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Show poster for Exmouth Musical Theatre Company's 2010 November concert 'Seasons of Love', at Exmouth's Pavilion Theatre.

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Seasons of Love - Pogramme EMCo

  1. 1. presents... NS OF L SO OSEA VE Songs from the West End 24th - 26th November 2011
  2. 2. easons st S ir F Love’s Young DreamSeasons Of Love Hugh Chudley, Debra Butler, Jayne Thorogood, CompanyRentCan You Feel The Love Tonight CompanyLion KingDefying Gravity Bel Youldon, Jo KilloranWickedSherry Mark Smith, Chris Bateman, Dan Thorogood,Jersey Boys Hugh ChudleyAll I Care About Is Love Craig Butler, with Rosie Bing, Lisa DuBock,Chicago Amba Willians, Nicky Nicholls, Rachel Hodge Alix Hurren, Kara Leworthy, Jayne ThorogoodThe Time Of My Life Lance Vernon, Kirsty Vernon, Company Unrequited LoveDirty DancingA Heart Full Of Love Dan Thorogood, Lisa Dubock, Caroline FeganLes MiserablesAll I Ask Of You Lisa DuBock, Lance VernonPhantom Of The OperaA Little Fall Of Rain Love and Hate Rosie Bing, Phil KilloranLew MiserablesCell Block Tango Rosie Bing, Jo Killoran, Bel Youldon, Alix Hurren,Chicago Kate Lees, Lisa DuBock, LadiesI Want To Break Free Howard Kelman, GentlemanWe Will Rock YouFunny Honey Jo Killoran, Hugh Chudley, Dave KilloranChicagoTake Me Or Leave Me Kate Lees, Jayne Thorogood Passionate LoveRentBig Spender Anne Killoran, Jayne Thorogood, Rachel HodgeSweet Charity Nicky Nicholls,Liz Lane, Amba Williams, LadiesDon’t Stop Me Now GentlemenWe Will Rock YouHungry Eyes Allen Simkin, Kym Newton, Tracey Prin, Kara LeworthyDirty DancingOne Day More Hugh Chudley, Dan Thorogood, Lisa DuBock, Caroline Fegan,Les Miserables Alix Hurren, Chris Bateman, Kara Leworthy, Dave Killoran, Mike Killoran,
  3. 3. Second Se as Hopeful Love oSomebody To Love Kate Lees, Company ns Holding Out For A HeroWe Will Rock You Ladies Footloose Think of Me Caroline Fegan Phantom of The Opera Take Chance On Me Rachel Hodge, Company Unconditional Love Mamma Mia! Earth Angel Mike Killoran, with Mark Smith, Jersey Boys Phil Killoran, Allen Simkin Crazy Little Thing Called Love Chris Bateman, Gentlemen We Will Rock You As Long As He Needs Me Liz Lane Oliver! Bring Him Home Love Lost Lance Vernon Les Miserables Winner Takes It All Kym Newton, Company Mamma Mia! Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again Anne Killoran Phantom Of The OperaWithout You Debra Butler and Craig ButlerRentTell Me Its Not True Friendship Deidre MacknessBlood BrothersDancing Queen Rachel Hodge, Kara Leworthy, Bel Youldon,Mamma Mia! LadiesBig Girls Dont Cry Craig Butler, Howard Kelman, Hugh Chudley, Jersey Boys Dave Killoran Popular Debra Butler Wicked Long Sunday Afternoon Dave Killoran and Phil Killoran Blood BrothersWe Go Together CompanyGrease!Footloose CompanyFootloose
  4. 4. ts di re Director Jo Killoran Musical Director Kate and C Anthony Lees Choreography Jo Killoran, Alix Hurren Debra Butler Kirsty Vernon Vocal Arrangements Kate Lees Show Conductor Anthony Lees Production Manager Liz Lane Stage Manager Paul Caygill Wardrobe Mistress Jo Killoran Lighting Julian Thorogood Sound Ed Dark Backstage Paul Davey Poster/ Programme Anthony Lees Backdrop design Dave Killoran all about... Media Technician Tom Chudley s It hat’ W Seasons of Love is a musical journey through many of the fantastic love songs of the classiclong-running and modern musicals. Through each season we will share with you the naive joys of beingLoves Young Dream, as well as the often frustrating, confusing moments of Unrequited love, and theparadox of Love and Hate. We dwell on the agony of love lost. Finally we will consider what it is to behopeful and passionately in love, before bringing thoughts of unconditional love and friendship.We hope the seed of this idea of love blossoms for you, and that through these emotive ballads, powerfulchoral pieces, quirky performances and heart-felt songs, you will enjoy our journey through the love-themed music of the musicals with us tonight. We give big thanks to our wonderful company whohave brought these numbers to life, they have worked so hard and have been a pleasure to work with.Please, sit back, enjoy and let us take you on our journey of love - ‘Seasons of Love’. Jo and Kate Our tha nksCompany to Sarah Read .. .Sue Sellek Caroline FeganGlenda Budd Anne KilloranJulie Parker Nicky Nickolls Hugh ChudleyBel Youldon Alix Hurren Howard KelmanJo Killoran Tracy Prin Julian ThorogoodRosie Bing Kate Lees The Beacon HotelLisa DuBock Lance Vernon The Manor HotelLiz Lane Dave KilloranJayne Thorogood The Grove Pub, Phil KilloranDeirdre Mackness Mike Killoran Marpool SchoolRachel Hodge Hugh Chudley Debra Butler for all herKirsty Vernon Dan Thorogood support to the team.Kara Leworthy Mark SmithKym Newton Craig ButlerAnita Smith Allen SimkinDebra Butler Chris Bateman Both Jo and Kate would alsoAmba Williams Howard Kelman like to thank their respective families for all theOur next production will be…. babysitting and theirSweet Charity, at Exmouths children Alfie,George, Josh and Isobel for learning all thePavilion Theatre on 4th June words and dance moves!2012. For more information, visit