brain needs and reawaken a youthful and razor-sharpmind.PLUS: Inside 12 Secrets to Virility, you’ll find out which herbs reallywork to boost your bedroom performance... how to wipe out inflammation,the root cause of all disease... which nutrients are essential forreversing heart disease... how to have great sex at any age... and somuch more.All this is yours FREE.Take advantage of this limited-time offer. Because if you do nothing,you’re asking for trouble.Naturally Boost Your Testosterone and Avoid “Shrinkage”Every day, your testosterone is dropping while your estrogen is rising.Unless you do something about it now, you may soon be robbed of yourability to have sex, solve problems and achieve your goals.Men who are losing testosterone and gaining estrogen can expect:Shrinkage: Your penis actually shrinks. If you can get it up, it’s not ashard as it used to be. Pretty soon, you could lose your ability topenetrate at all.Loss of Memory: When estrogen rises and testosterone drops, your abilityto reason and make decisions falters. Your creativity and memory start tofade.Accelerated Aging: Your ability to heal slows; your skin becomes paper-thin. Your posture slumps from loss of bone and muscle. You’re old beforeyour time.Make sure you don’t end up on the sidelines feeling fat, slow anddefeated! It is critical you get your hands on 12 Secrets to Virility.Other guys are already doing it...Thousands of Men Have Beaten the Estrogen Trap andReclaimed Their Masculinity... Join Them TODAY!“Dr. Sears gave me one of the first copies of 12 Secrets to Virility. Ina matter of days, I started to feel stronger, more energetic. At 62, Ithought my glory days were long gone. Boy was I wrong... Today I have agreat sex life, I travel all the time, and finish off the New York Times
  5. 5. crossword puzzle in minutes... This book is a must-read for any man over40...”– F.C., Jupiter, Florida“Dr. Sears, I am a great admirer of yours. I purchased your book, 12Secrets to Virility. It is a masterpiece! Thank You.”– E.D., Warwick, Pennsylvania“When I first met Dr. Sears, I didn’t think anyone could help me. I hadno energy... not motivated to do much of anything. But within 3 months, Istarted to feel years younger. Last week I turned 73 and feel fantastic.I can walk 18 holes, have a few beers, and throw a steak on the grill. Ieven have a new girlfriend – imagine, at my age! What can I say? Dr.Sears achieved what I thought was impossible. I owe him everything...”– J.C., Palm Beach, Florida“My energy levels are up to the point where I can exercise in the gym –something I haven’t done in years. I feel optimistic when I wake up inthe morning and I’m more productive than I’ve ever been in my life. Istrongly recommend his advice for men like myself.”– K.F., Boca Raton, FloridaClaim Your 2 Additional Bonuses – a $58 Value! – Absolutely FREE!I want to put The 13th Secret, along with your FREE copy of 12 Secrets toVirility in your hands TODAY.But I’m not done yet... there are 2 more bonuses I want you to have, andyou won’t pay a dime for any of them. They’re my gift to you.FREE BONUS #2:Special Report: 7 Steps to a More Youthful Life. A $29 Value – YoursFREE!Imagine if you could live to the ripe old age of 100, yet retain the samebody you had at age 35. What if you could recapture all the energy,strength, and resistance to disease that you had when you were young?Well, it’s not only possible, but happening all around you.In this FREE special report, you’ll learn steps you can take to slow downthe rate at which you age. Discover how you can save yourself fromsuffering from “old age,” disease, and disability. And simple steps youcan take to help you look and feel years younger!FREE BONUS #3:Special Report: 8 Simple Steps to a Healthy Prostate. A $29 Value – YoursFREE!Sooner or later, if you’re a man over 40, you’ll develop a problem withyour prostate. It may have already begun. And the longer you live, thegreater your chance of being afflicted by it.An enlarged prostate can disturb your sleep, make you incontinent, andleave you impotent. It can also cause disease, and even result in death.In spite of what conventional medicine may tell you, prostate disease isNOT:Part of the “normal” aging processCaused by testosterone – the hormone that makes you a manSomething you’ll just have to live withAn ailment that requires surgery or poisonous drugs for treatmentWhile some “conventional treatments” will address your prostate problems,many of these procedures will leave you impotent and incontinent. Othertreatments use powerful drugs, only to leave you “chemically castrated.”
  6. 6. But there is good news. In this FREE special report, 8 Simple Steps to aHealthy Prostate, I’ll show you overwhelming proof that prostate problemscan be healed naturally.Plus, you’ll discover:The real cause of today’s prostate epidemic. It’s NOT what you’ve beentoldThis conventional prostate treatment can leave you impotentHow to have a trouble-free prostate no matter how long you liveThe “Big Three” of prostate diseases, and how you can cure eachThe hormone responsible for virtually every enlarged prostate. How tocrush it now!The 10 warning signs of prostate trouble. Answer “yes” to more than oneof these and it’s time to call your doctorToo much estrogen can cause man-boobs, and stubborn prostate problems.Discover 3 nutrients that will lower you estrogen levels naturally.Take Action Today... This Is a Special, Limited-Time OfferI want you to feel the same rush of empowerment my male patients get whenI give them The 13th Secret.I’m so confident this will be a game changer for you, I’m standing behindit 100 percent.You must feel the “pump” you get from The 13th Secret, PLUS the extramuscle, energy and the extra “get-up-and-go.” If for any reason itdoesn’t live up to your expectations, I’ll refund every penny you paid,including your shipping and handling.My guarantee is a no-hassle promise. No questions, no gimmicks, just aFULL, prompt refund.Order The 13th Secret today and you’ll receive:The FULL, exclusive report on The 13th Secret and the easy-to-followinstructions that make it work.PLUS you’ll get 3 additional bonuses at NO EXTRA COST:12 Secrets to Virility (eBook), A $20 Value – Yours FREE!7 Steps to a More Youthful Life, A $29 Value – Yours FREE!8 Simple Steps to a Healthy Prostate, A $29 Value – Yours FREE!That’s a value of almost $80, and it’s yours for just $19.95.Your results are guaranteed, and getting started is easy. Just clickhere.To Your Good Health,Al Sears, MD1 Flakoll P, et al. "Effect of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate,arginine, and lysine supplementation on strength, functionality, bodycomposition and protein metabolism in elderly women," Nutrition 2004;20(5): 445-4512 Lekakis JP, et al. "Oral L-arginine improves endothelial dysfunction inpatients with essential hypertension," Int J Cardiol 2002; 86(2-3): 317-233 Zorgniotti, AW, Lizza EF. "Effect of large doses of the nitric oxideprecursor, L-arginine, on erec dysfunction," Int J Impot Res 1994; 6(1):33-354 Li Z, et al. "A stimulatory role for c-GMP-dependent pro-kinase inplatelet activation," Cell 2003; 112(1): 77-86