Gentrification along the high line


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Gentrification along the high line

  1. 1. Gentrification of the High Line/Surrounding Area By Mehnaj Ahmed
  2. 2. “Attention High Line Tourists. West Chelsea is not Times Square.It is not a tourist attraction. Do not sit on the stoops of buildingsor take pictures of and film buildings or residents. Buildings arenot tourist attractions: people live there, and sitting on the stepsand taking pictures is as invasive, rude and inappropriate as agroup of strangers sitting on the steps of your home and takingpictures of it and you from the yard.”-Anonymous signs posted on the High Line, 2009-2012
  3. 3. “the process of renewal and rebuildingaccompanying the influx of middle-class oraffluent people into deteriorating areas thatoften displaces poorer residents”(Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)
  4. 4. According to the New York Times, there was a 103% increase in propertyValues in Chelsea between 2003 and 2011.
  5. 5. • “Amazing! So fun to walk around and eat everything. Good to eat a lot and then walk it all off on the High Line. Or do what I did and eat more at one of the pop-up weekend markets @ Meatpacking.”• “Ill just sit in the hallway, check out the art installations and watch the wealthy and well-paletted folk of New York City go about their shopping errands - completely oblivious of how fortunate they are to have a food heaven on earth located directly in their backyards.”• “Are some things overpriced? Sure. But some items are so delicious and unique that I consider them worth it.”
  6. 6. The West Side Elevated Highway at Gansevoort St. Sadly, it was replaced witha street-level highway (technically called the Joe DiMaggio Highway, but nobodycalls it that) after being dismantled in 1989.
  7. 7. Once upon a time, Chelsea Piers was actually functional. Shocking, I know.
  8. 8. …long-time patrons describe the shop as "Much better than WholeFoods" and "one of the last bastions of decency in Chelsea." Butthe neighborhood has continued to change dramatically. The MeatMarket is directly across the avenue from the fast-climbing ChelseaEnclave, a condo marketed for its luxury and exclusivity. Many of thestores along this stretch are closing--an antiques shop just shutteredhere and the former laundromat is about to become a restaurant calledTipsy Parson.Said one Chelsea native and Meat Market customer, "I feel like we’vebeen invaded by the outer-space people... I feel like a strangerhere. On 14th St. they’ve put flowerpots in the middle of the street. Thisisn’t Paris!"
  9. 9. “Within a few years, the ecosystem disrupted by the High Linewill find a new equilibrium. The aquarium-like high rises will befor the elite, along with a few exclusive locales like the StandardHotel. But the new locals will rarely be found at street level,where chain stores and tourist-friendly restaurants will cater tothe crowds of passers-by and passers-through. Gone entirely willbe regular New Yorkers, the people who used to call theneighborhood home. But then the High Line was never reallyabout them.”-Jeremiah Moss, in the New York Times
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