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Twitter presentation


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Twitter presentation

  1. 1. News and Twitter Lauren Bernarducci
  2. 2. What is Twitter?  Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140- character messages called “tweets”  Registered users can read and post tweets from their accounts  Friends, family, and coworkers can communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages  Tweets can contain words, photos, videos and links
  3. 3. Twitter Terminology  Retweet: a tweet that you forward to your followers that always retains original attribution  @: the @ sign is used to call out usernames in tweets  #: any word or phrase immediately preceded by the # symbol. By clicking a hashtag you can see other tweets containing the same keyword or topic  Follower: another person who receives your tweets on their Home stream  Direct Messages: private messages sent from one Twitter user to another. It can also be used in groups.  Home: timeline displaying a stream of tweets from accounts you have chosen to follow
  4. 4. Twitter: Then vs. Now  March 2006: Twitter launches as a product of parent company Odeo. Twitter (then spelled twttr) is officially set up and Jack Dorsey, one of the creators, sends out the first tweet  April 2007: Twitter spins off into its own company  August 2007: The hashtag (#) is proposed by a user and debuts on Twitter  January 2009: US Airways plane crash in NYC is shared on Twitter as the first photo from the scene  April 2010: Twitter announces it will start allowing advertising in the form of promoted tweets  September 2011: Twitter allows mobile users to share photos  December 2011: In addition to the “Home” tab, the “Connect” and “Discover” tabs are introduced as well a new redesigned profile and timeline of Tweets
  5. 5.  August 2015: Direct Messages are no longer limited to 140 characters  October 2015: Twitter launches Moments and Polls  November 2015:Twitter switches Favorites from stars to hearts and now calls it Likes  December 2012: Twitter announces that is has 140 million users and see 340 million tweets per day  June 2012: A new logo is released  October 2012: Twitter releases Vine, an app to share short video clips  April 2013: Twitter launches a music app called Twitter Music for the iPhone  April 2014: Twitter launches new web profiles  November 2014: Twitter announces “Instant Timeline”  January 2015: Twitter launches it’s “While You Were Away” feature, Direct Messages, and mobile video  April 2015: Twitter launches Highlights, a fast and simple summary of the best of Twitter  July 2015: Twitter launches birthday features on profiles
  6. 6. Strengths  Notifications allow you to always see when you are tagged in a tweet or someone interacts with your tweet  Hashtags make it easy to see trending topics and things occurring around the world  It is quick and easy to post a tweet  Can reach both local and global audiences  Allows for easy interaction for both personal and business use  Helps promote ideas and stories all over the globe easily
  7. 7. Tweets are often shared and viewed both when the content is originally posted and even months after it is posted. Twitter allows for interaction on tweets long after it is published unlike other social media sites where most content eventually expires.
  8. 8. Weaknesses  Engagement is limited to 140 characters  It’s fast paced nature can make keeping up with stories and reaching large audiences difficult  High incidence of spam  Little structure  Overwhelming at times
  9. 9. Using Twitter for News  Twitter can be used by journalists or by every day people to report on what is occurring in the world around them at any given moment  Twitter is used to report emergencies, announcements, news on elections, weather, and any other content you wish to seek  In particular, Twitter has been used to report: - The Royal Wedding announcement - The earthquake in China in 2008 - The death of Whitney Houston - Newt Gingrich’s Presidential race announcement - The Osama Bin Laden raid - The Boston Marathon Bombings - The Hudson Rive plane crash - The Virginia Earthquake
  10. 10. Critique  I think Twitter is an extremely beneficial app to every person who uses it. It can help benefit businesses and politicians as well as facilitate communication between people in their everyday lives. I personally use Twitter every single day as both a source of news and entertainment. It brings both to the same platform making it easy to gain information that normally would not be available at the click of a button. It is easy to use and allows for people like me to quickly check it throughout the course of our busy days and gain information quickly and effectively.